His True Colors Chapter 1799-1800

 Chapter 1799

It was only a few moments, Su Yingxia desperately ran towards the outside of the palace, when she saw Han Qianlian in mid-air, expressionless, she suddenly smiled, the tears in her eyes, also at this moment, slowly along with the cheeks gently dripping.

        The number of days and nights of waiting, lingering in the number of dream waking, the person that one's heart misses, finally one day, suddenly appeared in front of him.

        How could Su Yingxia not be excited?

        In mid-air, Han Qianqiang also saw Su Yingxia, a gentle smile, but the intense love in his eyes, he knew, Su Yingxia knew.

        "Han Qianli? Why does the name sound so familiar? Where have I heard that before?" There were guests who had just passed through Sky Lake City and frowned.

        "Yeah, I feel familiar with it too."

        "Oh, Han Qianqiang is that useless man in the Azure World that Fuyuki was!" At this point, an insider close to the Foo family revealed.

        "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can. I thought Fuyu had fallen for such a nice man."

        "Why else would someone say that the so-called holy maiden is actually a yu maiden at all, even this kind of trash trash is attracted to her, hey, what a family misfortune for the Fu Clan."

        A group of guests were whispering at this time, but at this time, Fu Tian looked extremely cold.

        He couldn't imagine why Han Qianli had suddenly appeared here, he had obviously sent many of his men to investigate the movement of the Heaven's Gate opening in the Eightfold World, but he hadn't gained anything, he thought Han Qianli hadn't come to the Eightfold World at all, but now he had quietly appeared in front of him.

        He really didn't know how Han 3,000 had managed to avoid tracking him down.

        But shocked, Fu Tian quickly smiled coldly, "Han Qianli, you're quite fat, you dare to take the initiative to come to your doorstep to seek death."

        In any case, Fu Tian was always still happy that Han Qianxiang had sent herself to his door!

        The other families of the Fu Clan also hated Han Qianqian with a passion, and they would never look for the cause of their downfall today, but rather put all the blame on Han Qianqian, believing that if Han Qianqian hadn't lured Fuyao, how could Fuyao not listen to the family's arrangement?

        So it's all the damned Han Qianqian's fault!

        "F*ck, ki ll the punk."

        "Yeah, ki ll him!"

        The Fu Family executives were all indignant in one voice, hating to ki ll Han Qianli on the spot.

        When she heard these words, Su Yingxia nervously looked at Han Qianli and motioned with her eyes for him to leave quickly. Although she looked forward to Han Qianli and missed him, it didn't mean that Su Yingxia was willing to stand by and watch Han Qianli d i e.

        Han Qianli smiled at Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia had seen this smile many times, and every time, when she doubted, he would always smile at her like this, and then, in the midst of her doubts, she would do the unthinkable once and for all.

        This was something Su Yingxia had become accustomed to, but this was the only time that Su Yingxia couldn't believe it.

        It wasn't that he didn't believe Han Qianli, but the strength of the other party simply wasn't something that Han Qianli could compare to, and even the Kongdong realm's own self, facing the three sides of the Lonely Su, the Fu Family and the Eternal Sea, would never be able to escape, let alone Han Qianli!

        "Uncle Fu, he, you can leave him to me." Lone Su Zhan now blocked Fu Tian, who was about to make a move, and stood up confidently.

        Han Qianyang's appearance was unexpected and expected, in fact, Lone Su Zhan was really afraid that Han Qianyang wouldn't come, after all, that would be a lot less fun for him, and even less chance to prove in front of Su Yingxia that he was a million times stronger than that trash.

        Fu Tian hesitated for a moment and nodded his head, Lone Su Zhan's cultivation was not oppressive to Fu Shou, not to mention placed in the Fu family, even in the Eightfold World, he was one of the experts, with him in action, it was natural that he could put 10,000 hearts at ease.

        "Fuyuki, three days ago, I said that I would personally beat that trash into a cripple, and then let him watch as we watched... now, I'll do what I said." Sweeping his eyes at Fuyue, Lone Su Zhan smiled evilly.

        Then, with a leap, he flew straight towards Han Qianli.

        Lone Su Zhan was extremely fast and aggressive, rushing in front of Han Qianqian in just one instant, aiming at Han Qianqian, his right fist carrying a fiery red energy that struck Han Qianqian straight on.

        Looking at the speed of this strike and the body of Lone Su Zhan, a group of guests couldn't help but sigh in their hearts.

        "This Lone Su Zhan is worthy of being a famous young talent in the Eightfold World, his strikes are fast, his cultivation is high and his attacks are swift, genius, simply genius."

        "On the other hand, that Han Qianqian, his fist is almost there but he's like a log, he doesn't reflect in the slightest, with this kind of awareness and ability, he dares to come here and cause trouble, isn't he thinking his life is too short?"

        "Oh, in the end, he's a trash from the Azure World, it's already the limit for him to be able to practice in the Eightfold World, we can't ask too much of him, can we."

Chapter 1800

"Hey, so trash will always be trash, and I don't know what Fuyao thinks, is there any comparison between him and Lone Su Battle? This is a high sentence!"

        "Haha, you see, the punk fought back, is he an idiot? Instead of dodging Lone Su Zhan's attack, he is going to attack himself?"

        "It's so f*cking naive, does he really think this is a family affair? One for you, one for me? The key point is that Lone Su Zhan is completely overwhelmed by the situation. Scratching?"

        In mid-air, the two soon entered into a complete confrontation, but the result was beyond everyone's expectations.

        Punch after punch was thrown, but the problem was that it wasn't Han Qianqiang who was punched out of the sh*t, instead it seemed to be Lone Su Zhan, whom everyone was very optimistic about.

        Like a punch hitting an iron plate, Lone Su Zhan's entire right hand was nearly immobilised by the backlash, and even the man flew several metres away. Han Qianqian, on the other hand, was unmoving, his entire body aloof.

        "This ......"

        The contrast between the facts and what they had expected was so great that everyone could not believe what they were seeing.

        Even Su Yingxia, who had always had great trust in Han Qianli, was completely baffled by what was going on at this point!

        Lone Su Zhan's entire face was livid, his confident attack had yielded such a result.

        How could he lose face in front of so many people? As soon as he bites his teeth, he rushes straight at Han Qianxiang.

        He was determined to regain his face and then follow the script he had envisaged, defeating Han 3,000 and then ruthlessly humiliating him.

        Faced with the renewed assault of Lone Su Battle, Han 3,000 immediately took the fight to the enemy in earnest.

        Although Ye Wuhuan was kil led by Han 3,000, Lone Su Zhan was not Ye Wuhuan after all, his cultivation was several levels higher than Ye Wuhuan's, and even though Han 3,000 was wearing an indestructible Xuan Armour, his internal organs still ached from the shock of his fists.

        So, Han 3,000 changed his strategy this time.

        He simply sacrificed his Phaseless Divine Power, a spell that Han Qianxiang sometimes found quite disgusting, weak in the face of weakness and strong in the face of strength. The more ferociously Lone Su attacked Han 3,000, the stronger Han 3,000's counterattack in turn was.

        But when Han 3,000 couldn't resist, he had the Indestructible Xuan Armour on his body, what did Lone Su Zhan have on his body? There was no choice but to take the body on.

        As time went on, many people realised that something was wrong.

        Lone Su Battle was becoming completely overwhelming!

        "How, how is this possible? I heard that Lone Su Zhan is a strong Kongdong realm fighter, how ...... can't beat a loser from Earth."

        "Impossible, this is an illusion, this must be an illusion, that's Lone Su Zhan."

        The group of people looked at each other, Lone Su Fengtian even more so, his heart was grasping, only Su Yingxia's eyebrows were slightly widened at this point, his heart was very happy, and at the same time, very touched.

        The last time he saw Han Qianqian, he still needed his help to injure Lin Long, just because Han Qianqian's strength wasn't enough and she was afraid that Lin Long would bully him.

        But this time, Han Qianqian, not to mention dealing with the Linlong, was able to directly suppress even Lonely Su Zhan, which really surprised Su Yingxia.

        That man of hers would always be like this.

        He would always let himself trust him, and she also knew that every time he let himself trust, there must have been a lot of silent effort behind it, especially this time.

        Although Su Yingxia didn't know how much life and death Han Qianqian had gone through, she naturally knew in her heart how much she had given to him.

        One minute on stage and ten years off stage, this truth was not hard to understand.

        "Three-thousand-thousand, thank you!" Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli with a moved look.

        Apart from Su Yingxia, there was another person who also smiled a little, "Perhaps it's not that the trash in this Azure World is so strong at all, but rather that some people have overstated their words and are just vain."

        Hearing this, Lone Su Fengtian was furious, but when he looked back and saw that it was Ao Yi, he could only suppress the fire in his heart.

        "Old Lone Su, what are you looking at? Can't you see that your son is dying? Why don't you go up and help?" Ao Yi was disdainful.

        Lone Su Fengtian became even angrier, but on second thought, it made sense: "Good, Mr. Ao, I'll let you see the real Lone Su battle style!"

        After saying that, Lone Su Fengtian flew directly towards the sky.

        Faced with the attacks of Lone Su and his son, Han Three Thousand's brows furrowed, facing the attacks of two experts at the same time, Han Three Thousand was also a little tired of dealing with them.

        But who was Han Three Thousand?

        In a fight, sometimes it's not strength that counts, but intelligence.

        Han Qianli suddenly smiled evilly, and then, to everyone's stunned surprise, something happened.

        "What? Is this ...... kid crazy?"

        "What's he doing? Does he want to d ie!"

        "God, how did he survive this kind of play, having di ed tens of thousands of times long ago?"

        A group of guests were taken aback, and even Su Yingxia's hands were now clenched tightly: "Three thousand, what are you doing?"