His True Colors Chapter 1787-1788

 Chapter 1787


        Dozens of black-clothed men took orders and swarmed towards Han 3,000 and kil led them.

        The strength of each black-clothed man was almost at the Dao realm, some even reaching the Saint realm, and with the dozens of people working together, it was difficult for even the misty realm to absolutely suppress them!

        Ye Wuhuan had suffered a secret loss on Han 3,000, so he could only use his own men to consume Han 3,000 first, while taking the opportunity to observe what was odd about Han 3,000 himself.

        Qin Qingfeng was a little worried when he saw the situation, he knew that Han 3,000 must have the help of the Indestructible Xuan Armour and its defence was extremely strong, but Han 3,000 also had a fatal problem now, that is, it had no ability to attack.

        Once it was dragged into a tug-of-war, Han 3,000 would soon become exhausted due to its lack of energy, and an expert like Ye Guocheng would definitely find Han 3,000's flaw, and the Immortal Xuan Armour's defence might then become ineffective.

        However, there were times when something, never owned by anyone, naturally could not imagine how outrageously strong and perverse this thing could be at times!

        Faced with the attacks of dozens of black-clothed men, Han Qianli smiled coldly and with one seal of one hand, his body directly abandoned all defences and quickly walked towards the nearest black-clothed man, and with a point in his hand, a beam of gold issued directly from his hand, blasting the nearest black-clothed man into pieces in an instant.

        At almost the same time, all the other black-clothed men's attacks also arrived, and Han Qiangli's body flashed with golden light, and the spells were instantly and directly engulfed by the golden light!

        And Han Qianli came back with a sweep of his cross hand, and a piece of black-clothed man instantly fell to the ground, then like the previous guy, he turned into fine powder.

        Seeing this scene, Qin Qingfeng's entire body was completely stunned.

        What kind of damn strength was this?

        Although these black-clothed men were their subordinates, they were all good in their own right, and their combined attack vanished into smoke without Han Qianxiang even flinching. What was even more astonishing was that these people were like insects in front of Han 3,000 and were reduced to pieces in a single move?

        Equally shocked was Ye Wuhuan!

        His whole body was trembling slightly, and in the decades of travelling across the Eight Directions, even the heads of large families had never made him feel this way.

        Those were all his own right-hand men!

        Surprisingly, it was spiked straight away!

        Even with his training, he would never have been able to do that!

        He suddenly realised how absurd and ridiculous his otherwise perfect plan was now in the face of absolute strength.

        'This ...... is impossible, this is absolutely impossible!' Even if you are an expert of the Kongdong realm, it is absolutely impossible to be so perverted, the Pan Gu treasure, you ...... must have got the Pan Gu treasure, it's it that's working, it's it that's working, brat, tell me quickly, what have you got?" Ye Wuhuan's body was in a trance, and his heart was filled with ten-thousand perversions and anger.

        The more perverted Han Qianqian was, the harder it would be for him, because if he was the one to obtain these treasures, what extraordinary achievements he would have in the future.

        But why, why did he let this brat get what he got!

        "Want to know?" Han Giangli stopped, smiled obliquely, and looked at Ye Wuhuan lightly as if he were death.

        The dozens of black-clothed men around him, now less than five, stood trembling in place, wanting to run away, but their legs were too weak from trembling, and they could only stare at Han Qianqian in fear.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's eyes, Ye Wuhuan was startled, but the demon barrier in his heart drove him to nod his head, "Want!"

        "Go to hell, you'll find the answer." Han Giangli smiled mockingly, his hand rose and fell, the five black-clothed men beside him instantly disappeared in the golden light, followed by a violent acceleration of his figure, flying directly towards Ye Wuhuan.

        Ye Wuhuan was so angry that he had been tricked by this brat again, but facing the rushing Han Qianxiang, he no longer dared to take it lightly and hurriedly used all the energy in his body to unleash his strongest move.

        When the two strands of energy instantly collided, a huge explosion wave even blew a hundred-metre crater out of the snow on the ground, and Xiaotao and Wang Simin were pushed several dozen metres away.

        After the explosion, Han Qiangiang and Ye Wuhuan were standing on the ground ten metres apart, with Han Qiang still standing with his hands in the negative, and Ye Wuhuan looking at him coldly, with drops of blood dripping onto the ground beneath his feet.

        "Ying ...... won?" Qin Qingfeng was lifelessly sitting up from the ground, unbelievably looking at the two people in the centre of the giant pit.

        "Sick chicken ...... sick chicken he ......" Wang Simin was even more shocked to the point of speech, she could not imagine that in this Heavenly Lake City, there was still someone who could hurt Ye Wuhuan!

        In the giant pit, Han Giangli shook his head helplessly, "Now, do you still want to know?"

Chapter 1788


        A mouthful of blood spurted out directly from Ye Wuhuan's mouth, then Ye Wuhuan's body could no longer support it and he fell to his knees heavily on the snow, he could hardly believe that he was defeated!

        And a complete and utter defeat!

        The defeat, even more so at the hands of a young man with no name.

        "It's nothing really, just a pair of armour, and now that I've told you, it's time for you to be on your way." Han Qianli smiled coldly, and with a draw in his hand, the jade sword appeared.

        Ye Wuhuan's eyes were filled with fear as he watched Han Qianli slowly approach with his sword in hand, "Don't, don't ki ll me, I'm the Lord of Tianhu City, I can give you a lot of gold, silver and jewellery, I can give you a lot of heavenly treasures, I can even give you half of Tianhu City!"

        "Sounds like a lot of fun." Han Qianli stopped playfully.

        Seeing Han Qianqian like this, Ye Wuhuan suddenly saw hope and even panicked and compensated, "As long as you don't kil l me, you have whatever you want? OK?"

        "Yes!" Han Three Thousand nodded, and just as Ye Wuhuan finally took a breath, Han Three Thousand suddenly smiled, "But the Carefree Village has better chips than you, so you should be responsible for what you did three years ago."

        After saying that, Han Qianli slowly raised his jade sword.

        "You ...... have tricked me again!" As the jade sword slashed at him, Ye Wuhuan cried out his last words in reluctance and fear, "The jade sword has arrived, and the blood has blocked my throat!

        He touched his bleeding neck, but still he could not stop the frantic flow of blood, and soon there was a final struggle to shake the chaos of his body, and the blood, too, stained the snow red.

        "Dead sick chicken, you're too good, too good." Wang Simin shouted as she saw Ye Wuhuan fall, holding up her body and looking excitedly at Han Giangli.

        There was clearly a hint of heat and appreciation in her eyes.

        Han 3,000 just smiled and walked a few steps to the three of them, helping them up one by one, if they hadn't fought to the death to buy time for themselves, they might have been able to ruin the process of identifying with the Indestructible Xuan Armor by Ye Wuhuan, so Han 3,000 was very grateful to the three of them.

        "As powerful as I am, I have to thank you all, especially you, Miss Wang." Han Marchiang said.

        Wang Simin blushed and lowered her head, "Me?"

        Why is Han Qianqiang the only one to thank himself? Could it be that he is also interested in himself?

        Nodding his head, Han Qianli didn't really have any other thoughts to thank Wang Simin for, but it was solely because one of the pills in the mess Wang Simin had fed himself had brought a rampaging energy to his body.

        Although he was once hovering on the brink of life or death because of this energy, at least it had helped him do a lot of things, including identifying with the Indestructible Xuan Armour!

        "Of course, there's Peach!" Afterwards, Han Qianqian looked at Xiaotao with great sincerity, his eyes full of gratitude.

        Seeing Han Qianqian like this, Wang Simin was a little lost in her heart, originally thinking that he was treating himself in a special way, but to her surprise, the way he looked at Little Peach was clearly much more sincere.

        "Duke Han, Little Peach didn't help you with anything, it's all your own destiny." Little Peach bowed her head slightly and said softly.

        When Han Giangli looked at Qin Qingfeng, he was now lowering his head.

        "You've already obtained the Pan Gu Clan's treasure, and my mission is complete, ki ll me, ki ll me so that the villagers of Carefree Village can truly rest in peace." Finished speaking, Qin Qingfeng closed his eyes.

        Han Qianli shook his head and said calmly, "How can a disciple ki ll his master? Your life is up to Little Peach to decide, at least until she regains her memory, you have to live."

        Qin Qingfeng looked up at Peach, and Peach looked at Han 3000, she didn't know whether she should ki ll Qin Qingfeng or not, the only person she trusted was Han 3000.

        After a few moments, she nodded her head.

        Wang Simin looked at the three men's operations, completely baffled, what were they doing? Isn't Qin Qingfeng the master of Han Qianqian? Why did Han Qianqian have to ki ll him again? If Han Qianqian doesn't ki ll him, why does it depend on Xiaotao's opinion again? What's going on here?

        "What do you guys ...... mean by that?" Wang Simin asked oddly.

        The three of them looked at each other and walked towards the bottom of the mountain, leaving Wang Simin, who didn't understand from where she was, a moment later reflecting that the three of them had already gone far away, before rushing up in a hurry: "You three, wait for me."

        On the way down from the top of the snowy mountain, Han Qianli had been smiling gently, he had already seen Wang Simin and Qin Qingfeng's desire to stop talking, and could guess what they wanted to ask themselves.

        "If you want to ask, just ask." Han Marchiang said.

        With Han Three Thousand's words, Qin Qingfeng then quickly asked, "What exactly happened to you in the valley? Even though you've identified with the indestructible mystic armour, you should only have defence, but you just attacked ......"

        "Yes, even Ye Wuhuan was directly defeated by you in one strike, he was close to the strongest of the Kongdong." Wang Simin also pursued the question.