His True Colors Chapter 1791-1793

 Chapter 1791

"What are you doing there?" Qin Qingfeng was puzzled.

        Han Qianqiang said, "There is the most important woman in my life waiting for me to save her."

        The most important woman in my life?

        Hearing these words, Wang Simin prevented himself from hearing the sound of his own heart breaking, but in his heart, he began to lie to himself that the most important woman in his life must not be his wife, but his mother.

        Yes, a mother is also the most important woman in a man's life!

        "Yes! However, the Fu Clan is located at the top of the extreme north, in Fei Long City, so if you want to go there, it's a long way, so you should be careful." After saying that, Qin Qingfeng handed over the token in his hand to Han Qianli.

        "It can help you if you want to enter the city."

        Han Three Thousand received the token, then looked at Little Peach, "Why don't you go back with my master."

        Although he needed Little Peach, Han Three Thousand wasn't in a hurry; on the contrary, there was no telling what dangers he would encounter if he went to the Fu Clan this time, and Han Three Thousand wasn't too willing to let Little Peach follow him on an adventure.

        Little Peach shook her head, "Mr. Han, Little Peach has no family and no place to go. Besides, I'm the only bloodline of the Pangu clan, and although I can't remember much, Xu Hai said you're the one we have to protect, so wherever you go, Little Peach will go."

        Han Qianli said, "But this trip over, life and death are uncertain."

        Peach nodded her head still firmly, for as long as she could remember, Han Qianli was the only person who had treated her well, and besides, although she didn't remember much, she was certain that she was the only successor of the Pan Gu Clan, and she had a duty and responsibility to follow Han Qianli, whether it was life or death.

        "Good, then you're with me." Han Qianli nodded, it was actually good to have Peach, in case she remembered something halfway through, it would naturally be of the greatest help to her.

        Although his cultivation had risen suddenly and someone like Ye Wuhuan had kil led him with a single blow, Han Three Thousand only had confidence and didn't dare to be arrogant; after all, although Ye Wuhuan was an expert, the Fu Clan's experts were apparently as numerous as a feather, and there were plenty of people stronger than him.

        "She can go with you, why should I go home, besides, I didn't say I was going home." Wang stood out in discontent.

        Without realising it, she began to like the deadly sick chicken in front of her, he was not only good-looking, but most importantly, for a woman like Wang Simin, strength was all that conquered her, and Han Qianli had clearly conquered her.

        The poison was still in her body, and although they have disappeared, Han Qianjiang also knows that missing doesn't mean they don't exist.

        Secondly, it was because Wang Simin had helped herself, so how could Han 3,000 send unrelated people to their deaths, knowing that it was the tiger's way?

        "Master, let's say goodbye then." Han Qianli said, pulling Little Peach, his energy transported, transforming into a golden light and slicing straight into the sky.

        Previously, Han Qianli was incapable of flying all the way and was also worried that flying into the air would reveal his whereabouts, but now, he was fine with that.

        Wang Simin watched Han 3,000 fly away and wanted to chase after him, but then she looked back at Qin Qingfeng, who was unable to fly at all, and saw that if she went after Han 3,000, then Qin Qingfeng would have to d i e in this wild mountain range.

        After pondering for a moment, Wang Simin stomped her foot on the spot in anger: "Dead sick chicken, you crossed the river to tear down the bridge, you shall not d i e a happy death! Ah !!!!"

        Flying into the air, Han 3,000 was more certain of his previous guess. The walls of Tianhu City were indeed so high up into the sky that he didn't know exactly where to probe.

        It had been a few days since Wang Simin had disappeared, and Wang Dong was very anxious, so he sent his men to search everywhere.

        The first time I was in the city, I was in the middle of a long day of work, and I had a lot of questions about what was going on.

        Zhuang Hu touched his head strangely, "Just now, what flew past?"

        The guard next to him also looked confused and shook his head, "I don't know, I just saw a beam of light, boss, could ...... it be possible that someone escaped?"

        Zhuang Hu punched the guard on the head: "What are you thinking, Tianhu City, who can slip away under my nose? You think you grew up eating sh*t Tiger."

        After hammering the soldier, the strong tiger touched his head and looked oddly at the city gate.

        What was that thing just now!

        Fei Long City, in the hall of the city's Fu Clan.

        Fu Tian was writing something in the house when a servant ran in in a panic and kneeled down on the floor as soon as he entered, "Clan leader, it's bad, it's bad."

        "What's wrong again?" Fu Tian's eyebrows furrowed and he slapped the table, standing up in discontent.

Chapter 1792

"This ...... this, Young Master Ao he ...... he ......" the servant looked at Fu Tian and didn't know what to say for a moment.

        Fu Tian stared impatiently, "Say what you have to say."

        "He asked Lady Fu ...... Fu Li to go over to stay with her for two days, and this will be waiting in the lobby." The servant said, quickly burying his head deeply, afraid that Futian would take his anger out on himself.

        Fu Li is Fu Tian's wife, and is one of the faces of the Fu family to the outside world, so to let Fu Li go over to accompany Ao Yi for a few days would be like cuckolding Fu Tian and the entire Fu family in an open and aboveboard manner, wouldn't it?

        If this gets out, how will the Fu family lose face in the Eight Directions in the future?

        "Insolent!" Fu Tian slammed the table, his anger overwhelming, this Ao Yi came to his Fu family for just a few days, but he had done countless things to corrupt morals.

        After he got bored with the four maids in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, this guy aimed his claws at the Fu family's other maids, forcibly defiling dozens of them, and some of them were even members of the Fu family's management who had made contributions to the Fu family. But even so, once Ao Yi was targeted, he could only accept the humiliation.

        In the last two days, Ao Yi's boldness and reckless behaviour had increased, as if he was no longer interested in those lowly maids and was instead focusing on the Fu family's family members.

        In the Fu family's two days, four female servants were assaulted, and the highest status of them had even reached Fu Tian's niece, who was an important member of the Fu family's inner circle.

        However, although Fu Tian was very angry in his heart, he always chose to endure, because he knew the importance of the Eternal Sea to his family, so he did not dare to offend Ao Yi.

        Because of this, Ao Yi is now doing even more whatever he wants in the Fu Family. Fu Tian has even heard rumours from his servants that whenever Ao Yi sees a woman in the Fu Family, no matter who she is, he will take her back to the house by force to give vent to his bestial desires.

        Today, the Fu Family is in a state of panic, and has become a hellish place, with the women of the Fu Family fearing for their lives, for fear of being defiled by Ao Yi.

        Fu Tian was annoyed at what he saw in his eyes and in his heart, but what he never thought was that even if he had turned a blind eye to the situation, this Ao Yi did not know how to restrain himself at all and actually asked his wife to accompany him.

        Is this still putting him at risk?

        Fou Tian rose up with his sleeves and walked towards the lobby.

        Ao Yi was lying on the main chair in the hall, eating good fruit and sipping tea, looking at the young Fu family woman in front of him with a teasing smile, Fu Tian's own niece Fu Yu!

        She was now in tears, her hands trembling as she touched the saree on her shoulders.

        "What are you waiting for? Take off your clothes for me!"

        Fu Yu with tears in her eyes, a few of the Fu family's usually dazzling executives, now one by one, their faces were pale and they quietly pushed their heads to the side.

        "Kusu, where is Fu Li? Why aren't you coming? What is this old boy Fu Tian up to? Do you Fu families want to get out of the business?"

        "Young Master Ao, I've already told my subordinates to invite you, please wait for a moment." A senior executive hurriedly spoke out.

        Usually, these executives were always superior, and often times even when they knew the family wasn't going to make it, they would d i e to save face and act like they were above the rest, but never thought that today, they would be oppressed like this.

        Fu Yu closed her eyes, her fingers gently stroked, and the gauze gradually slipped off her shoulders, when Fu Tian rushed over.

        "Go down!" Fu Tian was gloomy and walked in quickly.

        Fuyu was like grasping a straw, nodded in panic and retreated.

        When he saw Fu Tian come over, Ao Yi laughed, "This kind of vulgarity is really meaningless, Fu Tian, go and call me Fu Li, I'm tired of playing with these young girls lately.

        Fu Tian's face was cold, in front of so many people, Ao Yi's words were simply not giving him the slightest bit of affection, what credibility does this give him in the future in the Fu family?

        "Young Master Ao, please take care of yourself!" Fou Tian coldly said.

        Ao Yi stood up, slapped Fu Tian directly on his body and cursed angrily, "Fu Tian, what are you? Are you also qualified to talk to me like that?"

        Fu Tian was about to strike on the spot, but reason made him forcefully withdraw his hand again, and he could only grit his teeth and push his anger down to his heart.

        Ao Yi was originally a little scared, but seeing that Fu Tian was just as he expected, he obediently didn't dare to attack and became even more disdainful on the spot: "Tell you what, Fu Tian, it's your honour that this young master is interested in your wife, so don't be so f*cking shameless, I'll give you half an hour to send your wife into my room, if not, I, Ao Yi, will definitely make you the whole Fu family! Women all play all over."

        Dropping this sentence, Ao Yi left with a few of his men, happily yelling a tune.

        Fu Qi's face turned cold and his body trembled, Ao Yi literally did not take him, the Fu Clan's patriarch, into his eyes at all, and there was no greater insult in life than to be lusted after by someone's wife or daughter, especially, in front of the crowd of people under his clan!

        All the executives were now quietly looking at Fu Tian, not daring to say anything, they knew that Fu Tian would not be able to endure it.

        A senior executive immediately spoke up, "Clan Head, this Ao Yi is simply too reckless, he has done many beastly things in my Fu Clan these days, treating my Fu Clan as his drinking pool, and now he even wants the Clan Head's wife to accompany him, if word gets out, what face will my Fu Clan have?".

        As soon as the words were out of my mouth, someone immediately said in a sarcastic voice: "Faces? How much is a face worth? If we turn against Ao Yi, with our strength, can we fight against the Eternal Sea? They have the real God, what do we have? If there is a battle, we, the Fu Clan, will not simply lose face, but our lives!"

        "That's right, if we don't have our lives, what's the use of living with our faces?"

        Although life is lousy, but to some people, the fire did not burn on themselves, and it is not their wives and daughters were insulted, so naturally they do not care about things, besides, even if their wives and daughters were insulted, they do not matter, as long as they can keep their own position.

        "If you ask me, the blame for this is simply on Fuyue, if it wasn't for her refusal to listen to the arrangement and not thinking about our family, how would our Fuyue family let people ride on their heads like this?"

        "Yes, it's Fuyuan's fault, for a man from the Azure Planet, who ruthlessly doesn't miss the slightest family bond, she must be held responsible for this."

        Hearing this, Fuyutian's eyes were now cold and fiercely turned back, preventing as if eating people: "Fuyutian !!!!"

Chapter 1793

That's right, it's all Fu Yue's fault.

        Today's humiliation is all Fuyan's doing.

        If it wasn't for Fuyan, how could he have been insulted again and again and again and again?

        "Fujin, immediately inform the lord of Lone Su City that the marriage between Su Yingxia and your son will be held on Folding Day. Fuhai, feed this to Fujin's evil son!"

        With a cold and gloomy face, Fu Tian handed a pill into Fu Hai's hand.

        Seeing the pill, Fu Hai was stunned, "Clan Chief, are you sure?"

        This is the Bone Breaking Pill, one of the forbidden drugs in the Eight Directions, and the person who takes it will often suffer irreversible damage over the next seven days. Firstly, the skin falls off and the flesh turns to water, then the bones are slowly pulverised.

        This is almost the most brutal kil ling technique in the world, so the Bone Breaking Soul Chasing Pill is almost forbidden to use in the Eight Directions World.

        But Fuyutian was now going to use it, and it was still being used on Han Nian's body.

        "Isn't it enough that Fuyuan has harmed our Fuyuan clan? If she can hurt us, why can't we hurt her? She humiliated us, and her daughter will pay for it." Fu Tian said coldly.

        "However, even if we force Han Nian to d i e, Fu Tian may not be willing to give in, instead, once Han Nian di es, Fu Tian will have even less to worry about, and things will only get worse then." Fuyao said.

        Su Yingxia once said that if they used Nian'er to force her, it wouldn't have any effect, and she could choose to avenge Han Nian's death and would never compromise with them.

        Therefore, Han Nian's existence was actually more of a delay to Su Yingxia, but it would be different if Han Nian di ed.

        "I've already made a deal with the Lone Su City Lord, when I get married, I'll let the Lone Su Prince use his strength, although Fuyue is a Kongdong realm, but the Lone Su Prince is just as much a Kongdong realm, plus in these few days, Fuyue has been hit by my forbidden power dispersal, she can't set off any waves." Fu Tian said in a cold voice.

        Fu Hai was stunned, Fuyue was hit by the Forbidden Merit Dismissal? That's impossible, isn't it?

        Fushi's family has never had anyone order to poison her, what's more, Fuyao has always been very vigilant in the family, and there is no chance to poison her.

        He knew that as long as he was there, Fuyao would be very vigilant, so he took the opportunity to go to the Eternal Sea to secretly arrange for his close friends to poison Fuyao in many ways.

        And at that time, Fuyuan would definitely think that he had left, so his guard was relaxed.

        The facts have already proved Fuyuan's suspicions, and Fuyuan's recent face says it all.

        "Besides, a mother's love is the greatest in this world, she can give up her children's lives for that man, but can she watch her children struggle in pain and d i e a little cruel death?"

        Fu Hai couldn't help but smile gloomily after hearing these words, "Clan head, you are still thoughtful."

        Fu Tian coldly snorted, Su Yingxia, you've brought this all on yourself!

        "Go do it."

        Fu Hai nodded his head and withdrew obediently.

        Seeing that Fu Tian had a comprehensive plan, the hearts of a group of executives hanging in the air were now finally relieved, they didn't care whether the methods were dirty or not, malicious or not, as long as they could help them save their own position, they didn't care about the rest.

        It's better for you to d i e than for me to d i e!

        "Clan head, that Fuyi there ......" at this time, someone said.

        "Clan Chief, although Ao Yi is indeed arrogant and excessive, but Fuyi's marriage has not yet been completed, the power of the Lone Su clan will not help us right away, and if we lose the help of the Eternal Sea again, I'm afraid that by then our Fuyi clan, will be very dangerous."

        "Yes, if the key offends the Eternal Sea, once the Eternal Sea retaliates against us, our Fu Clan won't be able to bear it."

        "Sacrificing Fu Li alone will protect the safety of the Fu Clan, patriarch, a little intolerance will lead to chaos."

        A group of senior executives at this time bitterly persuaded, Fu Tian heard these words, his hands shook with anger, sending his wife to someone else's bed with his own hands, this is what any man can not tolerate!

        Sometimes people who advise people to be generous should really stay away from them, otherwise when the thunder comes, it really will hit you!

        "Immediately have Fu Li purify herself, and later, send someone to send her to ...... to Ao Yi's room." Fu Tian's face was cold as he commanded.

        At night, there was no sound of any woman in Ao Yi's room, only the movement of the wooden bed in the room banging madly against the wall.

        In Fu Tian's room, Fu Tian's side of the night was hard to sleep.

        The miserable night passed, and early in the morning of the second day, the entrance of the Fushi family was now resounding with joy, hundreds of servants dressed in red clothes, carrying bride gifts on their shoulders, and a long line was formed in great numbers.

        "Lord Lone Su of Flying General City, and Prince Lone Su, arrive!"

        At this point, the Fu family's steward happily ripped his throat out and yelled!

        When the people of Tian Long City saw the Fu family suddenly bustling with excitement, they knew for a moment that the Fu family was going to have a happy event.