His True Colors Chapter 1794-1796

 Chapter 1794

Moreover, the other party was also the famous big family of Flying General City, the Lonely Su Family.

        To the people of Tian Long City, this was simply a great joy, it was after all a strong alliance.

        Soon, many people gathered at the entrance of the Fu family, congratulating themselves.

        Fu Tian swept away last night's gloom and welcomed out in high spirits. When he saw the old man at the head, he smiled, "Brother Lonely, long time no see, long time no see."

        "Oh, Fu old brother, don't be ill, last night, I received your letter, so I kept on having gifts prepared and came here starry night." Lone Su Fengtian chuckled.

        Lone Su Fengtian was quite satisfied with this marriage, although the Fu Clan had fallen from the True God, it was still a big family after all, if the two families could marry, it would be a strong union. The most important thing is that once Fuyan gives birth to the seed of the True God, it will be surnamed after him, and by then, the Lone Su clan will be able to ask the Eight Directions World.

        Therefore, when he received the news last night, he immediately set out.

        The sooner the marriage is arranged, the quicker it will be, so as not to prolong the dream.

        "Hehe, it's really a trouble for you, Brother Lone Su, come, sit inside, sit inside."

        At Fu Tian's warm invitation, Lone Su Feng Tian laughed and entered the Fu Family, behind him, Lone Su Feng Tian's son, Lone Su Zhan, very disdainfully swept a glance at the Fu Family's plaque, Fu's?!

        Does it now also match?

        Walking into the Fu Family, the Fu Family's executives at this time had already lined up in a neat line to welcome them, yesterday's humiliation by Ao Yi's face stuck to their heads, today's arrival of the Lone Su Family at least allowed them to finally get their feet wet.

        After a few simple pleasantries, the Lone Su war was out of patience: "Where is Fuyu?"

        At the mention of Fuyuan, Fu Tian visibly paled, then, placing his gaze on the side of Fu Hai, he saw Fu Hai nod, then he put his mind at ease and smiled at Lone Su Zhan, "It's in his own house."

        Lone Su Zhan nodded, "This young master will go take a look."

        Lone Su Zhan was actually quite unhappy about the marriage, in fact, he didn't particularly care that Fuyue had married someone, after all, this was far too normal in the world of the Eight Directions.

        But the person Fuyue had married before was a trash from the Azure World, a dead trash, which made Lone Su Zhan very unhappy.

        But for the sake of the True God, Lone Su Zhan reluctantly promised his father that he would come to the Fu Family now, eager to see Fuyao, that is, to see how cheap a woman married to a trash man really is!

        Who cares, even though she's nominally your future wife? He is just going through the routine of completing the conception of the True God, after which it is none of his business whether the woman is dead or alive.

        He wouldn't give up the whole forest for such a woman!

        Pushing open the door of Su Yingxia's room, Lone Su Zhan, who thought he was unrestrained, picked his own flowing sea, with a graceful but unblinking look, "Where's Fuyao?!"

        The first time I heard the words, I was suddenly stunned, and my eyes kept falling on Su Yingxia's body, unable to extricate myself for a long time.


        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        This is simply the perfect creature to seduce people!

        "Boy! I didn't expect that I, Lone Su Zhan, would be lucky enough to have such a wife waiting for me to play with, interesting, very interesting." The fan in Lone Su Zhan's hand slapped, and he looked at Su Yingxia with great excitement.

        Su Yingxia looked at Lone Su Zhan with hostility and anger in her eyes, she wanted to struggle to get up and drive this fly out, but she barely had any strength in her whole body.

        Last night, she saw the daughter she had been missing, but she was doused with poison by Fu Hai in front of her, and she wanted to fight to save her, but it was a trap.

        Nian'er is a piece of flesh on Su Yingxia's body, and even more so the fruit of her love for Han Qianqian. How can Su Yingxia's heart really be as hard as stone when she sees her daughter suffer?

        But the other party also caught on to this, so they deliberately set up an ambush, waiting for her to come, plus Su Yingxia found herself seemingly poisoned, a few rounds, Su Yingxia was subdued by them, at the same time, the gang also completely sealed her cultivation, she is now and an ordinary person, almost no difference.

        She could only be at the mercy of others!

        "Interesting?" Su Yingxia gave him a cold look, "Even if I'm interesting, do you dare to touch me?"

        When he heard Su Yingxia's words, Lonely Su Strategy was surprised, then he smiled and walked a few steps to Su Yingxia's face, after realising that there was no cultivation on Su Yingxia's body, he smiled lightly and reached out his hand to touch Su Yingxia's chin, then he suddenly slapped her face heavily.

        The first thing that I noticed was that I was not a good candidate. I'm telling you, Fuzzy, you're my woman, and I'll play you how I want to play you, understand?"

Chapter 1795

Su Yingxia angrily looked at Lone Su Zhan, a whiff of blood flowing out of the corner of her mouth.

        Seeing the look in Su Yingxia's eyes, Lone Su Zhan's eyebrows curled and he smiled disdainfully, "What? Disgruntled? It's a pity that the more disgruntled you are, the more humiliated you will have to be under my span once our marriage is over.

        After saying that, Lone Su Zhan patted the dust on his hands and looked lovingly and mockingly at Su Ying Xia: "Fuyao, if I were you, I would marry obediently, at least, this is only good for your Fuyao clan, there is no harm, and you will also enjoy inexhaustible glory and status, so why do you need to ask for trouble?"

        Su Yingxia snorted coldly and said firmly, "I, Su Yingxia, have only one man in my life, Han Qianqian, and will never have another man. You don't need to expect me to live well with you either, as soon as I'm the slightest bit nice, I'll immediately commit suicide."

        With a bang, Lone Su Zhan slammed his palm directly on the table in anger and roared, "Fuyan!!!! Even now, you still can't get over it, and you're still thinking about that bullsh*t Han Qianqian? He's just a piece of sh*t from Azure Earth, and I, Solitary Su-Zhan! The only successor to the Lord of Lone Su, the future Lord of the City of Flying Generals! How dare you compare him to me? You're incoherent and out of your mind!"

        Su Yingxia laughed as she spat out the blood in her mouth and said coldly, "I shouldn't have compared you to him, because you're not even worthy to give him shoes!"


        The more beautiful Fuyao is, the more fascinated he becomes, but in this case, Fuyao is talking about other men in front of his face, and this man is just a piece of trash in the Azure World.

        "I carry his shoes? Let me tell you, Fuyan, in the eight directions, if only I, Lone Su Zhan, would rally my arms, there would be thousands of girls lining up to marry me, what is that trash of yours? In my eyes, he is worthless, like trash."

        Su Yingxia gave a rare smile: "Many people in the world also say he is rubbish, so you are not the only one, but do you want to know what happens to these people in the end?"

        Lone Su Zhan did not speak, but was clearly waiting for Su Yingxia's answer.

        "In the end, they all paid a heavy price, and you, just the same."

        Lone Su Zhan suddenly sneered, "Really? Then I'll wait to pay a terrible price, my wedding to you will take place in three days, and in those three days I'll let the world know that I'm waiting for him to show up, and then I'll beat him into a cripple who can't take care of himself, and I'll make him watch how I, before dumping him in a rubbish heap, will discipline his wife!"

        After saying this, Lone Su Zhan heavily slammed the door and left.

        It was only when the lone Su Zhan left that Su Ying Xia heavily exhaled. But just then, the door was opened again, and Fuli walked in with a bruised face and poor spirit.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products.

        Su Yingxia's heart was shocked: "Fuli you ......".

        Fu Li managed to squeeze out a smile, last night's Ao Yi, simply like a pervert, let loose on Fu Li's body, using her completely as a tool: "It's fine, Fu Tian didn't find out about us, I just accidentally fell, right, are you okay?"

        Su Yingxia also managed to squeeze out a smile, "It's just a few bruises, it's not a problem, by the way, have you found 3000's whereabouts?"

        "Could it be that Fuyang, Han Qianxiang, did not come to the Eightfold World?" Although Fu Li could not bear it, he still voiced his doubts.

        Su Yingxia shook her head resolutely, "I can feel that he has already come, and, with my understanding of him, he will definitely come too."

        "But I've already had people go around to investigate, and now there's no news, now only Tianhu City is left unseen, but ...... something is hindering it." Fu Li said.

        "What is it?" Su Yingxia said.

        "The golden light protruding from the eastern side of Tianhu City has now been placed under martial law, barring anyone from entering or leaving the city, but I don't think it's very likely that Han Qianqian is there."

        Su Yingxia suddenly had an odd thought, that is, could it be that this golden light was created by Han Qianqian? He opened the gates of heaven, so ......

        Su Yingxia was about to ask, but Fu Li had already read her mind and smiled bitterly, "Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the Heaven's Gate, I have some gossip that those golden lights are actually related to the Pan Gu secret treasures of the Pan Gu clan."

        Su Yingxia nodded, even if Han Qianli had come to the Eightfold World, he was definitely just a newcomer, and Tianhu City was a large city, so for someone who had just entered the Eightfold World, Han Qianli would not be allowed to enter the city without a proper identity.

        Fu Li laughed and continued, "It's actually quite ironic to talk about this Pangu Secret Treasure, it was originally forbidden in the Eight Parties World, it was said that whoever could obtain it would have the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth, and could oppose the True God. As a result, this time the Heavenly Lake City suddenly produced a secret treasure, and I heard that it was even taken by a young man, do you think it's ironic?"

        Fu Li said this because she felt that this was a good opportunity, if she could get to know the person who got the treasure, then they would have the possibility of overthrowing Fu Tian.

        How smart Su Yingxia was, and how could she not hear Fu Li's meaning, smiling gently, "Are you trying to find this person to help us?"

        Fu Li nodded, but now her staff had gone to look for Han Qianqian, so it was clear what she meant by mentioning this in front of Su Yingxia.

        "It's fine, you don't need to look for 3000, take a group of people out to look for this person who got the treasure."

        "Fuyi, I didn't mean that," Fu Li said falsely.

        "It's fine, anyway, Lone Su Zhan said that his marriage to me will be widely announced in the Eight Directions World, I'm afraid that Han 3000 will rush here if he finds out, so I'll just keep a little bit of manpower and wait outside the city, if I find 3000, I can just stop him from entering the city." Su Yingxia said.

        Fu Li's eyebrows furrowed, "Don't you want him to come to your rescue?"

        "I want him to come, but I don't want him to come either. Originally, it was already difficult for him to cope with the power of the Fu family, but now that the people of the Eternal Sea are here, and the Lone Su clan is also here, if he wants to come, let alone take me away, even if he wants to leave alive by himself, it's impossible." Su Yingxia's heart was conflicted.

        She was so poisoned that she was powerless to resist, so her only hope was Han Qiangli, but she also knew what Han Qiangli's arrival would mean.

        "If you see him, tell him not to be righteous, Su Yingxia will never betray him, let him go back and he will take revenge for us when he has the chance." Su Yingxia said.

Chapter 1796

In fact, revenge is just a reason to keep Han Qianqiang alive.

        Fu Li was silent for a moment and said, "Have you really thought about it?"

        Su Yingxia nodded, "On the day we get married, I want you to do me one last favour and ki ll me, okay?"

        "But ...... "Fu Li hesitated, which was contrary to their original plan.

        "If I am placed under house arrest by them and married to the Lone Su family, and then controlled to the point of giving birth to the True Gods, Fu Tian's position as patriarch will be even more unassailable, although kil ling me won't benefit you and Fu Mang in any way, but it will do considerable harm to Fu Tian, isn't the harm of the enemy actually the benefit of you?"

        Fu Li nodded, "Okay, I promise you."

        At this time, Han Qianqian, with Little Peach, had already made the day's journey, of course he wanted to make it to the Heavenly Dragon City without stopping, but he also knew that the Four Dragons had been flying for a long time and needed to rest.

        Bai and Linlong had already consumed a lot of energy from the initial battle of the Void Sect, and were now almost asleep in their bodies, so if even the four dragons were tired, Han 3,000 yuan would really have to walk to Dragon City.

        Moreover, Xiaotao, who had no cultivation, had been running in and out of the city for days and nights, and needed rest all the more.

        The two of them settled down temporarily in a place called Ayutthaya, which was still two days' distance away from the Heavenly Dragon City.

        At the inn, Han 3,000 Little Peach sat down, when a young young master, with a few dog-legged men, swaggered in.

        As soon as the shopkeeper saw him, he immediately greeted him with a fart-top welcome: "Yo, isn't this Master Zhang? What brings you here? Come come come, sit inside, sit inside."

        The young master gave a proud grace and, led by the shopkeeper, sat down on an elegant seat in the middle of the hall, while a few of the shop's errand boys, serving tea and pouring water, waited on him in every possible way.

        Han 3,000 didn't think much of it and drank the tea at his own leisure.

        Someone else became dissatisfied.

        "F*ck, a bunch of snob dogs, what's the point now, huh? Have you all gone to serve Jang Yong Jin and treated us like guests?"

        "Isn't that right, I'm f*cking ordering here and this f*cking shop assistant suddenly runs over and pours tea for Zhang Yongjin, what is this?"

        "Come on, brothers, don't be annoyed. Who told you that Zhang Yongjin is not what he used to be? Now he's not the same Zhang Yongjin, he's got an unusual background."

        As soon as this was mentioned, someone said with disdain, "Hmph, what's so unusual about it? Didn't his cousin, Koo Su Zhan, just want to marry a broken shoe? Look at how proud they are, it's only their family who can consider marrying a broken shoe as a beautiful thing for a bank, to me, it's a shame to ki ll someone."

        "That's right, I've heard that that broken shoe is still looking for a loser and has shamelessly given birth to a child to that loser, and that's the kind of woman that only their family would want." Another person chimed in.

        "Actually, you shouldn't say that, in any case, now that people's two big families are joining forces, their strength naturally cannot be compared. Moreover, that woman is not as unattractive as you say, after all, she is a woman who can give birth to a true god, and she is pretty."

        "Beautiful? What's the use of beauty? According to me, that's simply just a b*tch."

        "Hey, hey, Brother Lin, you should be more careful with your words. If Zhang Yongjin hears you saying that, he'll inevitably be in trouble again."

        "What? Am I telling the truth, or am I afraid of him?"

        At this point, Han Qianqian's brows furrowed and he looked back, "Three, who is this woman you're talking about?"

        The leader looked at Han Qianqian, drank his wine with disdain and said coldly: "Who else could it be? The Fu clan's b*tch, Fu Shou chanting."

        Han Qianqiang's face was as pale as iron, and his eyes were full of murderous anger. He could say whatever he wanted, but if he had to say half a word about Su Yingxia, Han Qianqiang would be able to protect his shortcomings to the extreme.

        Sensing Han Qianli's murderous aura, the leader swallowed his saliva, "Brother, you don't have any connection with the Fushi clan, do you?"

        Han Qianqiang smiled coldly, "I have nothing to do with them."

        "Ahem, that won't do." The leader let out a sigh of relief, although he said he wasn't afraid, but could he really not be? If he really wasn't afraid, why would he even dare not mess with Zhang Yongjin?

        "But I'm the loser you're talking about." Han Three Thousand Thousand smiled evilly.

        The man was a little numb from this smile, but he quickly reflected that if Han Qianli was Fuyuan's Azure World waste husband, then what did he have to fear?

        He is a man of the Eightfold World, and he is afraid of a loser?

        Thinking of this, he released a smile and looked mockingly at Han Qianqiang's hair, "Tsk, so you're that b*tch's trash husband ah, I see that you can indeed be green on this head."

        "Haha, yeah, Lone Su Zhan is putting out the word, after three days, he's going to ruthlessly humiliate Fuyu." The other person who had been agreeing with him, now scoffed out.