His True Colors Chapter 1814-1816

Chapter 1814

Su Yingxia was in a bit of a dilemma: "But he's in the Heavenly Prison, which is so heavily guarded that ordinary people can't get in."

        Han Qianli smiled slightly, "Don't forget that your husband is not an ordinary person now, but the Fuyuan family's Zhonglangwu God General."

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian in astonishment for a moment and smiled sweetly a moment later.

        In the middle of the night, Han Three thousand changed into a costume of a Zhonglang Martial God General, carried a few jugs of good wine, and leisurely patrolled the Fuyuan family's compound, leading a few guards.

        Although Han Qiangli was a new officer, these guards had witnessed Han Qiangli's disdainful gestures during the day, so they had great respect for the officer.

        Following the directions Su Yingxia pointed out, Han Qianxiang deliberately circled around Fufu and came to the vicinity of the Heavenly Prison.

        "Alright, we're almost done patrolling, it's too cool at night, let's find a place to drink," Han Qianli said, deliberately looking around. Han Qianli said, deliberately looking around and finally, focusing on the location of the Heavenly Prison.

        Just two steps away, a guard rushed up, "Grand Commander, there is the Heavenly Prison ahead, and we are not allowed to enter without the Fu Clan Chief's orders."

        Baa Han Qianli pretended to be dissatisfied, "What? The Fu chief's order is an order, but my order is not an order? It's so cold at night. Do you want us to freeze to death here? Let's just go in and have a drink, it's not like we're doing anything, right?"

        Hearing Han Qiangli call himself a brother, several guards were happy.

        Moreover, this was a rare good opportunity to mingle with the leader.

        "The Grand Chancellor is right, it's only right that we take a break from our work on such a cold day."

        "Xiao Wu, don't talk nonsense, the Grand Chancellor is also doing it for our good."

        "Grand Chancellor, this guy Xiaowu has just arrived and doesn't know any better, don't get along with him, let's go, let's go drink." After saying that, several guards embraced and pulled Han Qianli all the way towards the Heavenly Prison.

        Han Qianli smiled slightly and followed the guards all the way to the Heavenly Prison.

        Inside the Heavenly Prison, several guards were yawning, after all, the Heavenly Prison was a place where not many people would normally come over, and when they saw Han 3,000 leading the guards over, several guards stood up quickly, after all, this was the newly appointed Zhonglang Shenwu General.

        "Meet Grand Commander Han." A few guards knelt down in unison and said respectfully.

        "All get up, there's no need to be so reasonable." Han Marchant said as gently as possible.

        "All get up, brothers, Grand Commander Han isn't here for an inspection, he's here to see our brothers for a drink." A guard was now happy.

        Upon hearing this, several guards were first stunned, then delighted, they all knew that the new Zhong Lang Martial God was mighty, with one person's strength, he was able to carry the Fu Family's thousands of men, and was even holding a super artifact like the Pan Gu Axe, who wouldn't want to be close to such a person!

        A group of guards swept the table clean and helped Han Qianli clean his stool, inviting him to sit down.

        Han Qianli smiled and asked his men to share the wine with him, and they were very happy.

        Compared to the patriarch, Fu Tian, Han 3,000 was simply much more awesome and approachable, so the guards naturally relaxed even more.

        After thirty years of drinking, Han 3,000 got up slightly and stretched out his hand to pat the guard sitting next to him, who was completely asleep like a dead pig, before he brought up the last jug of wine and slowly walked into the bottom of the prison.

        Han Qianli sat on his butt in front of the cell door, leaning against the wall, then threw a jug of wine into it and smiled gently, "Don't worry, this jug of wine, my wife didn't drug it."

        In the dim cell, Fumang looked at the wine in his hand, then at Han Three Thousand, his brows furrowed: "Your wife?"

        "My name is Han Three Thousand." Han Three Thousand Thousand tilts his head back to take a sip of wine and laughs softly.

        "Han Three Thousand? Are you Han Qianqian? The man from Azure Earth? A man of the Fooch?" When Fu Mang heard the name, he came to his senses, sat up on his butt, and launched his soul into four successive questions to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand smiled, "Is there another one named Han Three Thousand in this world?"

        Hearing Han Qiangli's reply, Fumang's entire body shuddered!

        Han 3,000, it's Han 3,000!

        Fu Mang would never have dreamed that Han Qiangan, an earthling, would have the ability to come to the Eightfold World, and even less would he have thought that Han Qiangan would appear in the Fu Family at the end of the day, and also in the Heavenly Prison.

        "How did you ...... come to be here? You ......"

        "There was a big commotion at Fufu today to welcome the bride, and I've even heard that the visitor even took out the Pan Gu axe, so don't tell me this is you, right?" Fu Mang was shocked to the core.

        Han Qianqiang smiled: "It seems like it should be me."

        Fu Mang was even more shocked, although in the dungeon, but Fu Mang also heard the jailers mentioned about what happened today in the Fu family compound, Fu Mang originally thought that it was a big family coming to steal the marriage, but what he never expected was that this person was Han Qianxiang!

Chapter 1815

Is he ...... really just an Azure World guy!

        If so, then he must be the most perverted being in the Azure World, right? No, even in the Eightfold World, he is a perverted existence.

        The Pan Gu Axe, king of all weapons!

        That says it all!

        Now that he recalled the confidence that Fuyu had in the dungeon, he finally understood what it was all about.

        Han Qianli tilted his head again and chugged down a mouthful of wine, "Alright, wait until I'm gone and you'll be surprised, I came to find you, but I actually want to ask you something?"

        Fu Mang's eyebrows furrowed: "What is it?"

        "How much do you know about the Broken Bone Soul Chasing Pill?" Han 3000 Road.

        "Why do you ask?" Fu Mang's eyebrows furrowed.

        "My daughter was given this poison by Fu Tian, I need to find the antidote, Fu Li is your strange beast but also Fu Tian's wife, I want her to help me find out who Fu Tian was looking for to get this poison." Han Qianqian squared up.

        Fu Mang cursed angrily after hearing, "The Broken Bone Soul Chasing Pill is a forbidden medicine in the Eightfold World, Fou Tian went against public knowledge to use this medicine to deal with a little girl, it's simply despicable!!!"

        "It's just a pity that Fu Tian, the b*tch, has always been careful and cautious in her work, it's impossible for Fu Li to know these secrets."

        Han Qianqian's heart sank: "You mean, there's no way to check?"

        Fu Mang coldly snorted: "If it were placed on someone else's body, this matter would indeed be unsearchable, but it just so happens that you're asking the right person."

        As the true successor of the Fu Family, Fu Mang naturally had his own insights and social life in the past, and knew more about many confidential matters than others.

        "The Bone Breaking Soul Chasing Pill is a strange poison in the world, difficult to practice, and is itself a forbidden drug, so the person who can practice this medicine, I think it is absolutely impossible for there to be another person other than one person in the world today." Fu Mang said.

        "Who is this person?"

        "The Medical Fairy King is slowing down!" Fu Mang Dao.

        In the world of the Eight Directions, there would be no one else but him who could truly practice this strange poison.

        "This person's medical attainments are extremely high and can be said to be unprecedented, so I believe that even the long-lost Bone Breaking Soul Chasing Pill can be equally refined in his hands." Fu Mang said.

        "Where can I find him?" Han Qianqiang said.

        "Even if you find him, I'm afraid he may not be willing to help you." Fumang shook his head.

        No matter who he is, as long as he can save Nian'er, Han Qianqian will have to force him to save Nian'er, even if he puts a knife to his neck.

        "In addition, Han 3,000 yuan, let me say one more thing, these two people, Fu Tian and Fu Maku, are by no means good people, you must be careful in the Fu family, the two of them are not to be trusted." Fu Mang advised, "It's best that you have your own forces and helpers so that you are able to protect those you want to protect, in the world of the Eight Directions, strength reigns supreme and the law of the jungle will only become more cruel.

        After bidding farewell to Fumang, Han 3,000 woke up the group of guards, who were completely confused from their sleep and thought they were simply drunk.

        Of course, Han Qianli wasn't worried about them telling anyone about his entry into the Heavenly Prison; after all, it wouldn't do them any good to do so, and they would only be punished even more for trespassing.

        As soon as he passed through the corridor of the western bedroom, the door next to Han Qianli's room suddenly opened and a beautiful figure crashed directly into his arms.

        A charming fragrance entered the nose, and the figure in his arms was warm and delicate.

        Fu Mei was wearing a small, pale white vest-like garment, with her jade arms and shoulders exposed, and from Han Qianli's point of view, she could almost take in the splendour.

        She was holding a water basin in her hand, and the moment she bumped into Han 3,000, she quickly swirled the water from the basin around her body and Han 3,000's body, soaking the clothes on her chest and staining Han 3,000's clothes with water.

        Fumei deliberately let out an artificially delicate cry of "Ouch~".

        If it were any other man, he would have lost half of his soul, but unfortunately, she met Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, "You, are you alright?"

        Fu Mei pretended to be shy and lowered her head, tidying her hair as she stood in front of Han 3,000, her clothes now hidden after seeping water, "Grand Commander Han, I'm sorry ....... I was just about to fetch some water, but I didn't know you happened to pass by here ......"

        Although extremely disgusted in his heart, but his face has to continue to pretend, Han Marchant pretended to smile, "Oh, it's fine."

        "Oh, Commander Han, Fumei has wet your clothes, why don't you ...... come into my room and I'll help you dry off?" Fu Mei kept her head down, but the corners of her mouth did not show a trace of pride.

Chapter 1816

Han Qianli smiled coldly in his heart and shook his head, "No need, I'll take care of it myself when I get back, you go back."

        "How can this be? It was Fu Mei's recklessness that wet Han General's clothes, Fu Mei must wash Han General's clothes, otherwise Fu Mei will feel uncomfortable." said Fu Mei, reaching out and directly helping Han General to take off his clothes. She said, "Fu Mei reached out and directly wanted to help Han Qianqian take off her clothes.

        Han 3,000 yuan did not want to be bothered with her, but could not turn against her directly, under her tug, took off his jacket and outfit.

        Fumei took the opportunity to take off her clothes, her little finger intentionally or unintentionally traced over Han 3,000 yuan's body, then took off her clothes and put them on her wrist, smiling flirtatiously: "Han General, you go sit in Fumei's house, Fumei house, the other day the clan leader sent some good tea."

        Han Three thousand strong impatience: "No need, I have things to do."

        After saying that, Han Qianli forced himself to pretend he couldn't hear her shouting behind him, turned his head and went straight back to his room.

        Watching Han Qianli's faraway back, Fumei couldn't help but smile proudly, "Fuyan, today I'm taking off your man's clothes, next time, it will be to let him lie in my bed!"

        Back inside, Han Three thousand couldn't help but change his inner clothes as well, he was really disgusted by Fu Muang.

        After changing his clothes, Han 3,000 went out to the building pavilion, where, according to the previous agreement, Fu Muang would specifically help Han 3,000 with systematic training in order to help him grow.

        However, Han 3,000 knew in his heart that he was not a member of the Fu family, and the Fu family would not treat him as one of their own, so it was impossible for Fuming to treat him well for no reason.

        So, Han 3,000 was not unprepared and hid the indestructible armour after he went there, it was his last secret weapon, if exposed early, it could lead to doom.

        On the first day of the course, almost as Han Qianqian expected, Fuming didn't teach Han Qianqian anything, but instead asked him about his current general situation.

        In this world, it is not easy to believe the truth, and people really don't believe falsehoods, but true or false words are the easiest to believe.

        Han Three thousand concealed much of his current cultivation, but was straightforward about the Pan Gu Axe and the Faceless Divine Mercy, and in their first round of the game, it was clear that Han Three thousand's kind of human essence was more prevalent.

        Over the next few days, Han 3,000 also began to rest some of the Fu Family's seemingly good gong methods with the help of Fu Mu, and in private, Han 3,000 had been taking every opportunity to ask around about the whereabouts of the Medical Saint Wang Jiaozhi.

        But unfortunately, almost everyone knew Wang Jiaozhi's name, but no one knew of his whereabouts.

        This made Han Three Thousand's mood very dreary!

        In the morning, after finishing his night patrol, Han 3,000 was about to rest when he saw red snowflakes drifting in the sky, which made Han feel unbelievable and at the same time very surprised.

        It was strange that Futian sent someone over to ask Han Qiangiang to go to the main hall, saying that the clan chief was holding a meeting.

        When Han 3,000 arrived, a group of Fu family executives and a number of young family children had already gathered in the main hall, all with sad faces.

        Seeing Han 3,000 coming in, Fu Mei greeted Han 3,000 in the crowd with a smile that she thought was pure and electrifying.

        "Grand Commander Han is here, please sit down." Fu Tian looked at Han Three Thousand and said weakly.

        Han Three Thousand nodded, found his seat and slowly sat down.

        "The summit of the Blue Mountain has struck."

        A moment later, Fu Tian heavily opened his mouth.

        There was a sudden silence on the stage, and only Han Three Thousand was unaware of it.

        "The blood snow outside is called the Four Spirit God Flower, and when the flower blooms, it means that the order of the Eight Worlds will have to be rearranged, and the Eight Worlds Tournament will be born for this purpose."

        "The so-called tournament is to select the three great clans and the four auxiliary clans to work together to maintain the order of the Eight Directions World. Generally speaking, the Three Great Families are naturally the families that possess the Three True Gods, while the Four Great Auxiliary Families assist from the side and divide the Four Directions of the Eight Directions World."

        Fu Tian finished and sighed, "But the time for the Four Spiritual Gods to bloom should be three hundred years from now, but obviously, someone didn't want the True Gods of our clan to be reborn, so they let it bloom earlier."

        "And the one who could make the Four Spirits God Flower bloom earlier would have no other way but for at least two True Gods to work together. Therefore, the Eternal Sea has betrayed us as well." Fu Tian was in a heavy mood.

        The Eightfold World is like Earth, and the Three Great Families of True Gods are like Earth countries, possessing nuclear weapons, which are naturally the so-called governing countries.

        The others are divided accordingly according to their strength.

        "Obviously this time, the other side is coming for us, because if we lose, it will mean that the Fu family will completely lose their identity and fall from a big family to a small family, and the mysterious disappearance of a small family will not arouse anyone's interest, and secondly, they are coming for you, Commander Han." Fu Tian Dao.

        Han Giang's eyebrows furrowed, "Me?"

        "The Azure Peak and the Sea of Eternal Life have already sent people over in the morning, and they have named you, Commander Han, to represent the Fu Family in the war!" Fu Tian Dao.

        "Hmph, it sounds good to say that we're asking Commander Han to represent the Fu family in the war, but in reality, those bastards are just trying to use the tournament to carry out those murderous deeds, and their aim is still to obtain the Pangu Axe."

        "That's right, we're all big families, and the Top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea obviously can't find a justifiable reason to attack us, but they're greedy for the Pangu Axe, so that's why they made such a mess."

        A few executives spoke out in dissatisfaction.

        Fu Tian nodded his head and sighed, "Yes, two birds with one stone, so now our situation is very serious, but we have no choice, if we refuse to participate in this tournament, it will just give people something to attack us with."

        After saying that, Fudian turned his gaze towards Han Qianqian, "Commander Han, what do you think?"

        Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed, "I want to ask, will there be very many people coming to this tournament?"

        "Hehe, everyone wants the Pan Gu Axe, everyone hates to ki ll you to get it, I believe that the world of the eight directions, whether it is a great tribe or a cat or a dog, will come." When Fu Tian heard Han Qianqian's question, he felt a little guilty, because he was obviously afraid that too many people would not be able to cope with it.

        But there was really no need for Fu Tian to conceal it from Han Qianqian.

        "Are there too many people? Yes! Then I'm in!" Han Three Thousand Suddenly.