His True Colors Chapter 1779-1780

 Chapter 1779

"This ...... "Han Qianli looked at Xu Hai in puzzlement.

        "Whoever possesses the Pangu Axe will live forever as the true god of my Pangu Clan, and my Pangu Clan, whether living or dead, human or ghost, will be expected to worship on hearing of it and kneel on seeing it." After saying that, he led hundreds of dead souls towards Han 3,000 and slowly kowtowed.

        Han 3,000 nodded, "But I don't know how to use it, in fact, I came to Pangu Village this time in the hope that you can teach me how to use it."

        "After the Pangu God opened the heavens, he transformed into the Seven Essence and created everything for the Eight Directions, while the Pangu Axe, with which he fought alongside and opened the heavens and the earth, fell into slumber. The destiny of the clan."

        "Ten thousand years ago, the people of the Eight Directions World suddenly attacked my Pan Gu clan, back then, the clan's chief didn't want the Pan Gu Axe to fall into the wrong hands, so he activated the Pan Gu clan's teleportation formation and sent the Pan Gu Axe out of the Eight Directions World, and since then, our clan has never seen the Pan Gu Axe again."

        "But we also hoped that one day the Pangu Axe would find a good master again and rejoin the Eight Directions World, but we never expected that it would take ten thousand years."

        "Now, although the Pangu Axe has returned, my Pangu clan has already lost its fate, and there are no more survivors, True God, I can't help you." Xu Hai was incomparably sorrowful.

        Han Qianli's brows furrowed, "Why?"

        Xu Hai said bitterly, "The secrets of the Pangu Clan are guarding the Pangu Axe and mastering the secrets to make it awaken, but these secrets are not known to a single Pangu, and the secrets of the Pangu Clan have always been mastered only by the leader of the Clan. Although my father was the last village head of the Pangu Clan, ...... but I am not the successor."

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian's heart went cold, it was so hard to find this place, but it turned out to be an empty joy? What good is a pile of scrap metal if the Pangu Axe can't be used?

        Seeing Han Qianqiang's face ashen, Xu Hai said, "Because I'm not the village chief's biological son."

        Back then, when the Pangu Clan was massacred, it was fortunate that the remaining Pangu Clan was spared when they went out, and at the same time, they happened to have a Pangu Clan chief's son in the group, which barely managed to keep the secrets of the Pangu Clan.

        To the greatest extent possible, the next matriarch's heir would be spared too much exposure.

        Xu Hai was the child after the exchange.

        The child who truly hid the secret of Pan Gu was only in an ordinary family.

        "Then let me ask you, the next heir of your village chief, is it a girl?" Han Qianli suddenly asked in a sharp voice.

        Xu Hai was stunned, "True God, how do you know?"

        Qin Qingfeng suddenly understood what Han Qianli meant when he let out a sigh of relief and placed his eyes on Xiaotao, "Qianli, what do you mean is that Xiaotao is the real daughter of Village Chief Xu?"

        Han Giangli gave it some thought and nodded seriously.

        He had seen the village head's blue seal in the ancestral hall, as well as the shopkeeper's, and he found that the village head's blue seal was clearly different from the shopkeeper's, while Xiao Peach's and the village head's blue seals were almost identical.

        The only difference was that Xiao Peach's green mark was more lustrous, and it was assumed that the village headman was merely an undead while Xiao Peach was a human.

        When Xu Hai heard this, he nervously looked at Little Peach, "Are you called Lu Meijiao?"

        Peach was a little panicked and godless, not knowing what to do for a moment, looking at Han Marchant with eyes wide open, then, shaking her head, "I ...... don't know."

        "She's lost her memory." Han Three Thousand Years, after saying that, he walked over to Peach's side, then, gently pulled up Peach's arm, revealing the green mark so that Xu Hai could see and understand.

        Although Xu Hai had no expression, when he looked at the blue mark on Little Peach's hand, his body visibly shook slightly, then he fiercely knocked his head up, "Xu Hai has met the clan leader!"

        Han Qianli's entire body finally breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he confirmed Peach's identity, it would mean that there was still hope at the end.

        He was really worried that the Pangu clan would disappear completely and no one would know how to unlock the Pangu Axe.

        Then, after Xu Hai's salutation, he slowly raised his head and looked at Han Three Thousand, "True God, since the head of my clan is still here, the secret of your Pangu Axe is on her body."

        With this answer, Han Qianli's heart was finally settled.

        "But the problem is, she doesn't remember anything, and this time I came here to help her recover her memories, do you have any solutions?"

        "Immortal Tear, our clan's secret treasure, after eating it, she will forget everything about this place."

Chapter 1780

"Tears of the Gods?" Han Qianli frowned.

        Xu Hai nodded, "I believe it should have been three years ago when our clan was suddenly attacked by a group of black-clothed men, and in that scuffle, the old clan leader must have sent the new clan leader to the village's secret escape route to get her out of here, and in order not to expose her identity, gave her the Tears of the Gods. It both forgets the painful memories of this place and hides itself completely."

        "Then there is an antidote for this kind of thing."

        "There is!" Xu Hai said, "All the secrets of the Pan Gu clan, from the Pan Gu Axe big to small, have been recorded, but this record is all with the clan head. But although she is the new clan head, she obviously didn't have any coronation ceremony, so she definitely didn't get these legacies, so everything is still with the old clan head. But the old clan chief, he's already dead."

        Wang Simin said, "That's very simple, wait until tomorrow during the day, won't we just ask the ghost of the old clan leader?"

        With a frown on his brow, it was clear that Han Qianqian felt that this was not possible.

        Xu Hai sighed bitterly, "The leader of that group of black-clothed people, after slaughtering the village, on the one hand did not obtain the treasure from us, so he was annoyed, and on the other hand, he also wanted to cover up the crime, so he set up a Purgatory Formation here, trapping the souls of all the dead Pangu clan members here and suffering from it day and night for eternity."

        Qin Qingfeng's brows furrowed, and when he saw Han Qianqian looking at him, he shook his head, suggesting that he hadn't done it before: "The Purgatory Formation is a kind of ghost technique in the Eight Directions World that can extract all the beautiful memories of the trapped souls, leaving the souls forever immersed in only painful memories. Strength."

        Wang Simin's eyebrows furrowed, "Is there such a damned evil art in the world? This village slaughterer really deserves a death by a thousand cuts."

        Xu Hai nodded, "Since my apparent identity was the son of the village chief, those thugs thought I was the next clan leader, so they kept me alive and trapped me in the Purgatory Formation, watching my clan struggle in the abyss of pain every night, forcing me to reveal the secret treasures of the Pan Gu clan."

        For the past three years, Xu Hai had watched his clan do this every day and was close to collapsing physically and mentally, so during the day, he would take advantage of the suspension of the Purgatory Formation to reassemble the beautiful memories that had been taken away by the formation to form the carefree village of yesteryear.

        On the one hand, this was the best way for Xu Hai to comfort himself, the criminals were not unaware of this and they did not stop them, because the falsity of Carefree Village could deceive some of the people who broke into it and cover up the truth, at the same time, Xu Hai also needed an outlet, forcing Xu Hai to die would not do them any good.

        The back of Han Qianli's teeth were slightly bitten, these criminals, killing people and committing murders was just fine, but they still had such vicious and cruel methods to persecute the villagers of Carefree Village.

        Killing and whipping a corpse was just that.

        "But the remnants of these memories are basically not complete, and many are even only a few moments old, so most of the time, they stay for that small period of time," Xu Hai said.

        Han Qianli nodded, "So, the shopkeeper and the village chief, neither of them knew Peach, not that they were lying, but the fact that their residual memories were only that few days, or even simply only one day's memory."

        Looking at Xu Hai nodding, Han Qianli finally understood why when he had asked Xiao Er and the village chief, their answers were so strange at first, but Han Qianli had carefully observed their expressions when they spoke, and it clearly didn't look like they were lying.

        Now, Han 3,000 was relieved that they were indeed not lying, it was their other memories of many people and things that were simply gone. Even if you asked him who his parents were, or if you asked him anything beyond that part of his memory, he wouldn't know.

        It's just that who in general would go there to ask!

        "That's right." Xu Hai confirmed, "The real village chief's dead soul is no different from the army of undead around me, and under the devastation of the three-year Purgatory Formation, he's no different from the walking dead."

        "Then you mean that no one knows about the antidote to the Immortal Tears, either?" Wang Simin was surprised.

        Xu Hai nodded, "At least, for now."

        "Sh*t!" Han 3,000 gritted her teeth, her whole body very unhappy, half a day's work and so much effort, but it turned out to be nothing?

        At this point, Qin Qingfeng, who had remained silent, stepped forward: "I have a solution."

        The three of them, together with Xu Hai, looked towards Qin Qingfeng with joy and incredulity, "You have a solution?"

        Qin Qingfeng nodded his head and looked at Xu Hai, "That's right, but it will require you to sacrifice a little."

        Almost without thinking, Xu Hai was incomparably firm, "As long as I can help the new clan leader and the True God, even if I have to take Xu Hai to the mountain of swords and the cauldron of oil, Xu Hai will never say a single word."

        "The most feared thing of all is filth, and the most central point of a formation is the eye of the formation. Since Xu Hai can control these undead spirits, it means that he is where the eye of the formation is, so it's not difficult to find a way."

        Qin Qingfeng said, and placed his gaze on Wang Simin and Xiaotao.

        Wang Simin was stunned, "What's wrong?"

        Qin Qingfeng smiled mysteriously and pulled Han Qianli into action.

        Although it was indeed difficult to break the Purgatory Formation, as it was empty talk if the destiny of the formation could not be found, the Void Sect was a master at using formations, and as the Seventh Elder of the Void Sect, Qin Qingfeng was naturally quite knowledgeable about them.

        No matter how odd or strange a formation may be, it will never change, so what Qin Qingfeng needs to do is to do everything he can in the sect.

        The Southwest White Tiger Fiend and the East Green Dragon Gate are the weakest links in most of the formations, so Qin Qingfeng placed two banners at these two places.

        Qin Qingfeng held the other two flags in his hand, and with a flick of his hand, the small chess pieces inserted in both directions exploded!

        At almost the same time, Xu Hai's entire body exploded into two bloody holes.

        Almost at the same time, the entire sky changed colour, and the village of Carefree Village was covered in a blood red.

        "The broken formation can only last ten minutes, Xu Hai, find the village head quickly."

        Xu Hai endured the severe pain in his body and nodded his head, then closed his eyes and thought, in the distant blood red, at this time a figure, swaying, came out.

        At the same time, in one of the mansions in Tianhu City, a middle-aged man, suddenly frowned, "Someone broke my formation and went to Carefree Village!"