His True Colors Chapter 1767-1768

 Chapter 1767

"No ...... not, even ...... even stole my son's dragon and phoenix double poison pill?" Wang Dong was stunned and said to himself.

        It's the most poisonous poison in the world, so it's not enough to take the jindan, but what's the point of stealing it?

        Suddenly, Wang Dong shouted angrily towards the mouth of the secret passageway, "You guys ...... are going to f*cking d i e, you even want this thing, steal every last bit of me, huh?"

        At this time, in the mountains to the east of the city.

        Almost all the water in the river was boiling where they could see with the naked eye, and all the creatures in the river were dead, even giving off a faint scent of flesh.

        Qin Qingfeng and Wang Simin were too frightened to speak for a long time, looking at the scene before them.

        On the contrary, Wang Simin was kind-hearted and loved to help some civilians in Tianhu City, but to Han Qianli, she only wanted to tease him a little and had no intention of putting Han Qianli in such a situation.

        She blamed herself for seeing Han Qianxiang like this, but if it wasn't for her own momentary mischief, she wouldn't have caused such trouble.

        After a moment's hesitation, Wang Simin rushed towards Han 3,000 and tried to save him, Qin Qingfeng quickly pulled her back and said urgently, "Miss Wang, it's dangerous there, you can't go over there."

        Wang Simin was about to struggle, when Han 3,000 suddenly collapsed into the water like a deflated ball.

        Anxious, Wang Simin broke away from Qin Qingfeng's block and quickly rushed into the river, feeling for the spot where Han 3,000 had fallen.

        She soon felt Han 3,000's arm in the water and carried him as far as the shore with all her might.

        By this time, all the redness around Han 3000 had disappeared, and instead he was as black as a burnt charcoal, and Wang Simin's hands were covered in black from the charcoal he had dragged all the way to shore.

        Wang Simian panicked: "How did he ...... him like this?"

        Qin Qingfeng shook his head, then gently placed his hand between Han Three Thousand's noses, looking grave.

        "There's still breathing. However, Miss Wang, are you sure it was really just the itching poison that was given to Three Thousand?" Afterwards, Qin Qingfeng rubbed Han 3,000's arm vigorously.

        The black was wiped away, revealing Han Three Thousand's arm, but it was bruised.

        "He's been poisoned." Qin Qingfeng said coldly.

        "Drastic poison?" Wang Simin was stunned, there were all kinds of pills in the alchemy room, could it be that she had unintentionally mixed poisons into the mix when she took a wild goose chase?

        Thinking of this, Wang Simin stood up in a panic and carried Han Qianqian on her back to go home.

        "There's no need, Miss Wang, he's already severely poisoned and won't live for more than half an hour." Qin Qingfeng held her hand and shook his head.

        Hearing Qin Qingfeng's words, Wang Simin was completely dumbfounded, which meant that she had poisoned Han Qianxiang? Although she wasn't used to this sick man, she wasn't willing to ki ll him either.

        "Master Qin, please think of a way to save Han Gongzi." Knowing that Han Qianxiang wouldn't live for more than half an hour, Xiaotao now also spoke urgently.

        Wang Simin likewise looked expectantly at Qin Qingfeng.

        Qin Qingfeng shook his head with difficulty, "This poison is unheard of and unseen in my decades of travel," he said. After saying that, he looked sadly at Han Qianqian and couldn't help but feel the slightest bit of sorrow for his disciple's ill-fated fate.

        He had just gotten out of a dangerous situation, but had once again stepped into the gates of hell.

        "No ...... it can't be, it can't be, I ...... I've kil led someone?" Wang Simin completely panicked and lost her mind, slumping on her buttocks and sitting on the ground, her eyes dazed as she talked to herself, her face full of regret and fear.

        Although she had been a long-time practitioner, she had at most fought for some of the people of Tianhu City, but she had never done anything like kil ling, let alone kil ling an innocent person like Han Qiangli.

        A few moments later, Wang Simin suddenly climbed up, pulling Han Qianli and shaking her desperately, tears of remorse flowing from her eyes, "Han Qianli, get up, get up, don't d i e, at worst, I promise you, I won't fight against you anymore, okay?

        Qin Qingfeng now hurriedly got up and tried to stop Wang Simin's excited actions, but at this moment, Han Qianli suddenly coughed and slowly opened his eyes, "If you keep shaking, I'll really d i e."

        After hearing Han Qianli suddenly speak, Wang Simin was overjoyed after being stunned for a moment, while Qin Qingfeng and Xiaotao also rushed over.

        "Master, help me find a safe place where I won't be caught up by Master Wang, I...feel so strange inside me right now...I need to settle down." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Qin Qingfeng nodded and just got up, but Wang Simin on the other end had already bitten Han 3,000 on his back, Qin Qingfeng was stunned for a moment and got up to walk ahead, heading for the rolling hills.

Chapter 1768

After searching deep into the mountains for a while, the four found a cave where they temporarily stopped, and Qin Qingfeng went back to cover up the traces of his movements so as not to let the Wang family catch up.

        Inside the cave, after Wang Simin put Han 3,000 down, Han 3,000 hurriedly sat on the spot and entered into a deep meditation.

        Han Qianqian's body was abnormally confused and his internal organs were being torn apart by madness. The excruciating pain was unbearable, as if there were countless hungry cats locked up inside his body for a long time without food, but at the same time, there was an extremely hot power running wildly through his body.

        This hot power was like a bull, rampaging so hard that Han Qianli's body, which wasn't doing too well, was almost shaken by it.

        If the Heart of the Dragon Clan hadn't been maintained in his body, Han 3,000 believed that he would have been unable to resist its random banging and would have di ed from the explosion.

        To think that he was also really miserable, having had his newly condensed golden body f*cking exploded earlier, and now having almost had his body exploded again. Both the inside and the outside were simply going to d i e a gruesome death.

        Han Qianli tried to control the power, but he had no energy left in his body to use. The only thing he could do was to use the Heart of the Dragon to absorb the energy and stabilise his body.

        However, Han 3,000 was not progressing well, as the poison was also acting wildly, making it even more difficult for his body, which was already suffering from the effects of the poison, to endure.

        If this continued, Han 3,000 believed that he would either be poisoned alive by the poison, or his body would explode with the force of the poison.

        The only best way was to use the power to suppress the toxicity, so that it would disappear one by one.

        But Han Qianli didn't choose to do this.

        He was deeply poisoned, and if he used the power to suppress the toxicity, it would be the best way. Han 3,000 didn't know what the outcome would be, and besides, he didn't want to waste the enormous amount of energy that had suddenly appeared in his body.

        Only adults make choices, Han Three Thousand wants them all!

        Han Giangli wants to do it all!

        Although it is greedy to want the poison to recede naturally within the body and to take the energy for his own use, Han Qianqiang is an incredibly greedy person for energy right now.

        He needed to grow his strength too much to meet Su Yingxia.

        Even if it meant risking his life, Han 3,000 would never frown.

        Han 3,000 slowly channeled the energy directly to his dantian, then used the energy provided by the Dragon Heart to control the power and make it stay there as long as possible.

        After countless attempts and failures, Han 3,000 finally began to have a tiny bit of control over it, but just as Han 3,000 was about to continue his efforts, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart and his breathing stopped, then his entire body lost consciousness and collapsed.

        Han 3,000's fall lasted for a full seven days.

        When he opened his eyes again, the first thing Han Qianqian smelt was a fragrance. When he lowered his eyes, he saw a red dress on his body, and not far away, Wang Simin was wearing a white dress. With her arms wrapped tightly around herself, she squatted in a corner and hunched over.

        Seeing how pale she was, Han Qianli knew that she had given her clothes to herself and was suffering the cold alone.

        Han Qianqian tried to get up and return her clothes, but as soon as she got up, she woke up Wang Simin.

        Seeing that Han Qianqian was awake, Wang Simin rushed to Han Qianqian's face in a moment of joy, "Are you awake? How was it? Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? Drinking water?"

        Han Qianli looked at her clothes and shook his head, "Put your clothes on, don't catch cold."

        Although Wang Simin was freezing her lips white, she still shook her head firmly, "I don't need it. After all, you're the sick chicken and I'm in good health, I don't need it."

        At this time. Qin Qingfeng and Xiaotao also returned carrying a pile of wild fruit, and when they saw Han 3,000, they ran in overjoyed, and Qin Qingfeng was even more tearful: "3,000, you've finally woken up, these seven days, you've really been anxious, I was afraid that you'd ...... just... ...."

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed: "Seven days? I was in a coma for seven days?"

        Peach nodded desperately, "Yes, in the past seven days, you've shouted hot and cold, and sometimes even faked your own death, which scared us to death. However, it's good that Miss Wang has been taking good care of you over the past few days, giving you her own clothes when you're cold and keeping a wet towel on you when you're hot, and even when you faked your own death, she kept feeding you water every day."

        Hearing Xiaotao's words, Han Giangiang was appalled as he looked at Wang Simin, who had really not expected it. This spirited to the point of flying, big sister had taken such good care of herself in the past seven days.

        No wonder when he woke up, her clothes were on his body.

        Seeing Han Qianqian looking at her, Wang Simin looked slightly embarrassed. Putting her head to one side, she stubbornly said, "Don't thank me, I just don't want to become a murderer, otherwise I wouldn't have taken care of you."

        Han Qianli smiled, knowing that she was hard-headed and soft-hearted, so he said nothing more.

        Sitting up from the floor, Han Qianli smiled gently. Looking towards Qin Qingfeng, "Master, let's make our way."

        "But you've just woken up ......" Qin Qingfeng said.

        Han Qianli shook his head, "It's nothing, it's nothing, let's go."

        Qin Qingfeng nodded.

        The four of them came out of the cave again. During the seven days that Han was unconscious, the temperature in Tianhu City had plummeted, and goose feather snow had fallen. The snow was so heavy that it virtually gave Han Qianli a better cover. It was a good idea to have a good cover.

        It wasn't that the Wang family hadn't sent people to the east of the city to look for them, but when they saw no traces of snow on the outskirts of the city, they gave up their search on this side.

        Before setting off, Han Qianqian looked at Qin Qingfeng. Whispering, he asked, "Is it okay to let her go?"

        "Where do you want her to go when the snow covers the mountains?" Qin Qingfeng shook his head.

        After all, he is the son of a deceased, so how can Qin Qingfeng leave Qin Simin in danger?

        Han Qianli thought about it and agreed, resuming his journey to the deep mountains.

        According to Qin Qingfeng's memories. The best way to find the ruins of the Pangu tribe was to follow the stream that Han Qianqian had jumped into and follow it up the mountain.

        After travelling for about three days and climbing over several mountains, Han Qianqian and the others suddenly saw a very concealed opening at the bottom of two mountains in front of them, amidst overgrown weeds, and a glimmer of light came out from there.

        "Top of the line, top of the panga, three thousand, we've arrived, we've arrived." Qin Qingfeng shed his fatigue and looked there with an excited and complex look.