His True Colors Chapter 1744-1746

 Chapter 1744

Numerous strange beasts suddenly made a mad dash towards the forbidden boundary, and even though the forbidden restrictions were causing great damage to the beasts, they were still going ahead and hitting each other with their bodies like crazy.

        In mid-air, with the Silver Dragon at the head, the five dragons roamed the sky for a moment, wailed and swooped down with the force of thunder, and everywhere they passed, crowds of people fell like bamboo, wailing and screaming!

        The formation was in disarray, and the ban was instantly affected, plus the wild top of the ten thousand beasts inside, the entire ban as well as a serious crack appeared.

        "Master Preceptor, we're about to fail, what should we do?"

        "Yes, the formation has been greatly disrupted and the strange beasts seem to have gone mad."

        Some disciples who couldn't handle it began to shout loudly in panic.

        Several elders furrowed their brows, with internal and external problems, it was clear that the entire Void Sect's disciples' formation had gone haywire.

        "Senior brother, I'll take a few disciples to control those dragons." Wu Yan asked for instructions.

        "No need." San Yong suddenly snapped.

        Wu Yan looked at San Yong uncomprehendingly, the five dragons raid was the culprit that caused the chaos, if they were not eliminated, it was only a matter of time before the restriction was broken.

        "Capture the thief and capture the king first!" At this point, San Yong had his eyes fixed on Han Qianqian.

        Wu Yan was even more puzzled: "Han Qianxiang? Brother, do you want us to deal with Han Qianxiang? What does he have to do with the chaos of the Hundred Beasts Forest?"

        "I don't know the reason for each, but you look closely at the flying image of the lonely city!"

        As everyone looked behind Han Qianqian, the flying elephant of Ye Guocheng was now crawling on its knees in the air, bowing its head in front of Han Qianqian, in complete submission!

        The gang was baffled, it was Ye Guocheng's spiritual pet, why would he grovel before Han Qianqiang?

        "Brother, do you mean that all these strange beasts in the Hundred Beast Forest were created by that slave Han Qianqian? How is this possible?!"

        "Yes Senior Brother, what qualifications does Han Qianqian have to be able to master the Ten Thousand Beasts? If you and I and a few other brothers and sisters can't do it, how can Han Qianxiang?"

        "Unless the True God could have such a skill, or Han 3000 is simply a demon."

        "That's right, Han 3000 originally used demon magic and ghost magic, it's not surprising that he's a demon, if he's a demon, then it's certainly possible that he's used some secret method to manipulate a hundred beasts."

        "If that's the case, then Han Third Thousand has to be removed, otherwise, one day of his existence is one day of threat to our Void Sect."

        "Yes, today, no matter what, we absolutely must not let Han Three Thousand Year go out from here, otherwise, the strange beasts of the Hundred Beasts Forest will become a time bomb for the entire Voidless Sect."

        Seeing a few disciples like this, San Yong nodded heavily, "Then Han 3000 will be left to you all, not putting this son to death will be a disaster for my Voidless Sect."

        After saluting with the six elders, Wu Yan looked at each other and raised his sword to charge directly at Han Qianli.

        Han Three Thousand's entire body swiftly assumed a defensive stance, as if he were a great enemy!

        The seven elders of the Void Sect were by no means comparable to someone like Ye Lusheng. In the final analysis, although the Void Sect was not a large sect, it was after all one of the ancient sects, and those who could be elders of the Peak Sect were all outstanding.

        And with seven of them at once, Han Qianli thought that although he had a new golden body, it would be hard to defeat them.

        But even if he couldn't beat them, he had to fight. In Han 3,000's dictionary, forbearance was common, but the word "admit defeat" never appeared.

        His life, if he wanted to keep it, would be Su Yingxia's, and before that, even the King of Heaven, Laozi, would not have wanted his life Han Three Thousand's.

        "Come on." Han Qianli shouted furiously, his entire body was in full blackness, and under the blackness, Han Qianli's golden light would appear!


        Sensing Han Third Thousand's anger, Lin Long shouted and led the four dragons to try to return to help Han Third Thousand, but they were blocked by Lu Yunfeng and Ye Kucheng.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, you evil wretch, why don't you restrain yourself?" As soon as Wu Yan took his place, he snapped at Han 3,000 in a cold voice.

        He was just going along, knowing how much he had wronged Han 3,000, but for the sake of his favourite disciple and his hatred for Han 3,000, he felt there was nothing wrong with sacrificing a slave, but what he hadn't expected was the huge benefits he would invariably bring to himself.

        After kil ling Han Qianxiang, his prestige would be even stronger in the Void Sect!

        "Hands tied? Even for you?" Han Giangli sneered and attacked directly.

        Wu Yan's face was fiercely cold, this evil bastard, who didn't surrender obediently in front of himself, dared to take the initiative to attack, simply looking for death!

        "I'll ki ll you!" Wu Yan shouted, and with a mention in his hand, he attacked Han Qianqian straight on!

        As the Preceptor of the Void Sect, the energy that explodes from Wu Yan's body is so strong that, although he is no more than a Saint-level powerhouse, the method he practices is the most overbearing of all the Heavenly Dipper Fists, and in many cases can even be compared to a beginner's misty powerhouse!

        Feeling the incomparably powerful air of the ringmaster, Han Qianli furrowed his brow and urged the entire Heavenly Yin Technique to its strongest point, not daring to slow down in the slightest.


        Two strong collide, fireworks everywhere!

        Han Qianqian was shocked by the aftershocks and retreated more than ten metres, spurting out a mouthful of blood as her throat became sweet.

        With a smile on his face, Wu Yan looked at Han Qianqian with disdain, "You don't think you can do much, how dare you attack me? What kind of rubbish are you?"

        After the first battle, he had fully understood Han 3,000's strength, and although his fist hurt a little, it was clear that in Wu Yan's eyes, Han 3,000 was just an ant that could bite.

        How painful could an ant's bite be? But it couldn't be easier to pin him down!

        Han Qianli spat out the blood in his mouth and laughed coldly, "Is this the strength of your Void Sect Preceptor? It seems that there is indeed no one left in the Void Sect."

        Wu Yan suppressed his anger and said coldly, "Death is near, and you're still playing with your mouth here."

        "Joke, dying to the end? The Void Sect's ringmaster only knows how to brag, right? Beat me back just a few metres, and you're bragging as if you're invincible." Han Qianli let out a laugh.

        As soon as the words came out, Wu Yan couldn't hang on to his face.

        "Fine, dead punk, since you want to meet the King of Hell early, I'll give you a ride!" Wu Yan glared coldly at Han Qianqian and rushed all the energy in his body.

        He was going to ki ll this trash with one blow!

        In between, Wu Yan threw his strongest punch yet at Han Qianqiang!


        Another loud bang!

        Suddenly Wu Yan's pupils widened, then he touched his chest in disbelief as blood gushed wildly and uncontrollably out of the corners of his mouth!


Chapter 1745

How is this possible!

        Facing Han Qianqian, the Void Sect's preceptor, he went so far as to ......

        It was injured!

        What amazed the six elders most was that at this time, Han Qiangli was standing gently in the midst of the strong light, unaffected by it in the slightest!

        In a one-on-one duel, Han Giang won!

        And what a surprise that it was so unexpected and so perfect!

        "I said that the Void Sect's Reverend Preceptor was nothing more than that, but of course, I didn't say that against the Reverend Preceptor alone, but that the six other elders present were rubbish." Han Qianli smiled evilly.

        Hard carry, Han Three Thousand naturally couldn't fight, but with his new golden body, Han Three Thousand could push the Faceless Divine Power to a new level.

        Han Three Thousand didn't know how strong the new level was, so he asked Wu Yan to experiment.

        Han 3,000 deliberately took the first attack hard and made sarcastic remarks to make him both relax his guard and at the same time be completely furious to ki ll Han 3,000 in one blow.

        The second blow, then, was bound to be his best.

        If the new level of the Faceless Divine Skill could be resisted and replicated successfully, even if it could not be replicated perfectly, at least a certain percentage of it could be guaranteed, then the power of the counterattack would be enough to seriously injure the defenceless Wu Yan.

        The truth was that Han Qianli had gambled correctly.

        Wu Yan was clearly arranged by Han Qianqian, yet he had no idea what was really going on!

        The first peak elders would have been able to support him in time, and he would have landed on his melon.

        "Han Qianli, you're too presumptuous, let me deal with you today." The five peak elders shouted, carrying the six peak elders to attack directly left and right.

        "Go ...... to help." Wu Yan forcefully broke away from the First Peak Elder's support.

        The first peak elder looked at the other elders and after affirming each other with a look, they collectively went towards Han Qianli to annihilate him.

        No one dared to look down on the slave in front of them anymore, because this slave was so strange that they couldn't imagine or even doubt life, so what the remaining six elders took to Han Three Thousand was a direct pinch attack!

        In the face of the six elders' attacks, Han 3,000 skillfully switched between the two attacking methods with his left hand, and his right hand, and although he was constantly at a disadvantage, he was at least on equal footing with the six elders for a time.

        As time went on, the five dragons were surrounded by hundreds of disciples led by Ye Lusheng and Lu Yunfeng, and without their control, the restriction began to stabilise with the blessing of Grandmaster San Yong, and countless strange beasts were completely trapped within them.

        However, the hearts of Grandmaster San Yong and a group of Void Sect disciples were simply not calm.

        In mid-air, Han 3,000 had fought one against six, a fight that shook almost everyone's hearts.

        At this point, even in many people's hearts, even though Han 3,000 was a demon, he was still a demon god in their hearts, like a god of war, using one man to defeat six!

        Many people stopped and watched, forgetting that they were in the middle of a battlefield.

        Even San Yong was staring at the battle in mid-air with complete horror in his heart.

        Han Qiangli was so young, yet had such a strong fighting spirit, it truly shocked him.

        The combined forces of the six junior brothers might not even be able to withstand even himself, a true misty strong man, but Han Qianli had done what he thought he couldn't even do.

        "Pity, pity, it would be great if such a person was not a demon but a disciple of my Void Sect... If this son were to be born, why wouldn't my Void Sect be at the top of the great sect?" San Yong's heart ached to say to himself.

        Little did he know that he had buried with his own hands the opportunity that belonged to the Void Sect, today!

        If the Void Ancestors were still around, they would have been so angry that they would have di ed on the spot.

        Qin Lang mumbled as he looked at the battle in the air, his heart filled with mixed emotions, both sad and happy.

        Sad about what had happened to Han Qianli now, but happy that Han Qianli was so strong that he was able to fight against the six uncles and uncles!

        But this happiness lasted less than a moment, for Han 3,000 was finally physically exhausted in the midst of the attack, and was successively wounded by the six elders.

        Han 3,000 was faltering and was on the verge of defeat when Qin Shuang bit her vermilion lips, then drew her Demon Suppressing Sword and flew straight towards the battlefield in the air!

        Elder Six Peaks seized the opportunity to thunder a sword aimed at Han Three Thousand's back!


        At that moment, a bang sounded and the Six Peaks Elder's aspiring sword was suddenly blocked.

        With the Demon Suppressing Sword in hand, Qin Frost stood behind Han Third Thousand and looked coldly at the Six Peaks Elder.

        "If you want to ki ll Han Qianxiang, ask me first!" Qin Frost drank coldly, returned a gentle glance at Han Qianqiang and said softly, "How was it? Are you okay?"

Chapter 1746

"You're so stupid." Han Marchant shook her head to show that she was fine.

        By helping herself, she was gambling with her own future!

        "Am I stupid? Maybe, but I'll be uneasy for the rest of my life if I have to watch you d i e, so it's better to be a fool than that." Qin Frost said.

        Han Qianqian was about to speak, when Lin Mengxi shouted angrily, "Frost, do you know what you're doing? Get back to me now!"

        "Yes, as a righteous disciple, are you going to help this demon and make an enemy of your uncles and teachers?"

        Qin Frost laughed bitterly with disdain, "The right way? Is the righteous way a bully for the many? Is that bullying the little ones with the big ones? If this is the righteous path, then I would rather not be this righteous disciple."

        "Han 3,000 is my slave, so naturally I'm responsible for his transgressions, but it's not the uncles and uncles' turn to interfere yet!"

        "Moreover, Han Qianqian has been kind to me, whether he is evil or not, Qinshang must not stand by and watch him d i e in front of me!"

        "So, five divisional leaders, please take action."

        Lin Mengxie's pupils were on fire when she heard this, "Qin Frost, you're crazy aren't you? What the hell are you talking about?"

        "Qin Frost, quickly retire, you've been bewitched by this demon."

        "Qin Frost, do you know that you're betraying your master!"

        "If you don't leave, don't blame us for being rude."

        Several of the elders were also furious.

        Qin Frost simply ignored it and looked to Han Qianqiang, "Are you ready?"

        Han Qianqiang laughed helplessly, "Why are you doing this?"

        Qin Shang's face was cold, and the Demon Suppressing Sword in his hand mentioned, aiming at the several elders, followed by a direct attack towards the Six Peak Elders in front of him!

        Han Qianli had no choice but to follow.

        With the addition of Qin Shang, the battle was once again returned to the balance, especially when the two of them joined forces to use the Falling Rain Sword Technique and the six elders went from active to passive.

        The Falling Rain Sword Technique emphasises the merging of yin and yang, and the attack is extremely domineering, plus in the process, the two strongest energies within Han Qianqian and Qin Shang complement each other, making one plus one greater than two.

        Together with the fact that both Han Qianqian and Qin Shang had golden bodies within them, the Falling Rain Sword Technique was almost brought to its fullest extent in their hands.

        "Falling Rain Sword Technique!!!"

        Suddenly, the ground was so shocked that Sanaga stood straight up.

        "How ...... is this possible! This ...... is a long lost secret technique of our school, the unique mastery of the Divine Void Ancestor, how could Han ...... Han Qianqian and Qinshang!"

        "This ...... this is impossible, how do they ...... they know this secret method?"

        As the Master, Sannon knows better than anyone else, the great lessons that have been lost but are recorded in the pages of the Void!

        But what he never imagined was that one day he would see it reappear!

        He suddenly had a bad feeling that he was doing something wrong, but what was it?

        He can't figure it out!

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian and Qinshang worked extremely well together, with the six elders unable to get closer than half a metre in front of the two of them, but Han Qianqian soon discovered what the problem was!

        That is, even in this kind of life-and-death situation, he still had a sudden desire for Qin Lang.

        Moreover, after every practice, he had this feeling, and he could swear that he had absolutely no distractions towards Qin Lang, only that he did not want to owe her any favours many times, so he desperately tried to save her. He only had Su Yingxia in his heart, and he could also be sure that he, Han Qianli, would not be tempted by any woman in this world except Su Yingxia.

        It was any!

        But every time the Falling Rain Sword Technique is completed, there is always an inexplicable urge in the body!

        There is something wrong with this swordplay!

        However, it does have a strong attacking mind, as evidenced by the six elders' sudden change from active to passive, and it can indeed help Qinshang suppress the Beast King's golden body every time.

        But how could ......

        "Although their sword skills are powerful, they are inexperienced, Sixth Brother, you attack their right door and Fifth Brother, their left door! Fourth junior sister, attack their heads, and the other three junior brothers, work together to hold them back!"

        At this point, Wu Yan, who had been watching the battle in mid-air, found a flaw in the two of them. Although their sword skills were powerful, they couldn't stand the fact that they had practised too little, and although they had a tacit understanding, they lacked experience.

        Facing old fogies like the seven Void Sect elders, the flaw was discovered over time!

        The six elders followed Wu Yan's arrangement directly and attacked the two from all four directions.


        As the upper three gates on the left and right failed one after another, and the Falling Rain Sword Technique was broken, Lin Mengxi, quick-eyed and quick-witted, directly sealed Qin Frost's acupuncture points, held him in her arms and left the battlefield in mid-air, while the other five elders, taking advantage of the weakness of the broken formation of Han Qianxiang, went on a mad rampage!

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian was unable to fight, and could only let the five men swing their fists and swords at him as he lay dying, like a bloody man!

        He suddenly felt the weight of his eyelids, and when he was dying, he saw Su Yingxia, he saw Nian'er, he saw Qi Hu, he saw everyone......

        Yes, dying?