His True Colors Chapter 1754-1756

 Chapter 1754

"This ......"

        When Zhu Ying saw this, she became even more confused. Why do Peach and Han Qianqiang light up their marks on one arm and one brain whenever there is an energy boost?

        What do the two have to do with each other?

        "Senior. There's one thing, Han Qianqian's body possesses a Pan Gu Axe!"


        As soon as she heard this, Zhu Ying's entire body was shocked... Pangu Axe? King of all tools?

        "How is this possible? The Pan Gu Axe is the first divine weapon to open up the heavens and the earth, and under the heavens, apart from the Pan Gu God, it can be controlled in his lifetime, and even the True God does not care to acknowledge its master. Zhu Ying shook her head in disbelief.

        Lin Long smiled bitterly, "Although I can't understand it either. But that's the truth, but unfortunately, the Pangu Axe has recognized him as its master though. But Three Thousand has never been able to comprehend the power of it."

        After being stunned for a moment, Zhu Ying nodded her head, "No wonder when I was passing on my power to Han Three Thousand, I always felt that there was a strange and very powerful power within this brat's body, so it was the Pangu Axe."

        At this point, she suddenly tilted her head and laughed, "It's worth it, my Zhu Ying's disciple is the one who possesses the Pangu Axe, it seems that the heavens have not forgotten me, Zhu Ying!"

        "What about this little girl's body ......? Could it be that there are two Pangu axes?" Zhu Ying suddenly thought of this. She frowned.

        Then, she and Lin Long, one and one, almost simultaneously blurted out, "Could it be that Peach is a descendant of Pangu?"

        "Huh? Am I a Pangu heir?" Xiaotao was stunned when she heard this.

        "I understand, it must be because I was pumping energy into Han Qianqian's body, causing the Pan Gu Axe, which had fallen into a deep sleep due to Han Qianqian's death, to wake up a bit, and when Peach touched Han Qianqian, the Pan Gu Axe sensed her presence, and that's why the situation just occurred!" Zhu Ying suddenly figured it out.

        Lin Long nodded excitedly, that's how things should be, only then could he perfectly explain the phenomenon just now: "That means, 3000 he is saved?"

        Zhu Ying shook her head, "My lifelong power has basically been passed on to Han Qianqian, even if Little Peach is there. But there's nothing I can do to push the Pan Gu Axe into awakening."

        "Senior, isn't this with us? If you really can't. There are also the thousands of strange beasts of the Hundred Beast Forest." Lin Long Dao.

        "The strange beasts of the Hundred Beast Forest?" Zhu Ying was stunned.

        Lin Long managed to squeeze out a smile, "You don't know yet, but Han Qianlian's spirit pet, Bai, is actually the Beast King of the Hundred Beast Forest."

        "Beast King?" Zhu Ying looked at Xiaobai incredulously.

        Zhu Ying suddenly couldn't help but let out a long, bitter laugh, what's the situation here? I took on a disciple for no reason at all, thinking that I was destined to have some kind of connection with him and that I would be wasting my cultivation by staying here, but instead I took on a disciple who was covered in treasure.

        The Pan Gu axe is a weapon. The Beast King is a spirit pet, and Zhu Ying really felt that all the bitterness of having spent half a lifetime in this Ciyun movement had vanished in an instant, and she felt that she would probably wake up laughing if she fell asleep.

        It's clearly a treasure.

        "Let's not say he's a disciple of my mother. Even if he wasn't, I'd have to scold his Void Sect ancestors for letting go of such a great treasure and not cherishing it, and beating him up like this? Han Qianqian, don't worry, even if I lose my life, I will save you and make the Void Sect regret it to hell." Zhu Ying drank coldly, then stood up.

        At this time, God Void, who was far away in the sky, suddenly sneezed.

        "Xiaolong ......"

        "It's the Linlong!" The dragons were embarrassed.

        "Whatever, I don't know your name anyway, you have a few high level strange beasts from the Hundred Beast Forest come over, and also, you dragons will help together."


        The order was given. In less than half an hour, the four dragons had quietly led a few high-ranking strange beasts into the cave, according to Zhu Ying's request. After sifting through seven of the high-ranking beasts, uniting the five dragons and setting up the Heavenly Kun Formation, everything was ready, and the twelve beasts were facing the corpse of Han 3,000, Peach and Han 3,000 sat together.

        With Zhu Ying's lifetime of soft drinking. The twelve beasts transferred all the energy in their bodies to Han 3,000.

        A warm light covered Han 3,000's body, and the Pan Gu axe mark on his forehead began to slowly appear, turning from weak to strong. The green mark on Xiaotao's body also gradually emitted a strong glow.

        Half an hour later, the twelve beasts, except for the Linlong, were all pale. Almost all the others were pale and sweating like rain from the prolonged energy output. Even the higher-ranked beasts were completely overwhelmed.

        But on the other hand, although the glow of the mark in Han Qianli's forehead existed, it was after a short period of brilliance. It was gradually dimming.

        The King of Ten Thousand Weapons was indeed the King of Ten Thousand Weapons, and to awaken it, the energy of twelve high-ranking beasts alone was sufficient. Zhu Ying also knew that this was far from enough.

        Zhu Ying gritted her teeth, looked around the entire area and laughed softly, "Little Dragon, remember to help me brag more outside in the future that Han Qianli is my disciple, Zhu Ying."

        After saying Zhu Ying's hideous smile, she slammed her palm on her stomach, and suddenly, along with the black blood in her mouth, a small golden body flew out as well!

        "Seniors, no!"

Chapter 1755

Lin Long shouted, his whole body anxious, Zhu Ying was going to explode his golden body to increase the energy of the formation, using his own life as a stake.

        Zhu Ying smiled coldly, "What do you not want, Master save disciple. I have no regrets in my life if I have Han Qianqian as my disciple. Remember to ask him to give me a few more incense joss sticks at festivals, I'm too damn lonely in this life!"

        With a roar from Zhu Ying, followed by her fierce release of her golden body directly into the formation, her entire body exploding directly in the formation with Zhu Ying's final cry!


        Within the formation. The light soared, and the mark on Han Three thousand's forehead, together with Little Peach's blue seal, released another dazzling light.

        The light covered both Han Qianqian and Xiaotao. Xiao Peach's eyes were closed tightly, and a series of images raced through her mind, of Han Qiangnian's kitchen saving each other, of herself being sold into slavery, of herself being driven out of the village, of her own parents taking her ......

        Suddenly, Peach's picture stopped.

        And then Peach was rushing around the periphery saying, "The energy from the golden body explosion is enough, but it's too short, Lin Long. We must always maintain the same amount as before, or you will have to hold on for a while."

        Hearing Xiaobai's shout, although the Linlong was now sweating, but on the other hand, the other eleven beasts, all of them were pale, their lips purple and sweating furiously, it was clear that they had all reached their limits.

        If they didn't withdraw, the twelve beasts in the formation would all be drained of energy and die.

        But if they gave up, all their previous efforts would be in vain, but if they continued, they wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

        "Good. Han 3,000, I'll bet on you!" The Dragon shouted a retreat. When all the beasts had released their energies, the now-formidable Lin Long gritted his teeth and took out the Dragon's Heart.


        Seeing the Heart of the Dragon Clan, the four dragons were startled and shocked.

        "Clan leader, what are you doing?"

        "The Heart of the Dragon Clan is the supreme treasure of our Dragon Clan, without the Heart of the Dragon Clan, we would never be able to raise our heads, don't you know the humiliation of these thousands of years?"

        "Yes. Without the heart of a dragon, we are called snakes and earthworms in the Eightfold World. We have endured it for thousands of years, Clan Chief, you had a hard time finding it, how can you use it ......"

        "The heart of the dragon is the life of the dragon clan, clan leader, you must think twice!"

        The Four Dragons put a sharp stop to it, although nominally, the Four Dragons still had to respect Han 3,000 as the Beast King now, and they could give Han 3,000 enough respect, but they would rather not take their own little lives if they were to take out the Dragon Clan's greatest treasure.

        This was because the Heart of the Dragon Clan was no different from the importance of energy to a cultivator, without it, the upper limit of the Dragon Clan would always be just a high-ranking strange beast, while a Dragon Clan with the Heart of the Dragon Clan would always be just a high-ranking strange beast. They can even approach the True God and look down upon all beings.

        The Four Dragons, like all the other dragons, had long since had enough of oppression. They even felt that Dragonborn had no interest in anything and were just muddling through, and the appearance of the Dragon Heart had ignited their hopes, as well as those of the entire Dragon Race.

        Now, the Linlong was giving the Heart of the Dragon Clan to Han Qianqian. This despair of losing it and gaining it back was far more unacceptable than never having received it.

        "The Dragon Clan won't die without the Heart of the Dragon Clan. But Han 3,000 will now, although, I know that the Heart of the Dragon may not be able to awaken the Pan Gu Axe either. But at the very least, being a dragon should be with a clear conscience." The dragon smiled bitterly.

        Then. He looked at the four dragons: "The Heart of the Dragon was found by Han Qianqian, and whether it's there or not is itself of great relevance to him. I also know that you're not worried about yourselves, but about the entire dragon race, and so am I."

        "But having had more contact with humans. I understand one thing, it's not impossible for self-development to have all the way to supernatural, but that's based on having strength, and there's another kind of supernatural method, called lying!"

        If the enemy is strong enough, he can be as strong as he wants to be, and I will just have to repay the favour.

        The Dragon Dragon bet almost all of his treasure on Han Qiangnian's body. Zhu Ying dared to take his life to crush Han 3,000, and he dared to take the heart of the Dragon Clan as well.

        "Han Qianqian, the Dragon Clan will depend on you from now on, you must definitely wake up." The Dragon Dragon's teeth gnashed and directly threw the Heart of the Dragon Race into Han Qianqian in the middle of the formation.

        Suddenly, the entire formation was so radiant that it even illuminated the black hole that was outstretched as if it were day.

        On the main hall of the Four Peaks, Lin Mengxi received a report from his disciples that the Ciyun Cave was glowing with light, and was so surprised that when he hurried to the Ciyun Cave with his disciples, the rain had stopped.

        There was nothing in front of the cave, and inside the cave, there didn't seem to be any movement.

        When the group boldly entered the Ciyun Cave, there was nothing there, not even the "monsters".

        And then, in the Void Boundary of the Void Sect, several beams of light broke straight through the door of space!

Chapter 1756

Outside of the Void Sect, rolling hills stretched for thousands of miles, and autumn yellow fields were everywhere, with no end in sight.

        In Qin Qingfeng's thatched-roof house, Qin Qingfeng, his face full of sadness, was wiping the tablet he had just made for Han Qianli, when several beams of light fell in front of the door. But it wasn't the day of the Void Sect's payday, so why would he come?

        At this moment, a figure walked into the house and saw the visitor, Qin Qingfeng was filled with astonishment.

        "Three thousand? You're not dead?"

        Han Third Thousand was pale and extremely weak, but even so, he still held Zhu Ying's corpse in his hands, only, once Zhu Ying died, only half of her white bones and half of her skin were left, and Han Third Thousand smiled bitterly, "Third Thousand is not dead because she traded her life for mine."

        Looking at the white bones in Han Qianqian's hand, Qin Qingfeng was stunned, "She is ......"

        "She is the master I recognised in the Void Sect. Zhu Ying."

        Hearing these words, Qin Qingfeng's face froze for a moment before he reflected, stunned for a moment and shook his head in distress. Gently picking up Zhu Ying's bones.

        "Three thousand can live, thanks to Master's sacrifice of his life to save him, from now on, three thousand will always be a disciple of the Zhu Clan." After saying that, Han Qianqian knelt down and kowtowed three times towards Zhu Ying's corpse.

        Qin Qingfeng sighed and helped Han Three Thousand up, "It is also your fate that Zhu Ying was able to save you with his life, so what are your plans for the future?"

        "The environment in the Ciyun Cave is too poor and she hated the Four Peaks before she died, so I didn't want to bury her in the Void Sect, and secondly, I know that you have travelled extensively. I have a question for you," Han Qianli said. Han Qianqiandao.

        Qin Qingfeng nodded, "Go ahead and ask, Master, I'll tell you everything."

        "Master, do you know about the Pangu clan?"

        Hearing Han Three Thousand's question, Qin Qingfeng's brows furrowed and he quietly looked outside the house, seeing some strange beasts and a pretty girl, looking at Han Three Thousand worriedly.

        "Master, they're all my strange favourites, and one is Little Peach, one of my own."

        Qin Qingfeng nodded, somewhat embarrassed, "This is a forbidden conversation that the Eight Worlds tacitly agree on, and no one, no one should mention it."

        "The Pangu clan was originally one of the great tribes of the Eight Directions World, sitting in the Eastern Mountains, the noblest race in the Eight Directions World in terms of bloodline. They are born to guard the secrets of Pangu. Legend has it that the secrets of Pangu contain clues to the king of all tools, the Pangu Axe, and many secrets of the god of Pangu. If they obtained the secret of Pangu, they could rule the world in the eight directions, but because of this, it brought about the destruction of their families."

        "The gods of the eight worlds, for the secret of Pangu. They united together, on the basis of guilt, and fought a massive alliance war against the Pangu Clan, a war in which the Pangu Clan's blood flowed like rivers and bones, and tens of thousands of Pangu men were tragically slaughtered under the alliance attack, and those women who remained."

        At this point, Qin Qingfeng was already unbearable: "They were humiliated by tens of thousands of people, those depraved righteous men, who did insane and absurd things, and that night, the Pangu Clan was full of the screams of the Pangu women. Thereafter, they began a three-day long abuse. But apart from giving vent to their bestial desires, they never gained any useful leads in the Pangu tribe."

        "And the many allied armies of the Eight Worlds, in a rage, killed off all the Pangu Clan and left, and made a tacit agreement among themselves that what happened to the Pangu Clan would automatically be forbidden. No one was allowed to talk about it."

        Although Han Qianqian had never experienced this, he was quite angry when he heard this, which was simply the work of an animal: "Then what do you mean, Master, that the Pangu clan has been wiped out?"

        "No, there was a branch of the Pangu tribe that was spared by going out. Thereafter, this Pangaea branch, went into hiding and lived a life outside the world. No one knows their whereabouts, but ......." Qin Qingfeng was unable to continue at this point.

        His entire face was filled with guilt and remorse.

        After a moment, he smiled bitterly, "But three years ago, I met the Pan Gu clan."

        A sentence that gave Han Qianli a sudden shock and hope in his heart!

        For Han Qianqiang, it was hope, but for Qin Qingfeng, that incident was the beginning of despair.

        "Ever since I accepted Cool-Son Yeh as my disciple, I felt that this child had outstanding talent, so I took great pains to cultivate him, and over the past twenty years I have travelled almost all over the eight directions of the world in search of heavenly materials and earthly treasures for him. Ye Longsheng is also very comforting to me, growing at an amazing rate, and under these circumstances, I have become almost mad about cultivating him."

        "Three years ago. I met a friend who inadvertently discovered the traces of the Pan Gu Heir, and I was momentarily haunted and joined forces with him to carry out a sneak attack on that village." After Qin Qingfeng finished speaking, his entire body was filled with regret: "After slaughtering the village, my friend designed to frame me in order to obtain the village's treasures, and beat me into an invalid, while my disciple. He also betrayed me, and this is the retribution for my evil deeds."

        For the past three years, Qin Qingfeng has almost kept his mouth shut about the mistakes he made in a moment of confusion back then. But the nightmares of the past three years still made him bitter.

        Now, mentioning it to Han Qianqian, Qin Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief instead.

        "Master, you're like this. And what's the difference between you and that bunch of beasts from ten thousand years ago." Han Qianqian was indignant, for the sake of profit, and for the sake of treating people's lives with disdain, what's the difference between that and an animal!

        Han Qianqian suddenly remembered the saying, "A pitiful man is a pitiful man. There must be something to hate, and that was the case with Qin Qingfeng.

        "I also know that I have sinned badly. I was foolish and committed such a sin. It is a pity that I am now such an invalid and will not be able to live long enough to search for the Pangu clan. But if I can see the Pangu clan again in my lifetime, I will die to thank them for my sins." Qin Qingfeng was firm.

        Han Qianli nodded and said, "Master, are you serious about this?"

        "Qin Qingfeng has always done things openly and honestly, and what he says is not an act."

        Han Qianqian nodded: "Good, although you are my master, right is right and wrong is wrong, perhaps there is someone who can grant you some wishes."

        Han Qianli finished icily, got up and pulled Xiaotao in from outside, then handed over his jade sword to her.

        Qin Qingfeng was surprised to see Han Three Thousand's actions like this when Han suddenly exerted himself, and the green mark on Little Peach's arm suddenly lit up with a faint golden light.

        When Qin Qingfeng saw the green mark on Little Peach's hand, his entire body went pale with shock, "Pan ...... Pan Gu Clan?"