His True Colors Chapter 1817-1818

 Chapter 1817

Hearing Han Qianli's reply, the Fu family let out a sigh of relief and a faint smile finally appeared on their faces, they were really afraid that Han Qianli wouldn't want to participate.

        After all, although the Fu Family could use Fuyue and his daughter to threaten him, the Fu Family didn't know how much Han Qianli loved Fuyue, so what if he would rather give up Fuyue and his son for his own survival?

        With the strength Han Qianqian showed at the beginning, it would have been difficult for the Fu Family to stop him!

        At that time, the Fu family would be miserable, and the summit of the Blue Mountain and the Sea of Eternal Life would definitely seize the opportunity to downgrade the Fu clan and kick it out of the ranks of the big families, after which a small family would somehow disappear into the world and support their new puppet family into power.

        "A hero indeed, General Han is really good."

        "Yeah. Yup."

        A group of executives pounced on the compliments, but beneath the compliments, there was also a lot of revulsion.

        "Oh, and Zhong Lang Shen Wu General, I see, clearly a fool, this tournament, there are many experts, the other party is also clearly targeting him, he will only be dead if he goes to participate."

        "Hehe, this is villainous and complacent, thinking that he will be invincible when he becomes a Zhong Lang God Martial General, little did he know that he is simply a frog in a well, at this tournament, experts from all sides would have gathered, and even many hidden masters would have come out specifically because of the Pan Gu Axe, this foolish comparison, really looking for death without even finding a happy place."

        When Han Qianqian heard these invectives, he just smiled slightly, he wouldn't take it to heart.

        He wasn't attending this conference for the Fu family, nor for anything else, just for Nian'er, and since everyone from the Eight Directions World would be attending, it was likely that the Medical Sage Wang Jiaozhi would be there as well, and the main purpose of Han 3000's attendance was to find him at the conference.

        Fu Tian was very happy with Han 3,000's answer, after all, Han 3,000's willingness to participate in the battle was a temporary solution to the crisis of the Fu Clan, and if Han 3,000 were to be kil led and robbed of the Pan Gu Axe, although it would be extremely damaging to the Fu Clan for the time being, the Fu Clan would still have a chance if there was still Fu Yao.

        At that time, he could even put Fuyao's hatred for Han 3,000's death on the summit of the Blue Mountain and the Sea of Eternal Life, and perhaps, in order to avenge Han 3,000's death, Fuyao would even cooperate with him to give birth to a new True God.

        Fu Tian was able to become the clan leader, so naturally everything was carefully planned, and even in the face of today's predicament, he could always think of a way out.

        "Good, Han Qianqian, I really wasn't wrong about you. From today onwards, I'll have Elder Fu Maku's training of you accelerate. Fu Tian smiled.

        Although he never expected Han 3,000 to be able to ki ll his way out of trouble and help the Fu Clan regain its reputation, he at least had to be superficially nice to Han 3,000 so that he wouldn't regret it halfway through and ruin his plans.

        And by being nice to Han 3,000 at this time, he could at least eliminate Fuyu's future resistance to the Fu Clan and not draw hatred on himself.

        "At the same time, I formally announce that in addition to the position of Zhonglang Divine Warrior General, Han Third Thousand will also be the deputy head of my Fu Clan, and his words will be my words!"

        As soon as the words were spoken, there was another round of appalled voices at the scene.

        Everyone present was amazed at Han Qianli's sudden appointment to the post of Deputy Clan Head. The Zhong Lang Shen Martial General is the highest position among the Fu Family's Martial Generals, while the Deputy Clan Head is the highest position among the civil officials.

        Some people were impressed by the speed of Han Three thousand's rise to the top of the rank, which was like riding a rocket, and the future of Han Three thousand was boundless.

        However, some people sighed, while others were even more disdainful and mocked Han Qianxiang for surviving the tournament.

        As long as she is close to Han Qianqian, she can defeat Fuyao and at the same time receive a series of titles, such as the wife of the deputy head of the clan, the wife of the Zhonglang divine General, and at that time, her position in the Fuyao family is simply steep.

        She didn't care if Han Qiangli lived or died, she could have what she wanted.

        Of course, if she had a choice, she would certainly hope that Han Three Thousand didn't die, because this Azure World person was increasingly making herself change her mind about him!

        Fu Tian raised his hand, signalling for everyone to calm down, after which he said to Han Qianli, "I'll discuss this with the Blue Mountain's summit later, and I'll tell you the first thing when the time and place are confirmed, but as for the next period of time, you'll be good for cultivation."

        Han Qianli nodded, "If there's nothing else, then I'm going back."

        After saying that Han Three Thousand turned around and left the palace, going back to his house.

        At this time, the world of the eight directions was in a state of turbulence, and an undercurrent had quietly risen among the various sects and sects.

        On top of the Blue Mountain, in mid-air, a majestic palace floated in the white clouds ......

Chapter 1818

"Master, the various schools and sects of the Eight Worlds have been fully informed."

        Below the palace, a servant respectfully said.

        Above the palace, the jade pearl draped the curtain, unable to see the faces of the people inside, only to see him sitting on the jade bed within the curtain, nodding slightly, "Xuan'er, how are they preparing?"

        "Shao Xuan is intensifying the training of the 28th General of the Blue Mountains." The servant whispered.

        "Tell Xuan'er that the tournament, for the Pangu Axe, all kinds of strange people from the Eight Directions will come out of their nests, so that he can't be careless, we can only succeed but not fail, this tournament is an opportunity but also a risk for us, once the Pangu Axe is obtained by us, this Eight Directions world will always be the top of the Blue Mountain, but if it falls into the hands of someone else, the It's a problem for us." He said matter-of-factly.

        "Yes." The servant nodded.

        "Also, how is the investigation of what I arranged for you to do going? I heard that the boy came from our Xuanyuan World."

        "Reporting to my master, Han Qianliang did indeed ascend from the Azure World into the Xuanyuan World, and then from the Xuanyuan World into the Eightfold World."

        "Very good, where is Miss?"

        "Wait outside!"

        "Let her in."

        As soon as the voice fell, the servant hurriedly ran out, and in less than a moment, a beautiful woman with a tall figure and white jade like muscle walked in, dressed in white like a fairy, her features so exquisite that not one point more, not one point less, as if heaven and earth had used up all the essence of the earth to make it, beautiful as a dream, making it extremely difficult for people to even breathe in her presence.

        "Father!" The woman walked in, with a slight yawn.

        "Corey, you're here." The man in the curtain whispered.

        "Father, I've gone through the temporal listings of Xuanyuan World, and Han Qianxiang still has friends in Xuanyuan World." After saying that, her body's slender jade fingers gently overhead.

        In the mid-air, the image of Blade Twelve and the others who were diligently cultivating were instantly revealed with unparalleled clarity.

        "Core, you've done well, so go ahead and turn them into cards in our hands next." The man in the curtain laughed softly.

        "Father, there is one thing I do not know."

        "You say."

        "Han Three Thousand is just a lowly creature from Azure Earth, do we need to go to such lengths?"

        "Core, Han Qianqian can get the Pan Gu Axe, naturally there is something unique about him, the so-called hero does not ask where he came from, do you understand?"

        "But ......"

        "Go to work, I don't want anything to happen to the Pangu Axe, I won't allow any accidents to happen in this tournament." The curtain went up.

        Lu Ruoxin nodded and retreated.

        Xuanyuan World!

        "Shit, practice practice practice, I'm about to go f*cking off the rails, f*ck!"

        Inside a secluded thatched hut, Knife Twelve suddenly stood up from the bed, then kicked the edge of the bed.

        "Old Knife, what the f*ck are you on about again?" On the side, Mo Yang also opened his eyes from settling in and drank as he watched Blade 12 lose his temper.

        "Well, he is also anxious to see Three Thousand, but he is too late to go up to the Eightfold World." Liu Fang advised Mo Yang.

        After Han 3,000 left, several people began their daily and nightly cultivation, especially Blade 12, who hadn't taken a sip of water or eaten a single grain of food for so long and spent his days indulging in cultivation for no other reason than to quickly increase his strength and then fly to the Eightfold World to meet Han 3,000.

        Although their cultivation speed was extremely fast and astonishing, from being small masters in Long Yun City to now being good at each in Xuanyuan World, there was still quite a distance to go before they could fly to the Eightfold World.

        Hearing Liu Fang's words, Mo Yang softened his tone a little and looked at Blade 12, "Do you think I don't want to meet up with 3000 earlier? But the reality is right in front of us, we don't have enough training to do it all."

        "Yes, a calm mind is the best state for cultivation, the more impatient you are, the more likely it is that something will go wrong, and then if you go off the rails, won't you be drifting away from 3000?" Liu Fang advised.

        Blade 12 nodded, he was actually just in a hurry, it's not like he didn't understand these principles, he sighed and said, "Hey, I'm just worried that 3000 went to the Eightfold World by himself, no one can help him, I don't know how he's doing on his own. As you know, the people of the Eightfold World are not kind to him, and they even kil led him in Xuanyuan World before."

        Mo Yang's entire heart was bored when he heard this, and in fact, this was what he was most worried about.

        In Xuanyuan World, although Han Qianqian was very strong, after arriving in the Eightfold World, he was only a novice, and it was already difficult to survive without being targeted, not to mention the fact that the Fu Family had sent people to besiege him early on.

        "I don't know what's going on with that kid now, but seriously, I miss him a bit." Mo Yang nodded, remembering Han Qianqian and couldn't help but reveal a smile.

        Liu Fang still wanted to speak, but at that moment, she suddenly skimmed out the window and saw a white light coming, and in the white light was a fairy so beautiful that even as a woman, she felt jealous!