His True Colors Chapter 1807-1808

 Chapter 1807

Halfway through his talent run, the building pavilion in the distance was already glowing with golden light, and Fu Tian's entire brow was furrowed at once.

        Almost all of the family's secrets and treasures, including the training of the next generation, were carried out here, and if Han Qianqian broke into it, he would be breaking into the family's last baseline!

        However, the buildings and pavilions also gathered many experts of the Fu Family, and among them, the 28 generals of the Pavilion, led by Fu Maku, were one of the strongest forces in the Eight Directions World. Although Fu Maku's real power in the Fu Family is not as strong as Fu Tian's, his status is much higher, and naturally, he relies on the 28 generals of the Pavilion!

        When Han Three Thousand Thousand entered this place, there was only one outcome, and that was death.

        On the other hand, if Han 3,000 could rescue someone from here, then the last piece of the Fu Family's cloth of shame would be lifted.

        At that time, the Fu family might truly be avenged or suppressed, because once the pavilion was breached, it would be like someone helping them test out the Fu family's true strength.

        So, in this battle, the Fu Tian must win!

        Even if it cost him anything.

        Originally, Fu Tian should have been very confident about this, but this was a completely different time, he simply didn't have the confidence and dominance he had before, because Han Qianqian's appearance had completely disrupted all his plans.

        The Fu Family had gathered 10,000 soldiers from the Fu Family and Gou Su, and there were many experts present, even such heaven-defying artifacts as the Nine Netherworld Demon Sword, but this was it, yet Han Qianli could not be helped in the slightest.

        Fu Tian had no doubt that under this kind of attack, even the strongest Fu Maku would frown, but Han Qianxiang was like abusing a novice, which was simply unbelievable.

        With this feeling, Fu Tian waved his Hui hand and led a group of people hurried over, and several Fu Family guards were knocked to the ground in front of the door of the building's pavilion, and the group rushed into the courtyard, but then found Han Qianqian and Fu Shou sitting there in the hall, and an old man in white was pouring tea for the two of them!


        The strongest person in the Fu family at the moment!

        A master of the realm of extermination!

        At this point, he looked at Han Qianqian, smiled slightly and handed over the tea: "Are you Han Qianqian?"

        Su Yingxia's brow furrowed when she saw Fu Mu, and she was busy trying to persuade Han Qianqian not to drink his tea, as Fu Mu was an extremely deep and cultivated person.

        Last time, she tried to break in to save Nian'er, but as a Kongdong realm, she was also subdued by Fu Mu with a single move.

        Therefore, she had to be on guard against Fu Meng.

        Fubaku seemed to be well aware of Su Yingxia's reaction and only smiled slightly as he looked at Han Qianli, waiting for Han Qianli to receive the tea.

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian nervously, but Han Qianqian smiled, took the tea from Fu Mu, and drank it down.

        Fu curtain's lips curved in a sneer: "You're not afraid that I'll poison you?"

        "With your cultivation, there's no need to poison you to deal with me." Han Qianli replied without a word of humility.

        Although Fu shaku had converged quite a bit, Han 3,000 could still sense Fu shaku's powerful cultivation, and knew that he was many times stronger than anyone else in the Fu family compound just now, and that he really had nothing to fear if he wanted to fight himself.

        Fu curtain laughed and clapped his hands slightly, "Interesting, interesting indeed, now, I finally understand why Fu Shou has taken a fancy to you, intelligent, courageous and extraordinary, it seems that you have made me change my mind about the lowly creatures of the Azure World."

        After saying that, Fuyaku got up and sat back down in the centre of the main hall, looked at Han Qianli and said, "Han Qianli, I admire you, what do you think about us making a deal?"

        Han Qianli snorted with disdain and said, "There seems to be only hatred between me and you, no deals to be made."

        Fu Meng shook his head, unconcerned, "In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Besides, I have leverage to talk to you, right? You don't have to reject it in a hurry, hear me out first."

        "I saw what you did just now outside, and I'm right that both the Faceless Power and the Pangaea Axe are in your hands, am I right?"

        Seeing that Han 3,000 did not deny it, Fu Meng continued to laugh, "Having both, at some wrong time and by coincidence, you do seem to be invincible, but as I also said, that is a mistake as well as a coincidence, Han 3,000, am I right again?"

        The Fu family's compound, despite its large number of people, did not have many real experts present, and the only ones who did have were the father and son of Lone Su and Ao Yi, but they were defeated by Han Qianli's unconventional ways.

        The former was dazed and confused by the Phaseless Divine Mercy and the Indestructible Xuan Armour, and thus made frequent dazed moves, while the latter, after losing with the Nine Moons Sword, had no will to fight at all.

        "The Pan Gu Axe is strong, but unfortunately, you are now simply using it to slash and ki ll, not knowing how to use its power, so as far as I am concerned, you are indeed strong, but not outrageous, am I right?"

        Fu Shutaku speaks with confidence, as the top expert in the Octagon World, how could Fu Shutaku not have his skills!

        He might not be as good at reading words and handling matters as Fu Tian, but when it came to looking at a person's attainments, he was probably a master among masters.

        Han Qianqiang was also shocked internally, not expecting Fumaku to see so clearly.

        "What exactly do you want?" Han Qianqian's brows furrowed, kil ling intent rising in his eyes, he didn't know what Fu-shang was up to.

        When Fu Meng saw this, he waved his hand, gesturing for Han Qianqian to drink his tea and smiled, "You don't have to be nervous, let's say, to show my sincerity, I'll give you a present first."

        After saying that, Fu Meng clapped his hands and soon, one of his men walked in carrying a girl who had fallen into a coma.

        Seeing this daughter, Han Qianli and Su Yingxia stood up nervously, for this girl, was none other than Han Nian!

        The hand looked at the Fuyutian curtain, saw him nod, carried the girl to Han 3,000, and then, slightly backed out.

        Outside the hall, Fuyutian couldn't believe the scene, what did this mean? How could Fu Muang hand Han Nian over to Han Qianqian so easily?

        Doesn't he know that Han Nian is now the only bargaining chip in the entire Fu Jia family? Without it, where would the Fu family be?

        A group of executives from the Fu family were now wailing all over the place.

        "What does this mean? What? Could it be that Elder Fumaku is also afraid of Han Qianxiang?"

        "Handing over Han Nian, this means that the Fu Family was not only bullied into their home today by Han Qianqian, but also, even Fuyuan and Han Nian were snatched away, after this, what face will the Fu Family have in the Eight Directions World?"

        "The most important thing is that the Fu family has no Holy Maiden, and even less weight to hold her hostage, so what do we have to breed the True Gods with and what do we have to develop the future with? It's over for the Fu family, it's over."

Chapter 1808

"This ...... Fu Clan Chief, say something, don't forget, Han 3000 was originally our Fu Family's son-in-law, although he and Fuyue failed to give birth to the True God, but, at least we also have the Pan Gu Axe. If we lose the chips, what will our Fu family do in the future?"

        When Fu Tian heard these words, he was also anxious and angry, and after a moment's hesitation, he just wanted to enter the palace to ask questions, but he was pushed straight back by a huge force.

        Fu Tian couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at Fu Maku inside, what did he mean by this? How could you not let yourself in?

        Could it be that he has really betrayed himself? Sold out the entire Foster family!

        Han Giangli's brows were furrowed at this point, and as he held Nian'er in his arms, he looked towards Fu Meng: "What do you mean?"

        Fu Meng smiled slightly, "There's no point, you ask for someone, I deliver, what's wrong with that? Do we have to fight each other? After all, Fu Meng is a member of my Fu Family, and we'll only make outsiders laugh if we fight."

        Naturally, Han Qianqiang wouldn't believe that Fu Meng would really be so kind, although, Nian'er had indeed been handed over to him, but one thing was certain, Nian'er's state was very wrong.

        Although her face was fine, her breathing was very weak and she was sleeping all the time.

        "Qianqian, Nian'er was poisoned by them with a strong poison, if there is no antidote, she will lose a little bit of her skin, then her bones will be destroyed, and finally watch her various parts turn into thick water and d i e a painful death."

        Su Yingxia said as she gently pulled away the clothes on Nian'er's right arm, and when the clothes were lifted, the entire skin on her tiny arm was suddenly lifted straight off along with the clothes, and a black-red slime also slid off along with it.

        Han Qianli's teeth clenched, her whole body burst into fury, her eyes like cannibals, fiercely staring at Fu Meng.

        Feeling Han Qianli's murderous gaze, Fu Mu wasn't afraid and smiled slightly, "There's no need to look at me like that, it wasn't me who poisoned Han Nian, it was Fu Tian."

        As Fubaku's voice fell, Han Qianqian also suddenly looked out of the palace at Fu Tian, whose face was instantly pale with fright, and his entire body staggered, his eyes filled with disbelief.

        What did this mean?

        What the f*ck does that even mean!

        Not only has Fu Meng betrayed the Fu family, but he's also betrayed his own f*cking self!

        This slutty operation of selling teammates was really about to break Futian's waist.

        The sight of Han Qiangiang's axe coming straight at him made Fu Tian's guts burst, and the sight of Lonely Su Zhan being hacked in half with one axe instantly flashed in his mind!

        But just as Han 3000 was about to rush out and ki ll Fu Tian, Fu Maku smiled slightly and spoke out, "Fu Tian, if you don't want to d i e, hurry up and give Han 3000 the antidote!"

        Antidote? Fu Tian was stunned!

        Where the f*ck do I get an antidote, there's no antidote for this poison, what can I use?

        "However, Han Three Thousand Year, even if you get the antidote, it will be useless because, as much as Han Nian will d i e, so will Fu Mu." Fubaku suddenly spoke out again.

        Han Three Thousand's body pulsed with anger, while at the same time pondering what Fumaku's words actually meant!

        What the hell is this old thing selling?

        "Whether you ki ll Fu Tian or not, the Fu family will not let you go, nor will the Lone Su family, but you have the Pangu Axe, so they can't do anything about it for the time being. But have you thought about it? You have the Pangu Axe, but with your current abilities, there is no way to protect it."

        "When the Pan Gu Axe was introduced, the eight directions of the world, the number of people gluttonous for it, from commoners to all kinds of experts, and even ...... may cause the prying eyes of the summit of the Blue Mountain and the Sea of Eternal Life, with your ability, can you stop it?" Fu Meng laughed softly.

        "Han 3,000, in order to protect the people you want to protect, when you raise your weapon, it will attract countless people to fight for it, human nature is greedy, for the sake of greed, all sorts of crazy things will be done, but if you put down your weapon, the people you want to protect, you can't protect, do you understand?"

        Han Qianqian's body was suddenly struck, and he understood what Fu Tian meant.

        If he revealed the Pangu Axe, he would naturally attract the battles of the eight worlds, and they could slaughter the Pangu tribe for it, so why would he mind having one more of his own?

        Even if you leave the Fu family safely today, you may be attacked or kil led at any time in the future!

        However, if he offered the Pangu Axe to Han Qianqiang, who lacked its help, he would be unable to protect Su Yingxia and Nian'er.

        "Han Three Thousand, I have an idea here, I don't know if you want to hear it." Fumaku said.

        It's not important to ki ll people, it's the death of the heart that matters, of course Fu Muang doesn't care whether a piece of trash lives or di es, but today's Han Qianxiang is different, which made him change his mind long ago.

        "You want me to stay and work for the Fu family, right?" Han Giangli didn't look back, asking coldly.