His True Colors Chapter 1769-1770

 Chapter 1769

Hearing these words, Han 3,000 quickly rushed past, passing through the gap between the two mountains, and suddenly there was clarity before him.

        As far as the eye could see, this was a not inconsiderable basin that ran downwards from the top. The terraced fields were staggered, birdsong and flowers scented, and at the bottom of the mountains, an ancient village was situated there.

        "That's the Pangu Village, three thousand, that's the Pangu Village." Qin Qingfeng also followed, pointing at the village and shouting excitedly.

        Pangu Village?

        Is ...... finally the place to be?

        Han Qianli was so excited that he made his way down through the terraces. Peach was the last one to come out of the crevice, and for some reason, when she reached the mountain entrance. She always felt that this place was unusually familiar, yet she couldn't seem to remember anything.

        After a moment's hesitation, she stepped into the crevice with a complex look.

        When she saw the village in the middle of the basin, an image suddenly flashed through her mind of peach blossoms falling beneath a peach tree, and a little girl grasping the falling blossoms with her hands in the air, laughing joyfully for a moment.

        She was so happy that she was able to see her. Qin Simin patted her on the shoulder, "What are you staring at? They've all gone down."

        Xiaotao gave an oh. Following behind Qin Simin, they walked towards the bottom of the mountain.

        The four of them soon reached the basin below, before the village, a large plaque stood there, inscribed with three big words Carefree Village.

        But, unbeknownst to them, as they passed through this plaque, they also passed through an invisible aperture of light.

        When they walked into the village, the sound of people was a little boisterous, and after walking about a hundred metres further, they turned into the village's first avenue, which was lined with all kinds of vendors and pedestrians.

        "Melons are on sale. Fresh Drunken Melon, have a bite and you're guaranteed to have an endless aftertaste."

        "Fish for sale. Fish for sale, fresh spirit fish."

        "Buns, buns, freshly baked buns."

        The yelling was lively as four people crowded into the avenue.

        "Looks like this place is pretty lively." Wang Simin smiled and casually went to a nearby fruit stall to grab four Drunken Melons, giving one to each of them after paying for it.

        Han Qianli took a bite. The melon was sweet, juicy and delicious.

        Qin Qingfeng frowned tightly, three years ago. He and his friend had clearly slaughtered the entire village, so why was the village still bustling with activity today?

        "Master, what are you thinking about?" Han Qianli asked as he ate his melon.

        Qin Qingfeng smiled woodenly, "Oh, it's nothing, just ......"

        Han Qianqian knew why Qin Qingfeng was like this and smiled, "Three years have passed and the place has regained its vitality, at least, your sins aren't so deep, you should be happy."

        Qin Qingfeng nodded, Han Qianli was right, and smiled, "Yes. You're right, I should be happy. By the way, you've just woken up. There's a tavern up ahead, so let's have something to eat first and rest a bit."

        Han Qianli nodded and took the three of them with him, getting up and heading towards an inn at the far end of the avenue.

        "Hei Lai Inn!"

        Han Qianli looked at the plaque in front of the inn. With a smile, he walked into the inn.

        "Yo, four guests. Please come inside!" Xiao Er greeted us respectfully, then shrugged his sweatband off his shoulders and shouted inside: "A guest has arrived. Four!"

        He then skilfully led the four men into an empty table in the shop and wiped the sweat towel on the table. With a friendly smile, he said, "What would you like to eat, gentlemen?"

        Afterwards, he raised his hand slightly. Han Qianli casually looked over, and not far away was a plaque house with dozens of signs hanging from it. The signs were filled with dish names.

        "Bring me all the best things from your shop."

        Han Qianli hadn't spoken yet, but Wang Simin, who was on the side, shouted out rudely.

        Xiao Er was stunned: "All up?"

        A purple crystal the size of a fist was placed directly on the table by Simone Wang: "What, afraid that the lady can't afford it?"

        Xiao Er scratched his head, smiled, and shouted at the kitchen, "Four VIPs, one full set from Xilai."

        Hearing Xiao Er's yell, the guests at the other tables in the pub couldn't help but look back, and it was clear that many were quite surprised that Wang Simin was so generous with her money.

        After all, what she ordered was the best in the Sheraton Inn.

        Instead of feeling embarrassed, Wang Simin was very proud of herself, and was even more arrogant when she saw Han Qianqian looking at her.

        A few moments later, Xiao Er ran over with a tray full of dishes on her back, and after placing them on the table, Xiao Er smiled, "Enjoy your meal. By the way, you don't look like you're from our village."

        Han Qianli smiled: "Brother Xiao Er, you're quite a good judge of people, we really aren't from our village."

        Xiao Er smiled, "I receive many guests every day, so naturally I have met many people, and we can tell at a glance if they are local or not."

        Han Qianqian smiled, "Then can I ask you something?"

Chapter 1770

Xiao Er smiled, Han Qian Qian looked at Qin Qing Feng, Qin Qing Feng touched an amethyst the size of a booger, Xiao Er's face was in a very difficult situation.

        At this time, Wang Simin suddenly smashed another fist-sized amethyst directly onto the table, "Now what?"

        Xiao Er smiled and reached out to touch it. Wang Simin slapped it directly on top of the amethyst.

        Xiao Er looked at Han Qianqian knowingly: "This guest, please ask."

        Han Three Thousand pointed at Xiaotao next to him: "I want to ask you, do you know her?"

        Xiao Er followed his hand and looked at Xiaotao, examining her for half a day and smiling, "This girl is pretty, but I don't know her."

        Han Qianli's heart sank slightly, "Don't know her? She's supposed to be from your village, you really don't know her?"

        Xiao Er looked at Xiaoyao again and shook her head, "Sir, I really don't know you. I really don't know him. We don't have such a person in Carefree Village."

        This made Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrow, could it be that Xiaoyao wasn't from here? But it shouldn't. Peach is a descendant of Pangu and this village is the only known village in the Pangu branch, how could he not know Peach?

        Could it be that Peach is from another branch?

        Is there a mistake?

        But that's unlikely, Qin Qingfeng said that when the entire Pan Gu tribe was massacred, only one outgoing Pan Gu tribe was spared from the massacre, after which they migrated here and quietly lived in seclusion.

        Han Qianli quietly took a look at Little Brother Two. Seeing that he had a Pangu Axe mark on his arm just like Xiaotao's, but it was faint and small compared to Xiaotao's, the mark on his arm was also very small.

        "Little Second Brother, is your name Cheng Niu?"

        Just as Han 3,000 was unbelievably confused as to what was going on, Xiaotao, who was on the side, suddenly spoke out.

        Han 3,000 quickly locked his gaze with Xiao Er, who was stunned, and after being visibly stunned for a moment, looked incredulously at Xiao Peach, "This guest, how do you know Xiao's real name?"

        When Xiao Er's words of certainty were heard, Han Qian Qian's eyebrows were furrowed even more tightly, what is going on?

        Xiao Er doesn't know Peach. But Xiao Peach knows Xiao Er?

        Seeing everyone looking at her strangely, Peach shook her head in a bit of a panic, "I ...... I ...... I don't know what's going on, I ...... I just... ...... just popped into my head. He ...... called him Cheng Niu."

        Xiao Er also frowned at this point, he was not surprised if someone called him Little Niu Zi in the inn, but he could count on one finger to call him by the name Cheng Niu.

        In their line of work, they mostly used names, and unless they were acquaintances, they wouldn't even know their real names.

        But he really didn't know Xiaotao. He searched through all the memories in his head, but he couldn't recall that he had ever seen Xiaotao.

        Han Qianli also couldn't figure out what was going on. At this point, Qin Qingfeng smiled and said to Little Two, "Alright, Little Two, go and get busy, it's time for us to eat."

        Although Little Second Brother agreed, he took three steps forward and furrowed his brow, unable to figure out what was going on.

        I reckon Little Peach should have suddenly remembered something, but it was only very one-sided. As for Xiaoyi, he may not have known Xiaotao, and I don't know if you remember him. There are plenty of things he doesn't remember about you, too. Let's eat first, it's getting late. Tomorrow we'll find the village chief here and ask him about it."

        Han Qianli thought about it and found it quite reasonable, so he did not dwell on the issue.

        After dinner, Han Three Thousand asked Xiao Er for four guest rooms, after which he went straight back to his house for repairs. Han 3,000 went straight back to the house for cultivation.

        Wang Simin couldn't be idle and pulled Peach out for a stroll after the meal, to the young lady. Everything in Carefree Village was so strange and intriguing.

        Just. Not long after Han Qianli settled in, she suddenly felt a surprising quietness around her, that kind of quietness. It was as if Han Qianli was alone in an extremely empty place.

        Han Qianli's heart was cold, damn it, it couldn't be the after-effects of poisoning, could it? At the end of the meal. He actually asked his master specifically about it, but he couldn't see anything and could only see on the surface that there was nothing wrong with him. However, Master had also told Han 3,000 that it was just that the poison planted earlier was still in his body and hadn't acted, although he didn't know exactly why it hadn't acted, but he believed that Han 3,000's poison was so strong that it was impossible for him to rest for seven days and then be completely fine.

        Therefore, Han 3,000 also felt that the poisoning had caused something to go wrong, as he had specifically released his divine sense, and there was still silence around him as it passed.

        The silence was even so quiet that it felt a little frightening.

        But at this moment, he heard the small voices of Xiaotao and Wang Simin, and even their voices going upstairs could be clearly heard.

        Although the whole inn was not as noisy and lively as it had been in the afternoon, the sound of Xiao Er clearing up the tables and chairs downstairs could be heard.

        This left Han Three thousand perplexed, what was going on?