His True Colors Chapter 1739-1740

 Chapter 1739

It was only at noon that Han Qiangiang was easily suppressed by himself, and while he did have some odd counterattacks, it was nothing to Ruo Yu.

        He was always in her hands, just like an insect.

        As long as she was willing, she could crush Han Qianqian at any time.

        Because of this, Ruo Yu was the first one to rush up, beating a drowning dog and proving to all the disciples that she was capable of being the best disciple of the Four Peaks.

        But after only a few rounds, Ruo Yu was already sweating profusely, and Han Qianqian's fierce and overbearing attacks had exhausted her, draining her body of energy.

        But on the other hand, Han Qianqian, although his face was cold, was completely relaxed and calm!

        Suddenly, Ruoru suddenly and ridiculously realized that she was the dog!


        There was a loud noise, and Ruo Yu looked at Han Qianxiang with resignation, her body then drifted away and hit the ground hard.

        The crowd was dumb!

        The place was silent and a pin drop could be heard.

        Time seemed to stop at this moment!

        Everyone's eyes were wide open, and they could hardly believe what they were seeing.

        Ruo Yu was defeated, and the defeat was very tragic.

        In just a few minutes, Ruo Yu was almost defenseless.

        And she was facing a tiny slave of the Void Sect!

        Han Qianli stood with his hands in the air, quietly looking at everyone present.

        He stared at them like a god of death, sending chills down their spines.

        Wu Yan clenched his back teeth, his eyes were cold, and his fists were clenched tightly in his hands. Han Qianli's performance was completely unexpected, but it also strengthened his determination to ki ll Han Qianli.

        This kind of hidden danger, cannot be retained!

        "Han Qianqian, no wonder you're a sneaky little sh*t.


        As soon as the voice fell, Ye Kucheng instantly flew into an attack with a long sword in white and a phantom figure!

        Han Qianqiang's brows furrowed and he tightly transported his energy, without even thinking about it, and went straight for it!


        For a moment, the white and the black directly collided with each other, and the huge energy explosion directly caused countless disciples to fall to the ground on the spot, and slaves like Xiaotao were even blown away three to four meters away!

        And then, the whole thatched roof came crashing down, and Han Qiangiang and Ye Kucheng shot up into the sky at the same time.

        The sky was filled with wind, clouds and roars, and a black and white fight was fierce.

        On the ground, a group of disciples got up from the ground and ran from the house to the courtyard in a panic, staring at the sky one by one, while Wu Yan also reached the courtyard quickly and stopped to stare.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian and Cool-Son Yeh were engaged in a tussle.

        Ye Kucheng's hideous drink: "Han Qianxiang, last time you were lucky and didn't take your dog's life within three moves, but today, no one can protect you."

        Facing Han Qianqian, Ye Kucheng was so confident that he didn't take Han Qianqian into his eyes at all, even if he could defeat Ruo Yu just now.

        But so what, five Ruo Yu were no match for him!

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly.

        Ye Guocheng coldly snorted: "What? Afraid?"

        Han Qianqian laughed, "Fear? Indeed I'm afraid, I'm afraid you'll doubt your life from now on."

        Han Qianli smiled evilly, and his entire figure accelerated, turning into several afterimages that directly attacked Cool-Son Yeh.

        And Cool-Son Yeh also condensed his luck and met him without giving in.

        The two sides again Mars collided with the earth, a black and a white two rays of light like electric dragons, entwined with each other, fighting each other, and the flames between the collisions made the entire four peaks of the sky wind roar clouds away!

        In the Void Sect, disciples from all peaks have left their houses and stopped in the courtyard, looking far away.

        In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who have been in the area for a long time.

        For some reason, Qin Frost's mind was extremely trance-like tonight, especially when he saw the sky over the Four Peaks at this time, he was even more disturbed: "What's going on with the Four Peaks?"

        Lin Mengxi's eyebrows furrowed, "It looks like something has happened to Four Peaks."

        "Could it be Han Qianxiang?" In the past few years, there have been a lot of people who have been thinking about the newest products and services.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years.

        Qin Frost blushed slightly: "Where is it!?"

        Lin Mengxi smiled: "You are my daughter, aren't I clear about you? But you have to understand that you are the future of the Void Sect, and he, is just a slave of the Void Sect."

        Hearing this, Qin Frost's heart was very lost.

        Lin Mengxi's eyebrows furrowed at this point, "But you don't have to worry too much, these two energies in the sky are very powerful, and with Han Giang, he can't reach this stage."

        Qin Frost's heart was slightly relieved, it was good that it wasn't Han Qianxiang.

        "But how could the sky over the four peaks suddenly be like this?" Qin Frost asked.

        "Didn't the last bathing incident go unresolved? I heard that someone sneaked into the Four Peaks tonight and captured Little Peach, and I thought it might be the flower pickers from last time acting again, but your Master of the Preceptor Academy has already brought someone over personally, so I guess they are in the process of arresting someone." Lin Mengxi.

        Qin Frost nodded, "Then can I go and take a look?"

Chapter 1740

Qin Frost wanted to see, naturally, because she had been peeked at last time, and she wanted to see who that daring fellow was!

        The company's main office is located at the heart of the city, in the heart of the city's main hall, in the heart of the city.

        Lin Mengxi nodded her head and took Qin Shang with her, and the two of them headed towards the Four Peaks.

        On the way, the closer Qin Frost got to the Four Peaks, the more he felt his breathing tightened, and there was an ominous sign in his heart.

        At this time, the battle was already at a fever pitch, with Ye Guocheng fighting more and more courageously, and Han Qianqian also going head-to-head, kil ling each other in a fierce battle.

        The two sides fought against each other, but it was hard to resolve. Wu Yan on the ground, but his brows were as trivial as a knife, Han Qiangli's Heavenly Yin technique was not skilled enough, and the level was not deep enough, but it relied on strange moves and strange ways of running energy, causing Ye Guocheng to be confused and lose sight of one another.

        This kind of fire, if it is Wu Yan's own, he will be very happy, but if it is not his own, or not related to his own lineage, he will have to eliminate the root of the problem.

        Seeing the countless disciples rushing toward the four peaks, Wu Yan's brows furrowed: "What are you all standing around for? This Han Qianqian is using an evil technique, he is obviously a spy of the devil, ki ll him for me."


        The disciples followed the order, then formed into a formation and attacked Han Qianqian with various types of magic books.

        Although he was prepared for it, he still could not withstand Han Qianqian's frequent and violent attacks.

        Although outsiders thought that the two of them were evenly matched, only Cool-Son Ye himself knew that he would undoubtedly lose if they continued to fight.

        The loss of energy in his body was extremely severe, and he simply could not sustain for long!

        Seeing the dense attack assistance on the ground like artillery fire, Cool-Son Ye was overjoyed.

        With a pull back, taking advantage of Han Qianqian's resistance, Cool-Son Ye took advantage of this gap to gather a large amount of energy in his hands and use the gap between Han Qianqian's resistance to other attacks to launch a surprise attack!

        "Heavenly Lightning Fire!"


        A huge fireball fell from the sky and pressed down on Han Qianli's mountain.

        Han Qianqian's right hand, the Heavenly Yin Technique, used black energy to fortify a defensive wall against the attack of the disciples, and his eyebrows narrowed.


        A silver dragon suddenly flew out of Han Qianqian's left hand and headed straight for the Heavenly Lightning Fire!

        "Are you the only one with help?" Han Qianli laughed coldly.

        As soon as the Lin Long emerged, transformed into silver light, his entire body went straight through the Heavenly Lightning Fire, an explosion in the sky, and the Heavenly Lightning Fire was instantly dissolved!

        Ye Guocheng spat out a mouthful of displeasure at the unsuccessful attack: "Han 3,000, damn you, looking for death!"

        Ye Longsheng waved his hand, a flying elephant flew out from his sleeve and ran towards Lin Mengxi.

        On the ground, the Void Sect disciples also arrived one by one, when Lin Mengxi arrived, the elders of the peaks also heard the sound of the arrival, a group of disciples under their leadership, and rushed to the center of the vegetable garden thatched hut.

        The elders of the first peak raised their eyes to the sky, where all the disciples' spells converged, and the light was too strong to see who was resisting in the center.

        He only saw Lone Leaf fighting with his spirit pet flying elephant.

        "I didn't expect that such a big commotion of the Void Sect was made by Lone City." As he said this, the first peak elder was clearly speaking to the second and third peak elders.

        The flaunting of these words couldn't be more obvious.

        Making a lot of noise is itself a reflection of strength.

        The Second Peak Elder admitted it in his heart, but said sarcastically, "Yes, but capable, even a small flower picker has to make so much effort, First Peak Senior Brother's disciple, really capable."

        The first peak elder was red-faced with sarcasm: "That's much better than your second peak, which doesn't even have a person who can go and catch it."

        Lin Mengxi didn't want to see their boring quarrel, looked at Wu Yan and said softly, "Brother Preceptor, is the other person above the sky the thief?"

        Wu Yan nodded his head: "Exactly."

        Lin Mengxi nodded: "I didn't expect this flower picker to be so powerful that he could fight so fiercely, no wonder the four peaks were stirred up by him twice, but it was difficult to catch him."

         However, that is not the reason why you cannot catch him."

        Lin Mengxi's eyebrows furrowed, "I wish to hear the details from my senior brother."

        "As the saying goes, it's hard to prevent a house thief when it's day and night, and this thief is among your four peaks, so it's naturally hard for you to find him."

        "What senior brother means is that this flower picker is a member of my four peaks."

        Wu Yan smiled and looked at Qin Shuang, "Shuang'er is very familiar with her, and this person is Han Qianqian."

        At that moment, under the bright light of the disciples' spells, Han Qianqian's firm and cold face could suddenly be seen clearly!