His True Colors Chapter 1811-1813

 Chapter 1811

Han Qianli smiled slightly, stroked Su Yingxia's hair and smiled, "Don't worry, I'm here, it's fine."

        With Han Qianli's words and Han Qianli's trademark smile, Su Yingxia suddenly nodded obediently.

        Pulling up Su Yingxia's hand, Han Qianli got up and walked out of the house, heading in the direction of the main hall.

        Shortly after they left, in a dark corner in the distance, two silhouettes slowly took shape.

        The figures were a man and a woman, the man was Fu Tian, and the woman, naturally, was Fu Mei, who at this time had sinister eyes, but a smile in them that could not be hidden.

        "Fu Mei, you can even guess this?" Fu Tian said softly.

        Fu Mei revealed a smile that she thought was perfect, the two of them were guarding the place for no other reason than to see how Han Qianqian and Fu Shake looked when they came out of the house, they hadn't tidied their clothes since they came out, which meant that although they had been separated for a long time, nothing had happened that should happen to a couple.

        This is intriguing and at the same time, it also boosted Fumei's confidence.

        "Patriarch, didn't I say so? Men, they are all new and old things, and there is a saying that behind a beautiful woman, there is a man who plays with her until he wants to vomit. Fu Mei, of course, is no exception." Fu Mei said confidently.

        Fu Tian agreed with this, because he was also one of these men, and although Fu Li was indeed beautiful, he would always get bored, so he had always been a typical representative of the red flag at home and the flags flying outside.

        In his consciousness, this is how men should behave, and indeed most men do.

        "Fu Mei, you are the youngest female in the Fu family second only to Fuyang, but unfortunately, Fuyang is a holy woman, so you have been suppressed, this time, if you take care of Han Giang, it will mean something different." Fu Tian added fuel to the fire at this point.

        Speaking of which, Fumei was very disgusted, she had always been oppressed by Fuyue, she had long hated Fuyue to the point of gnashing her teeth, originally, she thought that if she found Ao Yi as a backing, she could at least turn the situation around, during the war, when Ao Yi offered the Nine Moons Sword, she was even more impressed.

        If it wasn't for the special circumstances, she really would have wanted to show herself to Ao Yi on the spot, so that he could taste herself, and she could rely on such a golden bowl to shake up her position in the Fu Family and even suppress Fu Shou from then on.

        But Han Qianqian's appearance shattered Fumi's dreams, and she never dreamed that Ao Yi's already powerful Nine Netherworld Magic Sword would be invulnerable in front of Han Qianqian.

        When she learnt that Han Qianqian was holding the strongest divine weapon in the Eight Directions World, the Pangu Axe, she was even more shocked beyond words, and at the same time, she was extremely unhappy.

        Based on what? Why should Fuyue be able to overpower her in every way? That was fine, after all, women really had to fight, fight for the future, fight for their own destiny, but just when Fumei felt that she had won, after all, there was no comparison between a lowly trash from the Azure World and a prince from one of the three families in the Eightfold World.

        But reality slapped her again, and Han Qianli told everyone with his actions that he was ten thousand times better than any son of the Eternal Sea.

        Fu Mei was going crazy, why was this happening? Why, in the end, does Fuyue look for a man who is also head and shoulders above him? If this is fate, then Fumei will be the first to disown it.

        Since I can't fight your man, I'll take your man and make him my man!

        In terms of beauty, although Fu Mei is inferior to Su Ying Xia, she thinks she is younger and her body is more voluptuous because she has never had a child, and most importantly, she is untouched, which alone makes her more attractive to men.

        Therefore, Fumei is very confident that she can take Han Qianqian down.

        If she can take Han Qianqian, she will not only be able to rely on Han Qianqian's current position in the Fu family and rise to the heavens with her, but most importantly, she will be able to completely break down Fu Mei's inner defences when she gets Han Qianqian.

        The man she loves the most is in her bed, and I wonder if Fuyuki will not be able to stand the shock then?

        Fumei, whose confidence was soaring, had even begun to think freely about Fuyue's heartbreaking picture when the time came.

        "Good, since you have this confidence, I'll create the conditions for you, Fu Mei, you mustn't let me down." Fu Tian nodded his head.

        Fu Mei smiled confidently, stretched out her own right hand and gently shook it, "Don't worry, as long as I'm willing, no man in this world can escape me, I can handle someone like Ao Yi, not to mention, a mere Han 3000?"

        At this time, Han Qianqiang, completely unaware that these conspiracies were approaching, pulled Su Yingxia all the way to the main hall.

        Inside the palace, there were three tables of very sumptuous dinners, and a group of Fu family executives had already gathered here and taken their seats.

        At the central main table, there was a row of empty seats, and at this moment, the servant shouted loudly: "The Futian patriarch has arrived!"

        Su Yingxia's hand, held by Han Giangli, was now unnerving.

Chapter 1812

Han Qianqian slightly hooked Su Yingxia's hand with her fingers, signalling to her not to be nervous.

        At this moment, Fu Tian and Fu Mei entered the main hall with a breeze, and when they saw Han 3,000, they greeted her warmly and led her to the empty seat on the main table: "Come, 3,000, sit down."

        Han Qianli nodded his head, and as he came to see what Fu Tian was up to, he sat down.

        As soon as Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia sat down, Fumei sat down beside Han 3,000 and, in the process, touched Han 3,000 lightly on purpose.

        As soon as she sat down, Fu Tian raised his wine glass with a smile and said, "This meal tonight is specially prepared to welcome Han Qianqian, all of you from the Fu family, come with me to toast Han Qianqian."

        With Fu Tian's words, all the senior executives of the Fu Family stood up at this time, and even Fu Mei, who was beside him, smiled very gently and politely at Han 3000 at this time and raised her wine glass.

        "Three thousand ah, much offended in the past, today, I will first drink a cup of self-punishment, I hope you can forget the past." After saying that, Fu Tian drank the wine in his cup in one gulp, then shook his head and said, "But I can't help it, as the head of the Fu Clan, I often have to do things I really don't want to do for the sake of the greater good."

        Han Three Thousand smiled, to him who was well experienced, this kind of acting by Fou Tian, it was clear that Han Three Thousand could see clearly, however, everyone had their own agenda, Han Three Thousand therefore smiled faintly, "Fou Tian Clan Leader is polite, to blame only Han Three Thousand's previous indiscretion, if I were the Clan Leader, I would have done the same."

        "Good, you really are heroic enough, come, I'll toast another cup of wine to you, after this cup of wine, our previous grudges and grudges will be wiped out, at the same time, I have a big celebration waiting to be announced." Fu Tian smiled cheerfully, then drank the second glass of wine first.

        Han Qianqiang also nodded with a fake smile and tipped her head back to drink it all.

        Fu Tian was very happy, and after shouting for good luck, he faced everyone and said, "Now, I declare that Han Three Thousand has officially become a member of my Fu Clan, and from now on, the Fu Clan and Han Three Thousand must love each other and must not break the peace."

        "In addition, I also want to appoint Han Three Thousand Thousand as my Fu Clan's Zhonglang Divine Warrior General."

        Zhonglang Divine Martial General?!

        Hearing this position, a group of Fu Family executives were shocked, even Su Yingxia was now slightly stunned.

        For countless years, countless disciples have shed their blood in order to one day sit in this position and receive supreme glory.

        However, the Zhonglang Divine General was the highest ranking officer who guarded the entire Fuyuan Family's main courtyard and mobilised the Fuyuan Family's guards, so the requirements were extremely high, requiring both outstanding merit and often extremely strong background connections.

        But now, as soon as Han Qianqian arrived, he was directly appointed by Fudian to the Fu Family's most important position of Martial General.

        "Patriarch, General Zhong Lang Shen is the martial commander of our clan, not only is he responsible for the security of the Fu Family, big and small, but he also controls the 70,000 guards of our Fu Family, does it require any further serious consideration to entrust such an important position to Han Three Thousand?"

        "That's right, everyone knows that whoever can become a Zhonglang Divine General is the same as taking the third seat in the Fu family, although Han Qianli is really good, but it's not enough to take on such a big responsibility right away."

        A group of executives were both worried and very envious, Han Qianxiang was just a newcomer, but how could he be pleased to receive such an honour all at once?

        In the face of all this criticism, Fu Tian did not mind, and even all this was within his expectations.

        With a slight smile, Fu Tian continued, "Although the Zhonglang Divine Warrior General is in a high position, it is obvious that Han Qianxiang is the most suitable candidate.

        "Moreover, the House Pavilion has already said that Han Three Thousand will be trained by Fumaku himself, which means that Han Three Thousand's future will be limitless, and may even be a future True God, what's a mere Mid-Lang Divine Martial General to you?"

        "According to me, as long as Han Qianqian is willing, what's the harm in giving him the head of my clan?"

        A group of executives were even more surprised when they heard the words, "True God? The Fu family's future plan is to train Han Qianxiang to be the next True God?

        At this point, a group of executives dared not speak up, after all, if they were to offend Han Qianqian at this time, wouldn't they be looking for death?

        At the same time, after hearing all this, some women in the Fujia family couldn't help but cast their eyes at Han Marchant, hoping to attract Han Marchant's attention.

        At this time, Han Qiangli, who had not made a sound, slowly stood up with a faint smile on his face.

Chapter 1813

"The patriarch is mistaken in his love, but what does Han Qianqian have to offer to be this Zhonglang Divine General? I would also like to ask the clan leader to withdraw his order." Han Third Thousand smiled.

        Han Three Thousand was not interested in any so-called Zhonglang Divine Warrior, and staying here was only a consideration of Nian'er's poison needing time for Han Three Thousand to find a way to break it.

        "Hey, Three Thousand, if even you aren't qualified, who else in this Fu Clan has the qualifications?" Fu Tian smiled and shook his head, standing up and patting Han Three Thousand's shoulder.

        With a slight hesitation, Han Three Thousand nodded with a smile, "Since you've said so, Clan Leader, then Han Three Thousand will respectfully follow the order."

        Although he didn't know what was in Fu Tian's gourd to suddenly hand over such an important position to him, Han Three Thousand didn't have any reason to refuse.

        It wasn't that Han Three Thousand was greedy for power, but with this position, it was obviously much easier for Han Three Thousand to act in secret.

        Power and beauty are what every man pursues throughout his life, even to the point of giving his own life, but at the same time, they can also absorb any man's ambition.

        "Good, this matter is so decided, from now on, Han Three Thousand Thousand moved into my Fu Clan's East Courtyard, and at the same time, the divisional post of Zhong Lang Shen Martial General, monthly salary of thirty thousand purple crystals, one hundred cultivation pills, ten thousand pounds of jewellery, as for Fu Mei ......" Fu Tian looked at the next Su Ying Xia, the next plan is to branch out Su Ying Xia, to create space for Fu Mei.

        "Previously, there were spies of a different mind in the house who secretly gave you poison when my Fu family was unprepared, so much so that your meridians were sealed and your cultivation was solidified, you go to the building pavilion to live for a while, Fu Mang will specially heal your injuries, meanwhile, you can also take care of your daughter." Fu Tian smiled.

        This reason made it almost impossible for Su Yingxia to refuse, not only because Fu Tian allowed her to meet with Nian'er for a long period of time, but more importantly, Su Yingxia could also heal her injuries and recover her own cultivation.

        But at the same time, it is a disguised hostage of the two of them, so it is a good plan to ki ll three birds with one stone.

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian, and it was up to Han Qianqian to decide on this matter.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "You should not disappoint the chief's good intentions, so just do as the chief says."

        When you first join the Fu Clan, everyone has their own agendas, so it's not a good time to be too exposed.

        Seeing Su Yingxia's nod, Futian was even happier, raised his glass and said to everyone: "Good, today is really a great day for my Fu Clan, everyone, let's have a drink."

        With a loud laugh from Futian, the atmosphere in the entire palace was pushed to the highest point.

        A group of executives also started to toast Han Qianli one by one at this time, trying to impress Han Qianli, the Zhonglang Divine Warrior General, after all, Han Qianli was now rich and powerful, so these executives naturally needed to flatter him.

        After a round of drinks, Han 3,000 had just sat down when Fumei, who was on the side, smiled gently, turned sideways and looked at Han 3,000 with a faint and shy glance, "Congratulations, 3,000."

        After saying that, she gently filled a glass of wine for Han Qianli, but as she was pouring the wine, she intentionally or unintentionally touched Han Qianli with her jade arm, and then quietly observed Han Qianli's reaction.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed slightly, although on the surface, Fumei's eyes were clear and pure, completely different from the others.

        But instead, just because she was so innocent and innocent, it made Han Qianli very suspicious of her, as she was not related to her, much less had any friendship with her, so congratulating herself, how could she not have a hint of emotion!

        Unless, of course, she was faking it.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian deliberately suppressed his disgust and instead smiled slightly, wanting to see what she was up to.

        When she saw Han Qianqian smiling without any disgust, Fumei was very excited and happy. She obviously wanted to test Han Qianqian's reaction, and when she saw that he did not resist, she became even more confident in herself and even more confident in taking Han Qianqian down.

        Gently clinking glasses with Han Qianqian, Fu Mei flicked her sleeve and drank lightly, but her beautiful and enchanting face was under the sleeve, revealing a meaningful smile.

        Fu Shake, you're just waiting to cry," she said.

        The banquet was over, and Han Qianli's family was accommodated in a large and bright house in the east courtyard, where Han Qianli sat on the bedside looking at Nian'er who was sleeping, feeling guilty and distressed.

        "Don't you think it's suspicious that Fu Tian has given you the position of Zhong Langwu God General?"

        "Suspicious, of course suspicious, boiling a frog in warm water, how could I not understand that?" Han Giangli accepted the teacup and smiled bitterly.

        "Then you still have to accept it?" Su Yingxia is puzzled.

        "Do I have any other options? Nian'er's poison is very strange, let alone whether I am able to take you mother and daughter out, and even if I am, how can I cure Nian'er's poison?" Han Qianli sighed heavily, "Let's stabilise Nian'er's life for now, at least there's time for me to think of a solution, I can also take this time to regain some energy, he wants to cook me, but it gives me enough time to swim out."

        Su Yingxia nodded, she knew there was a reason for everything Han Qianli did, and believed he must be doing it for the good of the family.

        "I'm afraid that we won't be able to wait until then, Futian is a man of many tricks and extremely cruel nature, Nian'er is so small, but he was also cruelly victimised with the Bone Breaking Soul Chasing Pill, he's a man who will do anything for a purpose." Su Yingxia was worried.

        Han Qianli smiled, "He reminds me of Han Yan, the woman who even kil led her own brother, but he's even better than Han Yan in that he's very hypocritical, I'll be careful to watch out for this man. What annoys me now is that the Broken Bone Soul Chasing Pill you speak of really has no antidote at all?"

        Su Yingxia nodded sadly, "This is the forbidden medicine of the Eightfold World, it is rarely used anymore."

        "Since it's a forbidden drug, if Fu Tian can get his hands on it, it should mean that there is still someone who is making it, and the person who is making it should know the antidote to it, just who could this person be?"


        Hearing Han Qianli's words, Su Yingxia's eyebrows suddenly furrowed, "Perhaps, there is someone who knows."

        Han Three Thousand was stunned: "Who?"

        "Fu Mang!" Su Yingxia.

        "Fu Mang?" Han Giangli's eyebrows furrowed.

        "En!" Su Yingxia nodded heavily, "If Fu Tian hadn't made a mess, Fu Mang would have been the head of the Fu family."

        "I want to meet him." Han Qianli said in a deep voice.