His True Colors Chapter 1804-1806

 Chapter 1804

At the same time, in the middle of the sky, the wind was blowing and the sky was changing for the worse!

        Ao Yi's hand moved, and the Nine Serpent Demon Sword attacked straight towards Han 3,000.

        If the Ten Thousand Swords were no more than mosquitoes to Han 3,000, then the Nine Netherworld Demonic Sword was now like a giant python, at least in terms of momentum.

        However, whether the Giant Mang was poisonous or not was unclear to Han Three Thousand Palms, just as it was unclear whether the Indestructible Xuan Armour could withstand the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Sword.

        Han 3,000 also didn't dare to try because he knew that if he failed, the magic sword would be enough to keep him alive forever.

        Seeing Han 3,000 retreating a few steps with a heavy expression on his face, a group of people on the ground were blossoming with joy, but at the same time, everything was within expectation.

        In their eyes, the battle was over when Ao Yi offered the Nine Netherworlds Magic Sword.

        Although Han Qianxiang had indeed created many surprises for them, and had in his possession such strange feats as the Faceless Divine Skill, everything was so insignificant in front of the Nine Netherworlds Magic Sword.

        In mid-air, Han 3,000 was unable to retreat.

        He gently stood down, his eyes staring at the encroaching Nine Netherworld Demonic Sword, his right hand slightly glowing with golden light!

        "What? Is this kid really obsessed with confidence? Even now, you still want to carry the Nine Devils Sword?"

        "I don't think that brat is trying to carry it hard, but is trying to take out his own divine weapon against it." Someone noticed the movement of Han Qianli's hands.

        "Then his brain really isn't working too well... What divine weapon in the world can still be compared to the Nine Demonic Swords? It only reveals his ignorance."

        "In the end, he's a stinker from the Azure World, so is it hard to believe how aware you really expect him to be?"

        At this moment, a golden axe slowly appeared in his right hand under the golden light of Han Giang's hand.

        "That's ......"

        "What's that sharpshooter?"

        "An axe?"

        "Grass, is he going to cut wood?"

        A chopped wood sentence that got a bunch of guests laughing!

        Han Qianqiang slowly lifted his axe, raised his arms and aimed it at the Nine Netherworlds Devil Sword, gripped it with both hands and then slashed it.


        The ground is trembling!

        With Han Qianqiang's strenuous strikes, a gigantic golden light bursts out from among the giant axes and attacks the violet-gold glow of the Nine Netherworlds Magic Sword!

        Some of the guests were still laughing, but others suddenly frowned, their hearts faintly troubled because the power in Han's 3000 Golden Axes had given them a certain amount of pressure.

        This was simply impossible, just a rotten axe, how could it make them uneasy? Magic Sword, it must be the Nine Secrets Magic Sword!

        Ao Yi felt it too, but he didn't pay any attention to it, even though his eyes were full of banter and he thought he had won.

        Golden light and violet light slammed into each other!

        For a moment there was no collision between the two sides, as if they had fused into one.

        The whole scene was suffocatingly quiet!

        "Boom !!!!!"

        Suddenly, the golden and violet light exploded violently, the sound of which shook the heavens, and the entire Foo House was shaken slightly, then the exploding wave of air from mid-air hit the ground, ten thousand trees snapped their backs, a thousand tables instantly broke their legs, and the large and incredibly sturdy Foo House fell from the tiles and bricks, and the ten thousand guests were overturned by the wave before they could even reflect.

        "This ......"

        "What's going on?"

        After the huge wave, the crowd was in a state of disarray, and many experts, including Fu Tian, got up, fixing their hair and make-up as they stared incredulously into the mid-air.

        In mid-air, Han Qiangan held a golden axe and slowly stood there. In addition, countless divine weapons that had flown up before, like birds with folded wings, quickly fell straight to the ground, forming a rain of swords!

        "Pong pong!"

        The sound of iron on the ground!

        To everyone's amazement, all the divine weapons had lost their brilliance and were now dull.

        Just as everyone was shocked, a black long sword fell to the ground with the "rain" and a loud crash!

        "Isn't this ...... the Nine Devils Sword?"

        As the words woke up the dreamers, countless people quickly looked over, and immediately afterwards, everyone was stunned.

        It was fine if the other divine weapons had lost their light, but even the JiuYan Demon Sword was lying on the ground like a piece of rotten iron, with no trace of the arrogance it had just displayed.

        Instead, it was the golden giant axe in Han Qianqian's hands in mid-air that was glowing brightly!

        "No ...... won't it?"

        "We ...... we lose?"

        "It's impossible, how could we ...... we lose?"

        The gang looked at each other, they couldn't accept the reality of defeat, let alone the fact that they had been defeated by someone from the Azure World, something must have gone wrong with the Nine Magic Swords!

        Ao Yi's face was even uglier than if he had eaten Shang, and his entire body looked at the Nine Netherworld Magic Sword, which had completely lost its brilliance, with both surprise and anger.

        Ao Yi had come over this time, and his father had given it to himself specifically to play a pose, to suppress the Fu family on the one hand, and on the other, to use it to show strength and muscle, with the aim of making the Fu family easier to tame.

        Originally, Ao Yi had been reluctant to use it, as it was the trump card in his hand, but the situation just now let him know that it was the best opportunity to show off, so he took it out without hesitation, but how could he have known that things would turn out this way?

        Ao Yi reluctantly tried to regain control of the Nine Serenities Magic Sword, but it seemed to have completely fallen into a deep sleep without any reflection.

        Seeing this, Fu Tian and a group of other experts were all dumbfounded, even if they didn't believe it, but the truth was already there!

        How could they know that under Pangu's axe, all weapons are insects!

        "What kind of evil weapon is that kid using, and how is it possible that he's not even a match for the Nine Moons Sword?!"

        "Could it be that the Nine Secrets Magic Sword is simply fake? Was it some people who put it out there to be deliberately obvious and it's only as a result that we've had to suffer this kind of underhandedness?"

        "Yes, the Nine Secrets Magic Sword is an ancient legendary grade divine weapon, how could it lose? Fake, it must be fake."

        Ao Yi was furious to hear these words, the nine magic swords were real, as fake as they were, without the slightest hint of suspicion, how could they be fake? But at the same time, he really wanted it to be fake, and at least it didn't mean he'd actually lost!

        "The Nine Devils Sword is real, but it's normal for it to lose." At this point, the older Shen Lao was slowly being helped up, looking at Han Qianqian in mid-air as he locked his eyebrows.

        "Old Man Shen, if it's real, how could the Nine Serenities Demonic Sword lose? You're afraid you're getting old and fuzzy, aren't you?"

        "The Nine Demons Sword is indeed very, very powerful, but what if it meets the Pan Gu Axe?" Shen Lao suddenly said.

Chapter 1805

"Pangu Axe? Is that a panga axe?"

        "This is a joke, right? Has Shen's brain been damaged by the shock? How can he say such things?"

        "Yeah, how in the world can there be a Pangaea Axe!"

        Although Shen Lao's words were unassuming, they were like a depth bomb to everyone present.

        One by one, the group of people's eyes widened in disbelief as they gazed at what Shen Lao said.

        What was the Pan Gu Axe? It was the perfect weapon for the Pangu God, the strongest representative of all weapons in the world!

        "Shen Lao ...... you, you mean ...... is that Azure Earth loser that took... ...holding the king of all tools, the Pangu Axe? Fu Tian looked at Shen Lao incredulously, shocked to the core.

        Everyone's eyes were also all looking at Shen Lao, waiting for his answer.

        Old Shen sighed long and hard, but it was as if he had blown out the last little flame of hope that was left in everyone's heart, holding on to a fluke.

        "Those who can defeat the Nine Demonic Swords, what else is there in this world that looks like an axe, other than the Pan Gu Axe?" Shen Lao shook his head and laughed bitterly.

        "A few days ago, the golden light of Heavenly Lake City shone brightly, and there was news that someone had found the Pangu Clan and obtained the Pangu Secret Treasure from the Pangu Clan, could it be that this kid is the one who obtained the Pangu Secret Treasure in Heavenly Lake City?"

        "Grass, it's really him, I said why does the name Han Qianqian sound so familiar, so he's the young man who got the Pan Gu secret treasure."

        Hearing these words, the group of people were even more shocked!

        Pangaeaxe, it really is Pangaeaxe!

        What Han Qianqian is holding in his hands is a supreme divine weapon that the Eight Directions world has been seeking for hundreds of thousands of years!

        The gang looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air in a state of shock and dismay!

        "I have things to do at home, Fu Clan Chief, today, I will leave first!"

        "Fu Clan Chief, I've also just received notification from my servant that my wife is suddenly going into labour, so I'll also take my leave."

        Even if they didn't want to admit it, it was still true that what Han Qianqian was holding was the Pangu Axe.

        They weren't willing to go up against someone with a Pangu Axe, so they made up a random excuse and prepared to leave the Fu family.

        "What for? What are you doing? Have you gone mad? The Pan Gu Axe is the divine weapon of the Pangu God, so what if that kid is really lucky enough to find it? For a lowly creature from the Azure World, what does the Pangu Axe think of him? Confess to him?" At this point, Lone Su Zhan reluctantly stepped forward. "Everyone, don't leave, help me ki ll that trash Han Qianxiang, we'll steal his things, and I'll go on to finish my marriage with Fuyu!"

        He should have been the star of the show today and Han Qianxiang was just his clown!

        "They say Lone Su Zhan is young and talented, hmph, it seems to be nothing more than an idiot."

        "It's already a fact that someone else has the Pangu Axe in his hands, so what's the fun in trying to belittle it?"

        "Is it possible that with just a few words from you, that Pangu Axe can actually become an axe for chopping wood?"

        "Yeah, to be polite with you, and you're really staring up at me."

        "The funniest thing is that he even thinks he's qualified to marry Fuyuki?"

        Those people scoffed in a cold and disdainful voice, causing the people around them to laugh as well.

        They weren't foolish, as Han Qianqian had both the Face-less Divine Mercy and the Pan Gu Axe in his hands, and everyone present couldn't do a thing about it.

        If they continued to fight, they would only be the ones to suffer.

        Lone Su was livid with rage and wanted to fix those guys, but at that moment, Han Qianxian suddenly came charging down with a huge axe in his hand.

        "Anyone in my way, d i e!" Han Giangli shouted angrily, aiming for the crowd and coming straight at you!

        The scene, which was already in complete chaos, was even more confused in the face of Han Qianqian's sudden attack, with the crowd pushing and shoving each other, desperately trying to escape!

        Fu Tian's face was pale, he had never dreamed that the Han Qianyang he had waited so long for would come to this end today!

        Han Gansan, Han Gansan!

        You're really underestimated!

        But now that it's done, the best thing to do nowadays is to hold on to Fuyu, and never let Han Qianqian rescue Fuyu, otherwise the Fuyu family really has nothing left.

        "Hold him back, hold him back!" Fu Tian roared with fury.

        But as soon as Fu Tian's voice fell, Han Qianli's giant axe swung up and slashed the sky, and a huge golden light suddenly struck the crowd!


        The guards who had just rushed in disappeared in a flash of golden light!

        Although Ao Yi was arrogant and domineering, he wasn't brainless, and with the defeat of the Nine Moons Sword, what right did he have to stop Han Qianyang.

        Lone Su Zhan was different, looking at the mouthful of Fuyao that was about to fly away, his heart naturally unwilling.

        "Han Qianxiang, stop right there!"

        Han 3,000 yuan's body stopped slightly, and Lone Su Zhan swallowed his saliva in shock.

        He was afraid, he was afraid of Han 3,000 yuan, but he really didn't want to give in, because once Han 3,000 yuan left with Fuyue, his reputation would be thrown to the ground and would never be recovered.

Chapter 1806

The world of the Eight Directions will soon laugh at his lone Su Zhan, who was robbed of his wife by a man from the Azure Earth!

        When Han Qianxiang was about to leave, he forcibly puffed himself up, pulled out his sword and stabbed Han Qianxiang directly with it!

        Han Qianqiang's brow furrowed, and without even returning, he backhanded the Pan Gu axe and snapped it down!

        Lone Su Zhan froze less than half a metre behind Han Qiangli in disbelief, looking incredulously at his back: "What? How is ...... possible?!"

        The breeze blew, and Lone Su's body, with an unwilling look in his eyes, suddenly split in half and collapsed.

        Seeing this, the crowd was shocked, and Lone Su Fengtian was even more shocked and angry, but he, who had been in the world for decades, was angry that his son had di ed in front of him, but he also knew that he could not foolishly rush out now.

        When Han 3,000 was almost in front of Su Yingxia, the remaining guards of the Fu family gathered there and surrounded Han 3,000, but they were too frightened to take a step forward, especially the guards in the front row with their long spears, their hands trembling.

        As guards, they had no choice, knowing it was death, they had to move forward, but they were also afraid of death!

        When Han Qiangli raised his head slightly, the gang was so frightened that they took several steps backwards.

        As if they were being stared at by death, they simply threw away their weapons for fear of angering Han 3,000.

        A group of soldiers surrounded Han Qiangan, but Han Qiangan still slowly walked into Su Yingxia, and they could only retreat and surround him.

        When he was still a body length away from Su Yingxia, Han 3,000 stepped forward, and there was a guard in front of him who didn't have time to retreat, right in the middle of the two of them, and for a moment, the guard froze there with a pale face, his entire body falling to the ground in shock.

        Han Qianli completely ignored this person's existence, full of eyes Su Yingxia: "Sorry, I'm a little late, I made you wait."

        Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli with deep affection, tears in her eyes: "I know you will come, I don't care how long I have to wait."

        After saying that, Su Yingxia moved slightly and threw herself into Han Qianli's arms, the guard saw Su Yingxia move and thought she was dead, her eyes rolled back in shock and she fainted.

        Hugging Su Yingxia tightly, Han Qianli smiled slightly, his whole heart contented, he had escaped from death many times, for what, isn't it just to be reunited with Su Yingxia?

        At this point, Fu Tian turned cold and stepped forward!

        "Han Three Thousand, you can't take Fuyu!"

        At the same time, he quietly instructed his subordinates, "Have the elders of the building pavilion come to help."

        The subordinates nodded in succession: "Yes."

        Han Giangli now slightly released Su Yingxia and gently one turned back, "Murphy, are you qualified to stop me?"

        Fu Tian was staring at Han Qianqian with a chill down his back: "Don't you want to save your daughter? I've got her in my hands!"

        "Do you know what I hate most in life? What I hate the most is when people threaten me, especially when they threaten me with the people who matter most to me." As Han Qianli's voice fell, a sudden golden light flared in his hand, then the Pan Gu Axe suddenly drew a golden light and blasted straight at Fu Tian!

        Fu Tian hurriedly shipped his energy to resist it, but was still stiffened by this golden light and flew several metres overhead, and with the help of a group of Fu Clan executives, this was barely able to stand.

        "If you don't hand over Nian'er, I, Han Qianqian, swear that I will slaughter your Fu Clan cleanly!"

        After saying this, Han Qianqian suddenly moved, fiercely rushing towards the Fu family executives around Fudi, and with a sweep of his giant axe in his hand, several Fu family executives didn't even reflect what was going on, and their bodies split apart in an instant, just like the Lone Su battle.

        "Now, one by one, I'll ki ll until you say so! If you don't tell me, I'll ki ll them all!" With a hideous smile and a backhand, Han Qiangli gave another axe, and one of the executives returned to the west in an instant.

        The remaining executives flinched in fear, looking at Han 3,000 as if he was a god of death, their bodies trembling.

        Fu Tian was also full of surprise, he had wanted to make a deal with Han Qianqian, but where did he expect that Han Qianqian wouldn't eat this and instead irritated him. But there was nothing he could do about it, right now, he could only hold on until the elders of the building pavilion came to help, and perhaps the crisis could be averted temporarily.

        Han 3,000 did not show any mercy, one axe at a time, and in just a few moments, several executives had fallen in front of Han 3,000, and when Han 3,000's hand was raised again, the executive under the axe could no longer hold back and threw himself on his knees: "No ...... No, don't ki ll me, I ...... I say, Han ...... Han Nim at the building pavilion!"

        Fu Tian was glaring at the executive in annoyance, while Han Qiang Han suddenly accelerated, hugging Su Ying Xia and flying directly towards the direction of the building pavilion.

        Futian clenched his fists in anger, gnashed his teeth and looked in the direction Han Qiangli flew away, and said angrily: "Give me back what are you waiting for? Get over there!"

        Fu Tian said, and hurriedly ran in the direction of the building pavilion, his whole heart racing.