His True Colors Chapter 1821-1823

 Chapter 1821

The first time I saw it, I was stunned, and said urgently: "Brother Ye, don't try to sell me something, just say what you want."

        The first time I saw him was when he was in the middle of a fight, and the second time I saw him was when he was in the middle of a fight. Isn't it your call."

        "But the problem is, this kid he has the phaseless divine power, he can copy my skills, I'm afraid that consuming him will be very slow with my cultivation."

        "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, I, Ye Shi, do know a spell, this spell focuses on soul attack and is not duplicated by the Phaseless Divine Skill, at the same time, your cultivation, Ye Shi can help you take it to the next level." Ye Wuhuan smiled confidently.

        "Seriously?" The lone Sufontein was delighted.

        "Inevitably!" Ye Wuhuan said confidently.

        "Good, good, good! Brother Ye, you really have given me great news. By the way, Brother Ye, how can you help me move up to the next level? What do I need to do?" Gou Su Fengtian was extremely excited.

        Having avenged Han Qianqian's death, and having obtained two treasures, how can this not make Gou Sufengtian overjoyed? At that time, the Lone Su clan will not only be able to clear their past shame, but will also be able to shake the eight directions in the Eight Directions World.

        As for himself, he could even rely on these two treasures to become the new god of the Eight Directions!

        Thinking of this, Lone Su Fengtian swept away his previous depression and was in an incomparably cheerful mood.

        "Oh, it's simple, but it might be a little cruel, I'm afraid that the Lone Su City Lord might not be willing to agree." Ye Wuhuan said.

        "Cruel?" Lone Su Fengtian was stunned, then laughed: "The strong are the most important, so what cruel things can't be done in order to be strong? I think it's called cruelty when a weak person, when they are bullied. Brother Ye, just say what you have to say."

        "Well then, Lone Su City Master will first grab 9,999 good-looking virgins from Flying General City to come to the house." Ye Wuhuan sneered.

        "Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine? More virgins? What is this about, Brother Ye?" Lone Su Fengtian was surprised.

        "Oh, work with it to capture its essence, and that essence is what you need to practice!" Ye Wuhuan.

        Although he was mentally prepared to do something evil that would slaughter people and kill ghosts, he never expected that Ye Wuhuan's opening of his mouth would still make him tremble with fear.

        Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine virgin girls would be scourged, and the Flying Dragon City at that time would surely be a hell for women!

        "Ah cut~~!"

        In one of the inns in the Eight Directions World, Han 3,000 couldn't help but sneeze several times in a row again.

        Peach hurriedly got up and handed Han 3,000 a towel, "Mr. Han, is it a cold or a cold? Peach will make some ginger soup for you, okay?"

        Han Marchant shook his head, "Don't bother, I'm fine, Peach, are you ready?"

        When Xiao Peach heard this, her heart beat faster and her face turned scarlet, her hands tightly gripping the collar of her dress and lowering her head, not daring to look up at Han Marchant: "Mr Han, is this really necessary?"

        Han Giangli confirmed very seriously.

        Peach nodded, gently unbuttoned her surface clothes, blushed shyly, and dressed in a plain white dress, and got into bed nicely.

        Han Giangli followed and walked up to her, "Can we begin?"

        "Will it hurt?"

        "It won't." Han Giangli smiled bitterly.

        Little Peach nodded, "Then you do it."

        Han 3,000 jumped up onto the bed and sat directly behind Little Peach, then clapped his hands on her back and slowly injected the power in his body into Little Peach's body.

        Half an hour later, Han Three Thousand withdrew his energy and walked off the bed sweating profusely.

        "I've helped you open your meridians, so you can practice more every day from now on when you're free. Since you're coming with me to the tournament, you must have a cry of cultivation, and also, your appearance ......"

        "Mr. Han, what's wrong with me ......."

        "Nothing, don't worry, I mean you're too pretty, if you just go out with me like that, I'm afraid there will be a lot of trouble, dress up and try to be as masculine as possible okay?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Hearing Han Three Thousand's praise for her beauty, Little Peach's heart sweetened and she nodded shyly, "Got it."

        Han Three Thousand nodded and put down a book on the table, "You just follow this cultivation."

        "Fu Men cultivation method?" Xiaotao frowned slightly when she saw the words on the book.

        It had been given to Han 3,000 yuan by Fuming for the purpose of improving his cultivation, and Han 3,000 yuan had given it directly to Peach in the hope that she would have the ability to defend herself or escape; after all, this tournament would obviously be a crisis, and Han 3,000 yuan wasn't sure if he would be able to protect Peach.

        Therefore, he had to lay a good foundation for Xiaotao.

        After Han Qianli left the inn, a figure also furtively shrank back from the side of the inn and ran all the way towards Fufu.

Chapter 1822

In the Fu family residence, Fu Mei is in front of the dressing table, looking into the mirror, admiring her beauty over and over again.

        Naturally, the purpose was to charm Han Qianqian.

        At that moment, the shadow that had returned from the inn, jumped in from a side window, "Meet the master."

        "How was the investigation?" Fu Mei extended her own jade finger and couldn't help but admire it.

        "As expected of the master, there is indeed a woman at the inn Han Qianqian has been visiting in the past few days." The visitor said.

        There was a coldness in Fu Mei's eyes, but her face was filled with a disdainful smile: "I've long said that there is no cat in this world who doesn't like to sleep, Han Qianxiang, I'll see how you can escape from me this time."

        "The master is naturally beautiful, and Han 3,000 is naturally an ant in your palm. How else can he escape?" The visitor flattered.

        "Of course he can't escape, by the way, how are the arrangements with the chief?" Fu Mei Road.

        "It has been arranged, the chief even told you to hurry ......."

        "What's the hurry? You can only catch the big fish if you set the long line, so go ahead." Fu Mei smiled coldly.

        And then back at Fu Mei's house, as soon as the door was opened, Han Qianli's face was full of smiles.


        Seeing Han Marchant return, a small figure stood up in excitement, then jumped into Han Marchant's arms.

        "Nian'er is a good boy." Han Qianqian smiled kindly and stretched out his hand to gently touch his head.

        Su Yingxia stood up, handed Han Three Thousand a cup of hot tea and smiled gently, "Nian'er has been talking about wanting to see daddy since she woke up, and has been waiting here for you for a long time."

        "Did that Fumaku thing drink the wrong medicine last night? It's surprising that you would bring Nian'er to see me." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Speaking of this, Su Yingxia's smile solidified on her face as she said, "Three thousand, you're going to replace the Fu Family in the tournament?"

        Han Qianli nodded, "That's right. Because whether I represent the Fu Family or not, as long as I have the Pangu Axe in my hands, I will not be able to avoid this vicious battle in the end. However, one advantage of representing the Fu Family is that I can at least gain some trust and help from the Fu Family, and Nian Er and your safety will be guaranteed. If he is willing to help, perhaps Nian'er's poison will be cured, and the Fu Family will then have no blackmail capital against us."

        "But I've heard that for this tournament, every sect in the Eight Directions World has sent their elite to fight, can you handle it?" Su Yingxia was worried.

        Just those countless small sects and factions, plus the 32 cities in the Eightfold World were already enough for Han Three Thousand to drink from, not to mention the more powerful big families in the Eightfold World.

        This was especially true of the Blue Mountain Peak and the Sea of Eternal Life.

        These two great families of the Eight Parties World had countless elite members.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "Is there anything that can't be settled in front of your husband?"

        From Earth to Xuanyuan, and even to the Eight Directions, any big problem Han Qianli faced was solved in front of him in the end, and Su Yingxia naturally trusted Han Qianli.

        But this time, it was completely different!

        "Can ......" Su Yingxia.

        Han Qianli smiled, and Su Yingxia sighed long and hard, "Well, I know what you've decided, no one can change it. You take it."

        After saying that, Su Yingxia handed over a blue-coloured wooden tablet to Han Qianli.

        "What's this?" Han Qianqiang was confused.

        "Fu Li asked me to give it to you, this tournament, the danger is imminent, although Fu Mang was seized by Fu Tian as the clan head, but has always secretly wanted to make a comeback, so there is a small group of forces outside that belong to themselves, and Fu Li is taking care of them during the weekdays, you hold this sign, maybe it will possibly help you then." Su Yingxia said.

        Han Qianqiang doesn't care about this token at all, people's hearts are complicated, Fumang has been on the throne for many years, how many people in the Jianghu are buying him? Or rather, what can the people who can buy him be capable of?

        "Help me? I see that it's clearly a hot potato." Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

        Seeing that Su Yingxia didn't quite understand, Han Qianli explained, "The favour has to be returned, but what Fumang wants is that I can help him reset in the future. Otherwise, would he be so kind as to give us the token?"

        "What then? Give it back to him?" Su Yingxia.

        As soon as Han Qianli said it, she already understood the reasoning behind it.

        "No, my wife gave it to me, so of course I have to take it. Besides, I do need to employ people." Han Three Thousand Years Road.

        Fu Mang has a saying that Han Three Thousand recognises, and that is, in order to protect your loved ones, you need to make yourself strong enough.

        Therefore, Han Three Thousand need people.

        Han 3,000 smiled and placed the sign in his bosom.

        Su Yingxia saw him take it and took a breath, her eyes filled with seriousness as she looked at Han Three Thousand, "Three Thousand, be careful, Nian'er and I will always be waiting for you to come back, if you dare to die outside, then trouble yourself to wait a little below, I will bring Nian'er to you."

        "You know what? I hate it when people threaten me, so their threats tend to only make me angrier, but you're the first one to completely succeed, I surrender, don't worry, I'll be back." Han Giangli smiled.

        "Then let's take Nian'er out for some fun, shall we?" Su Yingxia smiled.

        Han Qianli nodded, hugged Nian'er in his arms and gently said, "Nian'er, what do you want to play?"

        "En ...... "Nian'er drummed her little beak and pondered for a while, then suddenly looked at the colourful birds that swept across the sky and pointed with her little hand, laughing and heaving, "Dad! It's beautiful!"

        "Nian'er, mum said that it's dangerous outside and we can only play in the courtyard." Su Yingxia reminded appropriately.

        Hearing this, Nian'er's head dropped slightly, a little lost.

        Han Giang Tong's heart tightened and he forced a smile, "However, daddy can promise you that one day, daddy will definitely take you all over the world and catch all kinds of nice birds, okay?"

        "Really? Dad?" Nian'er looked at Han Marchant with eyes wide open.

        "Daddy won't lie to Nian'er." Han Three Thousand firmly said.

        Nian'er stuck out her cute little thumb and mentioned it in front of Han Three Thousand, "Daddy, pull the hook!"

        With a smile, Han Qianli stretched out his little finger, gently hooked Nian'er's little thumb and gently pressed his thumb against her not-so-large thumb.


        Blood and snow spread for seven whole days.

        This morning, the Fu family suddenly rang the alarm bell loudly.

        Han Qianli gently opened the door and looked at everyone in a hurry.

        He smiled softly.

        What was to come, finally, was to come.

Chapter 1823

When Han Qianli arrived at the main hall, it was already crowded with people.

        The Fu family disciples, dressed in the family's uniform garb, were standing in unison on the playground outside the main hall.

        Seeing Han Qiangli, all the disciples shouted in unison, "Greetings, Deputy Clan Leader Han!"

        Fu Tian stood in front of the crowd, with several executives standing beside him, dressed in white and with a firm face, when he saw Han 3,000, Fu Tian welcomed him and said, "3,000, you've come."

        Han Three Thousand nodded.

        "It's good to be here, it's been officially announced that the tournament has been set at the roof of the world, at the summit of Mount Toki, and will officially begin in a month."

        Han Qianli nodded, "Looks like they can't wait."

        Fu Tian sighed, then, with a wave of his hand, a dozen or so disciples in the crowd took a step forward, and Fu Tian pointed at the disciples present and said to Han Qianli, "These are the twelve most elite disciples of my Fu Family, and this time, they will accompany you to the summit of Mount Toki."

        Han Qianli swept a light glance at them, "How can this group of disciples be considered elite? It's clearly just some young disciples that Fudian found at random.

        "I will also take a larger group with me, and I will announce to the public that you are coming with me to Mount Toki, so that I can take care of some unnecessary trouble for you."

        There will always be unscrupulous people on the road, and Fountain's willingness to take the fall for himself would not be a bad thing.

        However, it was clear that Futian was not only outnumbered, but that his talent was more like elite.

        Just as Han Qianqiang was about to speak, a senior executive suddenly burst out laughing, "Fuzhong, you're not very considerate."

        Futianton pretended to wonder, "How is it not well thought out?"

        "Oh, it's true that twelve generals can protect the safety of the Han deputy clan, but do you expect them to take care of the life care?" The executive laughed.

        Fuzhu smiled and nodded: "That's true, this journey, three thousand will have to cultivate at all times, then someone will have to take care of his life and drinking habitation, Fuzhu, you are right to remind, but who will take care of it?".

        Fu Zhu smiled and waved his hand lightly, as a figure slowly walked out from the back.

        Han Qianqian's brows furrowed at once, it was none other than Fu Mei!

        Seeing Han Qianqian, Fumei faked a polite salute.

        "Fu Mei is one of the most outstanding women in my Fu Family, not only is her cultivation extremely high, but also her mind is delicate, which, in my opinion, makes her the best candidate." Fu Zhu said.

        "I also agree, with Fu Mei taking care of 3000, we old men are much more at ease."

        "Yes, patriarch, the candidate to take care of 3,000 is none other than Fu Mei, this also represents the importance our Fu family places on 3,000."

        Fu Tian listened to the crowd's lines that had already been arranged, his acting went wild, and after thinking for a moment, he looked at Han Qianqian: "Qianqian, then let Fu Mei go with you."

        It's a long way to go, it's a group of men, and if you send a woman with you, you won't be afraid that you'll be able to endure it.

        The company's first-ever sales and marketing strategy is based on the idea that the company's products will be sold in the United States.

        "Fine, then it's up to everyone." Han Qianli knew that refusal was impossible to refuse, this group of people clearly intended to do this, and no matter how much he said, they would force him to follow Fu Mei.

        By now, Han Three Thousand had roughly guessed what Fu Mei really wanted.

        But you have Zhang Liang's plan, so I don't have a ladder to cross?!

        "Okay, then it's official!" Fu Tian looked at Fu Mei with satisfaction and spoke aloud.

        As he gave a mighty shout, the entire Fu Fu House resounded with a startling drumbeat.

        "Boom! Boom, boom, boom!"

        "Fostering a family of ten thousand, destroying all and winning a hundred battles!"

        "Fostering a family of ten thousand, destroying all and winning a hundred battles!"

        In the house, 10,000 people shouted in unison, shouting to the heavens!

        Han 3,000 was instantly all over the place, shouting at the top of his lungs.

        "Pull out!!!"

        At this point, the shouting soldier shouts overhead!

        "Ho, ho, ho!"

        Thousands of disciples marching in place with a soft roar in their throats!

        At this time, the steward brought in a fiery red qilin and slowly walked up to Fu Tian.

        Fu Tian strode up, and after sitting firmly, waved his hand: "Depart!"

        Behind him, a hundred disciples on horseback, holding the Fu family banner with one hand behind their backs in a dashing manner, and behind the horse soldiers, several carriages led by Qi Fei, on which sat important executives of the Fu family, and finally, a thousand disciples followed in unison, slowly walking towards the city gates.

        In Tian Long City, the people now crowded the entire city, one by one, to welcome and watch this huge procession and cheer up the Fu family.

        After all, if the Fu family could win the top three places in the tournament, the Fu family would still be one of the three big families and Tian Long City would still be under the jurisdiction of the big families, so the people would naturally be treated better.

        Therefore, the people are also very concerned about matters related to their own interests.

        Moreover, the Fu family was the representative of Tian Long City, so it was said that one glory goes with another.

        "Did you see that? I heard that the young man walking next to the Fu Tian chief is Han Qianxiang, the one who caused a fuss at Fu Fufu earlier."