His True Colors Chapter 1747-1748

 Chapter 1747


        In the Fushi family, Su Yingxia suddenly felt a panic in her heart, a mouthful of blood suddenly spurted out of her mouth, she could not care about the pain in her heart, she rushed out of the house in a panic and looked into the sky.

        "Three thousand! Is that you?" Su Yingxia looked at the sky, her pretty face panic-stricken and impassive.

        She knew that Han Qianyuan had come to the Eightfold World, and although she didn't want Han Qianyuan to be led here by Fu Tian's plan, she knew Han Qianyuan's personality, he knew he was in danger and he would definitely come.

        Su Yingxia's tone of voice had recently begun to soften, and she wasn't trying to comply with Fu Tian's arrangements, but rather deliberately delayed them.

        She just wanted to give Han Qianqian some time. She also believed that Han Qianqian's intelligence would never come rashly, and as long as he was given enough time, he would definitely come to save himself and Nian Er by stepping on the purple auspicious cloud.

        This, Su Yingxia was extremely confident, as Han Qianli never disappointed herself.

        "Three thousand, Yingxia will always be waiting for you."

        At this time, Han Qianqian, who had already fainted to death, suddenly heard Su Yingxia's call in the darkness.

        No, Su Yingxia was still waiting for him!

        He can't die!

        Han Qianxiang fiercely mobilised all the newly condensed energy of his golden body, even at the risk of it exploding from energy exhaustion.

        The last of the energy surged wildly to various parts of his body, helping Han 3,000 to quickly repair his body.

        The red-eyed jade python in Han 3,000's hand was now slowly inputting its own energy into Han 3,000's body.

        In mid-air, the faltering Han 3,000 suddenly opened his eyes and, with a fierce grimace, attacked the five men.

        The five elders did not expect Han 3,000 to suddenly counterattack and, in a panic, barely managed to defend themselves, being caught unprepared by Han 3,000 and retreating in defeat.

        Seeing this, the others desperately attacked Han 3,000 behind him, trying to slow down his attack.

        The Sixth Peak Elder had turned pale with fright as Han 3,000 attacked only himself, and almost gave up any defence, as long as his own life depended on it!

        The strongest are afraid of the rampant, and the rampant are afraid of the lifeless!

        In his panic, the Sixth Peak Elder was directly hit in the chest by Han 3,000's punch, and if the other five Elders hadn't used the energy knotted rope to hold Han 3,000 back at the same time, he would have been kill ed on the spot.

        The Six Summit Elders looked at Han 3,000 with palpitations, and even though Han 3,000 was tied up by the five of them, they still did not dare to take a step forward.

        When the quiet beasts saw Han Qiangan, they roared with renewed vigour and fought back wildly under the Lin Long's roar.

        "Disciples of the Void Sect, listen to the order to collectively attack Han Qianxiang!" Wu Yan shouted angrily.

        The disciples followed orders and aimed at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian smiled fiercely, his eyes red.

        "Laughing even at the end of your life, Han Qianli, you evil demon will wait for eternal damnation." The Six Peaks Elder suppressed his mind and cursed in an angry voice.

        "Bah!" A mouthful of blood from Han 3,000 spurted directly at the Six Peaks Elder, who was stunned, "What does it matter to you what I am? Who are you to talk about me? Just now, you were scared to piss, weren't you?"

        "You!!!" The Sixth Peak Elder was furious, and Han Qianqian's words pierced his heart, he was really scared to death, he had lived most of his life, and in the end he was in a state of unrest, letting a small demon slave scatter in fear, where could the Sixth Peak Elder hang his face?

        "Hmph, I am the Sixth Peak Elder of the Void Sect, I don't care to talk nonsense with you, a dying man, you go to hell." The Six Peaks Elder cursed.

        "Void Sect? Jokes, in my eyes, I alone can slaughter your entire clan, so let go and come back if you have the guts." Han Qianli coldly shouted.

        The seven elders became enraged as soon as the words were spoken, the thousands of disciples of the Void Sect, plus the seven elders and the head of the sect, had indeed come out in full force, and although they had captured Han 3,000, the problem was that the Void Sect was now a mess, with broken limbs and broken arms on the ground, rivers of blood flowing, and extremely heavy casualties!


        None of the seven elders had the courage to do so, as they were afraid that Han Marchant would make a comeback.

        "What? Afraid? That's right, a sect that lets a slave fight like this would be a laughing stock to say the least." Han Qianqian said sarcastically.

        "Han Three Thousand, don't boast of your tongue, you're just a turtle in a jar already, what other qualifications do you have to speak?" Wu Yan raged.

        "That's right, figure out who you are!"

        "Quickly and honestly tell us which evil demon sect you are from, at least, we can make your death comfortable."

        "Quickly tell."

        Han Qianqiang laughed, "I, Han Qianqiang, have no sect, do you hear me clearly? A bunch of dog generations."

        Wu Yan's old body trembled with anger and waved his hand, "All disciples, ki ll Han Qianxiang for me."

        Immediately afterwards, the ten thousand disciples drank in unison, and ten thousand ice swords converged into a huge ball that attacked Han 3,000.

        The seven elders also retreated at speed as the attack was imminent.

        Han Qianqian smiled hideously, "I want your entire Void Sect to be buried with you!"




        In mid-air, Han Qianqian's entire body was suddenly in full golden splendour, and the newly condensed golden body in his body directly exploded, catalyzing the entire Phaseless Divine Merit to the utmost in the manner of his self-destructing golden body.

        "Phaseless Divine Merit, the Dou Changxing!"

        Suddenly, the ground shook, the wind shifted and the clouds roared, and the entire giant ball of energy, which had gathered the strength of ten thousand people, suddenly stopped advancing, reversed course and plunged straight towards the ground!

        The thousands of disciples of the Void Sect all had their pupils dilated as they stared at this terrifying scene, and even forgot to run away in fear!

        "No ...... no face divine power!?"

        "No ...... can't be, can it?"

        In the eye of the formation, Master San Yong was startled as he looked at the move that came to destroy the sky!

        To the Void Sect, practising the fully accomplished Phaseless Divine Kung Fu was a unique kil ling weapon, but to San Yong, it was something he had dreamed of all his life.

        It was even a pain in his heart, including that of his own master.

        But the Void Sect had searched for it for thousands of years, but never thought that San Yong would be fortunate enough to see it in this way.

        Ahh, the Faceless Divine Power, the Void Supreme, but why was it in Han Three Thousand Years!

        Isn't he a demon? If he's a demon, how did he learn how to do nothing?

        Without the personal transmission of the previous master, it is impossible for Han Qianqian to learn the Wufang Divine Kung Fu on his own, which also means that Han Qianqian has never learned it secretly or acquired it by chance, unless he has received recognition from one of the ancestors of the Voidless Sect.

        Available at ......

        Suddenly, San Yong thought of a possibility, and his whole body was instantly shocked: "No way, three thousand weak waters, three thousand weak waters, could it be that the Ancestor was referring to Han 3000?"

Chapter 1748

"This ......"

        "This means that the God of Heaven that the ancestor was talking about, not only has he not been sucking up to him properly, but ...... is instead raising the entire clan and is destroying him!"?

        San Yong's entire face went pale and he stumbled to the ground, completely unable to believe what was happening in front of him.

        If this was what he was thinking, the future of the Void Sect would be personally buried at his hands, how could he face seeing his ancestors again!

        Thinking of this, San Yong could not wait to slap himself to death as a way of thanking for his sins.

        But at this moment, the heaven-destroying momentum transferred by Han 3,000 year old's phaseless divine power had already fallen from the sky, and with a loud rumbling sound, the ground trembled wildly, and the wind strength of the waves was so great that even trees a hundred metres away were destroyed.

        Thousands of disciples of the Void Sect were lying on the ground like mole crickets, dead and wounded, screaming and crying out in pain.

        In mid-air, Han Qianli's golden light dispersed, his eyes torch-like, like a god of war!

        "God of Heaven, God of Heaven, really God of Heaven, God of Heaven, what the hell am I Sanaga doing?" San Yong guiltily cried old tears and lay on the ground smashing the ground with regret.

        "Ruined, ruined, my Void Sect is ruined."

        The more San Yong thought about it, the more he regretted it, bending his head and weeping bitterly.

        The Void Sect had been in existence for thousands of years, and countless generations of sect leaders had worked hard to develop it, but it had never been able to reach the upper realms, and one of the reasons for this was the lack of the unique technique known as the Faceless Power.

        The reason for this is the lack of the unique skill, the Faceless Divine Kung Fu. Now that he is here, he has the chance to see this divine skill, and he is a member of the Voidless Sect, but he has to destroy it with his own hands.

        The joke was too damn big, wasn't it!

        "Atonement, yes, I want atonement!" San Yong was just about to get up.

        But by this time, Wu Yan had already rejoined the six elders and was launching a fatal blow at Han Sanqiang!


        San Yong's heart, too, exploded as an explosion exploded on Han Qianqian's body.

        It's over, it's all f*cking over!

        In mid-air, Han 3,000's newly condensed golden body was already shattered, and he was barely able to resist the combined force of the seven elders.

        But even if his body was saved, Han 3,000 was blown thousands of metres into the air and flew straight into the distance in a parabola.

        The Linlong roared, leading the four dragons, and hurriedly flew towards the direction Han 3,000's body had fallen.

        Qin Frost was stunned to stay where she was, although the acupuncture points prevented her from moving, her eyes, no matter how wide they were opened, were always dull, just looking in the direction of Han 3,000's corpse flying away, full of sorrow.

        Wu Yan looked at his junior brothers with satisfaction, waved his hand, and brought the elders down from the sky.

        He even surpassed the Head Master.

        The disciples of the Void Sect will know who is the one who does the most work in the Void Sect.

        "Great work, Master Preceptor, if it wasn't for you this time, we almost had a demon undercover agent turn the tables."

        "Yes, Master Preceptor directed us in the face of danger, which eliminated the hidden danger of the Void Sect."

        "It's also right thanks to Master Disciple of the Preceptor Academy for ferreting out the demon Han Qianqian, otherwise, with such a dangerous person lurking around us, we don't know how many more big troubles we'd have in the future."

        Listening to the compliments of the disciples, Wu Yan accepted it very comfortably, this time he had eliminated such a big scourge on behalf of the Void Sect, it was only right that the entire Void Sect should welcome him between the lines.

        With this pride, Wu Yan happily approached the head of the sect, San Yong, and cupped his fist, saying, "Brother, that evil Han Qianli has been eliminated, I really didn't expect this grandson to be quite capable.

        After saying that, he waited for San Yong's praise.

        San Yong smiled bitterly, "You kil led Han 3000?"

        Wu Yan thought that San Yong was going to boast and smiled confidently, "Brother, that's right, that guy was trying to resist just now, but I knew he would be in a state of internal weakness, so I took advantage of his illness and wanted to ki ll him, so I asked my six brothers and I to strike together.

        It was precisely because of this that Wu Yan was so confident that he didn't even bother to look at Han Qianqian's corpse.

        No one could survive this!

        "Yes, Master Teacher, Senior Brother Preceptor did a beautiful job this time. In such a chaotic situation, we were able to find Han Qianqian's flaw in time so that we could strike a deadly blow and quickly solve the trouble ah."

        "Head Senior Brother, this time, Senior Brother Preceptor Academy deserves the first credit."

        After hearing all this, San Yong suddenly let out a loud laugh, and after saying three good, good words in a row, he suddenly slapped Wu Yan's face with an angry glare.


        A slap in the face, almost throughout the vegetable garden.