His True Colors Chapter 1829-1830

 Chapter 1829

Late at night, in the tent, Han Giangli breathed a sigh of relief, his forehead already covered in sweat.

        As he took in the power, Little Peach opened her eyes slightly.

        Han Giangli got up and looked at Little Peach, "Are you alright?"

        Little Peach shook her head, "Thank you, Mr Han, Little Peach is fine, I'm sorry to trouble you."

        Han Giangli smiled, didn't say anything and turned back to his bed.

        "Right, Mr. Han, where is my cousin?"

        "It's late at night, you should be going to rest. By the way, didn't I hear Xu Hai say earlier that the villagers of Carefree Village had ...... why, you would have a cousin? Oh, sorry, I forgot you couldn't remember." Han Marchiangdao.

        Little Peach smiled slightly, "Brother Little Wind grew up with Little Peach as a child, and we were both young, so when I saw him, my mind suddenly had many images of us being together as children."

        Han Giangli nodded, familiar people or happy memories of the past do tend to awaken memories.

        "Brother Xiaofeng is a very strange person, he can't cultivate, but his ideas are very wild and he can always make a lot of weird and particularly funny things. Five years ago, he was taken away by a very strange old man who said he was teaching him some kind of organism, and I haven't seen him since," Peach said.

        "Mechanicism?" Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed.

        "En, yes."

        Han Qianli smiled, "It seems that you remembered a lot of things."

        Xiaotao smiled, but was soon a little lost, "But I still haven't remembered what the clan leader actually explained to me in the first place. If I could remember, I could have helped you, Prince Han."

        "It doesn't matter, it's fate, let nature take its course. By the way, Little Peach, you used to be alone, so I've always taken you with me, although it's dangerous to follow me, but at least it's better than being alone, but now that you've found your cousin, I see that you're pretty much in love with each other, so if you can, you should go with him." Han Marchant.

        "Han Gongzi, are you chasing Little Peach away?"

        Xiao Peach, who was originally very happy, was suddenly depressed when she heard Han Qianli's words, and tears were already spinning in her beautiful eyes.

        She had long thought of Han Qianli as the one she loved, and although it was obviously for the Pan Gu Secret Treasure, she knew in her heart that she was only doing it for Han Qianli.

        It was just that she hadn't dared to reveal her feelings.

        She was afraid that if Han Qianqian refused, then even the status quo would be untenable.

        Although he did want to bring Xiaotao with him, with the natural aim of obtaining the instructions for using the Pangu Axe, Han Qianli was not a selfish person and did not mind blessing Xiaotao if she had a good home.

        As for Nian'er and Su Yingxia, of course Han Qianqian would do it, even if it meant death, but, after all, this was his own business, so how could he drag others down?

        "I'm not driving you away, but ...... "Han Giangli was going to explain, but when he saw Peach's teary eyes, he didn't know what to say for a moment.

        "I won't leave, you should rest early, you still have to drive tomorrow." After saying that, Little Peach retreated back into her nest and sobbed softly.

         The next morning, Han Qianqian woke up early.

        Climbing onto one of the nearby heights and looking out at the snow, Han Qiangiang felt relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

        Just then, a footstep came up.

        Han 3,000 didn't even have to look, but from the sound of the footsteps, he could already guess who was coming.

        "Quite early." Chu Feng smiled.

        Han Three Thousand smiled and didn't say anything.

        Seeing that Han 3000 did not speak, the atmosphere became a little awkward for a moment, and after a moment of deliberation, Chu Feng forcefully stood beside Han 3000, following his example, facing the group of forests and standing with his hands behind his back, "What do you think of Little Peach?"

        Han Qianqian was stunned and smiled, "Quite a nice girl, gentle, kind and thoughtful of others."

        "En, yes, Little Peach is gentle and kind, but sometimes, she is too simple and can be easily deceived." Chu Feng said.

        Han Giangli smiled and shook his head, "Just say what you have to say straightforwardly without beating around the bush."

        "Okay, then I'll be straightforward, Little Peach was born in a paradise and rarely dealt with people, so she is not deep in matters and is easily deceived by some people's clever words, if one day in the future, when she finds out, how do you think she will feel? Some people took advantage of her memory loss to enter the house, how can a gentleman do that? If she does remember everything, do you think she will choose someone she has only known for a few months, or someone she has been waiting for years?" Chu Feng coldly said.

        "Let's cut the gossip, I'm Xiao Peach's cousin and she has always liked me, now I'm here, I'm taking her away, if you're sensible, let's do it, otherwise ......"

        "I asked last night and she wants to stay, so if you don't mind, you can travel with me, so you can get along, right?" Han Three Thousand Castles.

        As soon as Han Marchant's voice fell, suddenly, a giant chopper, about 30 metres tall, slashed at Han Marchant in the sky.

        "What the hell?" Han Qianqiang's eyebrows furrowed, and he was unable to laugh or cry for a moment.

Chapter 1830

With a stroke of luck, Han Qianqian gathered energy in his hand and directly reached out to block the cleaver.

        The giant kitchen knife suddenly melted like ice cream under the scorching sun, and Han 3,000 was unable to reflect it, and the liquid suddenly gave Han 3,000 a big mud bath.

        Although they didn't cause any harm to Han Three Thousand, ...... but Han Three Thousand was very cryptic.

        "Come again!"

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your home.

        As it got closer and closer to Han 3,000, the shadow grew larger and larger, and by the time it was three metres in front of Han 3,000, the shadow lit up and was already a giant mullet with a diameter of ten metres.

        What was this for?

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

        The newest member of the team, Mr. Zhang, said: "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this.

        "Kir !!!!!"

        A loud and incomparably piercing sound was suddenly emitted from the mullet, and Han 3,000 yuan felt his ears going deaf, and his entire body seemed to tremble slightly as the sound caused his whole body to completely shake with it.

        Damn it, what the hell is this kid?

        Han Qianli was really speechless and was about to teach him a lesson, but as soon as he was about to raise his hand, he found that his body seemed to be a little out of control.

        He even tried to lower his head and felt his neck stiffen immensely.

        "Hehe, you still want to move after being hit by my Corpse Demon Sound?" Chu Feng smiled coldly, then another yellow talisman lightly burned in his hand, and more than a dozen white transparent threads instantly flew out of his right palm and were directly linked to Han Qianqian's body.

        As the five fingers of his right hand moved, Han Qianqian's body moved uncontrollably along with it.

        Then, Chu Feng smiled, pulled out a knife from his bosom and pinned it onto Han 3,000's hand. Then, he controlled Han 3,000's body and moved it so that Han 3,000 held the knife with both hands and slowly raised it into the air, holding himself on his back as if he was being slashed.

        After a few strokes, he seemed to find a very perfect position.

        Han Three Thousand's eyebrows furrowed, what on earth is this guy playing at!

        At that moment, a sound of footsteps sounded in the distance, and Fumei, following last night's plan, brought Peach with her and quickly caught up.

        "Han Gongzi, stop."

        A few moments ago, Fu Mei hurriedly ran in, saying that Han Qianli and his cousin were fighting, so she hurried up, and sure enough, from afar, she saw Han Qianli raising his knife to slash Chu Feng, and in her haste, Xiao Peach shouted.

        Chu Feng sneered, and with a movement of his right hand, Han 3,000, holding a large knife, snapped down, and Chu Feng's body flashed, and the knife, which was impartial, hit Chu Feng squarely on the chest.

            However, Chu Feng had already calculated that this slash would not hurt anyone.


        The left side of Chu Feng's chest was cut open, and his right hand shrank, and Han Qianqian felt his body loosen, while Chu Feng also fell to the ground, blood instantly wetting the opening.

        "Cousin!" Little Peach quickly rushed to Chu Feng's side and looked at the blood on his chest, feeling both distressed and panicked for a moment.

        "How did this happen?" The first time I saw her, she was in tears, but she was so simple-minded that she couldn't understand the performance of the playwright.

        I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do if I can't do it," she said. ...I said a few words to him, but I didn't know that he would get annoyed and ki ll me." Chu Feng said pitifully.

        "Cousin~" looking at Chu Feng thinking of himself so much, Little Peach was very touched, then she raised her head fiercely and looked at Han Qianqian with some anger, "Cousin Han, my cousin is also doing it for my own good, even if you don't want to, you don't have to go out and ki ll him, do you?"

        Han Giangli shook his head and sighed, "I didn't ki ll him, it was simply a play he directed himself."

        "Acting? Han Qianqian, how can you say such things? You didn't ki ll me, did you, or did I hold your hand up for you to cut me? My cultivation is not as good as yours. Can I still control you?" Chu Feng said coldly at this time.

        Han Qianli's words were stuck in his throat, that was indeed the case, but he knew that no one would believe him even if he said it out loud.

        But seriously, although this Chu Feng didn't look like he had much cultivation, he was playing a strange game, but he was really a bit unpredictable, and Han Qianqian was actually unable to move at that time under his control.

        "Duke Han, you've gone too far." Little Peach saw that Han Three Thousand was unable to explain at all, and then, holding Chu Feng up, she walked off into the distance, but that wasn't the direction of the camp.

        Clearly, she was going to part ways with Han Three Thousand.