His True Colors Chapter 1751-1753

 Chapter 1751

Su Yingxia's face turned cold: "I will never do anything to betray Han Qianli, remember, ever! What would it mean for you and Fu Mang if I chose to do this?"

        Su Yingxia's words are very clear: we are in a partnership. If the other party can't contribute, then this cooperation has no value.

        Fu Li naturally understood what Su Yingxia meant, and was about to speak, when there was a ruckus at the door of the lobby, Fu Li quickly pulled away and quietly left.

        In the main hall of the Fu's, Fu Tian returned in high spirits, as soon as he heard that the patriarch had returned, a group of senior executives of the Fu family. It was the first time I had ever been to the main hall.

        On the main door, Futian invited a young man three steps at a time. The young man was handsome and well-dressed, with an extraordinary temperament.

        He was followed by twenty middle-aged men dressed in strange clothes, all of them tiger-like, and the Fu family hardly needed to think about it, knowing that these people were not young.

        Entering the courtyard, Fu Tian cheerfully shouted out, "Come, serve tea. Watch the seat." Then, a respectful gesture of invitation was made.

        The young man nodded gently and looked at the Fou family's executives standing on either side of him, full of disdain.

        "Ladies and gentlemen, a grand introduction to you all, this, is the third son of the Eternal Sea, Ao Yi."

        As soon as they heard this, Fushi's group of executives burst out laughing, and some even patted their asses on the spot.

        "So this is the famous Third Prince of the Sea of Eternal Life, it's better to be famous than to meet him, Third Prince is really a talent."

        "That's not true, the Third Prince is very handsome, he looks like a gem among men!"

        "If you're a guest in our home, Third Prince, then make yourself at home. Treat the Fu family as your own family, and never be polite."

        The Fu family's crowd was very happy that the Third Prince of the Eternal Sea had come. This meant that the purpose of Fu Tian's trip had been achieved, and the Fu family's hope for the future had been rekindled.

        Fu Tian was also very happy that despite the twists and turns of the trip to the Sea of Eternal Life, a cooperation had been reached in the end.

        In fact, Fu Tian had suffered a lot of subjugation that day with the Ao family's steward, and he thought that this trip to meet the clan leader of the Eternal Sea would lead to even less suffering in the future. But the result was surprising, and the cooperation was agreed upon very smoothly.

        Of course. The Fushi clan was paying annual taxes and giving gifts to the Eternal Sea, which was tantamount to bowing to the Eternal Sea by way of submission.

        However. This was something Fudian was willing to accept, after all, it was only a formality, while the Fushi clan was still nominally independent.

        In the face of the crowd's boasts, Ao Yi smiled lightly, walked up to the top of the hall and sat directly on the leftmost seat.

        A group of Fu Clan executives were stunned, because the seat Ao Yi was sitting in was simply the Fu Clan's seat of power, the Fu Clan's seat of power. Obviously, Ao Yi, who grew up in a big family like the Eternal Sea, couldn't possibly be ignorant of host and guest etiquette, and he was doing this on purpose.

        In front of everyone in the Fu family, Fu Tian was a little embarrassed and said with a compensatory smile, "Third Young Master, this is your seat."

        Ao Yi impatiently waved his hand, "Hey. Don't talk nonsense, I like to sit here, didn't you say so. Casual, then I'm very casual."

        Fu Tian's heart was fuming, but he could only smile awkwardly and sit on the guest seat to the side, which made the Fu family's main hall a little strange for a moment, with guests sitting on the main seat. The host sits in the guest seat, who exactly does the Fu family listen to?

        Isn't it very ironic?

        "Mei'er, come here." Fu Tian forced a smile at this point.

        Fu Mei nodded her head. Walking up to the main hall, she saluted and quietly swept a glance at Ao Yi. A moment of staged posturing.

        "Third Young Master is coming to our Fu Family this time, he may stay for a long time, so you and the four golden flowers of my Fu Family will serve Third Young Master for a long time. Don't neglect him, okay?"

        Fu Mei suppressed her excitement: "Yes! Fumei will definitely serve Third Young Master well."

        Although Ao Yi was difficult, he was good-looking. And most importantly, Ao Yi was the Third Young Master of the Eternal Sea, if she could have the chance to spend time with him. With her own posture, she didn't believe that he wouldn't be hooked.

        Even though she is not as good as Su Yingxia, who can conceive a true god, with her name as the daughter-in-law of the Sea of Eternal Life, she can still make a name for herself in the Fu family and even in the entire Eight Directions.

        When the time comes, how will Su Yingxia compete with herself?

        She can still crush Su Yingxia under her feet!

        Fu Mei raised her eyes and found that Ao Yi was also checking herself out, and her eyes were clearly seduced by her own beauty, so she felt even more proud.

        Smiling gently at Ao Yi, Fu Mei stepped aside.

        "Good, the arrangement is very good, Fu Tian, it's getting late, I'm going to rest." Ao Yi was very satisfied with Fotian's arrangements and finished happily, but his eyes looked at Fumei as she emerged golden, getting up to leave.

        Now that the sky is bright, how can there be any rest without rest? Obviously, what he calls a break is something else.

Chapter 1752

Fu Mei smiled gently, waved her hand and four beautiful maids slowly walked in from the outside of the palace door.

        Each of these four women had their own beauty and style, the delicate and the tender. The sexy, the sensual, the adorable.

        Ao Yi's eyes glazed over as he looked at them, rubbing his big hands incessantly, looking impatient.

        "Spring, summer, autumn and winter, you guys send the third prince back to his room first." Fu Mei instructed softly.

        Ao Yi was stunned, obviously a little disappointed, but this disappointment only lasted for a short time, because the four golden flowers of the Fu family were indeed worthy of the title. One by one, they were so beautiful and touching that Ao Yi couldn't hold on to them.

        Fu Mei knows people's hearts and deliberately tries to whet Ao Yi's appetite. She understands that the more he can't get, the more he will want to get, and the higher his own bargaining chip will be, the easier it is for him to get, the sooner he will be abandoned.

        When Ao Yi left with his gang, someone suddenly said with a cold face of discontent, "Patriarch, this Ao San gongzi is too reckless, isn't he? What does he think of us as the Fushi clan? Is he the one who can sit in the chief's chair too?"

        "Yes, Clan Leader. Although my Fu Clan doesn't have a True God, it was once one of the three great clans, and Ao Yi deserves to d i e for being so rude."

        A group of executives were filled with righteous indignation, but when Ao Yi was there just now, they were all smiling, and none of them dared to say anything.

        At the end of the day, these old guys, without their true gods, are still unwilling to detach themselves from their former roles.

        "A tiger falls flat on its face and is bullied by a dog, who told us that the Fu Clan is without its True God? If so, who would dare to be so reckless? So in the end, it's Fuyu's fault."

        "That's right, if Fuyu hadn't followed the course we set, we Fuyu clan. Why are we here."

        At the same time, these people also have a common problem, which is that it's fine if they can't pull away. Often, they also like to put the blame for their lack of effort on others' shoulders.

        Fu Tian waved his hand, only then did he sit back down on the throne, look at all the executives, and said squarely, "Speaking of Fu Tian, during the time I've been away, has Han 3000 been here?"

        "Clan leader, Han Qianxiang did not come here. We have also checked the records of the Heaven's Gate and there seems to be no difference," someone reported.

        "Hmph. How dare that punk Han Qianqian come to our Fuyuan family's rescue? I don't think the turtle knows where in Xuanyuan World he's hiding."

        "Fuyu is also so stupid to expect that loser to save her. What a laugh."

        "I heard that she even vomited blood today, I guess she was angry with herself."

        A group of executives mocked coldly, they all hated Su Yingxia, if it wasn't for her, they, a group of Fuyuan executives, would still be able to make a name for themselves in the Eightfold World.

        Fu Tian was not surprised, which was itself expected. He knew how that trash Han Qianqian dared to come to the Eightfold World.

        Releasing the news of Su Yingxia's execution was more of a dead horse being treated like a live horse. At least it will deter Su Yingxia and make her give up on Han Qianxiang.

        Kil ling someone to exterminate their heart is Fu Tian's most ruthless tactic.

        "Has Su Yingxia changed her mind yet?" Fu Tian's cold voice.

        The executives shook their heads.

        "Hmph. What an ignorant fool, my Fu Clan has made her lose face, does she really think that, if she doesn't want to, I can't do anything about it? If she's making a toast, don't blame my husband for destroying her. Let's get tough!" Fu Tian's cold voice.

        Seeing Fu Tian get up angrily, Fu Mei quickly seized the opportunity, "Clan head, I'll accompany you."

        Su Yingxia was sitting in the house. Fu Tian had already brought Fu Mei and a few senior executives straight through the door.

        "Fumi, Ao Third Prince has arrived at the house, which means that the Eternal Sea is willing to help us. If you are willing to listen to my arrangements and plans, then once the marriage is successful, we will be like two big families behind it. Our Fu Clan will then rise quickly." Even though Fu Tian was very angry, he chose to suppress his anger for the time being.

        Su Yingxia snorted coldly, "What does the rise of the Fu Clan have to do with me?"

        "Ba s ta rd. How can you say such shameless things when you're from the Fu Clan?" A certain executive snapped in anger.

        "Nowadays, our Fu Clan is because there is no True God. Do you know how much we are looked down upon and how no one gives us any face? Fuyang, don't be stubborn."

        "Face is earned by oneself, I've never heard of needing to rely on others to give it." Su Yingxia said coldly.

        Then, she swept a glance at Fu Tian and said in a cold voice, "Say what you have to say straight out, why beat around the bush?"


        Suddenly, at that very moment, Fumei slapped Su Yingxia's body with a slap, then she smiled without smiling, her eyes full of mockery and condescension: "Fuyue, is this the attitude used to speak to the clan leader? What? Do you really think the Fu family can do without you? Let me tell you, with me Fu Mei, it's just as good!!!"

Chapter 1753

Fu Mei's strength to say this came from Ao Yi who had just arrived at the Fu Clan, she believed that she could take down Ao Yi, Ao Yi's eyes already said it all, and besides, she was very confident in herself.

        So, in her heart, Su Yingxia had begun to be no match for herself, she was the best woman in the Fu Clan.

        Touching her face. Su Yingxia coldly looked at Fu Mei: "Fu Mei, this is the second slap that you have slapped me, I, Su Yingxia, swear that I will make you pay back double!"

        Fu Mei laughed coldly, "I'm waiting for you."

        Fu Tian was delighted with Fu Mei's slap and smiled, "Fu Shun, it's not easy to be slapped, is it? In fact, you could have been the Heaven's Palanquin, everyone in this Fu family respects you and loves you, no one dares to disobey you, even if you follow my plan, in the future, in the eight directions, no one dares to offend you.

        "Yes, Fuyu. It's almost time for you to be capricious, so be good, you have to do it for our Fuzhi clan."

        "The patriarch has already given you enough face by talking to you three or five times, you have to know what it means to stop in moderation."

        Su Yingxia smiled coldly. I don't even care about them, they are all just for their own interests, and those who simply don't care about her people's lives, Su Yingxia can't bring up any good feelings.

        "Fine, if you have to force me, you can." Futian coldly snorted, then furiously walked out of the house.

        Once outside the house, Fu Tian coldly said to Fu Mei: "If you normally have time, come and see Fu Mei more often, in addition, give her the excretion energy medicine, after a month, I want the other party to personally come over and use strong, whether she is willing or not, I want Fu Mei to conceive the true God."

        Fu Mei smiled coldly. The so-called come and see more, naturally, Fu Tian let himself abuse Su Ying Xia properly, which just satisfied Fu Mei's vengeful heart.

        What a joyful spirit, first there was Ao Yi, now there was Su Yingxia to abuse, Fu Mei excitedly felt as if the day had come for the Fu family to come to themselves.

        And within the Void Sect.

        After a day and night of searching, the Void Sect gradually grew from Lin Mengxi with dozens of disciples to thousands of disciples, and searched the area around the four peaks where Han 3,000 had fallen, including the Void Region, but Han 3,000 was nowhere to be found.

        Along with the missing cook, Xiaotao, the little maiden of the Four Peaks, was also missing.

        In the middle of the night, heavy rain poured down.

        In front of the tomb was a simple wooden monument with a few words engraved on it: "The Tomb of Han 3,000 Flowers".

        Under the heavy rain, Qin Frost did not move at all and just knelt. Kneeling ......

        Now, somewhere in a cave, outside the cave, two flying horses, one large and one small, are quietly hiding under a tree. They were waiting for the rain to end.

        The cave was pitch black and almost invisible.

        Han Qiangiang's body lay there quietly, and both Little White and the Green-eyed Jade Python had transformed themselves into their bodies and were guarding his side, along with the missing Peach, while the battered and bruised Lin Long was leaning against the corner of the cave, breathing heavily.

        He and the four dragons had fought to the death, and now he was on the verge of collapse.

        If he hadn't returned to the Eight Worlds in such a short time, the heart of the Dragon Clan wouldn't have been greatly replenished, otherwise today's Void Sect would have been a river of blood.

        "Senior. Is he still saved?" The whole dragon threw a furious tail at the stone wall, crashing into the thud as it finished speaking.

        "It's all my fault, if I had stopped him from returning to the Eightfold World, he wouldn't have been like this. It's all my fault for coming to what Void Sect and putting him in such danger!"

        "It's not your fault, if you want to blame, it's me." Peach cried and shook her head, "If it wasn't for me, the jinx, then Duke Han wouldn't have di ed, it's all my fault, I'm the one who kil led him."

        "This has nothing to do with you. If you want to blame, blame the bunch of animals from the Void Sect, I, Zhu Ying, will make them avenge the murder of my disciple."

        "A bunch of people who boast of being righteous all day long, but end up doing something worse than animals.

        Inside the cave, Zhu Ying, who had been silent, opened her mouth in anger.

        After the war, when Han 3,000's body fell, the big Pegasus that had attacked Han 3,000 broke through the sky and caught Han 3,000's body on the ground, after which a group of people converged and came to the Ciyun Cave.

        Zhu Ying was Han Three Thousand's master in the Eightfold World, and for Lin Long, it was the most relatively safe place for Han Three Thousand to be. So, they came here.

        "No, Senior, it's all Little Peach's fault, Little Peach is a heaven-defying lone star. Everyone who treats Little Peach well has no good ending. Do you guys know that? On the night Xiaotao was born, my grandparents, my parents di ed suddenly, and even the village that had given me relief di ed in a disaster. Duke Han, also because he helped me yesterday, ...... so that's why he was wrongly accused!" Peach was crying with sadness.

        She was telling the truth that almost anyone who treated her well would eventually di e. So, naturally, she believed that she was also responsible for Han Three Thousand's death.

        "Why do you think good people don't get good rewards? This God. It's really not fair!" Peach cried.

        Zhu Ying laughed, "How can a good man be rewarded for his good deeds? You know that no matter how evil things are, they are only as evil as the human heart! How can a good person survive this greatest of dangers? So it's not that good people don't get rewarded. Rather, it's that evil people are so evil that good people can't wait for the day when they get their reward!"

        Afterwards, Zhu Ying slowly walked out of it, and when Xiaotao saw Zhu Ying's true face, her entire body was shocked. From the time she came in, she had stayed next to Han Qianqian's body, thinking there was someone in the cave, but she didn't expect Zhu Ying to be neither human nor a ghost.

        Zhu Ying looked at Han 3,000 on the ground. While shaking her head and sighing, Zhu Ying suddenly noticed that Han 3,000's forehead was lit up with the mark of an axe. Although it was fleeting, it was too bright in the darkness.

        Zhu Ying gently pushed Peach away, and her entire body simply sat on Han 3,000's back, directly hitting in with more energy again, but this time, Han 3,000 had no reaction at all.

        Just then, Zhu Ying suddenly frowned, pulled Peach in and poured energy into it, and sure enough, Han 3,000's forehead slowly lit up with that little mark again!

        "Strange, how did it happen?" Zhu Ying was very confused and couldn't believe it when she looked at Peach, and almost immediately the tattoos on Peach's arms began to glow slightly.