His True Colors Chapter 1749-1750

 Chapter 1749

Wu Yan touched the swollen and swollen right side of his face, his whole body in shock.

        The disciples and a few elders were also astonished, and for a time they were quiet and silent.

        San Yong had already been so angry that he was blowing his beard and staring at his eyes. This is the first f*cking fart.

        "You and I will be destined to become eternal sinners of the Void Sect." San Yong cursed angrily.

        He hated himself and also hated Wu Yan.

        The two of them had severed the Void Sect forever.

        Wu Yan looked at San Yong in puzzlement, he really didn't know what this meant, why was the Head Master so angry when he had obviously made a great achievement this time?

        Could it be that the Master knows that he has wronged Han Qianqian?

        But even if he knew that Han Qiangiang was a demon, it was indisputable that kil ling such a person would be a great achievement for the people, wouldn't it?

        Even if you slander Han Qianqian, the end result is slandering the right ah.

        "Head Master, Wu Yan really doesn't know, what do you mean by that?" Wu Yan touched his face and said very unwillingly.

        San Yong laughed coldly, "If you ki ll Han Qianqian, you are a sinner of the Void Sect, is that clear enough?"

        "Han 3000 is a demon, everyone here saw it clearly, what crime is it for Wu Yan to ki ll him?"

        "Demon? Are you a demon or an immortal? Can you tell the difference? And who are you to make such an assertion? Meng Xi, immediately send people to search for Han Qianxiang's body, and in addition, open the Immortal Medicine House to prepare for rescue." San Yong coldly shouted.

        Hearing this, the First Peak Elder knelt down in disobedience, "Head Master, what do you mean? The Immortal Medicine House has always been used for the health care of the head of our sect, how can you use it to save a demon?"

        "Yes, Head Master, what is his virtue and ability, Han Qianli?" The Five Peaks Elders followed suit and knelt down.

        "Senior brother, we also don't feel right." The Second and Third Peak Elders, at this point, also knelt down.

        San Yong's entire face was frighteningly cold, and as long as he could save Han Qianqian, not to mention the Immortal Pill House, he would be willing to take San Yong's life.

        "You fools, you don't even know who you're hurting. Meng Xi!"


        "Why don't you go and find out?" San Yong roared in annoyance.

        Lin Mengxi hesitated for a moment, nodded, and took a few disciples with him, hurrying off in the direction where Han 3,000 had just fallen.

        "Other Five Peaks disciples, clean up the scene and use the ban to send the remaining trapped beasts to the Hundred Beasts Forest, as for Wu Yan, you go face the wall and repent." San Yong said in a cold voice.

        Hearing this order, several elders looked puzzled, why was this?

        Wu Yan was even more annoyed and asked, "Senior brother, what wrong have I done, why should I face the wall and repent?"

        "Because today, the Void Sect will be buried from you fools." San Yong glared furiously and shouted, then he heaved a heavy sigh of relief, "Naturally, that includes me too."

        Afterwards, San Yong shook his head and left, filled with guilt.

        Once San Yong left and the Second and Third Peak Elders were also busy cleaning up the scene, only then did Wu Yan's angry fist smashed directly into the ground.

        "Brother Preceptor, what does the headmaster mean? Are you jealous of your first achievement? So, instead of praising you, you're just given a random charge to put on your head?" The Five Peaks Elder was dissatisfied.

        "Hehe, it's obvious that this is a matter of merit, and some people are afraid of losing their position as head of the sect, so they have come to add to the crime." The First Peak Elder snorted coldly.

        "Hmph, the headmaster is really over the top, it's just as well not to praise our senior brother, but to engage in this, I think the Voidless Sect is truly ruined when it falls into the hands of such people." The Six Peaks Elder also chimed in with his injustice.

        The more Wu Yan listened, the angrier he became. Ironically, when he played with others, he was full of pride, but when it was his turn, he felt that the Headmaster was unworthy of his position.

        "Perhaps, the Headmaster is wimpy, seeing that Han Qianyuan can lead so many strange beasts, and fearing retaliation from the forces behind Han Qianyuan, so he will grab his own people endlessly. The First Peak Elder comforted.

        Hearing this, Wu Yan felt a little better, looked at the First Peak Elder and said, "You go and call Lone Leaf here and tell him to send Little Peach out immediately."

        "Senior brother, what do you mean?" The First Peak Elder was stunned, but soon, he understood what Wu Yan meant, this time it was obvious that there was a ghost, so it was necessary to eliminate the root of the problem.

        "I understand senior brother, I'll arrange it, and then I'll say that Little Peach was hit by wastage and died in an accident." The First Peak Elder smiled gloomily.

        As soon as Little Peach died, the truth of this matter would be lost forever.

        Just a moment later, the First Peak Elder discovered that Little Peach had disappeared.

        In the evening, Lin Mengxi hurried back to the main hall, but saw San Yong with his head bowed and his eyes lost in thought, having never seen him so distraught for hundreds of years since she had known her senior brother.

        When she saw Lin Mengxi return, San Yong came back to her senses and looked at Lin Mengxi rather nervously, "How was it? Han 3000, have you found it?"

Chapter 1750

Lin Mengxie shook her head helplessly, "I've searched several times, but I haven't found Han Sanqiang's body, so perhaps ...... has fallen into the void region."

        Hearing this, San Yong's face was ashen, his entire body in a trance, almost stumbling and falling to the ground.

        Lin Mengxi wondered what the Master meant by this: "Master, Han 3,000 was only a slave and a spy of the demon race. If he is dead, he is dead, so why are you doing this?"

        San Yong smiled miserably, "Do you remember the technique Han Sanqiang used during the war?"

        Lin Mengxi has been very puzzled by the fact that the combined strike of thousands of Void Sect disciples not only failed to hit Han 3,000, but also attacked the disciples in reverse.

        "Han 3,000's techniques were very strange, seemingly evil and not evil, seemingly righteous and not righteous, both incomparably vicious and at the same time very righteous, and completely unpredictable."

        San Yong sighed slightly, "He and Frost used a two-man sword technique, do you know what kind of sword technique that is? It's the Void Sect's masterpiece, the Falling Rain Sword!"

        "Falling Rain Excalibur?" Lin Mengxi's eyebrows furrowed. The whole person was stunned for a moment before saying, "No wonder their two young men were able to withstand the combined attacks of our elders, but they were using the Falling Rain Divine Sword."

        She suddenly understood why San Yong was so lost. Shaking her head, she said, "Hey, it's just a pity that Han Three Thousand Year entered the attempt by mistake, otherwise, he would have stayed in the Void Sect and was expected to be an excellent disciple like Qin Frost, Ye Liao Cheng and Lu Yunfeng."

        "Although Frost and Yunfeng Solitary City are bright and talented, and they are made of talent, but compared to Han Qianli, what are they compared to?" Sanaga's cold disdain!

        "The Falling Rain Divine Sword is a yin-yang mandarin duck sword, which is naturally very powerful, but did you know that? The final blow of Han Qianli's strike was actually used by my Voidless Sect's supreme secret book. The Phaseless Divine Merit."

        Hearing this, Lin Mengxie's entire body was stunned for several minutes, "The Faceless Divine Gong?"

        "I was suspicious that day after Han 3,000 fought against Ye Lone City, and after going through the Void Chi several times and checking any traces left by my ancestors about the Faceless Divine Gong, I was basically certain that Han 3,000 was using the Faceless Divine Gong, and judging from his current cultivation, the Faceless Divine Gong is already a small success. San Yong said with difficulty.

        Lin Mengxi gulped, she had once thought that the Faceless Divine Gong was a long lost ancient mastery of the Void Sect, but she had never expected to watch him use it in Han Qianqian's hands.

        Suddenly, he thought of what San Yong had said about the Violet Light Spirit Dream: "The Weak Water 3000, no ...... wouldn't be referring to Han 3000?"

        Seeing the headmaster's heavy nod, Lin Mengxi was like being hit on the head. Retreating several steps in a row, the whole pretty face was full of shock!

        "This ...... means that we ...... we will ...... ki ll the true God?"

        Lin Mengxi instantly felt her world collapse, she had thought that Han Qianqian could learn the Falling Rain Divine Sword. It was also quite talented, but what she never expected was that Han Qianqian could also learn the Voidless Sect's supreme treasure, the Phaseless Divine Skill!

        "I ...... I'm going to find Han Qianqian ...... me ......." Lin Mengxie said, rushing out in a trance.

        If she hadn't stopped Qin Frost from saving Han Qianxiang, she might not have ended up where she is today.

        It was extremely exciting to think about the four peaks producing a True God and leading the Void Sect to glory, and to think about herself. Still the master of the True God, Lin Mengxi felt that if she could do that, her life would be worth it.

        But herself. She really found it very ironic that she had crushed this dream with her own hands.

        Fate had played a huge joke on her.

        Right now, the only way to atone for her sins was to find Han Qianxiang.

        At this time, the Fushi clan.

        Su Yingxia looked for Fuli.

        Seeing Fu Li, Su Yingxia said softly, "He's here."

        Fu Li was stunned, then smiled, "Is that the so-called trash from the Azure World you call him? You should have been locked up for too long, Fountain is not in the clan now, so take a walk in the courtyard and maybe you can think things over."

        "I always feel as if something has happened to him." Su Yingxia was worried.

        Fu Li disdainfully said, "Fu Mang has already told you, you are simply dreaming if you expect that loser from the Azure World to save you, he may be strong in Xuanyuan World, but he is nothing in the Eightfold World, if he dares to come and have an accident, isn't that normal?"

        Although Su Yingxia believed that Fang Jingtian would definitely come to her rescue and that she would be able to achieve great feats, there was a core point in Fuli's words.

        It was that Han Qianxiang, who had just arrived in the Eightfold World, was indeed like an ant.

        "Fushi's side hasn't found Han Three Gorges, has it?" Su Yingxia asked probingly.

        "I don't think so. Because I haven't heard anyone else mention it."

        Su Yingxia was slightly reassured, as long as the people of the Fu Clan hadn't found Han Marchant, that meant that nothing should happen to Han Marchant.

        "I'm looking for you. Actually want you to do me a favour." Su Yingxia thought about it.

        "Is it about the whereabouts of your son and daughter?"

        "No, it's Han Qianqian, I want you to send someone to find him quietly and tell him never to come to me until he's ready."

        Su Yingxia believed that with Han Three Thousand's intelligence, he wouldn't go forward rashly, but she also knew. She knew what she meant to Han Qianqian, and there was a strong possibility that he would be in too much of a hurry and make an error of judgement.

        Therefore, the most important thing at the moment was to keep Han Qianxiang in no hurry and take one step at a time. It was for Han Three thousand not to rush, and to move steadily, step by step.

        "Doing so, if you startle the snake, the consequences could be very serious. Is it worth it for an Azure Earth waste?" Fu Li said coldly, clearly believing that Su Yingxia did not need to take the risk.

        Su Yingxia nodded firmly, "For him, it's my life I want. I won't hesitate in the slightest."

        Fu Li let out a long sigh and scoffed somewhat, "Fine, I'll send a few of my cronies to look for him, however. I think it's a wasted effort, and also, I already have the whereabouts of your daughter."

        Hearing Han Nian, Su Yingxia tensed, "Where is she, Nian'er?"

        "A place you can't even dream of. Loulan Pavilion."

        Hearing these words, Su Yingxia's newly-ignited hope instantly felt like being poured a pot of cold water again.

        Loulan Pavilion, the most sacred place of the Fu Clan, was not a place she hadn't been to last time, but she was quickly caught out of sight.

        "In fact, the best thing for you to do is to marry that person and submit to Fu Tian's will so that you can slowly gain power, and if you can give birth to a new True God, you can even more so later on, when you can do whatever you want, can't you?" Fu Li advised.