His True Colors Chapter 1797-1798

 Chapter 1797

Only the one who had been persuading the two men was drinking with his head down, clearly not wanting to cause trouble and with no intention of taunting anyone.

        Just as the two men were laughing, Han Qianli suddenly flashed, and in the next second, a jade sword had been placed directly on the two guys' necks.

        Its speed was so fast that the two men didn't reflect at all, and by the time they did, it was already too late.

        The leader's hand, which was holding the cup, was frozen in mid-air, and he smiled awkwardly with a guilty conscience, "Brother, it was just a joke, why should I take it so seriously?".

        "Brother Lin, what's the point of talking to him? He's the kind of trash who only dares to flaunt his power in front of us, and he's been robbed of his own wife, yet he doesn't dare to settle scores with Lone Su Zhan."

        With another person to cheer him up, the leader was a little more confident, quietly casting a glance at Han Qianqian and saying, "Yes, brother, your enemy isn't us, and besides, do you know who we are? If you touch us, you won't have any luck either!"

        Han Qianli smiled icily, "Those who dare to touch Fuyue will naturally d i e, but those who insult Fuyue will also d i e."

        As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, a sword went down, and the leader and another man suddenly landed on the ground with two heads with unbelieving eyes.

        Withdrawing his jade sword, Han Thirdly turned around and sat down.

        It wasn't that it was so unusual, as the strongest in the Eight Directions were the most important people in the world, and kil ling someone was just a trivial matter, but it was because the two people who had been kil led were more or less celebrities in this Earthfire City.

        The man who had been sitting at the same table with them, who had been advising them nicely, was drinking and chatting with them one second, and the next second it was yin and yang, a huge difference that left him completely stunned on the spot.

        Peach looked at Han 3,000 in fear, then put her head down.

        "The woman they are insulting is my wife." Han Three Thousand Year looked at Xiaotao and explained.

        He didn't want Peach to be frightened by this and explained.

        "Oh, does Mr Han have a wife?" Xiaotao nodded, slightly disappointed.

        At this moment, applause suddenly rang out in the inn, and Han 3,000's brow furrowed, as Zhang Yongjin clapped his hands on the elegant seat and shouted for Han 3,000.

        Han Qianli shook his head, saying he wasn't interested, and pulled Xiaotao up to leave.

        As soon as he arrived at the door, Zhang Yongjin chased after him: "Brother, good skill, you kil led those two b*tches just now under the shadow of the sword."

        When Zhang Yongjin was weak, he was not spared from being ridiculed and looked down upon by those two guys, and today he intentionally went to the inn to drink with the intention of raising his eyebrows, but when he didn't do anything, those two indiscreet guys got their heads cut off.

        Although Zhang Yongjin didn't know why the man in front of him would ki ll them, but an enemy of an enemy is a friend, and he had taken out his anger on his own behalf.

        Moreover, he was a good fighter, so Zhang Yongjin had an idea.

        "Something wrong?" Han Qianqian's cold voice.

        Although Zhang Yongjin was Lone Su Zhan's cousin, Han Qianqian had always been a man with a clear grudge and didn't want to ki ll innocents, but he couldn't be polite to these people either!

        "Okay, then I'll get straight to the point, my name is Zhang Yongjin, my cousin is Lone Su Zhan, I'm sure you've heard about the recent events in the Eight Directions World, right? My cousin, however, is going to be married to the Fu Clan of the Fu Clan."

        Han Qianqiang said coldly, "So what?"

        "I'm not going to lie, once the Lone Su clan and the Fu clan join forces, both of our families will become incredibly strong, and will develop rapidly in the Eight Directions World. As for the treatment, well, it's easy to say." Zhang Yongjin smiled.

        He also had his own little plans, and he had heard that his cousin was planning to deal with a loser from Earth, so arrangements had been made today to heavily defend Tian Long City in the next few days. Of course, Zhang Yongjin also wanted to take the opportunity to curry favour with his cousin, so he wanted to form a group of his own forces to go over and reinforce him.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "You want me to help you?"

        Zhang Yongjin nodded: "Exactly!"

        "Do you know who I am?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "A hero doesn't need to know who you are, you just need to be willing to work for me, that's all." Zhang Yongjin said confidently.

        "I'm afraid you won't think so once you know what my name is." Han Giangli said.

        Zhang Yongjin was stunned, what did that mean? However, when Han Qianqian said that, he really wanted to know: "What's your name, then, brother?"

        "Han 3000!"

Chapter 1798

Han 3000?

        Zhang Yongjin's eyebrows furrowed, why is this name so familiar!

        Suddenly, his eyes snapped open... Han 3000?

        Isn't this the cousin who told us to keep a close watch on the waste in the Azure World?

        But by the time he realised, where was Han Marchant?

        No matter what, the most important thing at the moment was to tell his cousin about the discovery of Han 3,000.

        The news of Han 3,000's sudden appearance in Earthfire City soon reached Lone Su Zhan's ears, and he wasn't the least bit terrified or even surprised by this, because in his eyes, Han 3,000's position was nothing more than that of a clown.

        At the wedding venue, he would demonstrate his ability by humiliating Han Qianxiang.

        Therefore, he didn't even care about Han 3,000's appearance and didn't even tell anyone about it, because there was no need.

        Against a piece of earthly trash, why ki ll a chicken with a sledgehammer?

        Three days later.

        The Fu clan hangs lanterns, happy alliances and all kinds of red silk decorations all over the Fu residence.

        In Tian Long City, the city was filled with great banquets and joy with the people.

        In the Foo Mansion, guests came in great numbers, and in the eight directions of the world, basically small and medium-sized families sent their representatives to congratulate them, but this was still less meaningful than before.

        Nowadays, many big families are enveloped by the summit of the Blue Mountain, and naturally they have to avoid suspicion towards the Fu Clan, plus the vision of Tianhu City a few days ago attracted many people, and nowadays the guests of the Fu Mansion, although lively and bustling, are only the strongest among the strongest.

        Although Fu Tian was a little unhappy about this, he thought that once the marriage was consummated, the entire Fu Clan would at least have a chance to turn a corner, so his joy and smile overflowed.

        Although Fu Tian and Su Feng Tian have their own agendas, they share the same goals and interests, so they naturally fully support the marriage.

        Ao Yi is also dressed up today, sitting next to the guest seat in the hall.

        "The auspicious time has come, please enter the bride and groom!"

        With a shout from the maid outside the door, everyone got up and looked towards the door.

        Behind him, Su Yingxia was also dressed in red, supported by two maids, but underneath the red cap was Su Yingxia's beautiful expressionless face.

        She won't even pay her respects, because she only has Han Qianqian in her heart, but she has no room or strength to resist and can only be manipulated, but that doesn't mean she has given in.

        As soon as the ritual was over and the guests entered the banquet, Fuli would take the opportunity to help herself to suicide by blending into the new room, as she had said before.

        When they reach the palace, Futian and Lonely Su Fengtian are seated separately on the palace floor, very happy.

        The master of ceremonies saw the newcomers enter, and at this point, he also raised the volume: "Today is the day of the happy marriage between Prince Lone Su of the Lone Su House and Miss Fuyan of the Fuyan Clan, on behalf of the Fuyan Clan and the head of the Lone Su Clan, I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends and family."

        "Now that the good time has come, I would like to ask the bride to step over the fire bowl, the so-called dragon and phoenix lifting their feet and stepping over the pot of fire, the fierce gods and evil spirits hiding on both sides, please!"

        With a yell from the master of ceremonies, Lone Su Zhan was the first to step over the firepit, while Su Yingxia was more difficult, because of her health and reluctance, Su Yingxia was hesitant to step over, and the two servants naturally spent a lot of effort pushing her.

        "It seems that the bride is not too willing," Ao Yi scoffed in a cold voice at this point.

        As soon as he spoke, a few of the Eternal Sea's attendants burst out laughing, and the whole place was suddenly a little embarrassed.

        Fu Tian's heart was cold, and he hurriedly stood up and said, "Oh, what kind of joke is this, Mr Ao, my Fuyue and Prince Lone Su, that was consensual, the pearls are united, how could they not be willing, isn't that right, everyone?"

        Fu Tian knew that this Ao Yi was taking the opportunity to make trouble again, so he could only come out quickly to ease the atmosphere.

        As soon as this was said, the guests could only quickly smile and say, "Yes, yes, yes, this is a match made in heaven."

        But at this moment, a voice suddenly came out, "I said no!".

        Fu Tian immediately locked his eyes on Ao Yi, who was also bewildered, he was just casually making fun of the atmosphere, how could he really go so far as to say that directly?

        Although in the past ten days, Ao Yi had scourged almost half of the women of the Fu Clan, that was only in private.

        The purpose of his actions was to trample the dignity of the Fu Clan beneath his feet, so that the Eternal Sea would always be a high profile before the Fu Clan.

        But Ao Yi also knew that if the string was too tight, it would be broken, and if the Fu Clan was not even given face on outside occasions, it would only make the Fu Clan unable to step down, thus generating hatred in the Eternal Sea, which would not only fail to control them, but might even backfire and be attacked by the Fu Clan.

        Seeing that it wasn't Ao Yi, the palace looked at each other, completely confused about the state.

        At this time, outside the palace, in the Fu family's courtyard, countless guards with weapons rushed in, one by one, looking up into the air, unusually vigilant.

        The guests sitting at the banquet in the courtyard also raised their heads and looked up into the air.

        Fu Tian felt bad, these guards were all carefully arranged by him, in case the people from the Azure Mountain came to make trouble. Now the guards rashly barged into the courtyard and looked into the sky, this was enough to show that there was an enemy coming.

        Fu Tian hurriedly rushed out of the palace, a group of guests, including the lone Su Zhan, also rushed out, the entire palace, suddenly, only Su Ying Xia batch of cover, spiritlessly standing there.

        For her, even if the true gods came, she would not be moved in the slightest, it had nothing to do with her!

        Outside the palace, a man hovered in mid-air, his posture erect, his face handsome, holding a long sword.

        The chief of the guards was so furious that he couldn't contain his anger: "Who are you? How dare you make a scene in my Fufu residence?

        Fu Tian lightly lifted his hand, stopping the head of the guards, at this point, lightly smiled: "I don't know who your Excellency is, today, my Fu Fu Mansion is getting married, if you are interested, why don't you come down and have a glass of water wine?".

        In Fu Fu's eyes, the other party was likely to be someone from the top of the Blue Mountain, which was also expected, after all, the top of the Blue Mountain was likely to sit back and watch the marriage of Fu Fu without any concern.

        "Me?" In mid-air, the man smiled slightly, "Haven't you been looking for me for a long time? You don't even know me."

        "Your Excellency is?"

        "Han, three, thousand!"

        Han 3000?

        Inside the palace, Su Yingxia heard the familiar voice, as well as the haunting name, and was suddenly startled all over the body, then pulled off his red cap, staring out of the palace with wide eyes, unbelieving!