His True Colors Chapter 1824-1826

 Chapter 1824

"Is that the guy from Planet Azure? I've heard that he's not only become the Fu Family's Shenwu Zhonglang General and Vice Clan Leader, but this time he's even going to take the Fu Family's place in the tournament."

        "Hey, the Fu Family is becoming more and more irresponsible, that person from the Azure Planet is powerful, but in the end he is also a lowly creature from the Azure Planet, how can this kind of person be compared to the people of our Eight Directions World? What's the phrase again? When a wolf travels a thousand miles, he eats meat, and when a dog travels ten thousand years, he eats shit too.

        "Yes, the Fu family is nobody, and they're driving the ducks away!"

        "Hey, I was hoping to cheer for the Fu family, but judging by this situation, we'd better move out of here before it's too late, lest the Fu family loses and the people of Tianlong City suffer as well."

        In the aisles, the people were talking, filled with extreme distrust of Han Qianli, an earthling.

        How could they rest assured by having them bet their future on such a loser!

        The procession reached late at night.

        At the same time, he looked at Han Qianqian, who was beside him, and said, "Mount Qishan is located in the extreme north of the Eight Directions World, so let's split up and meet at the Ice and Snow City at the bottom of Mount Qishan."

        Han Three Thousand nodded, "Good!"

        "Fu Mei, take care of 3000, if anything happens to him, I can take you to task." Fu Tian Dao.

        Fu Mei's heart was extremely excited, travelling with Han 3,000, she set up a long game, and even replaced all of Han 3,000's entourage with men, the purpose was to get along with Han 3,000 alone, when she was alone with a man and a woman, dry wood and fire, Han 3,000 could still escape from her?

        "Patriarch, don't worry, Mei'er will definitely take good care of Vice Clan Han." Fu Mei forced her excitement and whispered.

        "Good, then we'll see you in Ice Snow City."


        After bidding farewell to Fu Tian, Fu Mei followed Han Qianqian closely all the way, with a group of 14 people choosing to walk along the Ze path.

        However, even though it was a small road, people from all walks of life still passed by from time to time, dressed in uniform and with weapons at their waists or backs, obviously heading for the tournament at the top of Mount Qishan.

        After walking for about three hours, the night was already late, and the wind and snow were blowing in with a chill.

        "Brother Three Thousand, do you mind if I call you that?" Fu Mei, who was now acting very cold, walked up to Han Qianli's side.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, "What's wrong?"

        "It's late and, well, it's cold, so why don't we take a break nearby, okay?" Fu Mei pretended to be pitiful.

        Han Giangli shook his head, "It's a long way to the summit of Ky Mountain, so let's hurry up."

        "But the temperature on a snowy night is too low and the journey is very slow, so we might as well rest and do our best tomorrow." Fu Mei was anxious.

        If Han Qianqiang wasn't willing to set up camp and just keep going, how would she have a chance to carry out her plan!

        "Yes, Deputy Clan Han, it's getting late, so why don't we rest for a while?"

        "Although Qishan is far from us, it's just as well to rest well at night and work harder during the day."

        At this point, several of the attendants also spoke out.

        Han Qianli gave a bitter laugh, it was obvious that these people listened to Fumei, it was useless for him to force them any further, "Fine, then let's set up camp and rest for now, I'll go and facilitate it."

        After saying that, Han Qianli left them camped on the spot while he wandered all the way to the side.

        After sweeping the area to make sure there was no one around, Han Qianli used his jade sword to lightly mark a tree. Only after that did he return to the original spot.

        A few people moved quickly, and by the time Han Qianli returned, they had already set up the camp.

        A small and elaborate tent, a large and simple tent, the small one for Han 3,000, and the large one for the twelve attendants.

        She smiled gently when she saw Han Qianli coming in, "Brother Qianli, the bed has been tidied up for you.

        As soon as he sat down, Fu Mei suddenly knelt in front of him and gently took off his shoes for Han Qianli.

        Han Three Thousand stretched out his hand to block it: "No need."

        After saying that, the shoes came off and Han Three thousand lay down on the bed.

        Fu Mei's entire body grunted in anger, she also wanted to lower herself to take off her shoes for Han Three Thousand and let him feast his eyes, but she didn't expect him to be like a log.

        "Right." Han Three Thousand suddenly made a sound.

        Hearing Han Three Thousand's voice, Fumei came to her senses.

        "Can you help me add another bed?" Han Qianli suddenly turned back and asked.

        Fu Mu ton pretended to blush with shame, but in her heart she was so proud of herself, I knew it, you couldn't help it!

        "Good." Fu Mei nodded, she really wanted to tell Han Qianxiang no need, she didn't mind sleeping in the same bed with him.

        A few moments later, Fu Mei made the bed and was about to sit down when Han Qianqian suddenly said, "Okay, thank you, you can go out now."

        Go out?!

        Fumei could hardly believe her ears!

Chapter 1825

What is Han Qianqian doing? Is it high?

        But what's the point of making a bed if you're going to install one?

        "Three thousand brothers? Did I hear that right? Are you ...... letting me out?"

        Han 3,000 nodded, taking it for granted: "Of course you heard me right, what's the problem?"

        "But ...... but you asked me to make the bed."

        Han 3000 stood up and smiled at the shocked Fumai, "Oh, it's like this, I have a friend coming over this evening."

        A friend? Fu Mei is puzzled, Han Qianqian has been living in the Fu family residence for some time now, but most of the time, Han Qianqian is alone and has never heard of him having any friends.

        However, Fu Mei has already set up the house to such an extent, so how can he be willing to withdraw? If you want to chase Mei'er away, where will Mei'er sleep at night?

        Fu Fu Mei thought that she was very good at spreading coquettishness and electric eyes, no man could escape this trick of hers, even the top noble son of the Eternal Sea like Ao Yi was good enough to bow down to her, and a man like Han Qianli was naturally a handful.

        Nodding his head, Han Three thousand stood up at this point and looked at Fuyan Mei, "Yeah, you're right, how can you let a girl sleep in a tent with a bunch of big men?"

        After hearing Han Qianqian's words, Fu Mei was delighted, and her heart was even more proud of herself.

        At this moment, Han 3,000 got up and walked towards Fu Mu. Fu Mu's eyes sparkled and her heart beat faster.

        Han Giangli quickly came to a halt in front of Fumei, who gently closed her eyes.

        But just when she thought her plan was going to work, Han Qianli was not amused, patting her gently on the shoulder and pushing her outside: "So, tonight you'll have to settle for sleeping outside."

        Fu Mei was completely stunned and looked at Han Qianli with wide eyes in disbelief.

        At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from outside the tent, and a woman dressed in plain linen with a dirty face walked in, it was Xiaotao who was wearing simple make-up.

        Originally Han 3,000 had asked her to dress directly as a man, but when Han 3,000 set off from Tian Long City, he saw that she was in such a hurry that the hat on her head was blown off.

        But she was so obedient to Han 3,000 that she was afraid of delaying Han 3,000, so she disregarded her image and picked up a pile of mud and plastered it on her face.

        "What do you mean? Who is she?" Fu Mei is strange.

        "My friend."

        Fu Muangton stared, "Brother 3000, what you mean is, let me sleep outside and she sleep ...... inside?"

        Han 3,000 nodded.

        "I ...... her ...... you let me sleep outside? Brother Sanchi, do you have some misunderstanding about the word pity?" Fu Mei looked at the woman with disdain.

        Something is wrong with him, isn't it? What is this woman if she is beautifully made up and beautiful? Dressed in rags and with dirt all over her face, this woman deserves to sleep outside, does she sleep inside?

        "I'm not going, it's this kind of trash woman, she's the one who should sleep outside, I'll sleep inside." Fu Mei ton angrily turned her face away, filled with displeasure.

        Han Qianqianton's face turned cold: "Fuumei, pay attention to the way you speak, Xiaotao is my friend."

        "Did I say something wrong? A woman like her, not to mention sleeping with a group of men outside, wouldn't even touch a pig even if she were put in a pigpen." Fu Mei coldly said.

        Not to mention being ruined by this woman, what's even more annoying is to have to go out for this woman herself, Fu Mei is such a high-minded and proud woman, it's hard to get her to admit defeat, and even harder to get her to admit defeat in front of such a lowly woman.

        Han Giangli forced his anger: "So you think, you should sleep here, right?"

        "Of course, I, Fu Mei, no matter my figure or looks, which one of us doesn't leave her far behind? Moreover, the origin is not something she can compare with." Fu Mei echoed, saying, staring at Little Peach with great disdain.

        Han Qianqian couldn't stop sneering, not knowing where this Fu Mei came from in terms of confidence, she was considered a beauty, but if she was really compared to Xiaomao, it was several levels below, as for background, Xiaomao, as the only successor of the Pangu Clan, was much more noble than her, a child of the Fu family.

        She actually had the audacity to blow herself up so high.

        "Finished? Get out immediately when you're done." Han Qianli coldly said.

        "You!" Fu Mu ton was staring at Han Qianyang in anger.

        Han Qianqian smiled disdainfully, "What's wrong? You, Miss Fu Mei, are so noble, but I, Han Qianxiang, am indeed a lowly trash from the Azure World. She and I are."

        "Han 3,000, where am I inferior to her?" Fu Mei was seething with anger.

        "Nowhere is worse!" Han Three Thousand Thousand coldly, looking at Fumei with a gaze full of determination and coldness.

        Feeling Han Qianli's attitude, Fumei stomped her foot in anger: "Han Qianli, you will regret it." Pulling open the tent's curtains, she stormed out furiously.

        A group of guards saw Fumei's furious rushing out and greeted him.

        "Sister Fumei, what's going on?" Some Fu Family disciples are concerned.

        Fu Mei is also considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful unmarried women in the Fu Family, so she is also the dream lover of many Fu Family disciples, although they know that they are not good enough for Fu Mei, but when the licking dogs see the goddess injured, they will always be the first to send comfort.

        After all, life is a gamble of the possible.

        Fu Mei angrily looked towards Han Qianqian's tent, her heart unhappy, then she suddenly snapped at those disciples with a straight face, full of murderous intent, "You still have the nerve to ask me? Who is that smelly woman? Who told you to let her in?"

        "She said she was a friend of the Han Vice Clan, and had the token of the Han Vice Clan's Zhonglang Divine Warrior General in her hand, and we ...... didn't dare to stop her." The disciples were very aggrieved.

        They also knew Fumei's intention to set up camp, and although the goddess was about to sacrifice herself to Han 3,000 they felt bad thinking about it, but they didn't dare disobey the goddess's orders, and after Peach found the code Han 3,000 left on the tree and arrived in the area, they did want to stop her.

        But who knew that Xiao Peach had taken out the token of the Zhonglang Divine General, and several disciples looked at each other and had to let her go.

        "The token of the Zhongrang God Martial General? How dare Han Qianxiang give such an important thing to that b*tch?" Fu Mei frowns, it's unbelievable.

Chapter 1826

After all, possessing the token of the Zhonglang Divine Warrior General would mobilise all the Fuyuan family's guards, but Han Saniang had given something so important to that woman!

        Add to that a surprise late-night visit from that woman and is the meaning not obvious? This woman is obviously Han Qianqian's wild woman outside, delivering cannon from a thousand miles away!

        Fumeton was so distressed and angry that her hands leaped into fists!

        Several disciples clearly saw Fumi's anger as well, and couldn't help but feel heartbroken and unworthy of her at the same time.

        "Sister Fumei, why don't we give up on Han Qianxiang, he will d i e sooner or later anyway after this trip to the summit of Mount Qishan, so why do you need to waste your time on him?"

        "Yes, Han Qianxiang is simply a lowly creature from the Azure World, and you, Sister Fumei, have been lucky enough to see him, but since he doesn't know what's good for him, that only means he's blind."

        "That's right, Sister Fumei, you shouldn't be too angry, without Han Qianli, you still have us."

        A few licking dogs made the most of the word licking, but the thing of the world is that licking dogs never ends well, because for anyone, what is too easy to get is instead worthless.

        Fu Mei disdainfully swept the few disciples present and said in a cold, disdainful voice, "You?"

        Several disciples hurriedly nodded their heads obediently.

        The man I, Fu Mei, want to marry is bound to be the best in the Eight Directions. Fu Mei was high-minded and proud, and had always compared herself to Fu Wu, so if she was to marry these ordinary Fu disciples, it would be better to ki ll them.

        Several disciples lowered their heads in self-preparation and frustration: "But Fu Mei Sister, Han 3000 would rather have a night meeting with that kind of woman than with you ......"

        Before the disciple could finish his sentence, Fu Mei had already slapped the disciple directly in the face: "What do you mean by that? Does that mean I'm not even as good as that b*tch?"

        The disciple didn't even cry out in pain, he kneeled down and begged, "Fumei Sister, I ...... didn't mean that, just ......"

        "Get out!" Fu Mei shouted angrily, and the disciple suddenly got up from the ground in panic and ran away.

        "Sister Fu Mei don't get along with that idiot, he doesn't know anything. However, the plan didn't work tonight, what are we going to do next?" The other disciples have learned from the past.

        Fu Mei was now coldly looking at the disciple's departing back and gritted her teeth, "Humph, does he, Han Giang, think he'll escape from this Miss if he doesn't sleep with her?"

        "Sister Fumei, what do you mean by that?"

        "I placed a time stone in my tent to record some indescribable images of him and me for future use when I take over the main house, but although the plan went wrong, it's not impossible to record a scene of him with that woman. When the time comes, I will blackmail him with this. Will he be able to run away?"

        If Han 3,000 gives in and has sex with her, then everything will remain the same, but if Han 3,000 doesn't, then these images will be shown to the whole world and to Fuyue, and will Han 3,000 dare to refuse?

        "Fumei sister, your move is really high."

        After saying that, Fumei's hand was so strong that suddenly, in one of the corners of the tent where the body was hidden, a small stone, which was difficult to be found, flashed.

        But Fu Mei probably never dreamed that the two people inside the tent would not only not have the slightest transgression of manners, but on the contrary, they were also very far away from each other.

        "Mr. Han, is that girl really alright?" Little Peach asked worriedly.

        Compared to Fu Mei, Xiaotao is a completely simple and kind girl, just now to see Fu Mei so angry rushed out, the heart has been still a little guilty for her, after all, for Xiaotao, it is she who has taken Fu Mei's place.

        Han Qianli shook his head and smiled: "It's fine, don't mind her, you've chased me all the way, it's been hard, everything is still okay, right?"

        Peach nodded, but shook her head, "It went well, to say the least, but ......"

        "But what?" Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed in a strange way.

        "But there's always a strange guy who follows me." Xiaotao was very strange.

        After Han Giangli taught her cultivation, she learned quickly, and although she wasn't considered that powerful, she was at least considered to be a dexterous cultivator, so she could sense that something wasn't quite right.

        Han Qianli was a little nervous when he heard this, but the reason he arranged for Xiaotao to slowly catch up with him after leaving the city, and left many marks along the way, was that he didn't want too many people in the Fu Family to know about Xiaotao's existence, so as not to pose any danger to her.

        But I didn't expect that she was still being followed.

        "Is it someone from the Fu family?" Han Qianli frowned.

        Peach shook her head resolutely, "Although I've never really seen that person, he's definitely not from the Fu family. I felt someone following me when I first entered the city, but, but at that time, Duke Han didn't teach me to cultivate, so I just felt it. It wasn't until after I left the city this time and had my cultivation that I could sense that this person was really there."

        Followed Peach all the way from when he first entered the city?