His True Colors Chapter 1784-1786

 Chapter 1784

"Oh my God, what on earth is going on here ......?"

        Caves and the like, Wang Simin gazed at the golden light of the valley with amazement, and at the same time was shocked to the spot for a long time.

        I had never thought that there would be a scene in this world where beauty and domination coexisted.

        Qin Qingfeng also opened his mouth wide, unable to close it at all, and the scene in front of him, at the same time, deeply shocked him, golden light all over the valley, this is simply an incomparably shocking spectacle.

        At the same time, in this golden light, he felt a peaceful and domineering presence at the same time.

        It was as if a gentle, jade-like master was sitting in front of you and you knew that he was very powerful, but at the same time, he was smiling at you.

        Suddenly, the whole valley suddenly resounds with the sound of scripture reciting, like a group of monks whispering in their ears and circling around the valley.

        "Oh my God, look." Suddenly, Wang Simin shrieked, and Qin Qingfeng followed her line of sight, and in the pit below the disc, a golden armour was now slowly rising.

        The entire golden armour was extremely beautifully crafted and full of dominance, and just a glimpse of its appearance was enough to make one feel that it was indestructible.

        Han Giangli smiled as he didn't stop Peach's wager from succeeding.

        And the reason he didn't stop it was obviously that he believed in a reflection of Peach itself.

        People could forget everything, but the body's instincts would never forget, just like the village chief, even if he was a walking corpse, without consciousness, but when something touched his body's instincts, he would reflexively, even uncontrollably, respond.

        It is as if anyone who is hungry opens his or her mouth back and anyone who is sleepy wants to close his or her eyes.

        This is true even of lower animals, even if they are unintelligent or even cold-blooded, but their instinct is to protect their cubs.

        This is instinct.

        And Han Giangli believes that what Peach did just now was instinct too!

        "Han Gongzi, I know what words are written on that wall."

        Suddenly, Peach, who was now looking at Han Qianli in surprise, didn't know why, but when the golden light flashed, she suddenly knew all the meanings of those words.

        "Indestructible Xuan Armour, the armour of the Pan Gu Gods, made of violet gold lightning, with the surrounding body covered with a startling hydroxyl divine light. Peach's entire body hurriedly explained at Han Qianqian.

        "What?! Indestructible Genuine Armour?!" When Qin Qingfeng heard this name, his entire body staggered, his face pale.

        The first thing you need to know is what you can do with the armor, and what you can do with the armor.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

        Legend has it that the Pangu God was wearing it, carrying the Pangu Axe, which was designed to break the heavens and the earth, while the Indestructible Armour withstood the powerful attack from the splitting of the heavens and the earth!

        If the Pangu Axe is the king of all weapons, then the Indestructible Xuan Armour is the queen of all weapons!

        The former is invincible and invincible, while the latter is invincible and can withstand trillions of attacks!

        It never occurred to me that the secret of the Pangu clan was not only hidden in the secret of the Pangu Axe, but also such an amazing treasure!

        One attack and one defence, as if the gods of Pangu had been born, who can do anything about it?

        "Wonderful, wonderful, it's really too wonderful." Qin Qingfeng gazed incredulously at the indestructible Xuan Armour, and all the things that the Eight World had been drunk with for ten thousand years had appeared in Han Qianqian's hands.

        It was better to come early than by coincidence, there was nothing more mysterious in this world.

        At this thought, Qin Qingfeng suddenly cried tears of joy, having wasted half of his life, only to be betrayed by his disciple and end up in such a lonely place, but he never expected that a twist of fate would bring him such a disciple.

        The heavens really are not at all kind to him.

        At first, he thought it was just Zhu Ying's paranoia, but now he could better understand that Zhu Ying had placed a heavy bet and loved him deeply.

        If he were himself and could trade his life for Han Qianxiang's, he would never have hesitated for half a second, with such a disciple, what the hell was the harm in dying?

        Wang Simin stayed where she was, unable to speak for a long time at this point, although she didn't know who the Immortal Xuan Armor was, she could feel the overbearing momentum that this armor transmitted.

        Her Wang family was also considered a noble family, and she had seen many strange weapons, but in front of this pair of armour, they all seemed to be trash, no, the trash of trash!

        "Mr. Han, please show your Pan Gu axe to enter the God Pit, as the armour seems willing to acknowledge you as master." Little Peach said softly.

        Nodding and forcing the energy in his body, Han Jiangli endured the pain of it leaping around in his body once again, and when the Pan Gu Axe mark on his forehead slowly rose, Han Jiangli's face sank as he slowly walked into the divine pit.

Chapter 1785

And almost immediately, Wang Simin suddenly furrowed her brow, "Someone is coming."

        Little Peach said urgently, "The writing on the wall states that Prince Han and the Indestructible Xuan Armor are in the midst of recognising their master and must not be disturbed, otherwise, it is very likely that they will go off the rails."

        Qin Qingfeng's eyebrows furrowed, "How long does he need?"

        Peach shook her head: "It's not written on it, it just says that everything goes with fate."

        Wang Simin's eyebrows furrowed and she gently drew her twin swords, "I owe that dead sick chicken once, this time, pay him back."

        "Wait!" Qin Qingfeng quickly held Wang Simin's hand, "The person who has come is not someone you and I can fight with, if you go, you will simply be sent to your death.".

        Qin Qingfeng knew better than anyone else who the person was, after all, it was a "friend" who had fought alongside him, and what kind of cultivation that person had, Qin Qingfeng knew too well.

        Not to mention Wang Simin, even in his prime, he might not be a match for him. Moreover, with his position, he would have scavenged more resources for cultivation in the past three years, and would only be more ferocious than before.

        And how could Wang Simin be a match for him!

        "Are we going to stand by and watch a dead, sick chicken fail?" Wang Simin questioned in a cold voice.

        The question stunned Qin Qingfeng for a moment, and he nodded, "I'll go with you."

        "I'll go too!" Xiaotao looked at Wang Simin with determination.

        Wang Simin hesitated a little and bit her teeth: "Fine, if the nest is overturned, we'll fight them."

        The three of them looked at each other, nodded, and flew straight up from the valley.

        The middle-aged man, who was leading dozens of men, had just rushed to the top of the valley peak and was stunned when he saw the three shadows flying out, and after seeing the three men clearly, the middle-aged man who headed the group suddenly revealed a meaningful sneer, "I thought who was so capable that he could find Carefree Village, but it was you, a loser."

        When Qin Qingfeng heard this, his face turned cold, but he knew that he simply did not have the strength to be angry.

        Instead, Wang Simin, who was on the side, was surprised when she saw the leading middle-aged man, "City Lord Ye, it ...... is you!!!"

        Three years ago, the main leader who conspired with Qin Qingfeng to massacre Carefree Village was none other than the current Lord of Lake City, Ye Wuhuan!

        Seeing Wang Simin, Ye Wuhuan was also obviously slightly surprised, however, this surprise was fleeting, as he wouldn't let what happened today leak out, no matter who was in front of him.

        "Simin, it's Uncle Ye, you, why are you staying with scum like Qin Qingfeng, and also, tell Uncle Ye, did you find something here?" Ye Wuhuan said with a gentle fake smile.

        She was about to speak when she saw Ye Wuhuan's question, but was stopped by Qin Qingfeng.

        Only then did Wang Simin remember what she was coming up to do, and she closed her mouth guardedly.

        Seeing Wang Simin like this, Ye Wuhuan looked at Qin Qingfeng coldly, "Qin waste, it seems that you're going to toast but not eat the forfeited wine? Three years ago, I could have made you a wreck, three years from now, I'll make you a dead man. Give it to me!"

        In a furious shout, a dozen black-clothed men behind Ye Wuhuan suddenly ran directly towards the three men, each of them holding a silver sword, like a phantom, then directly attacked.

        She was so impressed that she was able to get out of the way of the black-clothed men, but she was able to get out of the way of the black-clothed men.

        "Simin, come to Uncle Ye, that Qin waste is simply a traitor, the sword has no eyes, Uncle Ye doesn't want to hurt you!" Ye Liao Cheng's cold voice.


        Wang Simin paid no heed to this, still trying her best to fend off the attack of the man in black.

        Ye Liao Cheng's face was cold, an acceleration, and before Wang Simin understood what was going on, she was directly hit by a strange force that instantly flew hundreds of meters, and finally hit the ground heavily, a mouthful of blood suddenly stained a large area of red blood stains.

        "Deathless!" Ye Wuhuan looked at Wang Simin coldly, if Wang Simin did not block his way, he did not want to ki ll Wang Simin, after all, the Wang family had some power in Tianhu City, kil ling the Wang family's daughter would naturally be a bit troublesome.

        However, if she were to block his path, neither would the old man of Heaven!

        He was about to get up, when Qin Qingfeng stood in front of Ye Wuhuan and shook his head, "City Lord Ye, stop and turn back."

        "Dead trash, you stole to Carefree Village behind my back, and you have the face to tell me to stop? Do you think you're some kind of saint?" Ye Wuhuan shouted, then waved his hand and Qin Qingfeng's entire body was swept away like paper, flying hundreds of metres and finally hitting the ground so hard that he couldn't move a muscle!

        Ye Wuhuan was about to move forward again, when Peach slowly opened her arms again and blocked his way, and although she was only a weak woman, Peach's eyes were full of determination.

        "Who the f*ck are you again?" Ye Wuhuan was furious, but just then, his eyes fiercely looked at the blue mark on Peach's arm.

Chapter 1786

Then, Ye Wuhuan's entire body was startled: "You're ...... no, this ...... this is impossible!"

        Ye Wuhuan placed his eyes on Qin Qingfeng, obviously, he hoped that Qin Qingfeng could give him an answer, after all, the raid three years ago, they had left almost no survivors in Carefree Village, except for Xu Hai, the patriarch's son.

        So Little Peach's appearance naturally made Ye Wuhuan both surprised and surprised.

        But soon, a fierce smile appeared on Ye Wuhuan's face, and he understood that no wonder that guy Xu Hai had been forced for three years and had never told himself any of the Pan Gu secrets, but as soon as these people came, Xu Hai suddenly became abnormal, and his intuition told him that this group of people must have obtained the Pan Gu secret treasures.

        As for the Pan Gu woman, perhaps it was Qin Qingfeng, the b*tch who had hidden it behind his back!

        "Very well, your appearance makes me even more sure of one thing, that is, you must have found something." After saying that, Ye Wuhuan directly accelerated, Xiao Peach's entire body was about to be knocked off the ground, and Wang Simin struggled to get up from the ground, but found that he couldn't use any strength.

        "Bang!" With a loud bang, Little Peach suddenly smashed heavily onto the ice a few metres away, and her entire body felt like it was about to fall apart.

        Peach looked up at the pit next to her with great difficulty and said worriedly, "Mr. Han, there's only so much Peach can do."

        A second's delay is a second's delay, this was the strategy the three had set up as soon as they came up here, even if they couldn't beat them, they still had to buy some time for Han Third Thousand.

        "A bunch of losers, trying to stop me too? It's out of our league!" Ye Wuhuan snorted with disdain.

        Just as he was about to turn around and take someone down the cave, a calm voice suddenly sounded: "Are you strong?"

        Accompanying this sound was the sound of soft footsteps on the snow, and Ye Wuhuan turned back only to see Han Qianqian in the snow with a faint smile on her lips, walking with her hands held back, her posture extremely elegant.

        "Three thousand?!"

        "Dead sick chickens!"

        "Mr. Han!"

        Wang Simin, Xiaotao and Qin Qingfeng were desperate and worried when they suddenly saw Han Marchant, both excited and relieved.

        "Who the f*ck are you?" Looking at Han Qianqian, Ye Wuhuan frowned at once.

        However, his eyes were always filled with disdain, no matter who the other party was, Ye Wuhuan didn't care, as the master of a city, Ye Wuhuan's cultivation could naturally be rampant, especially when the opposite side was just a young boy, he was even more relaxed.

        Those who could deal with him, apart from the True Gods, could only be people from big families.

        But the boy in front of him was very strange, obviously he couldn't be from any big family.

        "Three thousand, be careful, his cultivation is very high." Qin Qingfeng warned at this point.

        Wang Simin nodded, "Yeah, Dead Sick Chicken, be careful, he only needs one move to deal with us."

        Han Qianqian smiled at the words, "That strong?"

        Ye Wuhuan smiled disdainfully, although he had heard these compliments a lot, they were always pleasant, looking at Han Qianqian, he said coldly: "Since you know how powerful I am, I advise you to be honest, were you in the pit below just now? What have you got? Hand it over honestly, and maybe I'll be in a good mood and spare your life."

        Han Qianqiang smiled gently, "Do you really want to know what I took?"

        Han Qianli deliberately let out a pause, and when Ye Wuhuan was fully aroused, he suddenly said coldly, "What are you? Why should I tell you!"

        Ye Wuhuan thought Han Qianqian was going to tell him the answer, but who knew he was playing with him so much, and his face turned cold: "Ba sta rd, how dare you play with me?"

        "So what if I'm playing with you?" Han Qianli coldly said.

        Ye Wuhuan's entire body was furious, as the lord of Tianhu City, in decades, no one had ever dared to speak to him with such an attitude: "Kid, you've succeeded in pissing me off."

        As soon as the words fell, Ye Wuhuan's entire figure suddenly disappeared, and then Han Qianqian only felt an extremely strong energy rushing towards him around him.

        "So fast!" Han Giangli could not help but praise him softly.

        To describe him as fast as lightning was like even describing a rocket as a turtle, he was so fast that there wasn't even an afterimage!

        "Three thousand, look out!" Qin Qingfeng shouted out urgently, even as his whole body braced itself despite the pain due to worry.

        What was dumbfounding was that in the face of Ye Wuhuan's attack, Han Qiangiang remained motionless in place, not even bothering to lift the hand behind his back.

        "This dead sick chicken, is it stupid? Hurry up and hide." Wang Simin looked anxious.

        She knew too well how high Ye Wuhuan's cultivation was, she was also considered to be close to the Saint realm, although it was true that she could not stop an expert at the misty level, but it was not so much that she could be kil led by a casual move, Ye Wuhuan's strength had to be at least at the high level of misty, close to the Kongdong realm.

        Facing such an expert, even at the same realm, it would be impossible not to dodge!

        What is Han Qianqian doing? Looking for death?

        Ye Wuhuan also smiled in his heart at this moment, seeing that Han Qianxiang did not dodge like a log, the energy in his hands could not help but be even greater, bound to ki ll Han Qianxiang directly with one blow.


        A big bang!

        When Ye Wuhuan's entire body crashed into Han Qianqian, a golden light flashed around him, and Ye Wuhuan instantly felt like he had hit an incomparably hard boulder, not only was his entire fist numb, but his body even fell back several metres due to the reaction force.

        Ye Wuhuan stared at Han Qianqian coldly, his face forcibly calm, but his internal organs were rolling and he really didn't understand what was going on.

        With his ability, which was already at the highest stage of the misty realm, a full-force strike, not to mention an expert of the same realm, even a Kongdong realm person, would not be able to take his own move without defending himself and, moreover, repel himself!

        "Is this it? Also called a master?" Han Qianli patted the dust off his body and left his mouth in disdain.

        Seeing that Han Qianli was unharmed, Wang Simin and Xiaomao heaved a sigh of relief, and even had a happy look in the next second.

        "Heavens, is this the power of the Indestructible Xuan Armour? An expert like Ye Wuhuan couldn't even break it." Qin Qingfeng muttered to himself, he couldn't imagine that this indestructible Xuan Armour was so strong that it was so perverted.

        Wang Simin looked at Han Qianqian, who was calm and composed, and the emotion in her eyes changed significantly, she suddenly realized how handsome Han Qianqian, the sick chicken, had become.

        Ye Wuhuan, who was mocked by Han Qiangli, was not in the same mood as the three of them. He swept a glance at the dozens of black-clothed people behind him and snapped coldly, "What are you all waiting for? Ki ll him for me!"