His True Colors Chapter 1827-1828

 Chapter 1827

In order to save Su Yingxia and for the sake of Xiaotao's safety, Han Qianqiang had separated from Xiaotao a few dozen kilometres away from Tianlong City, so it was unlikely that the person who had been following Xiaotao since that time was someone from the Fu family.

        But if it wasn't someone from the Fu family, who exactly could it be!

        Could it be that someone knows who Peach is? But if we had known her identity, when Peach was alone and had no cultivation, we could have just taken her away, so why go to all this trouble to follow her?

        But if we don't know who Peach is and are simply following her, what is the purpose of following her?

        "It's a bit strange." Han Giangli stroked his chin.

        A moment later, Han Three Thousand slowly lifted his head and looked at Peach, "Which way did you come from?"

        "Northeast of the woods."

        Han Qianli stood up, "Let's go, let's take a look."

        Peach was a little scared, but with Han 3,000 present, she still nodded firmly.

        As soon as they left, Fu Mei probably never dreamed that she would record a lonely moment in her proud and very skillful life.

        Han Qiangli left the temporary safe place guarded by the Fu Clan disciples with Xiaotao, but with his cultivation, the disciples would be hard to find, and Fu Mei also took over the other tent in a fury and went to sleep.

        On the night of the cold snow, it was already early in the morning, and the whole forest was very quiet, with only the occasional strange bird call.

        In the middle of the jungle, a young man was creeping in the bushes and was even a little bored. The woman he was following had entered a place guarded by guards and had been there for a long time, so it seemed unlikely that she would come out in a short time.

        But just when he was bored, then suddenly a shadow struck him, and he looked up sharply to the front, and in the next instant, threw up his hands!

        Han Three Thousand's sword, steady from behind, was on his neck.

        "Why are you following her?" Han Qianli asked coldly.

        At this moment, Little Peach also appeared from the tree in front of him.

        Seeing Xiaotao, a strange expression flashed across the young man's face as he turned his back to Han Qianli and said, "I didn't!"

        As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he instantly felt that the sword had slightly cut the skin at his throat and a trace of blood was gently flowing along the blade.

        "I said, I said ......" the young man raised his hands higher in fright for a moment, "I don't mean any harm."

        Seeing that Han Qianqian's sword was still working hard, the young man's head bowed and he sighed, "My name is Chu Feng, Cen Tao'er, do you remember me?"

        Cen Taoer?

        Hearing this name, Han Qianli's brows furrowed and his eyes locked.

        What he called, could it be Peach?

        Peach was stunned, clearly at a loss when she saw the man's gaze on her.

        "I'm your cousin Chu Feng ah, we grew up as childhood sweethearts, two small children, when we were young, you even wet the bed in our big bed, don't you remember?" Seeing Little Peach's completely unrecognizable appearance, Chu Feng was a little anxious.

        Han Qianli swept a glance at Little Peach, and seeing Little Peach's dazed look, Han Qianli gritted his teeth and prepared to end this fellow.

        "Little ...... Feng?" It was then that Peach suddenly came out subconsciously.

        "Yes, I'm your Little Brother Chu Feng." Hearing Little Peach call herself, Chu Feng was suddenly delighted, then he turned around and blocked Han Qianli's sword, "Hear that, I'm her brother."

        Then, he happily ran to Little Peach's side, overwhelmed with excitement.

        Han Three Thousand was slightly stunned, took the sword back and walked over, could it be that this guy was really Xiao Peach's cousin?

        "If she's your cousin, why are you sneaking around stalking her?" Han Qianqian clasped his sword in both hands and said softly.

        Little Peach had lost a lot of her memories, so Han Three Thousand naturally wanted to interrogate her a little more clearly.

        "It's up to you to interrogate." Chu Feng snorted coldly, then smiled at Little Peach.

        "En?" An instant cold snort from Han Giangli's nose!

        Chu Feng speechlessly barred his mouth a few times, sighed, and said, "I haven't seen my cousin for five years, and the woman has changed a lot, when I saw her outside of Sky Dragon City, I thought it looked like her, but I wasn't sure, plus, with my cousin's background, it's impossible for her to be too far away from her home, so I'm even less sure. "

        Hearing this, Han Giangli nodded his head, which was plausible, a woman's age and Peach being from the Pangaea tribe, it was indeed impossible to leave Carefree Village too far without an accident.

        "However, that alone is still not enough for me to believe you." Han Giangli said.

        "F*ck ...... "Chu Feng was depressed, but as soon as he cursed out, he looked at Han Qianli very guilty, "If you don't believe me, you have to believe my cousin, right?"

        Han Marchant was about to speak when Peach gently tugged on Han Marchant's arm and said softly, "Mr Han, he really is my cousin, and I ...... remembered something."

Chapter 1828

Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed, was he really Xiaotao's cousin?

        When Chu Feng heard Xiaotao confirm, he squeezed Han Three Thousand directly to the side, bringing himself closer to Xiaotao, and said proudly in front of Han Three Thousand, "Did you hear, did you hear, I'm her cousin."

        Han Three Thousand smiled bitterly and shook her head helplessly, not bothering to get acquainted with him in general.

        Chu Feng, who thought he had won a game in front of Han 3,000, swept a glance at Han 3,000, leaned in next to Xiaotao and asked, "Cousin, who is he? Also, why did you come to Dragon City? What about aunts and uncles? Not with you?"

        "Brother Xiaofeng, he's Han Gongshi Han. And ...... and ......," a series of questions, Xiaotao suddenly felt some pain and touched her temples, trying hard to remember things, but the more she thought, the more confused her brain became.

        Then, her eyes gently closed and she fainted.

        Chu Feng then saw that Xiaotao had fainted and hurriedly rushed over, pushing Han Qianqian, "Hey, what did you do to her? Why did my cousin suddenly faint?"

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed: "She's lost her memory, can she not get dizzy when you ask her so many questions at once?"

        Afterwards, Han Qianli carried Peach on her back and sighed, originally wanting to take advantage of tonight to get rid of the Fu Family's group of followers, but it seemed impossible at the moment.

        Walking back to the camp from the outside, Han Three Thousand Years carried Little Peach directly into the tent, and Chu Feng was just about to get in, but Han Three Thousand Years blocked him from the door.

        "What for?" Chu Feng was stunned.

        Han Third Thousand rolled her eyes speechlessly, "I'm going to heal her wounds, so you keep the wind out and don't let anyone in."

        Han Three Thousand Thousand wanted to help Little Peach heal her injuries, so naturally, she needed to use the Pan Gu Axe to sense with her, but this was a secret that Han Three Thousand naturally didn't want anyone to know.

        After saying that, Han 3,000 yuan did not wait for Chu Feng's reply and directly walked in, Chu Feng "I ......" in the mouth, wanted to enter but did not dare to enter, just at this time, Fu Mei saw Han 3,000 yuan return, rushed over leading a group of Fu family disciples.

        Fu Mei's face was filled with anger, Han Qiangiang is such a big living person, when did he go out, this group of people did not even notice, purely a bunch of rice barrels.

        Just before reaching the door, Chu Feng stopped Fu Mei: "Hey hey hey, you can't go in."

        Fu Mei's cold-faced sword eyebrows were raised: "Who are you?"

        "My name is Chu Feng." Seeing that Fu Mei was somewhat pretty, Chu Feng's small face fell a little red and weakly said.

        "F*ck off." Fu Mei shouted coldly and got up to charge inside, she had to see Han Qianqian inside to feel at ease.

        Chu Feng was pushed by Fu Mei and stumbled, falling directly onto the ground with his buttocks.

        Looking at the strange shape of these three small swords, Fumei's eyebrows furrowed, "Machine-art?". Then, she coldly looked towards Chu Feng on the ground.

        Chu Feng was stared at by Fu Mei's hairy body, involuntarily body backwards in a lying posture: "No ...... it's not my business ah, it's ...... that person inside who asked me to guard the place so that no one would disturb him to heal my cousin. "

        "Cousin?" Fu Mei's eyebrows furrowed "Is the woman inside your cousin? Are you her cousin?"

        Chu Feng nodded, "Correct you, I am not only her favourite cousin. At the same time, I am also her beloved."

        Hearing this, the anger on Fumei's face disappeared quite a bit, and with a slight smile, she walked a few steps in front of Chu Feng, then, stretched out her golden hand.

        "What for?" Chu Feng was stunned.

        Fu Mei smiled, waved his hand, and said to the Fu Family men behind him, "You guys go down first."

        "Yes!" A group of men hurriedly turned around and retreated.

        As he watched the group of guards leave, Chu Feng then stretched out his own hand, allowing Fu Mei to take a hand and stand up from the ground.

        After getting up, Chu Feng lowered his head, his face even redder, having grown up so much, apart from his own cousin, he had not had skin-to-skin contact with other girls, coupled with Fu Mei's beautiful looks and fragrance, he was shy for a moment.

        Fu Mei, a woman who had seen countless men, naturally saw Chu Feng's squirming in her eyes and swept a glance at the tent behind him, where the lights were brightly lit, but through the light of the tent, two figures could be seen sitting facing each other, holding hands.

        Fu Mei smiled, "Just now, you fought to the death to see if you wanted me to enter the tent, do you like your cousin very much?"

        Chu Feng undeniably nodded his head, he himself and Xiaomao were innocent, especially when he entered the Heavenly Dragon City and saw that Xiaomao was now a young woman, unbelievably beautiful, he was even more haunted, otherwise, he would not have followed Xiaomao all the way to now.

        Fu Mei smiled, then sighed, acting mysteriously.

        "Why are you sighing?" Chu Feng was really on the hook and asked, puzzled.

        "Your cousin is indeed quite good-looking, but unfortunately, she is about to be snatched away by someone else." Fu Mei smiled.

        "What do you mean?"

        Fu Mei did not say anything, but his eyes looked at the figure in the tent, Chu Feng followed the eyes to look over, and for a moment his heart was jealous, the whole person was obviously very angry, but he could only harden his scalp and said: "He ...... is giving my cousin... ...healing, just healing."

        "Do you need to hold hands to heal a wound?" Fu Mei laughed coldly.

        "Also ...... perhaps, his ...... his technique is more unique!" Chu Feng's mouth was hard, but his eyes were clearly staring at the tent, not moving.

        Fu Mei smiled, "If it's a unique approach that makes sense, then how do you explain the fact that people are living alone in the same tent? The two beds inside, but I made them with my own hands."

        Chu Feng's face was filled with mixed emotions, but more panic and anxiety: "You also said ...... was two beds."

        "What? Do you have to wait until you sleep in the same bed to realise the reality? Mr. Chu, there are some things that are missed are missed and can only be regretted for the rest of your life."

        "I ......"

        Fu Mei laughed in her heart, Chu Feng is such a young man that she is simply too comfortable playing with, but she is not interested in him, what she is interested in is for Chu Feng to take that girl away, so that Han Qianqian has no woman to accompany him, will he still have to find himself?

        "What should I ...... do?" Chu Feng endured and finally asked Fu Mei for help.

        With a smile, Fu Mei stretched out her hand and motioned for Chu Feng to put his ear to it, then, she softly told Chu Feng her plan.

        After hearing Fu Mei's words, Chu Feng was stunned, "Will this work?"

        Fu Mei lightly smiled mysteriously.

        Chu Feng strengthened his courage and nodded, "Yes, for my cousin, fight for her."