His True Colors Chapter 1777-1778

 Chapter 1777

How is this possible?

        How could they have di ed when you saw them with your own eyes during the day?

        Qin Qingfeng and Xiaomao were also both scared and incredulous at this point.

        "Mr. Han, you shouldn't joke about this." Little Peach was a little scared.

        "Yes, Three Thousand, those people were still fine during the daytime, and we've all seen them and are certain that they are human, unlike ghosts." Qin Qingfeng also said.

        Han Three Thousand smiled, got up and walked to the spirit seat, then, without saying a word, swept up the spirit seat.

        The three of them looked at him in puzzlement, what was this for?

        Soon, Han Three Thousand Castles turned cold, then pointed to a spirit seat in the seventh row's most corner, and the three of them looked at it casually.

        "Carefree Village, Spiritual Seat of Cheng Niu!"

        "Is this ...... the shopkeeper's?"

        "How did that happen?!"

        Han Qianqiang's face was blue and sunken, he had guessed right!

        After settling in last night, he suddenly felt surprisingly quiet and had noticed that something was wrong, especially as Wang Simin had said that when they went upstairs, the shopkeeper still had half of his things unpacked, but in the space of a few words, the downstairs had gone silent.

        This, coupled with today's events, made Han Qianli feel that this place was both strange and bizarre, until Wang Simin reminded her about her clothes, making Han Qianli suddenly think that perhaps the people on both sides were not from the same world at all.

        This is the only explanation that can perfectly explain all these strange and odd things.

        Another thing that supported these explanations was that Qin Qingfeng had massacred this place back then, and for three years, it was as haunted as a street and as prosperous as a brocade, which was simply impossible.

        So, everything was an illusion, or they had entered another small virtual world!

        "The summer clothes, the summer melons, even everyone doesn't know Peach, but Peach is clearly here, and these are already showing that we and they are not in the same world, just in the same space." Han Qianqiang Dao.

        It was like two parallel lines that suddenly intersected, except that the meeting points intersected with each other, and the rest of the world remained separate.

        "You mean to say that Carefree Village is where this meeting point is?" Qin Qingfeng frowned.

        Han Giangli nodded.

        Wang Simin seemed to understand: "So in this place, we're always out of place with them, but often times we're at cross-purposes with each other, making us feel that some of us are not right for each other, and some of us are right for each other, and that's what makes us feel very strange."

        Han Qianli nodded, "That's right, that's why I've been speculating about what their world is like, and in connection with last night's unusual situation and the fact that when we came to see the village chief at the ancestral hall, we saw so many relics here, both made me suspect that their so-called world might actually be a world of unjust spirits."

        Qin Qingfeng nodded heavily, and by now, he agreed with Han Third Thousand's words, because although three years ago, he wasn't sure if he had slaughtered all the people in the village, one thing was certain: he had kil led quite a few of them.

        Han Three Thousand's words are the most consistent with all the explanations of that period of history, and the Carefree Village did not flourish at all, but instead went to an even more withered state after the slaughter.

        Not even a single one of them had survived, instead they had gathered here and become a concentration camp for grievances.

        Thinking of this, Qin Qingfeng's entire body couldn't help but lower his head, when he first came here and saw that it was bustling with activity, he thought that it had been restored to its original state and his guilt was much lessened. But now, he had to be even heavier.

        Because apparently, his sin debt was even heavier.

        Little Peach looked at Han Qianqian with delight, "How clever you are, Mr. Han, you can think of this too."

        Hearing Peach's praise, Wang Simin looked at Han Qianqian with disgust, "Just a crooked move."

        "Miss Simin, how can it be possible for Mr. Han to think so thoroughly about subtle matters, so that he is just skewed? This is entirely due to Han Gongzi's cleverness." Peach had never liked to argue with anyone about anything, but in this case, she had to stand firmly on Han Marchant's side.

        Because Han Qianqian was able to take all sorts of tiny little pieces and finally put them together into an incomparably large and complete event, one had to be impressed just by this power of observation and powerful thinking.

        Wang Simin was about to speak when the entire shrine was suddenly shaken by the ground, followed by the collapse of the shrine and the collapse of the roof.

        Han 3,000 yuan hurriedly transported energy to cover the four of them, looking out of the hood with a cold stare.


        With a loud bang, the entire ancestral hall completely collapsed, and dust and smoke momentarily rose up.

        The gloomy wind was blowing, making people shudder.

        Wang Simin subconsciously gently squeezed the sleeve of Han Qianqian's arm with her hand and looked around in panic. But unlike Wang Simin, Qin Qingfeng was the one who looked around.

        Compared to them, Qin Qingfeng's fear was truly written on his face and engraved in his heart.

        It was because this was the place that he could not shake in his nightmares.

        Seeing Qin Qingfeng's pale face and trembling body, Han Qianqian almost didn't need to ask, knowing that this place must have been the place where Qin Qingfeng had massacred the villagers, and that was why he was so scared and frightened!


        Suddenly, at this moment, a miserable roar could be heard in the night, and a human figure slowly crawled out of the ground on the wasteland in the distance.

        Then, more and more, in all directions, with Han Giangli at the centre, countless silhouettes crawled out of the ground, rickety figures, carrying axes and large knives, their mouths emitting whimpering cries as they slowly approached the four of them!

        "This ......" Wang Siemin was amazed.

        "It's the spirits of the Carefree Village!" Han Giangli squared up, and afterwards he looked at Wang Simin. "I'll be in charge of the front and you'll be in charge of the back."

        Wang Simin nodded, pulled out the long sword on her back, and leaned back against Han Marchant's back.


        With the roar of one of the foremost undead, hundreds of undead suddenly accelerated and attacked straight away.

        While Wang Simin drew his sword to meet the enemy, Han Qianli also drew his jade sword and attacked the undead directly.

        The battle was on the brink!

        But these armies of undead, seemingly never born, never d i e, and with each slash they instantly shatter, but then instantly regroup, and as time goes on, not only do they not ki ll a single undead, but they allow the undead to advance completely and surround the four of them completely!

Chapter 1778

"Dead sick chickens, it's not going to work!" Wang Simin shouted anxiously.

        The hundred undead completely crowded into a huge circle, surrounding the four of them tightly inside and out.

        Han 3,000 gritted his teeth, the power of the Dragon Heart within his body was so poor that the only way was to use the mysterious power he had before he fell unconscious, but it had been temporarily resting in Han 3,000's dantian, and Han 3,000 didn't know what would happen if he used it rashly.

        If it still went rampant, Han 3,000 would undoubtedly be facing an extremely dangerous situation with an enemy on his belly.

        But this was the only chance.

        "Get out of the way!"

        Han Qianli's face was cold, and then he forcibly urged the mysterious power in his body, in order to avoid a long night's sleep, what Han Qianli wanted was to be kil led in one blow.

        So, he directly urged the mysterious power to wake up the Pangu Axe, and then the golden seal of the Pangu Axe glowed brightly on Han 3,000's forehead, and his entire body instantly burst open with another golden breath.


        The golden light swept by like light, and the spirits of the dead were instantly destroyed by the touch of it.

        Wang Simin didn't dare to look at Han Qianqian, who was covered in golden light, but instead looked more like a god of war, wearing golden light and looking down upon the four directions.

        Wang Simin's face suddenly turned scarlet as she looked at the undead, who were about to exhaust themselves to death and could not be kil led, but were like tiny ants in front of Han Qianxiang!

        Thinking about how she had looked down on him before, and now he had turned the tide and saved everyone, Wang Simin could not wait to find a crack in the ground to get into.

        Now it seems that Han 3,000 is not a sick chicken, is very manly, and he is not bad looking.

        But just as Wang Simin's heart was beginning to move, Han Qianqian's brow was furrowed. He was both excited and very anxious, excited because he still doesn't know how to use the Pangu Axe to this day, but the energy it emits is so invincible after just a small awakening.

        If you can use him yourself, what kind of power would that be?

        But anxiously, the stubborn mysterious power, like an awakened bison, once again leaped wildly and completely out of control in the body.

        If this continued, it would really ki ll Han Qianxiang alive.

        But with a great enemy at hand, Han Three Thousand had to rely on it!


        Suddenly, just at this moment, there was a sudden cry of surprise in the darkness, followed by a fierce leap and he slowly came out, and almost at the moment he came out, the fierce undead, who was just now incomparably fierce, also suddenly turned light and shadows and disappeared.

        Han Giangli hurriedly withdrew all his energy, holding on to the chaotic leap inside his body, and looked coldly at the person in front of him.

        The visitor was wrapped in a black cloth, and couldn't see what his figure looked like.

        "Kid, I'm asking you what's going on with that golden light you're wearing." The visitor said in a cold voice.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, "Who are you again?"

        "Me? That's none of your business, I'm just asking you what kind of divine weapon you have on you!" The visitor.

        Han Qianli couldn't tell if the other party was friend or foe, but for the most part he thought it was the former, as it was clear that he might be the leader of these undead legions. "What's this to do with you?"

        "Of course it's none of my business!" He rasped out, then thought, sort of answering Han Qianli's question, "My name is Xu Hai."

        "Xu Hai?" Han Qianqian looked at Xiaotao and saw that her eyes were wandering, and knew that she didn't know him, but then Qin Qingfeng suddenly frowned and said, "Is your father the Chief of Carefree Village, Xu Furong?"

        Hearing Qin Qingfeng's words, the visitor took a step back in obvious panic and said in shock, "How do you know my father? Who are you ......?"

        Qin Qingfeng's face lowered with regret, he really didn't know how to reply.

        Han Qianqian said at this point, "So you are also a villager of Carefree Village? Well, then, I'll answer you that the divine weapon I have is what you think it is."

        "The Pangaea Axe?" The visitor looked up sharply, in fact, when he saw Qin Qingfeng's reflection, he was already full of murderous aura, so after confirming the other party's identity, Han Marchiang simply admitted it, both to get to the point and to temporarily defuse Qin Qingfeng's crisis.

        Han Qianli didn't reply, but his attitude, already said it all.


        The black cloth above his head covered his face, and his hands, which were holding up his body, were trembling slightly.

        "Father ......, Pangu's legacy, my child has finally completed it."

        After saying that, he looked up sharply, and the black cloth on top of his head also fell instantly, and under the moonlight, under the black cloth was a head without a face, just a layer of skin on it, looking terrifying.

        Wang Simin and Xiaotao were suddenly so frightened by his appearance that they took several steps backwards and gripped the clothes on Han Qianqiang's back tightly.

        "Come out, all of you." He shouted.

        Suddenly, countless undead rose from the ground once again, but unlike before, they slowly knelt down in front of Han Qianli!