His True Colors Chapter 1741-1743

 Chapter 1741

\The "Han-Sam! \\"

        A group of elders were in a state of shock.

        How could the man in mid-air be him!

        How can someone who fought with Cool-Son Yeh in such a dizzying battle be a slave?

        Qin Frost's face was pale, his body unsteady, and he staggered several steps!

        How could it be three thousand!

        Suddenly, Qin Frost's entire body went into a nervous breakdown, as she suddenly remembered that Han Qianxiang was facing a siege. It was the siege of the crowd of disciples.

        Not to mention him, even he, or any of the elders present, would never be able to withstand the attack of so many people.

        \Han Qianxiang was only a slave, how could he have the ability to fight the Lonely City for so long? \The Second Peak Elder frowned and said, "Yes, this is quite unbelievable.

        D\\"Yes, this is really unbelievable. \If he had known that Han Qianqian had such abilities, he should have taken him on as a disciple during the main hall's test, and at least the Three Peaks wouldn't have been reduced to a hopeless state.

        The First Peak Elder looked into the air with a complicated expression, worried about his disciple, Ye Guocheng, but also a little pity for Han Qiangli. He was worried about his disciple, Ye Guocheng, but also felt a bit sorry for Han Qiangxiang.

        \Although Han Qianxiang is a slave, she practices evil magic and goes against the flow of her veins. \\"

        Wu Yan's words once again took a group of elders by surprise. It turned out that Han Qianqian was a member of the Devil's Dao.

        The elders suddenly looked at each other, and no one had any regrets anymore.

        \Han Qianxiang has saved me many times, he is not a member of the Dao of Evil, he is a good man. He is a good man." \Qin Frost angrily spoke up for Han Qianxiang.

        Wu Yan was dissatisfied: \ "Frost, although you are talented and clever, you are after all too young and have too little social experience to distinguish between a good man and a bad man, Han 3,000 is not at all what you think he is, you have been deceived by him. \You have been deceived by him.

        \Daoists are not good people, Frost. Now that you are a disciple of the main hall, you must learn to distinguish between right and wrong! \The first peak elder also said sarcastically.

        The first time I saw him, I was so angry that I thought he was a good guy.

        \The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. \I will not let you hurt her," said Qin Frost, who was about to rush to help Han Qianxiang.

        \\"Frost, you stop right there! \\"

        Suddenly, Lin Mengxi gave a furious shout, her eyes staring coldly at Qin Frost, her face full of cold anger.

        Since she was a child, Lin Mengxi had spoiled Qin Frost so much that she couldn't even bear to say a single heavy word, but this time. Lin Mengxie was angry.

        If Han Giangli was a devil, then Qin Frost had to keep his distance from him!

        \Alas, Frost, it seems. You've been bewitched by that demon, you shouldn't have been. D\"

        \Yes, Frosty, you are a disciple of the main hall, how can you be in the company of demons? Your mission should be to slay demons and defend the righteous path. \"

        \He was originally your slave, but at this point, Frost, you should ki ll Han Qianqian to prove your point! \\"

        Kil led Han Qianqian? Qin Frost desperately shook her head, no. She couldn't do it!

        How could she ki ll him when she couldn't even thank him enough?

        \He is simply a beast, who has just infiltrated the Void Sect under false pretences in order to do those obscene things. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get rid of him. \\"

        Lin Mengxi looked at Qin Frost coldly, Han Qianqian committed a crime and Qin Frost, a slave owner who has been very close to him recently, will naturally be pushed to the limelight.

        This will affect Lin Mengxie's future prospects, and the best way to eliminate this kind of rumour is to prove his innocence.

        \\"Frost, all the uncles and teachers are right, sometimes it is necessary to take a firm stand by proving your innocence, you should go and help your senior brother, Coolie Ye. \\"

        Qin Frost couldn't believe it as she looked at Lin Mengxi, tears rolling lightly in her fawning eyes, she still shook her head resolutely and retreated even further. She would rather be dealing with herself than Han Qianqian.

        \No, I ...... don't want it. \"

        \Frost, don't make a scene. \The sound of Lin Mengxi's furious voice shouted, "Frost, don't mess around. Then, she handed over her matching sword directly to Qin Frost, the meaning couldn't have been clearer: she wanted her to ki ll Han Qianxiang.

        Qin Frost looked at the sword. Tears flowed lightly and she was reluctant to take it.

        D\"If you don't ki ll Han Qianxiang, then the mother-son friendship between you and me will end here today. \Lin Mengxi knew her daughter's personality. Although cold in appearance, she was kind-hearted. Her soft heart would harm her future in the Void Sect.

        Hearing this, Qin Frost couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at Lin Mengxi, she couldn't imagine that Lin Mengxi would push her so hard.

        On the one hand, there was the person who had saved her, and on the other hand, there was the mother who had painstakingly raised her. Qin Lang's heart broke down, and it was difficult to make a choice for a while.

        Gritting her teeth and resulting in the sword in Lin Mengxi's hand, Qin Frost flew straight towards Han Qianxiang.

        \"All disciples. Listen to the order! \Wu Yan now shouted in anger.

        All the disciples shouted in unison: \"Present! \\"

        \Assist Cool-Son Yeh and Qin Shang in kil ling the evil Han Qianqian. \"

        \The "Yes! \\"

        The disciples received their orders. They formed several formations, aiming at Han Qianqian in mid-air, waiting for Wu Yan's order.

        At that moment, Qin Shang flew in front of Han 3,000 with his sword.

        Seeing Qin Frost coming. Ye Guocheng was coldly proud and looked at Han Three Thousand.

        \\"Three thousand, I'm sorry. \"Qin Frost looked at Han Qianqian and felt guilty.

        Han Qianqian smiled. Raising the sword in his hand. \"You don't need to be sorry, in the Hundred Beasts Forest, you and I have already repaid our debt, you are you, Han Three Thousand Years is Han Three Thousand Years. \"

        Hearing these words, Qin Frost's delicate body shook and her heart suddenly felt an incomparable pain.

        Returning it?! This means that the two are no longer related, right?

        Looking at Han Qianqian's smile and the sadness in Qinshang's eyes, Ye Guocheng couldn't stand it anymore: \\"Alright, Han Qianqian, cut the crap and suffer death. \"

        As soon as the words fell, Cool-Son Yeh attacked Han 3,000 once again. With Qin Shang present, Cool-Son Yeh's fighting spirit was high and he tried his best to perform in front of Qin Shang.

        Faced with Ye Guocheng's ferocious attack, Han Qianqian smiled coldly and took it on directly with an easy hand.

        Ye Kucheng soon became more and more shocked, because in just a short time, Han Qianqian's originally rather rudimentary Heavenly Yin Technique was now not only at hand, but most importantly, some of the moves used by Han Qianqian were his own spells.

        This guy was even stealing from himself as he fought!

        Ye Guocheng's forehead was covered in cold sweat, but if he couldn't beat him, it was one thing, but if he didn't want to fight, it was even more so, if he continued to play like this, he was really worried that he would be stolen by Han Qianqian and not even his trousers would be left.

        These were all things that he had studied hard for decades.

        What Ye Guocheng didn't even know was that what was even more bitter, was still to come!

Chapter 1742

\What are you waiting for, Qin Frost? Still not helping? \The first thing to go in the morning was the first thing to go in the morning.

        Qin Frost was completely immersed in Han Qianqian's unrestrained figure beating up Cool-Songyi, and the past events kept floating in her mind, which was difficult to erase, before she was shouted at by Cool-Songyi.

        She took a hard look at the Void Sect below her. Biting her teeth, Qin Frost rushed over with her sword.

        With the addition of Qinshang, the battle was instantly turned around, and Ye Guocheng, who was at a disadvantage, was given a chance to catch his breath and took advantage of the fact that Han Qianqian was tired of dealing with Qinshang's attacks.

        Qin Shang's attacks were powerful and his cultivation was extremely high. Although it was obvious that Qin Shang had let go of Han 3,000's attacks, Qin Shang was after all one of the three great geniuses, and his cultivation was not as good as Ye Guocheng's. His body had the Gold of the Beast King. His body was even blessed with the golden body of a beast king.

        Although it could not pose any great danger to Han 3,000, it was far greater than the pressure that Cool-Songyi Ye had brought to Han 3,000.

        Under these circumstances, Cool-Son Yeh's dirty tricks were all over the place, with all sorts of sneak attacks on Han 3,000, including a slash on his back, a sword cut on his waist and a cut on his leg.

        In just a few moments, Han Qianqian had been left with several cuts all over his body, and his entire clothes were soaked red with blood. He was as red as a bloody man.

        Seeing Han Qianqian in such a state, tears of sadness flowed from Qin Lang's eyes as he fought and retreated, not wanting to fight with Han Qianqian any longer.

        Han 3,000 seized the opportunity and grabbed Ye Guocheng with a backhand and kicked him several metres away, causing him to retreat and spit blood in the air.

        After several attacks, the sword fell from Qin Frost's hand, and Qin Frost cried out completely.

        Faced with Han 3,000, she was unable to do anything, let alone watch Han 3,000 die in front of her!

        Han Qianqian smiled bitterly: \ "Sister, you shouldn't have shown me mercy on the battlefield. To be merciful to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself. \"

        Qin Shang was merciful, but Han Qianxiang would not be. Because he knew that no matter what, he could not die because Su Yingxia was still waiting for him.

        Qin Frost was in tears, not wanting to resist at all: \\ "If that's the case, then I'd rather die myself. \\"

        Afterwards, Qin Frost silently closed his eyes.

        Han Qianli's pupils shrank.

        As she watched the longsword fall from the sky, Lin Mengxi's eyes filled with anger, she knew. Qin Frost had not lost to Han Qianqian, but had lost to herself after all.

        Wu Yan was furious and waved his hand: \\Where are the disciples! \\"

        \The "In! \\"

        The arena. Thousands of people responding in unison, shouting in unison!

        \All disciples are ordered to slay the evil Han Qianqian! \\"

        \The "Yes! \\"

        The disciples shouted and immediately afterwards formed three large formations, aiming each spell at Han Qianqiang in mid-air!

        For a moment, the entire Four Peaks was illuminated by a group of spells that lit up the sky with a dazzling white light, and the spells of thousands of Void Sect disciples attacked Han Qianqian like a flying rain.

        Han Qianqian locked his brows tightly and slapped Qin Frost straight away.


        The mid-air spells gathered in a strange convergence and exploded with Han Qianqian as the point, the impact of the explosion even exploding into a mushroom cloud in mid-air. The resulting spread spread over the entire sky of the Void Sect!

        \The "No!!!!! \\"

        Qin Frost flew all the way backwards and watched as Han Gongshan flew further and further away. The attack of the disciples came closer and closer to him, until finally Han 3,000 was surrounded directly, and Qin Frost cried out with torn lungs.

        After the huge earthquake, everything seemed to quiet down.

        It was like the aftermath of rain, peaceful and silent.

        Countless disciples stared at the sky as it bombarded them.

        But just as several of the elders were laying down their hearts and minds. Suddenly, they suddenly felt something wrong, and the sky, which had been completely filled with smoke, was suddenly filled with sparks. Suddenly there was a little spark.

        In the next second, several of the elders were stunned.

        The smoke cleared, and in the mid-air, Han Qianli stood proudly. Han Qianli stood there proudly, with a light golden glow, like a god of war. He looked down upon all beings.

        \\"Sh...... what......\"

        \How is this ...... possible? \\"

        The strike of the crowd just now, although it could not be said to have destroyed the heavens and the earth, it was still strong enough. Even any of the elders present wouldn't dare to conclude that they could retreat with their whole body.

        But this guy Han Qianqian ......

        What the hell is this guy made of, iron? Not even dead?

        Wu Yan suppressed his surprise. He hurriedly woke up the collectively dumbfounded disciples: \\ "All disciples, on your mark, form up! \\"

        Qin Shang had just seen Han 3,000 and broke into a smile for just a few seconds, but panicked again in the face of Elder Wu Yan's naming.

        She was about to tell Han Qianqian to run, but then Han Qianqian suddenly cracked a smile.

        \What? Are you the only ones who know how to bully others? \\"

        With a voice like an evil charm and a laugh like a broken blood, it was a frightening sight.

        Just as Wu Yan was about to launch the order to attack again, he suddenly felt the entire ground tremble slightly, and more and more violently.

        In just a few moments, the entire ground and even the air was filled with one ear-piercing rumble after another.


        \The "Look! \\"

        Suddenly, someone shouted loudly and sharply, and everyone looked in the distance and saw dust flying, trees falling, and countless strange beasts tramping through the jungle!

Chapter 1743

\The "Ho! \\"

        \The "Ow! \\"

        Numerous deafening roars rose and fell.

        On the four peaks of the mountain, tens of thousands of beasts came like the tilting of a flood.

        Those who flew in the sky and those who ran on the ground swarmed in. It was like a thousand armies and ten thousand horses!

        All the people present were shocked, and some of them even cowered on the spot.

        At almost the same time, the Jade White Tiger, one of the beasts, gave a long whistle and was the first to jump straight into the crowd, followed by the Black Devil Leopard and the Eyed Blood Wolf!

        The crowd burst into screams!

        But that's not all, thousands of strange beasts are still running in the background.

        The battle is on the horizon!

        For a time, the ground was filled with shouts and screams as countless strange beasts rushed desperately into the crowd. Even the giant elephants, which had no offensive power, were now frantically using their bodies to rampage through the crowd.

        Thousands of Void Sect disciples, as if they had met a flood. They were scattered in all directions.

        \The "this......\"Chief Peak Leader looked embarrassed as he panicked and defended himself against the attacking beasts while looking at the distant beasts that were still dusty and coming this way!

        \What's going on? Why have all the strange beasts of the Four Peaks Hundred Beasts Forest suddenly escaped? \\"

        \The "Beasts of No Nation" are coming, have they gone mad? ...... \\"

        The serious Wu Yan was also panicking a little at this point.

        Although there were many strange beasts in the Four Peaks Hundred Beasts Forest, they had been living peacefully in the Hundred Beasts Forest for a hundred years, so why did all the strange beasts suddenly rush out like mad?

        Even the gentle giant elephants of the Beast are now trampling on the crowd, what's going on here?

        And Beastly Woolly. And the long-haired jade rabbit, an ornamental pet that comes along for the ride?

        \The "Ho!!!! \\"

        Suddenly, at this moment, four dragons roared and flew violently into the air above the crowd, followed by four dragons spraying together, kil ling and injuring countless Void Sect disciples in one fell swoop.

        \Everyone, calm down. Counterattack! \\"

        With a shout from Wu Yan, the disciples were able to stabilise themselves, then they each summoned their own beasts in an attempt to protect themselves with their own beasts.

        But this was the beginning of the nightmare!

        \The "opposite, the opposite! Brother Ring Academy, I ...... my green fire-eyed lion has run away, he has run away. \The First Peak Elder was now furious and shouted out.

        D\\"My Xuanwu Heavy Tortoise has also completely lost its command," shouted the Second Elder. \The Second Elder shouted urgently, "Our tortoises are all the same," he said.

        All of us are ......\\"The elders paled.

        Wu Yan's pupils widened in an instant: \\ "What's going on? Are they ...... are they against God? \\"

        There, almost everyone was a strange beast. After being released, not only did they not appear to be protecting their masters, but they suddenly turned their guns around and joined forces with the Beasts of the Hundred Beasts Forest. They were frantically fighting back against their masters.

        This made the already chaotic situation even more chaotic for a moment!

        Countless strange beasts and Void disciples continued to fall in the scuffle, the Void disciples were afraid, but the strange beasts did not want to die.

        A few elders looked at each other, losing all sense of proportion for a moment, just then, a purple light suddenly flashed, and then the feet of the beasts exploded, and a figure also fell quickly in front of the elders from outside the four peaks.

        \The first thing I noticed was the fact that I was not able to get a good look at him. \The elders said in unison.

        San Yong looked at the chaos before him. It was just a matter of catching a flower thief, so why create such a big commotion? The entire Void Sect was shaken by the earth and mountains.

        \We are here to arrest the flower pickers, but for some reason, all the strange beasts of the Hundred Beast Forest suddenly rushed out and attacked us like crazy. \The beasts suddenly rushed out and attacked us," Wu Yan reported.

        San Yong didn't say anything and looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air, his long eyebrows locked even more tightly. \\Who's that? \\"

        \Han Qianqian, the flower picker, is the master of the school. \\"

        \The "Hanshin"? \Master San Yong's eyebrows furrowed slightly.

        \In addition, when he resisted just now, he used an evil technique, so I suspect that he is someone from the Devil's Path. He is deliberately lurking in my Void Sect. \\\"

        \What are the "evil spells"? \SANEUNG is stunned!

        Wu Yan nodded: \ "Although I don't know which school he belongs to, his meridians are reversed, so it looks like an evil art. D\"

        San Yong sighed long and hard. He nodded his head heavily, the meridians went against the grain, indeed things went against the heavens and were disgraced by the righteous path, only some evil demons and devils would use these devious tricks of the sword to go against the peaks.

        He thought that Han Qianqiang was different from normal people, so he intentionally asked the Four Peaks Elder to cultivate him for nothing. It was a way to create more potential disciples for the Voidless Sect and to console poor Brother Qingfeng.

        But never would I have imagined that Han Qiangan would be such a person.

        \Since he is a devil, he cannot be retained. Then he must not be allowed to stay. Disciple of the Academy of Precepts, order all disciples to set up a formation and set up a ban. I, as the eye of the formation, will support the formation and we will work together to trap the beasts. \Master San Yong instructed.

        Wu Yan nodded his head. At this point, he hurriedly shouted: \\ "All disciples, form a formation and set up a ban! \\"

        The appearance of the headmaster and Wu Yan's shout. The group of disciples finally felt much more at ease and began to defend themselves against the attacks of the strange beasts while following Wu Yan's command. They arranged themselves into a formation.

        Soon, the restriction was opened and the beasts were in a predicament like the Hundred Beasts Forest when, at Han 3,000, the five dragons suddenly rang out in unison!

        The beasts are suddenly boiling!