His True Colors Chapter 1801-1803

 Chapter 1801

Han Qianqiang directs his entire back towards the fiercest attacker, Lone Su Fengtian, while instead his entire body pounces directly on the comparatively weaker Lone Su Zhan!

        It's not unheard of in such fights between ordinary people to hold on to the weakest one and fight to the death, using the mad dog mode to scare the others into breaking through.

        But this is a fight between immortals, and this strategy is obviously quite stupid for anyone. Because a high-attacking expert can completely finish you off with just one move!

        As a result, it's often too late for others to hide, but Han Qianqian goes the other way!

        Seeing Han Qianqian like this, Lonely Su Fengtian was also infuriated, what? Is this a reflection on yourself? Then, with 70% of his strength, he attacked directly at Han Qianqian's back!

        A huge pillar of light blasted out directly from Lone Su Fengtian's hand, but when it hit Han 3,000's seemingly defenceless back, a huge flash of golden light suddenly appeared on Han 3,000's back, followed by another unimaginable scene.

        In Han 3,000's hands, a pillar of light identical to that of Lonely Su Fengtian also suddenly formed, and then struck directly at Lonely Su Zhan's body.

        Han Qiangan could carry Lone Su Fengtian's attack, but how could Lone Su Zhan catch his father's sure-fire move?

        With a muffled grunt, Lone Su Zhan's entire body, like a meteor, smashed into the ground from mid-air.

        "This ...... "Underneath the stage, Fu Tian was stunned.

        Although he was filled with disdain for Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian's operation, which had just exploded, also dazzled him and even filled him with incredible offensive imagination.

        "What kind of routine is this damn earthling playing? Why does he know how to use the Lone Su City Lord's Lone Su Battle Method?"

        "I heard that Lone Su's battle techniques are only transmitted internally, not externally ah."

        "Heh, a bit interesting, although this kid is a trash earthling, but just now a fight, really sky is the limit, will play, will play."

        A group of people were shocked as well as impressed after seeing Han Qianli's performance, although they were all a group of old Jianghu, it was really the first time they had seen a fight that kil led someone playfully.

        Su Yingxia let out a sigh of relief at this point, Han Qianli, the stinky guy, was really scaring himself to death.

        However, Su Yingxia's heart was also happy and sweet, because he was his own man.

        In the mid-air, the hair of the lonely Su Feng weather is almost standing up, and it's not even a matter of his own proud strike didn't ki ll Han Qianli, but in the end, he also indirectly hit his own son? How can he put up with this?

        With a roar, Lone Su Fengtian attacked madly towards Han Qianqian.

        In mid-air, the two men once again became entangled!

        With the absence of Lonely Su Zhan, Lonely Su Fengtian's attacks, though just as fierce, were nothing to Han Three Thousand, as the presence of the Indestructible Xuan Armour allowed Han Three Thousand to ignore his own defences and dislike almost every move in a hard-to-hard dislike of the young man's strength, and the young man's strength was afraid of the horizontal, and the horizontal was afraid of the lifeless.

        Han Qianqian's attacks were precisely what outsiders would consider life-threatening.

        After a few rounds, Lone Su Fengtian was exhausted and panting like an ox, but more importantly, his mentality collapsed because not only was he unable to penetrate Han Qianqian's defences, but more importantly, whatever he used, Han Qianqian would use!

        "Son of a b*tch, can you not f*cking learn my tricks? Aren't you bored?" Lonely Su Fengtian couldn't help but curse foul language, if he continued to play like this, it felt like he had finished learning all his family secrets.

        Han Qianli lightly smiled, ignoring him at all, just quietly gazing at the old man, making his body hairy.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

        But if we don't fight, with tens of thousands of people on the ground watching, it will be like admitting defeat, won't it? How can he hang his old face, and how can the City of Flying Generals hang its face?

        He was hesitating when Futian gave the order and the dozen or so young people of the Fuyu family went on in a flurry.

        Lone Su Fengtian could only continue with his scalp, but he had already predicted the result.

        Han Qianqiang almost perfectly replicated the foul play of earlier, using Lone Sufengtian's attack to overthrow the entire Fu family in less than a moment.

        On the ground, many of the Fu family's guests were completely boiling with excitement as Han 3,000 fought against more than a dozen people with one man, not only not losing any ground, but also coming in waves and kil ling them all.

        At this point, Han 3,000's tone had completely changed.

        "What is this Azure World's people doing? Didn't I say it was full of lowlifes? What's with the fierceness?"

        "Yes, the Lone Su City Lord has been fighting for almost half an hour, but he hasn't even been injured."

        "Maybe, Mr. Ao is right, the Lone Su clan is simply a flower frame, just a name in vain."

        A group of people whispered, but these words were particularly harsh to Fu Tian's ears, the Lone Su family was his own chosen family, the Lone Su family's disgrace was the same as his disgrace.

        But there was nothing he could do about it, as he had sent several waves of people up to help, but they had all been beaten back, and now only Lone Su Fengtian was still struggling to survive.

        Although Han Qianqian couldn't hurt him, the problem was that Lone Sufengtian couldn't hurt him either, and Lone Sufengtian was the main attacker, so if the fight continued like this, Lone Sufengtian would die of exhaustion.

        At this time, an old man beside Fu Tian smiled slightly and slowly said, "Have you ever heard of a strange technique from a thousand years ago, the Faceless Divine Skill?"

        Fu Tian's eyebrows furrowed and he quickly looked back, seeing the old man, he bowed slightly: "Old man Shen, please express yourself."

        The old man was about to speak, when some of the most knowledgeable people in the world came to his mind: "The Faceless Divine Power? Wasn't that the Void Sect's greatest skill, which has been lost for thousands of years? Back then, the Void Sect relied on this technique to squeeze its way into the ranks of the Eight Directions World's major schools, but it has since fallen into oblivion and the Void Sect has become a small sect."

        "What Senior Shen means is that this Han Qianxiang uses the Faceless Divine Skill?" Someone asked.

        The old man nodded slowly, "An eye for an eye is the essence of the Faceless Divine Art, otherwise, how would that kid be able to lone Su City's lone Su Battle Method?!"

        After hearing these words, a group of people came to a sudden realization, no wonder Han 3,000's technique was so strange, it was the Voidless Sect's lost, faceless divine technique.

        "Heh, I thought this Azure World's trash really had some skills, but it turned out that he had learned our Eightfold World's technique to do so, Old Shen, is there a way to break the enemy?" Fu Tian coldly said.

        Shen Lao smiled and nodded.

Chapter 1802

Fu Tian was delighted and said, "I would also like to ask Shen Lao to clarify."

        Old Shen smiled, "A tooth for a tooth is the essence of Phantomless Divine Kung Fu, and all methods can be copied, therefore, the best way to break Phantomless Divine Kung Fu is to not use spells! Make it impossible to replicate, and naturally, you will not be able to use the power of the Faceless Magic."

        Don't use spells? Do you want to go up and chop it with a knife? Isn't this a beautiful picture of a bunch of immortal people, carrying machetes to cut people down?

        The point was that even if he could endure such a beautiful image, the defence Han Qianqian had just shown didn't seem to work even with a sword.

        Seeing Fu Clan Chief hesitate, Shen Lao smiled gently, "Fu Clan Chief, you can just use the divine weapon."

        Fu Tian slapped his head and said, "That's right!

        It's not nice to show off one's sword, it's humiliating to say it out loud, but fighting divine soldiers is different, it's simply the best choice to show off one's divine soldiers and provoke the envy of others, while at the same time kil ling the enemy.

        Thinking of this, Fu Tian smiled, "Thank you, Shen, for your advice."

        Then, he shouted into the air, "Brother Lone Su, come back, and let me take care of Han Qianqian, this trash."

        In the mid-air, Lone Su Fengtian was already as sweaty as a bean, having fought all his life, this was the first time he was so tired that he was about to faint. The sins of your Fu Clan, that's in your hands."

        Fu Tian nodded his head, and with a flash of his divine sense, a green long sword was directly brought up in his hand.

        "My God, the Green Desolate Golden Snake Sword, this is a top-grade divine weapon."

        "The Fu Family, as one of the three great families, seems to still live up to its name, this eight Green Desolate Golden Snake Swords alone is enough to dominate the world in the eight directions."

        "Boy, this is the first time I've seen a hundred strong divine soldiers. The Fu Family is the Fu Family, and a skinny camel is bigger than a horse."

        As soon as the Fu Tian Divine Soldier was revealed, many of the guests were instantly envious. In the Eight Directions World, apart from geniuses, the growth of cultivation was slow for most people, and if they wanted to achieve a qualitative leap, they relied on heavenly materials and treasures.

        Among the treasures, the Divine Weapon is naturally the most important, followed by the Spiritual Pet.

        For hundreds of thousands of years, no matter which world or rivers and lakes you live in, you can get twice the results with half the effort if you have a great weapon, and in some cases, you can even reach the top of the eight directions with a single weapon.

        The Smiling Tiger relies on a Crazy Devil Sword to make a name for itself in the eight directions.

        The Green Wilderness Golden Snake Sword, like the Berserker Sword, is ranked among the top 100 divine weapons in the Eight Directions.

        Fu Tian was very satisfied with the envious gazes of the crowd, his vanity was greatly satisfied, wasn't that what he wanted, the feeling of being admired by thousands of people?

        Smiling smugly, Fu Tian gently drank, and the Green Shaking Golden Snake Sword instantly transformed into a green-golden golden snake and attacked Han 3,000.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian's brow furrowed, facing the Golden Snake Sword that was coming straight at him, he also knew that the Phaseless Divine Skill could not be replicated at all, and without the defense mechanism of the Phaseless Divine Skill, Han Qianqian was a little worried about whether the Indestructible Xuan Armour would be able to withstand it!

        As a result, Han Qianxiang subconsciously chose to dodge.

        However, Han 3,000's display of care for his equipment was misinterpreted by Foutian as a correct interpretation of Shen Lao's words, and Han 3,000 really could break it with a divine weapon.

        Therefore, Fu Tian was so excited that he commanded the Green Wilderness Golden Snake Sword to attack Han 3,000 even more frequently.

        The Fu family was also extremely excited, and in front of so many people, Fu Tian had given Fu family face.


        Han Qianli was not paying attention, and the green snake passed right through Han Qianli's abdomen, sparking huge sparks with the indestructible Xuan Armour.

        When Han 3,000 looked down, his brows furrowed, damn, this divine weapon really wasn't something to brag about.

        If he hadn't had the Indestructible Xuan Armour, the sword could have almost cut himself off at the waist, because even with the protection of the Indestructible Armour, Han 3,000 still felt a faint raw pain in his abdomen.

        This feeling was like wearing a bullet-proof vest and then being hit by a slingshot.

        After looking past a sword, Han 3,000 gazed at it, and Fu Tian became even more excited.

        That meant that the Golden Snake Sword had broken the defence!

        But where did he know that the defence was indeed broken, but it was like someone had 900 million blood, but he only cut off 1 point of blood with a single slash, it was just that Han 3000 had just recently put on the Indestructible Xuan Armor and didn't know enough about its abilities at all, so when he was hit, he just subconsciously checked it out.

        "Fuyutian Clan Leader is powerful, Lone Su City Lord has been tossing around for so long, but he didn't hurt that brat at all, Fuyutian Clan Leader just directly injured that brat with a single sword."

        "Oh, I've long said that although the Fu Clan is now in decline, it's only temporary, with a clan leader like Fu Tian leading it, it's only a matter of time before the Fu Clan revives."

        A group of guests were also wallflowers who had first sided with the Fu Clan, but then began to take an interest in Han Qianli after the battle with Lone Su, but now that Foutian had gained the upper hand, they quickly returned to the Fu Clan.

        Han Qianxiang is indifferent to this, but Futian has been pushed into the High Court.

Chapter 1803

With enough energy, Fu Tian frantically directed the Green Desolate Golden Serpent Sword to ki ll Han Qianqian.

        To Han 3,000, the Green Wilderness Golden Serpent Sword was really like a mosquito, although it only caused himself a little pain, but it kept spinning around, and Han 3,000 was really annoyed.

        Seeing this, Fu Tian became more and more excited, while a group of senior executives of the Fu family naturally didn't want to miss such an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills, so they all sacrificed their divine weapons and attacked Han 3,000.

        Clearly, Lone Su and his sons also wanted to save face, and Lone Su Fengtian even offered his Lone Su Clan's supreme treasure, the Tiangang Eight Dragon Spear, causing the crowd to gasp in amazement.

        Soon, countless guests gradually joined in the skies above the entire Fu family, as if kil ling Han 3,000 at once was a lie, but each showed off their own divine weapons.

        Su Yingxia, who had only been relieved for a short time, was now looking at Han 3,000 with great concern.

        A moment ago, she could see Han Qianqian smiling confidently at herself, but now Han Qianqian was so tired of dealing with the sky full of divine soldiers that she lost sight of both sides, and had to be sliced by the one she was blocking and stabbed by the other.

        Although Han 3,000 knew that his life wouldn't be in danger, it's really hard when there are thousands of mosquitoes surrounding you and biting you.

        Just then, Ao Yi suddenly laughed, "Just you trash divine soldiers, do you have the nerve to show off?"

        A single sentence instantly pulled everyone's eyes over, and a number of people dared not speak out in anger at his remarks, and could only stare at him in displeasure.

        But Ao Yi didn't care at all about these people's eyes, he smiled and continued, "Bunch of frogs at the bottom of the well, forget it, the young master is in a good mood today, so I'll give you useless things a chance to grow your eyes and see the world."

        After saying that, Ao Yi's consciousness moved and a purple long sword fiercely appeared in his hand.

        Upon seeing the sword, many people didn't recognise it, but the aura it possessed as well as its powerful aura also let them know that it was something extraordinary.

        "This ...... is the Nine Devils Sword?" Even Old Man Shen, who had always been very calm and steady, could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows at this time.

        Ao Yi sneered disdainfully, "Old thing, you're quite knowledgeable."

        As soon as this was said, ten thousand people shouted in shock, the weapon Ao Yi was using was the Purple Gold Divine Weapon of the Eightfold World, the Nine Netherworld Demon Sword?

        Legend has it that this sword was transformed by the Ancient Demon King who trained his flesh with the fires of the Nine Netherworlds for 7,749 years, and his sword and flesh became one.

        However, things that can surpass the hundred strong Divine Weapons are often the stuff of legends, so although the world knows all about them, few people have actually seen them.

        Now, Ao Yi took out the Nine Demons Sword, which naturally shocked the four seats, causing everyone to shout in amazement and open their eyes.

        "This ...... is the true king of divine weapons ah, the Eternal Sea is worthy of being a true top family with a true god."

        "I didn't expect that after living for hundreds of years, I would be lucky enough to see a legendary divine weapon today, this life is enough!"

        "In the eight worlds, the future can only be the Eternal Family's, who else can compete?"

        A group of guests shook their heads in admiration, and many of them were even ashamed to take back their divine weapons, which they had been quite proud of a moment ago.

        There were even quite a few women who thought they were of high face value, throwing loving glances at Ao Yi, flirting with the limelight in the hope of getting a positive look from him.

        After all, Ao Yi is so dazzling right now that in the future, he may even be one of the most dazzling men in the world. What about the phoenix from the sky?

        Ao Yi smiled in satisfaction, his eyes, however, were slightly skewed towards Su Yingxia at the side. In fact, he originally had no interest in Su Yingxia, after all, before he had met her, Ao Yi's impression of Su Yingxia was nothing more than a broken shoe that had been worn by someone else.

        But after Han Qianqian came just now, Su Yingxia lifted her own cover and hurriedly ran out, Ao Yi accidentally saw Su Yingxia and was suddenly attracted by her stunning beauty.

        Ao Yi's eyes were always intent on looking at Su Yingxia while everyone's eyes were entwined in mid-air.

        On the one hand, Ao Yi wanted to show his muscles of the Eternal Sea in front of so many people, and on the other hand, he wanted to show himself, but most importantly, he wanted to attract Su Yingxia's attention.

        He had achieved all the previous aims, but when he looked at Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia's gaze was always on Han Qianqian's body, her eyes full of worry, and she hadn't moved away for half a second.

        On the other hand, Ao Yi, Su Yingxia didn't even look at him.

        Ao Yi was suddenly upset, looking back at Han Qianqian, who was exhausted in mid-air, with a fierce flash of cold light in his eyes, "Stealing a woman from me, you're f*cking tired of living.

        "Fuyan, I'll show you what a real man is today." With a drink in his heart, Ao Yi's energy moved, and the Nine Demons Sword suddenly burst into purple and golden light, an incomparably powerful pressure that instantly made everyone present feel incomparably oppressed.