His True Colors Chapter 1761-1763

 Chapter 1761

Seeing Han Qianqian naked, Wang Simin's furious face was filled with embarrassment, so she pretended to be calm and said angrily, "Humph, I didn't know you were not only a sickly child, but also an exposing maniac.

        Han Qianli was quite speechless. The reason for taking off his shirt was because the Linlong had told him that the Heart of the Dragon was inside his body, and the speed at which it absorbed energy in the Eightfold World was extremely fast. Currently, Han Three thousand's body was very weak, so once the Dragon Heart absorbed energy, it would be overloaded, and Han Three thousand took off his shirt to cultivate. It could be more beneficial to his cultivation.

        "Miss Wang, this is my house, I want to rest. Isn't it normal to take off your blouse? You, on the other hand, seem to be out of order for barging into my room at night, don't you?" Han Giangli explained helplessly as she put on her blouse.

        "I pooh, this is my home, I, Wang Simin, can go wherever I want, why do you need to interfere? You're clearly an exhibitionist! And you want to put the blame on me?" Wang Simin shouted angrily.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, what reasoning is there with such people. Wasting no time, he nodded, "Understood. Then what does Miss Wang want in this house?"

        "I want you to apologise to me for today's meal, or I'll ki ll you right now." After Wang Simin said that, she directly raised her twin swords and pointed them angrily at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian said, "Is this the only small thing? Well, Three Thousand Thousand is rash today and has offended Miss more than a little tonight, so please, Your Highness, don't mind the little man."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian held an attitude of appeasement and apologised.

        "Is that the end of it?" The corners of Wang Simin's eyes and eyebrows lifted.

        Han Qianli was stunned and asked softly, "Miss Wang, what else do you want?"

        Seeing Han Qianqian's amiable tone of voice, Wang Simin smiled proudly. Wang Simin smiled proudly, "Of course I have to kneel down and apologise, who are you? Do you deserve to stand with me and apologise?"

        Han Qianqian's face was cold, and he no longer wanted to see her in general. With an attitude of appeasement, he took the initiative to take a few steps back and apologise to her, but never expected that she would stomp on his nose and become more and more outrageous.

        "A man kneels above the heavens and the earth and below his parents, I've already apologised, and I hope Miss Wang will stop in moderation." Han Qianqian said coldly.

        "I pooh. You're the only one who counts as a man?" Wang Simin scolded disdainfully, then said coldly, "I see you rather like a eunuch."

        "Whether I am a man or not, my wife naturally does not know. I have no interest in explaining it to you, nor do I need to." Han Giangli said.

        "You're not interested in explaining, Miss Ben isn't interested in listening, just like a yin and yang man like you, whoever gives you a wife is down on their luck!" When she heard Han Marchant's words, she subconsciously thought that Xiao Peach was Han Marchant's wife, and felt sorry for that woman, who was beautiful and stunningly beautiful, but ended up with such a useless man.

        "Hey, what a pity for your wife, marrying a punk like you. If I were her, I might as well be dead."

        Han Qianqian sneered and thought of Su Yingxia again. Not to be outdone, he said, "Really? But alas, you won't be her."

        At this time in the main family's wing, after Mr. Wang had eaten his own vegetarian meal. After lighting a stick of incense and closing his eyes to rest his mind, Wang Dong slowly entered the room, although his father did not often eat with him, as he had a light and quiet diet. Every evening, however, Wang Dong would come to pay his father a visit after dinner.

        "Dong'er. Sit down." Old Mr. Wang did not open his eyes, but just waved his hand, gesturing for Wang Dong to sit down.

        Wang Dong nodded his head. He sat down nicely on the side.

        "Min'er is twenty years old this year, right?" Old Mr Wang.

        Wang Dong nodded: "This year she is already twenty-one."

        Old Mr. Wang smiled slightly: "In a flash, she has already reached the age of marriage, quite good, have you betrothed her to someone else?"

        When it comes to this, Wang Dong has a hard time talking about it. Wang Dong has a hard time talking about it. Although Simin is a very good-looking girl, she is very capricious. Earlier, he had a few noble sons from good families come to his door to propose marriage, but none of them were not beaten up by her. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that.

        "Father, Dong'er is still looking for a good son-in-law."

        "That is no more, which is a good thing."

        "Dad, what do you mean by that?"

        "If Min'er can marry him, she will be an honoured member of the Wang family, and we will be able to climb the dragon and phoenix ladder. Old Mr. Wang said cheerfully.

        Hearing this, Wang Dong was a little upset, but he knew that the old man had not been too keen on Simin's granddaughter, as a boy would have the opportunity to continue to develop the Wang family. However, after Simin's mother di ed in childbirth, Wang Dong had not been looking for a new son, so he became both father and mother, treating Simin as a jewel in his palm.

        But soon, Wang Dong was relieved and even excited again, because his father's words really made him excited again.

        The son-in-law who could bring the Wang family to the top of the mountain was exactly what Wang Dong had been longing for.

        Wang Dong was deeply attached to his late wife and was unwilling to betray her, so he had to find something to rely on.

        Right now, when he heard that there was a suitable candidate, Wang Dong's eyes lit up: "Father, do you have a suitable candidate?".

Chapter 176

From the first time I saw him, I knew that he would be a man of the heavens once he leaps from the dragon's door. What's the harm in competing with the three big families for the title of True God?"

        Wang Dong's entire body trembled with excitement at the sound of this. The first big family of the Heavenly Lake was a dream that Wang Dong had fought for all his life, but now that the dream was within his reach, how could he not be excited? More importantly, to be on par with the three great families, to dominate the eight directions and compete for the position of the True God. This was a supreme honour that made Wang Dong tremble when he heard it.

        "Father, is there really such a person?" Wang Dong could hardly believe his ears, who else in the Octagon has this kind of ability?

        "Father. You're not talking about the young master at the top of the Blue Mountains, are you?"

        Recently, Wang Dong has also heard gossip that the Top of the Blue Mountain is considering cultivating its own power, could it be that his father's idea is to marry the Top of the Blue Mountain and rely on them to support the Wang family.

        But it's unlikely, although Simin is really good-looking, the Wang family is still not qualified to match the Top of the Blue Mountains.

        The most important thing is that, according to father, this son is a proud son of the heavens, and could be on a par with the three big families. This meant that he could not be from one of the three big families, and Wang Dong was even more confused.

        He also had a wide range of friends, but for a while he really couldn't think of who had such a young talent that could bring about such a radical change in the Wang family.

        "Does the young master on top of the Blue Mountain have to be the True God?" Old Mr. Wang laughed disdainfully.

        With the Blue Mountain True God still alive, there was naturally no possibility of breeding a new True God, and there was even less talk of competing for one.

        "The young master at the top of the Blue Mountain is indeed of supreme status and is considered a true god, but it depends on who he is compared to, if he is compared to him, what is the one at the top of the Blue Mountain? But just a fart." Old Mr. Wang sneered.

        Hearing this, Wang Dong's brain was about to explode, his father was never one to be scrupulous or presumptuous, and when he said that he couldn't compare to the top of the Blue Mountain, he definitely couldn't compare.

        "Father, don't sell out, just tell me directly, okay?" Wang Dong was in a hurry.

        "My son. Your eyes are filthy, this son is close to you, but far away in the sky."

        Wang Dong thought for a moment and didn't think of who it was, but everyone in Tianhu City knew the roots. Suddenly, his brows furrowed, "Father, you can't be saying that Brother Qin brought ......".

        "It's Han Three Thousand!" Old Mr. Wang interrupted him and spoke sternly.

        Han 3000!

        When he heard this name, Wang Dong was struck by lightning and his whole brain was in a state of confusion.

        Han Qianqian?

        Is that the sickly-looking teenager? Is that the right man? You've got to be kidding me!

        In Wang Dong's eyes, Han 3,000 is just a sick chicken that will collapse at the slightest blow of the wind.

        This was Wang Dong's position on Han 3,000. Han Qianqian had become a true son, even an existence comparable to the young master at the summit of Blue Mountain?

        With a flattering smile, Wang Dong whispered, "Father, although you don't like Simin very much, you don't have to find any reason to marry her off, do you? However, you don't need to find someone to make up some excuse to marry her off, do you? Big deal, from now on, I'll tell Simin that girl to behave herself, so as not to provoke you no joke."

        Old Mr. Wang's eyes were lightly closed in anger, trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart, and said softly, "Am I that vicious in your eyes?"

        "It's not that Tong'er meant that, but you're joking with me a bit too much, aren't you? How can Han Qianli be a true genius, that's simply a useless talent, Dad."

        Remembering that at the dinner table, his own daughter was so rude, but Han Qianli was too stunned to say a word, like a coward, such a person, how Wang Dong could not connect him with the true genius.


        Old Mr. Wang slapped the table with a palm that was deafening: "Confused, you are simply confused. How can the body of a true god be seen by your mortal body? The royal family will one day be destroyed by a mediocrity like you. Go away, I don't want to see you."

        Wang Dong was scolded, but he dared not leave. He had rarely seen the old man so furious. Even if he had disobeyed him and eloped with Simin's mother back then, the old man had never been so angry.

        "I'm sorry, Father. I'm clumsy, I'll listen to your arrangement. Wang Dong was scolded, so how dare he leave.

        Hearing Wang Dong's words, Old Mr. Wang felt a little more comfortable. He stared back at Wang Dong and sat down again, "Han Qianxiang's body has a kind of king's breath that is difficult for outsiders to find out. However, I have been instructed by a master, and I can get a glimpse of it. I have lived all my life, but I have only seen people who possess this kind of King's Breath, except for the True God. There is no one else who has it, my son, do you understand?"

        Wang Dong's eyebrows furrowed: "So you will invite him to a game of chess this evening, Father?"

        "Exactly." Old Mr. Wang nodded, "That high man once taught me life and death chess according to the Book of Heaven. He taught me the game of life and death and told me that whoever could break this game would be the king who would descend and look down upon the world."

        Talking about this. Wang Dong was puzzled: "Is that chess still possible to play?"

        In his eyes, Black is defeated, there's no way out, so how can we break the game?

        "Chess is like life. Life is like a chess game. Ordinary people look at chess and get trapped in it, and find it hard to break out of it, but some people look at life and think about life. So life and death is a chess game, life is death and death is life. My son, this is your obsession." Old Mr. Wang said softly.

        Wang Dong nodded heavily, "Father, I know what to do."

        After exiting from the parlour, Wang Dong started to go back to the house to take care of the bride price, he even put in a lot of money for his new son-in-law, then he took his servant with him to carry the things, ready to propose marriage, but as soon as he reached the corridor, he heard noises over the guest room and rushed over.

        Inside Han 3,000 yuan house, Wang Simin pointed his sword in anger: "Dead sick chicken, I'll say it one last time, are you kneeling or not?"

        "I'll also say this one last time, apologies I've already made, the rest, don't you dare."

        "Good, dead sick chicken, then don't blame this lady for being merciless with her sword, it's just a pity that your pretty little peach will make another widow in this world from now on." After drinking coldly, Wang Simin raised her sword.

        "Give me a break!" At this point, Wang Dong rushed in quickly, and opened his palm directly to Wang Simin, who was as cold as ice: "Simin, you're making a fool of yourself again."

Chapter 1763

"Dad!!!" Seeing Wang Dong stopping himself, Wang Simin was furious and stomped her feet in place. I really don't understand why you have to defend this sick chicken at every turn, dad, you can tell me since I was a child. What you despise most is this kind of waste."

        Wang Dong ignored it, turned back to look at Han Qianxiang and apologised, "Mr Han, my daughter was unruly and reckless, are you okay?"

        Han Qianqiang shook his head and smiled, "Thank you for your concern, Master Wang, Qianqiang is not a major obstacle. However. If Miss Wang is like this, Master Wang should discipline her more, otherwise. I'm really worried that Miss Wang won't be able to marry in the future."

        Hearing Han Qianqian's words, Wang Simin jumped like thunder: "What did you say, you ba sta rd? Will my lady be unable to marry? With the stroke of a pen, I'll be unable to get married if countless sons and daughters line up in front of my house. Rather, you're a loser, who wants to marry you, who's the one who's unlucky in eight lifetimes."

        Han Qianli smiled and didn't say anything, he was just giving some of his own opinions, after all, Wang Simin was so reckless and rude, that was a fact.

        "Simin. How are you talking?" Wang Dong gave an odd look at Wang Simin.

        "I'm telling the truth." Wang Simin pinned her head to one side, unconvinced.

        Wang Dong let out a long sigh and took a few steps to Wang Simin's face: "Daughter, you can't talk about yourself like that, do you understand?"

        "What nonsense, I'm yelling at Han Qianqiang who deserved to d i e." Wang Simin.

        Wang Dong shook his head: "You're talking about yourself, Simin, I've thought about it, you're not young, it's time to find a family."

        After saying that, Wang Dong waved his hand and a few servants outside the door came in with a pile of pearly whites and gifts in a respectful manner.

        Wang Simin was dazzled by the variety of treasures and oddities, almost all of which were the Wang family's famous household effects, including even the most expensive live ginseng. They were also among them.

        "Father, what are you doing?" Wang Simin wondered.

        As soon as the items were put down, Wang Dong said to Han Qianli, "Mr. Han. I believe today's incident was just a momentary misunderstanding. Here are the twelve most valuable treasures of this house.

        Hearing these words. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but I think it is. What's more. Or selling her "cheaply" to Han Qianxiang, a punk!

        After being surprised, Han Qianqian shook her head in panic and said firmly: "Master Wang, you are making too big a joke with Qianqian. What's more, Han Sanqiang already has a wife."

        "It's normal for a great man to have three wives and four concubines, and I don't expect Simin to be Duke Han's wife, as long as Duke Han is willing, there's no harm in being a concubine!!!" Wang Dong was busy.

        Hearing this, Han Qianli remained resolute, even though the Eight World was very open about the issue of three wives and four concubines, in Han Qianli's heart, there was only one Su Yingxia in this life. There was absolutely no possibility of a second one existing.

        "Master Wang's generosity, Three Thousand is indeed not fortunate enough to receive it." Han Qianli said, looking at Wang Simin, who was so angry that she was about to explode, "Say no more. I don't want Miss Wang to d i e either, so please take back your life, Master Wang."

        "What does this ...... have to do with Simin's death?" Wang Dong didn't understand.

        But these words of Han Three Thousand Dollars seemed very harsh to Wang Simin's ears, because she had just said them. She would rather d i e if she married Han Qianqian.

        The words were her words, but where did she expect. Father would suddenly give himself away like a plague, even pushing and sending him outwards.

        Even making himself a concubine!

        She was the eldest daughter of the Wang family, not to mention Han Qianqian, a sick chicken. Even the number one family in Tianhu City didn't have the qualifications ah.

        "Father, if you want me to marry him, this sick chicken, then I'd rather d i e." Wang Simin gritted her teeth. She glared at Han Qianqian.

        "Yes, Father doesn't object, but you d i e. That has to be Han's ghost too!" Wang Dong was resolute.

        Hearing these words, Wang Simin looked at Wang Dong incredulously, ever since she was a child. Usually, no matter what she had done, he would never scold her even one word.

        No matter what she did, he would never scold her. Because of this, Wang Simin, who lacked self-confidence since childhood, did something unruly every time, trying to attract her father's attention.

        But what she didn't expect was that her father would actually let her d i e today for the sake of a sick chicken!

        "Well, I'll d i e to show you!" Tears welled up in Wang Simin's eyes, and she was so heartbroken that she turned around, picked up her sword and tried to cut her throat.

        Wang Dong knocked the sword away from her, then slapped Wang Simin's face: "You've made enough noise, someone take Miss back to the house.

        Wang Simin touched her painful and swollen face, kept looking at Wang Dong with hatred, and was led out of the room by the servant.

        Wang Dong now looked towards Han Qianli and said, "Mr. Han, I'll take my leave first."

        Han 3,000 thought that this was the end of the matter, but the next morning, he purposely got up very early because he was going to plan to search for Pangu.