His True Colors Chapter 1771-1773

 Chapter 1771

At this moment, the door of the room tapped, and Han Qianqian answered the door, as Wang Simin walked in dejectedly, holding a bowl of porridge in her hand.

        Knowing that Han 3,000 was still badly injured and had been walking for several days, Wang Simin specially asked Xiaoyi to make some porridge for Han 3,000 to replenish her body.

        Han Qianqian looked at her like this. It was completely different from when she had just gone out, and she said in a strange voice: "What's wrong with this? Weren't you out shopping with Peach? Back so early?"

        Speaking of this, Wang Simin's mouth pouted high, and she sat down on the table like a deflated ball, putting the porridge in her hands: "Don't mention it, I'm dying of anger."

        Xiaotao followed closely behind, picked up the porridge Wang Simin had placed on the table and gently handed it to Han 3,000, laughing softly and explaining, "Sister Simin wanted to go shopping, but for some reason, there was nothing on the street."

        Han Marchiang smiled slightly. At that moment, a cold breeze struck, and Han 3,000 subconsciously got up and closed the window, but saw that although the night downstairs was only slightly dark. But the streets, which were bustling with activity in the afternoon, were already devoid of any people, and not even a single lamp was lit in each household, leaving the entire village in complete darkness.

        "Is everyone in this village resting so early?" Han Qianqiandao.

        No wonder it was so quiet just now, but Han Qianqian always felt that the silence now was different from the silence she felt when she entered.

        It was indeed quiet now, but Fang was, at bottom, a deathly silence.

        "Who knows, there's not a single ghost." Wang Simin said to be very angry. The good mood that had been intended for shopping was all screwed up.

        Just having a meal and then dressing up a bit, the streets, which were bustling with activity before, were suddenly all gone after nightfall.

        Han Qianli smiled, "Anyway, I'm quite tired from the last two days' drive, so let's take it as an early rest." After saying that, Han Qianqian finished the porridge and gently put the bowl back.

        "I'll help you serve another bowl." Taking the bowl, Xiaotao went out again.

        But only for a moment, Xiaotao ran back with an embarrassed look at Han Three Thousand as the bowl in her hand was empty: "The shopkeeper is asleep."

        "Wasn't that second guy still busy just now? When we came back, half the tables in the inn were still untidied, and we've only been talking for how long, and he's done it so quickly?" Wang Simin said as she looked at Xiaotao in disbelief, got up, grabbed the bowl from Xiaotao's hand and walked towards the stairway in disbelief.

        When she arrived at the top of the stairs, the hall of the inn on the ground floor was already dark and empty. The hall of the inn on the ground floor was already dark and empty, which made people feel a little panicky.

        She shook her head, wondering what was going on, and got up and went back into the house.

        "Strange. There's really no one left." The first time I saw her, I was so worried that she had to sit down again. It's only what time it is, and everyone's gone to bed." Han Qianli did find it strange, but he didn't look into it.

        Han Qianqian did find it strange, but didn't look into it, because in a small village like this, the people may be simple and simple, and it's normal for them to work at sunrise and rest at sunset. Smiling, she said, "You think everyone is as energetic as you are? People rely on their physical strength to support their families, unlike this young lady of yours. Anyway, there's nothing to worry about."

        "You ......" Wang Simin was so hardened by Han Qianqian's words that she didn't know how to reply.

        "I'm not bothering to talk to you, go back."

        After Wang Simin left, Xiaotao hadn't left, but instead stood quietly beside Han Qianqian, who smiled, "What's wrong?"

        "Mr Han, in fact ...... Miss Simin is right, Little Peach ...... also finds this village quirky and ...... and... ... "Little Peach looked around in fear, not daring to speak out.

        Han Giangli smiled, "And what?"

        "And ...... and I always feel as if someone is sneaking up on us."

        Han Qianqiang's back went cold at her words, not that he was afraid of ghosts, after all, what had he not seen? It's just that the place does always feel eerie and chilly, but Han Marchant's doors and windows are closed tightly.

        "Alright, don't think nonsense." Han Three Thousand Year comforted.

        When Xiaotao heard this, she stopped talking for a moment, moved two steps on her feet, and finally looked at Han Qianli with eyes wide open: "But ...... But I'm really scared, Mr. Han, Xiaotao... Xiaotao has an unkind request."

        Han Marchiang said, "Go ahead."

        "Can ...... Little Peach stay in your house?" Finish this sentence. Peach's head was bowed and her face was red and hot.

        She also knew that there was confusion between men and women, and that living alone together was a bad influence, but she didn't know why. Since arriving in the village, especially after dark, Peach has felt a trance-like state of mind and extreme fear.

        She really didn't want to open her mouth unless she had to.

        She thought Han Marchant would probably reject her, but Han Marchant just smiled, "Okay, then you sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the table."

        To Xiaotao. The fundamental reason why Han 3,000 didn't refuse was that Peach was the successor of Pangu and Han 3,000 didn't want anything to happen to her, and another reason was that Peach had taken care of Han 3,000 in every possible way along the way. Therefore, if Xiaotao needed help, Han 3,000 wouldn't refuse.

        After Xiaotao went to sleep, Han 3,000 entered into meditation once again, and as soon as she did, the deadly silence returned. The deadly silence rushed out once more.

        In the middle of the night, Xiaotao on the bed was sweating profusely, her eyebrows locked tightly and her lips biting lightly.

        She had a long dream. In the dream, everything was beautiful, the sun was shining, the mountains were green and the water was beautiful. Birds were singing, people were busy on the terraces of the mountains, people were yelling, and she saw her parents. She also saw the shopkeeper who was in the house today, sitting under the same peach tree that had been there before, talking and laughing, while she was happily picking up the fallen peach petals on the ground.

        But when she picked up the peach blossoms and turned back to her parents happily, she suddenly realised that her parents and a group of villagers, who were sitting under the tree, had lost their heads.

        "Ah!!" Xiaotao was suddenly awakened from her dream, and by this time, it was already dawn outside the house, and the street downstairs was back to the hustle and bustle of yesterday.

        Standing at the window, Han Qianqian saw that Xiaotao was awake and smiled gently, "What's wrong? Having nightmares? See how sweaty you are, go and wash your face, Master told us to get ready to go."

        "Where to?" Peach was suspicious.

        Han Giangli smiled without speaking, got up and left the house.

Chapter 1772

After Xiaotao had cleaned up, Han Giangiang, Wang Simin and Qin Qingfeng were already waiting in the living room on the ground floor, and even though it was only morning, business at the inn was unusually good, almost the same as yesterday afternoon when the four of them arrived, with few empty tables in the shop.

        "What a strange place, so many people early in the morning, but not a single person at night." Wang Simin looked around at the boiling of life and was quite dissatisfied.

        Qin Qingfeng smiled, "Let's go, let's go find the village head, maybe he can know something about Xiaotao."

        From the inn, the street was just as noisy as yesterday afternoon, with shouting and hustling going on all the time, as the group headed towards the innermost part of the village.

        Qin Qingfeng had already asked the shopkeeper about it, and the big house in the innermost part of Carefree Village was the village's ancestral hall, where the village chief, as the head of the village, also lived all year round.

        Shortly afterwards, the four of them arrived in front of a large house.

        Although it was old, it was decorated with red bricks and black tiles, and the two strange stone beasts at the entrance had their mouths open, serious and full of authority.

        "Let's go inside." After looking at the plaque with the word ancestral hall hanging above his head, Qin Qingfeng took the lead and walked in.

        As soon as they entered the ancestral hall, the smell of incense and fire hit their nostrils, and further inside, an incomparably large shrine filled with all sorts of reliquaries came into view.

        The four had just entered the hall when an old man with a white beard slowly came out of the side door of the hall, smiling cheerfully and saying, "It is indeed a joyful event to have a friend from your hometown."

        The old man was followed by a young man, about twenty-five or twenty-six in appearance, with a national face and straight eyebrows, who was quite handsome, but with a hint of killing intent in his eyes that was hard for outsiders to detect.

        Qin Qingfeng smiled, "I presume this is the Village Chief? I am the Seventh Elder of the Void Sect, Qin Qingfeng, this is my apprentice, Han Qianli, and this is Miss Wang Simin, the daughter of the Wang family of Tianhu City."

        Han Qianqian took a strange look at Qin Qingfeng, this guy was really brave enough to give his real name straight away, it didn't matter to others, but Qin Qingfeng had been here three years ago after all, and had killed many villagers of Carefree Village.

        Qin Qingfeng seemed to have seen Han Qianqian's doubts and attached himself to his ear, "At first, we came here masked and arrived at night, just to steal things. So, I didn't know them and they didn't know me."

        Han Qianli nodded his head in understanding, no wonder Qin Qingfeng dared to be so bold.

        Although the old man with the white beard smiled, his eyes were full of vigilance, "So it's Master who has arrived, I'm really sorry to welcome you. However, this village has always been isolated, so how did Elder Qin find his way here? And what is it about?"

        The words actually put Qin Qingfeng to the question, he was slightly stunned and quickly thought of the reason, "The reason why Qin Mou found this place is actually because of this girl, her name is Little Peach, however, she has lost her memory and can't remember many things, we came here this time to help her solve the mystery of her origins."

        The white-bearded old man nodded in relief, placing his gaze on Little Peach and sizing her up for a moment, "But this girl is not a member of our Carefree Village."

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian, Qin Qingfeng and Little Peach were all stunned, and Qin Qingfeng took Little Peach's hand and said, "Village Chief, are you mistaken? How could she not be from here? You can see that her arm, just like the village people, has this blue mark."

        The old man with the white beard smiled, "It's just a special tattoo, perhaps, this girl's ancestor is from the same lineage as us."

        "Village Chief, are you really sure?" Qin Qingfeng.

        Obviously, in Han Qianqian's eyes, the village head's words were not convincing to him either.

        Peach was a Pangu descendant, and the tattoo on the Pangu axe was a mark exclusive to the Pangu clan. Ten thousand years ago, only one branch of the Pangu clan had been lucky enough to survive, which proved that Peach must have come from here.

        What's more, Xiaotao could call the shopkeeper by the right name, which was further proof that Xiaotao was from here.

        But why did the village headman and the shopkeeper both say they did not know Peach?

        But the problem was that Han Qianqian had been carefully observing the village chief's words and actions, and it wasn't as if he was lying.

        If you don't believe me, Shi Qiang, go and take out the village genealogy and let the four of you have a good look." The old man said, "I know better than anyone whether there is anyone in the village. The old man said and ordered.

        The young man called Shi Qiang nodded and entered the side door for less than a moment before walking out with a thick book in his hand, which he then handed over directly to Qin Qingfeng.

        Qin Qingfeng received the book and flipped through it, and there were names written all over it, but after flipping through it from start to finish, he really couldn't find Xiaotao's name.

        Qin Qingfeng looked at Han Qianqian in disbelief, this was simply too unbelievable.

        No one knew Peach, and Peach really didn't seem to belong here, so if Peach hadn't called out the shop assistant's name yesterday, Han 3,000 really felt that they might have come to the wrong place this time.

        But instead, it was Peach who knew Shopkeeper, and called out his name correctly.

        What on earth is this ...... all about?

Chapter 1773

"Four of you, as you can see, this village really doesn't have any records of this girl, and my husband doesn't know her." At this point, the village chief smiled and spoke out.

        "Yes, this village actually has relatively few such young girls in their twenties, and if she really is from this village, the village chief would definitely remember her." Shi Qiang chimed in.

        The four of them looked at each other, not even knowing what to say for a moment.

        Han Qianli's heart was even more confused and heavy.

        Had they worked so hard to come here and ended up in the wrong place?

        Where is Peach's real origins in the vast sea of people? If no one can teach themselves how to use the Pangu Axe, Su Yingxia will be further and further away from themselves.

        No, there is another way!

        At that moment, Han Qianqian stepped forward and bowed to the village chief, "Village chief, in fact, apart from searching for Little Peach's origins, I have come here for something more important, and that is to search for the Pangu tribe. Peach is a member of the Pangu tribe, and even if she is not from this village, the same blue seal on your hand means that at least you were once part of the same lineage, right?"

        Since Xiaotao can't help herself, but this is the residence of the Pangu tribe, and there are Pangu people everywhere, Han Qianxiang can just as well use them to find the secret of the Pangu axe.

        Hearing Han Qianli's words, the village head cheerfully laughed, "As I've just said, this is just the same or similar tattoo, what kind of seal is it? As for the Pangaea, that's even more nonsense."

        "Tattoos?" With a frown on his brow, Han 3,000 walked a few steps to the village chief, grabbed his hand, and then fiercely stimulated the energy in his body.

        But to Han 3,000's surprise, no matter how much he tried to stimulate the energy, the green seal in the village chief's hand did not emit any light at all, just like Little Peach.

        Han Qianli couldn't believe it as he gazed at the facts before him, how could this be!

        Peach's Green Seal can echo his own Pangu Axe, but the one in the village headman's hands has no connection with Han Qianqian.

        "What are you doing, little friend?" The village chief looked at Han Giangli without knowing what he had just done.

        "It's impossible ...... this is impossible." Han Qiangan was a little distracted, mumbling and shaking his head, he just couldn't figure out why this was happening!

        The only logical explanation is that Peach is not from the same clan as them, or even that they are not Pangu at all, which would explain most of the current situation.

        But the most illogical part of this only explanation is that how could Peach accurately call the shopkeeper by name?

        Strange, strange, simply too strange.

        "Four of you, if there is nothing else, please leave this village as soon as possible, this village is used to living its own life and it is inconvenient for outsiders to bother you." The village chief smiled gently.

        Bidding farewell to the village chief, Qin Qingfeng and Han Qianli were both speechless all the way, completely staring deep in thought.

        "Strange, strange, too damn strange, a lot of things, obviously seem to be one thing, but then they seem to be something else." Qin shook his head in wonder.

        "In fact, I was inclined to believe what the village chief said, because he was calm and composed the whole time, not looking like he was lying at all, and everything he said felt very convincing. But precisely because of this, it actually revealed again that he was lying, and I really believed him when he said he wasn't from the Pan Gu tribe, but he was partial to ignoring you, Master." Han Qianli coldly said.

        Qin Qingfeng could prove that the people here were the Pangu people, except that the village head would never have guessed that Qin Qingfeng was the same person who had slaughtered the village three years ago.

        Qin Qingfeng nodded, "That's right, there are many oddities, what we are lacking now is to find a thread and then weave all the webs together and the mystery will be solved." ,

        "And the other thing that is very strange is that they should actually be very wary of the outside world after what happened to them three years ago, but they don't seem to be." Han Marchiang Dao.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand suddenly felt that the Carefree Village, where it was, was simply a village full of sorrow, and everything was just too strange.

        However, one thing Han 3,000 was sure of was that the more the village headman wanted them to leave this place quickly, the less he wanted to leave it.

        This was the only place where he could unlock the Pangu Axe, and Han 3,000 would never leave until he got the answer.

        On the way back to the inn, Wang Simin was completely captivated by the street stalls, and while Han Qiangan and Qin Qingfeng pondered the eccentricities of Carefree Village, they did not notice that Wang Simin had disappeared.

        When they arrived at the inn, Xiaotao ordered a few dishes and was waiting for them to be served when Wang Simin walked in with a big bag of stuff.

        Han Qianli looked at her strangely, not bothering to pay attention to her.

        Wang Simin threw her arms that were a little numb: "What attitude, I'm here to help you buy clothes."

        "Clothes?" Han Qianqian suddenly frowned and looked at every guest in the inn with deadly eyes!