His True Colors Chapter 1781-1783

 Chapter 1781

A few moments later, in the middle of the residence, a middle-aged man led dozens of black-clothed men in a rapid pursuit towards the east under the darkness of the night.

        The Carefree Village.

        The village chief's dead soul was completely covered in wounds, without the restraints of the Purgatory Formation, looking at Peach in front of him, he frowned faintly.

        "Even if you can stop the Purgatory Formation for a while, he's as demented as a corpse." Xu Hai shouted with pain. Xu Hai shouted with great pain.

        Qin Qingfeng shook his head, "The village head has unexplained matters, and I believe that his will, like most people, can never completely disappear, and his instincts must exist on his body. Three Thousand, push the Pan Gu Axe."

        Han Three Thousand nodded, even though the energy in his body from the war just now had started to leap around and was very dangerous, Han Three Thousand still didn't hesitate to choose to fight to the death because he knew that this might be the only chance he had to know how to use the Pangu Axe.

        If you lose it, you'll never come back!

        He is not greedy for the power of the Pangu Axe, but he wants to save Su Yingxia!

        So, what's wrong with dying for Su Yingxia?

        "Up!" Gritting his teeth and shouting furiously, Han 3,000 gritted his teeth and forcefully pushed his strength, the energy was like gasoline meeting fire, instantly becoming more active, and in just a few moments, Han 3,000 felt as if he was about to be directly burst by the energy.

        But even so, Han 3,000 still gritted his teeth and the golden light on his forehead grew brighter and brighter.

        The village chief, who was standing in front of Han 3,000, now had his entire pale face illuminated by the golden light, and almost simultaneously, countless images flashed wildly through his mind.

        "Pan Gu Axe! Disc Axe! It's ...... is the Pangu Axe, the carefree secret place, the top of the snowy mountain, the Pangu Million Secret! Carefree Secrets, the top of the Snowy Mountains, the secret of Pangaea!

        Suddenly, the village chief's entire body stared at him with wide eyes, and his mouth shouted even more loudly in excitement.

        "Mei Jiao, Mei Jiao, Mei Jiao, you ...... have the Orb of the Pan Gu Axe on your body, you have to live, live!"

        Almost immediately, the yellow light on Han Qianli's forehead suddenly dissipated, and then the whole man directly choked on his throat, a mouthful of blood spurted directly into the air, flew several metres backwards, and hit the ground heavily.

        The village chief lost the golden light, and his eyes were suddenly distracted, much the same as they had been when he came out.

        Qin Qingfeng anxiously tried to pull Han Qiangli up, but he was blocked by Han Qiangli, who reluctantly tried again.

        Qin Qingfeng saw the situation and quickly stopped him, "There's no need, if you ask any more questions, you won't be able to ask anything, Xu Hai is right, his dead soul has basically been tortured like a walking corpse by the Purgatory Formation, and the fact that he was able to give out some key information is the only belief he has left to hold on to."

        I'm afraid that only Han Qianli's revealing of the Pan Gu Axe Seal, something that is more important than life to the village head's life, could stimulate him to reflexively speak out the words hidden deep in his heart.

        Otherwise, the Purgatory Formation would not have failed to make him speak for three years.

        As for the Immortal Tears on Little Peach's body, it was not important to him; what was most important in his life was the secret of Pangu and the safety of Little Peach.

        The most important thing in his life is the secret of the Pan Gu and Peach's safety. Asking again really won't get you anywhere.

        "Besides, Xu Hai is about to be unable to hold on any longer."

        Han Qianli looked up and saw that Xu Hai's body was trembling madly from the effort of holding on, and the two huge blood holes that had burst open on his body had long since bled all over his body, and now there was even less blood to leave behind.

        Han Giangli finally nodded.

        "Withdraw the formation!" Qin Qingfeng got up and waved the two small flags, the blood light scattered, and Xu Hai finally took a breath, his entire body falling softly to the ground.

        He struggled to get up from the ground, raised his head and said with great difficulty, "Senior, True God, the patriarch has already told you that on top of the snowy mountain, there is my Pan Gu secret treasure, so you should hurry and go."

        "What about you?" Han Qianqian was concerned.

        Xu Hai smiled bitterly, "Don't worry about me, I can't escape from here, besides, the Purgatory Formation was broken, that person must have already known, he will definitely send someone over to chase you, the top of the Snow Mountain is a long way, there is always someone to help you break the back. However, I have a request that I hope the True God will grant."

        Han Giangli was a little touched in his heart and nodded with difficulty, "You say."

        "Lu Meijiao is the only descendant of my Pan Gu Clan, True God, Xu Hai begs you to protect her safety." Xu Hai pleaded.

        Han Qianli nodded, "Don't worry, as long as this life of mine, Han Qianli, is still alive, nothing will happen to Little Peach."

        Xu Hai nodded, his entire body relieved, "True God, you should set off, they, they're almost here."

        Han Giangli gritted her teeth, hesitated for a moment, and stood up with Qin Qingfeng's help, "Okay, Xu Hai, then it's hard for you."

        "Fighting for the Pangu Clan and the True God is not hard work, it's honour." After saying that, he slowly stood up and walked towards the entrance of the Carefree Village, one step at a time.

        In Han Qianli's eyes, Xu Hai at this moment was like a hero.

        Han Qianli ruthlessly spat out the blood in his mouth, looked at the high mountains behind him, and coldly drank, "Good, let's go!"

Chapter 1782

On the way up the mountain, Han Giangxi couldn't help but look back in the direction of Carefree Village, and when she reached the halfway point of the mountain, Carefree Village gave off a flash of light, and Han Giangxi knew that the group of people had arrived, and Xu Hai should also be burning the last moment of his life.

        "The group wanted to humiliate him, so they removed his features and made him feel the persecution of his fellow clansmen with his heart, and for him, the torment was far worse than seeing it with the naked eye, so today might be a relief for him." Qin Qingfeng gave a bitter sigh.

        "Who exactly are they?" Han Giangli asked in a cold voice through gritted teeth.

        "You'll see." Qin Qingfeng didn't say anything, lowering his head and walking towards the mountain.

        With an angry glance at Qin Qingfeng, Han Qianli followed behind him and also set off again.

        After a night of walking, the four of them finally resisted the top of the mountain at dawn, Han Qianli kept his teeth clenched and looked at Qin Qingfeng with eyes filled with anger.

        He shouldn't have committed such a crime.

        Even less should he have been in the same boat as those people!

        At this time of daybreak, with excellent sight lines, looking at the Carefree Village at the foot of the mountain, there was no flourishing prosperity, just a broken wall.

        "Doesn't Carefree Village exist anymore?" Wang Siemin looks out over the now carefree village and muses.

        "It has never existed." Han Qianli was a little sad.

        Yesterday's scene was but a dream.

        When you wake up from a dream, there is nothing left.

        "Let's ...... us find something." Qin Qingfeng pinned his head to the side and bowed his head to himself, heading forward.

        At the foot of the mountain, the leading middle-aged man looked at Xu Hai, who was already dying, and his anger grew. It had been a whole night of torture, but the son of a b*tch hadn't uttered a word, dead or alive.

        In a fit of rage, he killed Xu Hai and sent people around the village to look for him.

        Carefree Village is located in a basin, and as long as they guarded a line of sky at the entrance to the village, it would be impossible for the group to escape from anywhere else.

        At that moment, one of the men hurriedly ran over, "Sir, footprints were found at the snowy mountain at the back of the mountain, and I believe someone ran to the snowy mountain."

        The middle-aged man looked coldly at the snowy mountain: "What were they doing there?"

        The subordinates laughed coldly, "The snowy mountain is white, except for some trees, not a single blade of grass grows, so I think it's a bunch of fools who can't even find a place to hide."

        The middle-aged man locks his eyebrows, could it be that he wants to play a game with himself, where the most dangerous place is the safest?


        Suddenly the middle-aged man's eyes went cold: "Tell everyone to stop searching and come with me immediately to the mountain to hunt."

        How could things be so simple? That group of people could actually see the Carefree Village's formations and, at the same time, allow Xu Hai to suddenly play with his own life!

        With this in mind, he led a group of people straight towards the top of the snowy mountain.

        On the other hand, Han Qianqian and his group had been searching for the so-called Pan Gu treasure on the mountain for several hours.

        But the four of them had already circled the mountain top almost once, but even an ordinary cave, not to mention the secret Pan Gu treasure, was nowhere to be found.

        It was simply a bare snowy mountain, with no grass and nothing else.

        "Could the old village chief be lying to us, and even if he wasn't lying to us, think about it, he was destroyed in the Purgatory Formation for so many years, it's normal for him to be delirious, he said he couldn't remember clearly." Wang Simin was exhausted to the point of exhaustion.

        Qin Qingfeng shook his head, "It shouldn't be, it's an instinctive conditioned reflex, how could it be false?"

        "But look around, it doesn't look like there's any treasure anywhere." Wang Simin discouraged.

        Han Qianli didn't bother to pay attention to her and continued his search on his own, finding clues with great difficulty.

        If Han 3,000 won't give up, Qin Qingfeng, a self-confessed sinner, naturally didn't dare to slow down, and although he was tired, he still searched earnestly.

        Although Xiaotao's body was the weakest of the four, and the continuous climbing and searching had left her exhausted, she still clenched her teeth and persevered.

        Although she couldn't remember anything about the place, she had an inkling that these people had a great deal to do with her, and at the same time, she was willing to persevere for the sake of Han 3000.

        Seeing that Peach was panting from exhaustion, Wang Simin now grabbed Peach's hand and then walked towards a towering snowbank on the side: "Ignore them, let them find it, you're so tired, why don't you rest for a while?".

        Xiaotao took a hard look at Han Qianqian, but in the end she couldn't resist Wang Simin's tug, and besides, she was really tired.

        Thinking of this, Xiaotao slowly sat down on the ground.

        But as soon as she sat down, the snow beneath her was instantly unburdened and she fell straight on her buttocks, and in her panic she subconsciously tried to support herself with her hands.

        The snowy mountain seemed to have some kind of hand-knocking tool, and when Xiaotao's hand touched it, it instantly cut a gash in her hand, and blood flowed down her hand, invading the snow and slowly seeping downwards.

        Han Giangli and the others hadn't even noticed when, beneath the layer of snow beneath their feet, there was a sudden flash of golden light, and in the next second the whole ground began to rumble and the snow on the ground began to crumble!

Chapter 1783

Almost at the same time, Han Qiangan and the others felt their bodies shake and their feet lose their centre of gravity. In the nick of time, Han Qiangan shipped his energy and flew up, pulling Peach and Qin Qingfeng up with his spells, while Wang Simin also flew up quickly.


        With a loud bang, the frozen ground directly collapsed, revealing an incomparably large crater.

        "What's going on here ......?" Wang Simin looked down in shock and was clearly shocked.

        Qin Qingfeng's eyebrows furrowed, "Why is there a big hole here?"

        After landing on the ground, he used his hand on the edge of the cave entrance, gently wiping away the upper layer of snow to reveal the surface, but a strange patterned boulder, he looked up and said coldly, "This could be the place we're looking for."

        Han Qianli's words suddenly made Qin Qingfeng and the others on the side incomparably more excited, gazing into the cave as if they were looking through the darkness.

        "Let's go in." Han Qianli's face sank, and then his entire body flew straight down with a single leap.

        Qin Qingfeng and Xiaotao looked at Wang Simin, and with her help, the three of them followed closely behind.

        Inside the cave was a huge circular valley, a hundred metres in diameter and about fifty metres wide, almost perpendicular to the mountain.

        After a short flight, the three arrived at the valley floor, which was made of stone bricks, surrounded by neat and ornate walls similar to those made of bronze bricks, which were old and somewhat corroded in colour, but on the whole, it was an extremely solemn place.

        At the very centre of the cave, there is a round stone platform with an axe totem on it, and around it, four stone beasts roar at it in the shape of open mouths and teeth.

        "There are words on it," Wang Simin suddenly shouted.

        The three of them hurriedly turned back, and on the eastern side of the stone wall, there were several rows of characters densely written on it, but these characters were not recognizable to Han Qianli, nor to Wang Simin.

        "It's the Pan Gu script." Qin Qingfeng frowned at Han Three Thousand.

        The three of them immediately focused their attention on Peach, who was the only one here who was a member of the Pangu clan, and only she could possibly understand these strange and bizarre characters.

        Xiaotao looked at Han 3,000 nervously, not knowing what to do for a moment.

        Han Qianqian nodded at her, signalling to her not to be nervous, just give it a try, after all, to Han Qianqian, these were all opportunities.

        Xiaotao nodded and looked up at the words on the wall seriously, having a headache for a moment, the words seemed very familiar to her, but when the words came to her mouth, she didn't know how to speak.

        "Ah Peach, do you know them?" Qin Qingfeng now said urgently.

        Little Peach anxiously shook her head and nodded again, not knowing how to reply, and could only desperately continue to stare at the words on the wall.

        A moment later, Little Peach shouted violently in distress, then her entire body directly went limp and collapsed onto the floor.

        "Little Peach, how are you?" Han Giangli rushed over, concerned.

        Peach shook her head, "I'm sorry, Mr. Han."

        Han Three Thousand's heart sank and he smiled bitterly, "It's fine, you've done your best."

        Xiaotao had no choice but to figure it out on her own, not knowing the words, so Han Three Thousand simply stopped reading, so Han Three Thousand stood up straight away and walked towards the most central round platform.

        He looked at the four stone statues and then at the round platform at his feet, trying to find the mechanism.

        The platform seemed to be movable, but after trying it, even though he transported energy to move it, it did not move at all.

        Han Giangli looked up to see that it was Xiaotao and was about to speak when she first said, "Mr. Han, do you believe Xiaotao?"

        Han Giangli was a little baffled by her inexplicable question, but still nodded: "I believe so."

        Peach held out her hand: "Can I borrow your sword for a moment?"

        Although puzzled, Han Qianli wondered what she was doing and slowly pulled out his jade sword as he looked at her. After receiving Han 3,000's jade sword, Xiaotao gritted her teeth, as if she had made up her mind about something.

        Then, when everyone was utterly confused, Xiaotao violently raised the sword, aimed it at her left palm, and slashed down.

        With a cry of pain from Peach, blood flowed from her palm along the long sword mark, and the four of them went pale with shock.

        But at this time, Han Qianqian's brow was furrowed and a look in her eyes forced Wang Simin to freeze on the spot.

        She was a little confused as to why Han Qianqian wanted to stop herself from pulling Peach.

        She didn't have to! But when she saw Han Qianqian's calm but ice-cold gaze, she didn't understand why she, who wasn't afraid of anything, was so shocked by him.

        He was just a sick chicken, there was no reason for her to be afraid of him.

        Just as Wang Simin was strangely surprised, Xiaotao looked steadfastly at Han Giangli, then handed over the jade sword to Han Giangli's hand, holding her bleeding left hand, she slowly walked to the first stone statue, hesitated for a moment, then gently placed her hand on the head of the stone beast.

        Then, the second, the third and the fourth!

        Just then, the entire valley suddenly shook violently, and the blood stains on the heads of the four stone beasts suddenly emitted a golden glow that quickly enveloped each of them.

        Immediately afterwards, the glow on the four stone beasts became more and more victorious until their entire bodies turned completely golden, emitting an intense golden light.

        The golden light of the four beasts converged with each other, and the golden light between each two condensed into a golden line, directly surrounding the circular platform in front of Han Qianqian in four lines, slowly lighting up the circle of the platform.

        When the four lines completely encircled the platform, there was a loud bang and the platform slowly rose.

        As the platform rises, a pit appears to be underneath it, with a strong golden light shining out.

        The first thing I noticed was that the mountain was so bright that I could not even see the light.

        This ...... this, how ...... could this happen?

        How can this be? He had waited for three years for the result, but in one day, someone else got there first. Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth in anger and shouted, "That b*tch Xu Hai betrayed us and told someone else the secret of Pan Gu, and someone opened it!

        Afterwards, he plucked his energy and flew towards the top of the mountain at an increased speed.