His True Colors Chapter 1809-1810

 Chapter 1809

"Yes, as long as you are willing to stay with the Fu family, I, Fu Shade, can guarantee that I will help you improve your cultivation as soon as possible, so that you can use the Pangu Axe more satisfactorily, and even one day in the future, hold you up as another True God of the Eight Directions World!" Fu Tian smiled.

        Everyone, including Su Yingxia, was shocked when this was said.

        After all, to the Fu family, Han 3,000 was only a thorn in their side, so they only wanted to ki ll Han 3,000 to break Fu Tian's mind, so how could they ever think of supporting Han 3,000!

        But on second thought, this was the only way out.

        Although the Fu Family's plan to conceive a new True God had failed, if both the Pangu Axe and the Holy Maiden existed in the Fu Family, the Fu Family would still be able to hold their own against anyone in the Eight Directions.

        The Fu Family, as a group of people, could still retain their position.

        Therefore, many executives also began to understand and approve of the Fu Meng's approach.

        "Han Qianqian, what are you still staring at? Let me tell you, that's our biggest concession and the bottom line, it's too late to sneak a smile when you get help from our Fu family!"

        "Yes, without the protection of our Fu family, so what if you have the Pangu Axe? You might just d i e across the street one day."

        "It doesn't matter if you d i e then, what's the point of dragging Fuyuko along with you?"

        "Hurry up and say yes, our patience is limited, our Fu family is also one of the three great families of the Eightfold World, and it's already your good fortune that a lowly man from the Azure World can be our son-in-law, so don't throw away this great opportunity."

        A group of executives, who by now couldn't wait for Han Qianli to say yes, still spoke to Han Qianli in a superior tone one after the other.

        Han 3,000 yuan looked at Su Yingxia, hesitated for a moment, looked back at Fu Meng and said in a cold voice: "Nian'er's poison, is it that although there is no antidote, you have a way to control the poison in her body."

        Fusaku didn't feel offended by Han Qianqian's cold chill, and simply and decisively nodded his head, "I can promise you this, as long as you stay in the Fu Family for a day, Han Nian's poison won't worsen a bit."

        Han Qianli sneered inwardly with disdain, but in the end, it was just a disguised threat to himself.

        However, Han Qianli did have his own concerns, and in order to save Su Yingxia, he had no choice but to expose the Pan Gu Axe he was carrying almost unreservedly at the worst possible time, but this also sowed a huge seed of misfortune.

        The people of the Eight Directions would do anything to compete for the Pan Gu Axe, so trying to live a safe life with Su Yingxia at her current cultivation level was almost like thinking in vain.

        On the contrary, it is very likely that Su Yingxia will just leave the wolf's den and follow herself into the tiger pond, which is the last thing Han Qianli wants to see.

        Secondly, Han Nian's poison is too deep, and if you use your knowledge of the Earth to detoxify it, the poison in Han Nian's body is almost a poison that directly destroys the DNA chain, which is enough to destroy any living thing.

        As a father, even if he were to d i e, he would not want to see his daughter d i e.

        Therefore, Han Nian's poison needed time!

        Considering both, Han 3,000 was almost forced to accede to Fu Maku's request. Of course, Han 3,000 also believed that Fu Maku didn't really want to help himself, and his purpose was definitely not pure.

        As for what he wanted, Han 3,000 couldn't guess at the moment, but Han 3,000 knew that Fu Muang must have a thought in his heart, and that was, if it wasn't within our clan, there must be a different mind, and he must have a deeper conspiracy.

        However, Han Qianli wasn't entirely worried, after all, he also had his own bottom, which Fusaku didn't know about.

        "Fine, I can promise you." After Han Marchan finished speaking, the energy in his hands withdrew, and the Pan Gu Axe directly disappeared into the sky.

        Seeing this scene, a group of executives couldn't help but finally breathe a sigh of relief inside, the boulder in their hearts had finally fallen at this point, Han Qianli's willingness to stay was proof that their position, at least for the time being, had been preserved.

        Fu Meng smiled with great satisfaction at Han Qianli's reply, but this result was clearly within his expectations.

        "Good, then I wish us good cooperation." Fu Mang smiled slightly and raised his cup with one hand, inviting Han Three Thousand to replace his wine with tea, after Han Three Thousand raised his cup, he drank the tea in his cup and then said to everyone, "From today onwards, Han Three Thousand is a member of my Fu Family, Fu Clan Chief, have someone invite Han Three Thousand and Fu Shou back to rest."

        Fu Tian nodded his head and quickly arranged for the guards to send Han 3,000 and Fuyao back to the Fu family's compound.

        After making sure that everyone had left, Fu Tian, who was standing there in place, had a ghostly, evil smile on his lips.

Chapter 1810

Getting up, Fu Tian walked into the main hall of the building.

        Fu Mang gently sipped his tea, but there was no joy between his eyebrows: "Although Han Three thousand has stayed for the time being and the crisis to our Fu Clan has been lifted for the time being, but Fu Tian, this doesn't mean that this matter is over, Han Three thousand has never been a member of our Fu Clan, whether he can be of use to us or not is still unknown.".

        Fu Tian smiled gloomily, "Don't worry, there is no fish in this world that doesn't steal, I have my own way to deal with Han Qianqian."

        Fu shade nodded, then his face turned cold: "But if it's not our clan, his heart will be different, if this kid refuses to give in, you have to inform me in time."

        Fu Tian nodded, "Even if he won't, I will still provide for him with good food and drink, at least, until you have the Pan Gu Axe, right?"

        Fu Meng smiled slightly, and even had an image in his mind of himself holding a Pan Gu axe and kil ling the four corners of the earth.

        After feeding Han Nian a temporary antidote, they looked at Han Qianli and said, "Don't worry, she'll be fine once she wakes up, but the antidote will only last three days."

        When only Han Qianli and Su Yingxia's family of three were left, Han Qianli couldn't hold back any longer and breathed a sigh of relief, as long as Han Nian was all right.

        It was only after a long time that they let go of each other, Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli, and even though she was already an old married couple, Su Yingxia's heart still beat a lot faster after a long absence.

        When she saw Han Qianli smiling at her, Su Yingxia's face turned slightly red: "What are you smiling at?".

        Han Qianli stroked his head: "I'm happy, it's been so long, I've finally seen you, and this time, it's not in a dream, it's real."

        Hearing Han Qianli's words, Su Yingxia's blushing face revealed a smile, then she slightly lifted her toes, leaving a shallow kiss on Han Qianli's lips: "Thank you for your hard work."

        Han Three thousand licked her lips in a somewhat echoing manner, not yet satisfied: "Is that all? My journey here has been more than hard, it has simply been a few bad days at the gates of hell." said Han Qiang Nu, meaning it was obvious that he wanted Su Yingxia to compensate him.

        After saying that, Han Qianli nuzzled his mouth, meaning it couldn't be more obvious that he wanted Su Yingxia to compensate him.

        Su Yingxia helplessly rolled her eyes, but still padded up on her toes again and hooked a pair of jade arms around Han Qianli's neck, then gently brought her own lips together.

        Su Yingxia smashed a heavy blow on Han Qianli's shoulder: "Nian'er is still here, what do you want?"

        When Han Qianli waddled a little, Su Yingxia smiled and gently put Han Qianli down, then leaned back against her body, her head nestled against Han Qianli's chest, and said, "So, it's okay, right?".

        Han 3,000 nodded, with a wife like Su Yingxia, what more could a husband want?

        "Three thousand, when did you come to the Eightfold World? And what about your panga axe?" Like a curious baby, Su Yingxia raised her head and looked at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli smiled and told Su Yingxia everything he had learnt from the Eightfold World, and Su Yingxia listened with complete fascination.

        "No wonder, the last time I suddenly sensed you coming and suddenly became anxious, so you have experienced so many times of life and death since you came to the Eightfold World. Three thousand ......" Su Yingxia gazed at Han Qianli with eyes full of emotion.

        From the Hundred Beasts Forest, to the 10,000-strong siege by the Void Sect, to the danger of the poison in Tianhu City, and finally to the emergency encounter in Pangu Carefree Village, Su Yingxia's heart was deeply moved.

        Knowing that Han Qianqian had gone through so much just to save herself, Su Yingxia was even more certain that she had not chosen the wrong man in her life.

        She did not let him down, and he never let her down.

        Han Qianli knew that Su Yingxia was about to cry, so he joked, "What? Are you moved to give yourself up?"

        Su Yingxia broke into laughter at his amusement: "Yeah, yeah, I even wanted to give birth to a monkey before I gave birth to you."

        Han Qianli suddenly shook his head seriously: "That's impossible, even if I were to give birth, with my current physical condition, I'd definitely be an axe-playing guy."

        Su Yingxia was stunned by him and didn't understand his stalk, and when she did, she was so angry that she smashed a pink fist directly onto his chest, "I'm going to ki ll you."

        The punch went down and Han Giangdong grimaced in pain.

        Su Yingxia grunted and pushed her head away, but after a few moments, Han 3,000 not only did not "reveal his true form", but also curled up as if in great pain.

        The first time I saw her, I was really worried about her, but at the same time, I didn't want to fall into Han Qianli's trap, so I gave her a cold snort: "Surnamed Han, the show is over," she said.


        After Su Yingxia finished speaking, she quietly swept a glance at Han Qianli, who was still curled up, and there was cold sweat on her forehead, and Han Qianli's face was a little pale.

        Su Yingxia knew that this was obviously not an act, so she was in a hurry and leaned in front of Han 3,000, saying nervously: "3,000, what's wrong with you?".

        Han Marchant shook his head, "It's fine, I can't d i e."

        Han Three Thousand touched his chest as he sat up.

        Su Yingxia couldn't believe her fist, anxiously explaining, "Three thousand, is it that I hurt you, but ...... but I was sealed with energy, I ......"

        "It's none of your business, it's my own wasting away," Han Qianli explained.

        After all, although the indestructible Xuan Armour's defence was top-notch, it also needed energy to be boosted. Facing a crowd of ten thousand people, if Han Qianli hadn't absorbed energy like the Heart of the Dragon Clan, Han Qianli's own energy spring wouldn't have been able to hold out until the end of the war.

        But even if he could, Han 3,000 had almost exhausted his resources after the war, although to many people this would have been a miracle.

        He was just a newcomer to the Eightfold World.

        Seeing Su Yingxia's heartbroken eyes, Han Qianxiang was about to speak.

        Just at this moment, the door was suddenly knocked on, and then a servant shouted inside, "Young Master 3000, Holy Maiden, the patriarch is here to see you."

        Su Yingxia's eyebrows furrowed as she looked nervously at Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, what should we do?"