His True Colors Chapter 1789-1790

 Chapter 1789

Han Qianli smiled and didn't say anything.

        This drove Qin Qingfeng mad: "Three thousand, you wanted us to ask, so you answered."

        Han Qianli shook his head: "I did ask you to ask, but I didn't say I had to answer you."

        Han Three Thousand Thousand said, walking quickly towards the front.

        "Oops!!!" Wang Simin's hands were thrust into her waist in anger: "Good you sick chicken, now you're a bull, aren't you? Don't you dare play with us!"

        Qin Qingfeng smiled helplessly, although he didn't know what Han 3,000 had been through, but he was now joking, so he thought he was in a good mood and had gained a lot.

        At the foot of the mountain and back in Carefree Village, Han 3,000 found Xu Hai's corpse and buried it. After paying his respects, Han 3,000 didn't leave, but instead looked at the night sky.

        Looking at the two of them, Han Qianqian slowly smiled, "Really want to know?"

        They were stunned for a moment, not expecting Han Qianli to suddenly be willing to speak again, nodding their heads in unison as if they were pounding garlic.

        When Han 3,000 smiled, the true source of power was actually twofold.

        At first, the Immortal Xuan Armor was almost abnormally repulsive to Han 3000, but after feeling the Pan Gu Axe inside Han 3000, the Immortal Xuan Armor began to slowly accept Han 3000.

        Shortly afterwards, the Indestructible Xuan Armour slowly fused with Han Qianqian's body, and when it was completely fused, a powerful force from the Indestructible Xuan Armour was also injected into Han Qianqian's body.

        As a divine weapon that had opened the heavens and the earth together with the Pangu God, and had been close to him for many years, even after hundreds of thousands of years, the Indestructible Xuan Armour still retained the full Pangu atmosphere.

        When it entered, Han Qianqian felt a qualitative change in his entire body, and what shocked Han Qianqian even more was that the Pangu Axe in his body was suddenly radiant.

        The Pangu Axe and the Indestructible Xuan Armour were themselves the personal weapons of the Pangu God, they could echo each other and naturally affect each other.

        As the Pangu Axe glowed brightly, Han Qianxiang suddenly felt his body becoming stronger in the process, and more importantly, the energy that had been leaping around inside his body suddenly became very well-behaved, and instead of banging around, it became very fearful, turtling up in Han Qianxiang's dantian.

        In the end, it even formed an honest ball, and only then did Han 3,000 suddenly realise that it had condensed into a new golden body.

        "This means that the appearance of the Indestructible Xuan Armor not only helped give you a defence, but also helped you suppress the energy from before, making it obediently submit to you and use it for you?" Qin Qingfeng was surprised.

        "Also, what exactly did Miss Wang give you to eat ah? It will also help you condense into a golden body!" Qin Qingfeng continued.

        But at the same time, he was secretly a little worried for Wang Dong, although Qin Qingfeng didn't know what he was eating, but the energy that could turn itself into a golden body was extraordinary.

        Perhaps, this was copying all of Wang Dong's family history.

        Han Qianli also had no idea that the weird stuff Wang Simin had fed himself would keep him swimming on the edge of death while helping him several times, and eventually even helped him forge a new golden body.

        Han Qianqiang had no idea that one of the pills he had swallowed was a Five Elements Golden Pill, but it was something that had caused Wang Simin of Tianhu City to pound his chest for days and nights, and its power was so great that no one else could imagine it.

        Wang Simin shook his head, looking confused.

        "But it doesn't make sense, Ye Wuhuan is a misty realm expert, ordinary people can't do anything about him, even if you ate something good from the Wang family, but you're still too strong, right? One move and seconds?!" This was where Qin Qingfeng's greatest confusion lay.

        He knew Ye Wuhuan's cultivation too well. Although Ye Wuhuan was not a top-ranking powerhouse in the Eight Directions World, he was definitely not weak either.

        Han Qiangli looked up at the sky, which was already dark.

        Han 3,000 slowly stood up, looked at Qin Qingfeng and said, "Master, it's getting late, we have to work."


        Qin Qingfeng was stunned: "What's the job?"

        "Breaking the Purgatory Formation, although Xu Hai is dead and the daytime beauty of Carefree Village no longer exists, the souls of Carefree Village villagers are just as much subject to the destruction of the Purgatory Formation at night, are we going to watch Carefree Village villagers continue to be tormented by it at night?" Han Marchant explained.

        "The Purgatory Formation?" Qin Qingfeng's eyebrows furrowed, then, with a long sigh "Ye Wuhuan is dead, how else can we break the formation?".

        Han Qianli smiled, "Do we have to need Ye Wuhuan to break the formation? I have an idea."

        "You have an idea?"

        Han 3,000 nodded his head, then, with a gentle transport of energy in his hand, his whole body flew straight into the air, with a golden glow, a gentle stroke in his hand, a big hand wave, a roaring sound, a golden axe appeared in Han 3,000's hand.

        When he saw the axe, Qin Qingfeng, who had just stood up, sat paralysed on the ground in shock, pointing his finger at the golden axe in mid-air, his mouth watering and unable to speak, saying, "Pan ...... Pan Gu! ...... pancake axe, my God ...... is ...... is pancake axe!"

        "What?!" Wang Simin was startled as she stared at Han Qianqian, a handsome figure holding a golden axe in mid-air. At first, she was only shocked by Han Qianqian's appearance, just like the great heroes of countless girls' dreams, holding a divine weapon in his hand and stepping on the clouds.

        But after hearing Qin Qingfeng's words, Wang Simin's entire body was completely stunned.

        The Pan Gu Axe? The highest legendary weapon in the Octagon, the king of all weapons!

        But shouldn't this stuff just exist in legend? How can ...... actually appear?

        Although Wang Simin had followed them all the way to Carefree Village and heard about the secret of Pangu, she had only just learned of the existence of the Indestructible Xuan Armour, which she had thought was already the strongest of all.

        But what she hadn't expected was that the Pangu Axe had even appeared.

        "He can use the Pan Gu Axe now, Han Qianli can actually use the Pan Gu Axe, heaven, heaven!" Qin Qingfeng's face was shaken and he roared hysterically.

        Divine Soldiers dazzle, Soldiers are kings!

        The strongest attack and the strongest defence in the world, he, Qin Qingfeng, never dreamed that he could witness it at the same time and on the same person!

        At this moment, Han Qianqiang slowly lifts his Pangu axe, as if Pangu were alive!

Chapter 1790

When Han Giangli raised his axe and struck down, the blade of the Pangu Axe drove a thunderous golden light straight into the Carefree Village.

        Where the golden light arrived, it turned into a golden stream that slowly spread like a wave across the land of Carefree Village, and countless black lights slowly disappeared under the golden light.

        Looking at the entire village flowing in the golden light, Qin Qingfeng and Xiaotao were simply stunned.

        Along with this stunned, there was an ethereal figure on top of the snowy mountain.

        "Pan Gu Axe, it really is the Pan Gu Axe!" The silhouette couldn't believe the scene at the bottom of the hill.

        If Han Qianqian and the others were here, they would have been surprised to find that this figure was the same Ye Wuhuan who had been killed by Han Qianqian.

        "Qin Qingfeng, Han Qianqian, you have secretly taken the secret of Pan Gu for yourselves behind my back, if I cannot take revenge on Ye Wuhuan, I will not be able to do anything about it." Ye Wuhuan was shocked and extremely unhappy in his heart.

        In his eyes, the person down below should have been himself. For the past three years, he had worked hard for the Secret of Pan Gu, so he should have been the one to get the secret treasure, but in the end, he had nothing, and was even almost killed by Han Qianqian.

        If he hadn't been so eager to improve his cultivation that he secretly used the Purgatory Formation to both trap the villagers of Carefree Village and to refine his grievance qi, he would have died here today.

        The good news is that the evil methods of the Purgatory Formation have been strengthening his soul, and although this has made Ye Wuhuan increasingly ruthless over the years, it did enhance some of his abilities, which allowed him to play a golden cicada escape.

        "Han Qianli, I want you to have a painful death, and what I can't get, you won't get either." The silhouette drank coldly and the whole man quickly moved towards disappearing on top of the snowy mountain.

        Under the Carefree Village, when the golden light was in full bloom, it was also the time when the black Qi of the Carefree Village was scattered, seeing the wronged souls scattered, Qin Qingfeng let out a long breath, being able to see them relieved, Qin Qingfeng claimed that his sins could at least be alleviated a little.

        As Han Qiangli slowly landed on the ground, the golden axe in his hand was instantly withdrawn, and the golden light on his body dimmed once again.

        Wang Simin's heartbeat accelerated as she watched Han Qianqian approach, and she lowered her head without feeling shy.

        "Three thousand, Pangu Axe, you can actually use the Pangu Axe now?" Qin Qingfeng greeted him with great excitement.

        Han Giangli smiled and said softly, "Master, you now know why Ye Wuhuan couldn't even catch a single move in my hands, right?"

        Qin Qingfeng nodded his head as if pounding garlic, although he didn't know exactly how strong Han Qianqian was now, but he knew the answer to Ye Wuhuan being killed by a single move.

        "Strong, strong, it's really too strong, no wonder people all over the world are like demons for the Pan Gu Axe, even doing those ridiculous things." Qin Qingfeng exclaimed.

        Han Qianli smiled, "Strong? I think so too, but unfortunately I still don't know how to use the Pangu Axe!"

        "What? You still can't?" Qin Qingfeng couldn't believe it as he looked at Han Qianli, naturally not believing what he said.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, it was true that he couldn't use it, but when he possessed the Indestructible Xuan Armour, the two of them could respond to each other and the Pangu Axe had begun to awaken because of it, but that was all.

        To truly unlock all the power of the Pangu Axe completely, it was still up to Little Peach!

        "My God, that means, you're so strong now that it's surprisingly ...... just the Pangaea Axe has awakened, and its power ...... power hasn't returned?"

        Qin Qingfeng was shocked, Han 3,000 yuan could kill Ye Lusheng in seconds, but to be so strong, it was only that the Pangu Axe had awakened. After it had truly regained its full strength and Han 3,000 yuan knew how to use his skills, it would still be ......

        It's like a swordsman who has only just opened the blade of his sword without the corresponding technique and without letting the sword reach its peak.

        Qin Qingfeng dare not think!

        Seeing Han Qianli nod, Qin Qingfeng had been surprised and didn't know what to say, and after a moment's contemplation, he looked at Han Qianli and said, "So what are you going to do next?"

        "The matter of Carefree Village has come to an end, and Little Peach's memories will have to be left to chance, none of which is important, Master, I would like to trouble you a little more." Han Qianqian squared off.

        Qin Qingfeng nodded, "Go ahead!"

        "I want you to take Miss Wang home first." Han Qianqian Dao.

        Hearing Han Marchian's words, Wang Simin's heart sank.

        "What about you?" Qin Qingfeng.

        Han Qianli smiled slightly and looked into the sky, Prevent as if in the sky, he saw Su Yingxia's smiling face, "I want to go to Fushi!"

        "Fushi?" Qin Qingfeng was stunned, the Fu Clan was one of the three major clans in the Eightfold World, although it had gone into decline due to the fall of the True God, but the lean camel was still bigger than the horse, the Fu Clan still had its influence in the Eightfold World.

        It was just that he didn't understand how Han Qianxiang was going to get anywhere!