His True Colors Chapter 1737-1738

 Chapter 1737

Han 3,000 stopped thinking about it, suppressed his excitement, and completely immersed himself in the refreshing feeling of settling down.

        At this time, Han 3,000 suddenly smelled a burst of strange fragrance, and then in less than a moment, someone opened the door of the room.

        In the dark of night, Little Blackie and Folded Hollow sneaked into Han 3,000's room.

        Little Blackie carried a large cloth bag on his shoulder, and when he opened the bag's pockets, a soft, delicate body was revealed from the bag.

        Origami waved his hand in front of Han 3,000 to make sure the guy didn't react, and then looked at Peach in the sack with great reluctance.

        He was amazed by Peach's beauty the moment he saw her, but when he thought he would be able to enjoy the tender moment as he had planned, little Blackie stopped him.

        Watching Folding Xuuzi gagging, Little Blackie said helplessly, "Brother Folding, business is important, and after it's over, you can do whatever you want.

        The people above didn't want any complications, and didn't want Han Qianxiang to stay in the Void Sect for even a second longer, so they wanted to end the matter quickly.

        Naturally, the little black man can no longer give the folded hollow child a second hand, and can only send people over quickly to set up the scene.

        The fleshy face kept moving, and the ducks were still not willing to fly.

        Immediately afterwards, Kuroko placed Peach on the bed from the cloth bag, and then picked up Han 3,000's hands and gently pulled off some of Peach's chest clothes, after which, he laid Han 3,000 down beside Peach, who was seated.

        When all this was done, Little Blackie pushed Folded Hollow out of Han 3,000's room.

        The two of them had no idea that the effect of Gathering Flower Dispersion did not knock Han 3,000 unconscious because of his special condition, but rather Han 3,000 just couldn't move, making them think that Han 3,000 had been hit by Gathering Flower Dispersion while meditating and had passed out.

        Little did they know that Han 3,000 could clearly hear the two men's secret actions.

        Han 3,000 only felt a faint fragrance beside the incense, and his left hand gently rested on a delicate body.

        The first thing that came to mind was the fact that there was no need to think too much about it, and Han Qianli knew who had set up the game.

        Who else could it be but Ye Guocheng? Although Han Qianqian has not known him for long, but he has read countless people, and he knows that Cool-Son Yeh is the one who can do such a thing.

        It was just that Han Qianqian was speechless, to harm himself, why drag an innocent person?

        Han Qianqian didn't think about it anymore, and hurriedly used all his energy to gather his golden body, so that he could get up once it was completed.

        After half an hour, the golden body stabilized, and the three strands of energy began to shrink.

        It didn't take long for the three strands of energy to finish, and Han 3,000 heaved a sigh of relief.

        At this time, there were bursts of aroma drifting into the house again, and then the voices of people around the house boomed, and someone even directly cast a spell in the air, illuminating the vegetable garden all around.

        The bright light was so strong that Han Qianqian's eyes, which had just opened slightly, closed again.

        By the bright light, Han 3,000 saw a scantily clad Xiaotao lying next to him.

        Han 3,000 was horrified in his heart, "Oh no, it's too late!

        At that moment, Han Qianxiang's room door was suddenly kicked open, followed by a group of people led by Wu Yan, supplemented by Ye Guocheng and Ruo Yu.

        When they saw Han 3,000 and Xiaotao on the bed, a group of disciples pretended to be embarrassed and covered their eyes, while Ye Guocheng and Ruoyu couldn't help but smile gently and Wu Yan was thunderstruck, unable to believe what he was seeing.

        In the evening, Folding Void suddenly reported to the fourth peak that Han Qianqian had brought a woman back, and the fourth peak, Ruo Yu, discovered that her slave girl, Xiaotao, was missing, so she hurriedly told the ringmaster.

        The elder of the sect didn't believe it at first; after all, no one in the Void Sect dared to commit a crime right under his nose.

        But to the surprise of no one, Han Qianqian really dared!

        "Han three thousand!"

        A furious shout, Wu Yan glared at Han Qianli as if he wanted to swallow Han Qianli alive: "How dare you, how dare you rob a strong slave girl in my Voidless Sect and do some illicit things?"

        Han Three Thousand looked at Ye Lone City behind Wu Yan, and then placed his eyes on Folded Void and Little Blackie.

        "Master Preceptor, although Han Three Thousand is a slave, he would never do anything to steal, this is a misunderstanding." Han Qianli explained.

        "A misunderstanding? You still want to argue that you were caught red-handed? I also saw you kidnap a woman with my own eyes, and now you have Peach by your side, with witnesses and physical evidence. Folded Hollow's smile was not a smile.

        "Master Preceptor, Han Qianqian has committed such a serious crime with sufficient evidence, if you don't ki ll him, it will be difficult to convince the disciples."

        "Yes, Master of the Ring Academy kil led Han 3,000."

        "If Han 3,000 doesn't d i e, where are the rules of the Void Sect?"

Chapter 1738

Seeing that the crowd of disciples was so angry that they wanted to ki ll Han Qianqian on the spot, Cool-Son Ye's eyes were filled with pride.

        Fighting with me? You're nothing but an asshole!

        Han 3,000 smiled slightly, without the panic and fear that a slave should have, he was calm and confident: "Master Preceptor, Han 3,000 has indeed not done anything to harm Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth can tell, 3,000 has only one woman in his heart, and will never do anything to any woman."

        "As for what happened tonight, it's just someone setting a trap, Elder Brother Folding Hollow, don't you think so?"

        Feeling Han Qianqian's gaze, Folded Xuizi panicked.

        Ye Liao Cheng quickly tugged on Folding Xuuzi's clothes, and only then did Folding Xuuzi regain consciousness, seeing that Wu Yan had turned his head to look over, Folding Xuuzi pretended to be calm: "Han Qianqian, I don't know what you're talking about."

        "Oh, do you want me to repeat how you teamed up with Blackie to send Peach into my room?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        Folding Void was shocked, how could Han ...... Han Three Thousand Years ...... know this.

        Didn't he faint?!

       this ......

        Seeing the cold sweat on Folding Xuuzi's face, Cool-Son Yegucheng knew it was bad, and quickly spoke out: "Han Qianqian, don't you know what you've done yourself? Still want to blame others? If I were you, I'd do it!"

        "Yes, Master Preceptor, Han 3,000 is obviously bloodthirsty, how could I do something like that?" At this time, the Discipleship Void also reflected, and said in succession: "Han Giang had slighted Qin Frost before.

        "Han Qianqian had slighted Qinshang before, but Qinshang was generous enough not to pursue the matter with him. Today, when I heard that he had gone to the kitchen, he must have looked at Xiaotao's beautiful face, and so he started to have evil thoughts again. Ruoyu said coldly.

        "I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it in the future.

        "Yes, the dog can't change, this kind of person must d i e today, otherwise, there will be thousands of Xiaotao in the future."

        In the face of the crowd's slander, Han Qianli smiled helplessly, to Qin Frost, it was a complete misunderstanding, he helped Qin Frost but simply did not want to owe anyone, Chi Yi Yun there Han Qianli owed too much, he was even afraid of owing others, especially women. In addition, the encounter with the Hundred Beast Forest, Qinshang saved Han Qianqian, can Han Qianqian just stand by and watch Qinshang d i e?

        In the first place, for Qi Hu, he could bear with Han Yandiyang, but Qin Frost saved his life, so he should bear even more.

        As for Xiaotao, it's even more ridiculous. Han Qianli only has Su Yingxia in his heart, and can't tolerate any woman.


        Even though things have come to this point, Wu Yan has long found suspicion in the face of Folding Xuuzi, but that doesn't matter.

        The important thing is, an excuse will do.

        Wu Yan smiled fiercely and looked at Han Qianli coldly: "Han Qianli, now that it's over, don't deny it, I ask you, do you admit this crime or not?".

        Han Qianqiang said coldly: "Three thousand are not guilty, how can you admit your guilt? Even if you sue the headmaster, Han 3,000 will have no fear at all."

        How could Wu Yan give Han 3,000 yuan a chance to go to the head of the sect to argue the facts, and coldly said: "The fact is, Han 3,000 yuan, you can't deny it, you are addicted to Xiao Peach, violating the rules of the Voidless Sect, now, I will sentence you to death, someone, put Han 3,000 yuan on the spot."

        As soon as his voice fell, Ye Gucheng mentioned the long sword in his hand and made a move to charge.


        At that moment, Peach sat up on the bed, and when Han 3,000 smelled the scent for the second time, Folding Void had already released the antidote for the Flower Gathering Dispersion in advance, and after Peach woke up, she wanted to get up, but was so frightened by the battle that she kept her eyes closed, not daring to make a sound.

        But then, hearing that she was going to cut Han Qianqian, Xiaotao summoned her courage and sat up.

        Then, she quickly stepped out of bed and knelt on the ground: "Master Preceptor, I believe that Han Gongzi is not that kind of person, and Xiaotao also ......".

        "You're not allowed to talk here, so shut up!" Wu Yan snapped, then said, "Xiaotao, a woman should know her shame, understand?"

        Xiaotao was so disgruntled by Wu Yan that she didn't know what to say, and looked at Han Qianqian with anxious eyes, not knowing what to do.

        Han Qianqian smiled and softly comforted her, saying, "It's all right, if you want to add a sin, don't worry."

        But in between, Han Qianqian looked coldly at Wu Yan.

        "It's just that I, Han Three Thousand Years, it's not your turn to decide my life or death!"

        The voice is as cold as ice, the sound is like frozen snow.

        The entire Wu Yan was stunned, hard by Han Qianqian stare some numbness, especially that condescending posture, simply prevented as if he was a slave!

        "Han Qianqian, you're an evil wretch, you've violated the rules of my Voidless Sect and still dare to speak out here.

        With an angry shout, several disciples suddenly attacked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian's face was as heavy as water. Faced with the disciples rushing towards him, he raised his Heavenly Yin Technique in his hand and lifted his cross hand, and the disciples were overturned to the ground.

        A black Qi slowly wrapped around Han Qianqian's arm.

        "This ......"

        A group of disciples were astonished, they did not expect that Han Qianli would directly put several people down in an instant with just a single move.

        Although all of them were only entry-level disciples, not as good as a formal disciple like Ye Liao Cheng, but at least they were the combat power of the Void Sect, far from being slaves!

        "How dare you!" Ruo Yu's cold voice, she couldn't find a place to vent her anger about what happened at noon, and Han 3,000 was asking for an opportunity.

        Han Qianqian smiled coldly, and quickly mobilized all the extreme Yin energy in his body, and the black Qi wrapped around Han Qianqian in an instant!


        Han Qianqiang shouted furiously, facing Ruo Yu's attack, Han Qianqiang fought back hard!

        The two instantly converged, but Ye Liao Cheng and Wu Yan, the more they watched, the more they frowned.

        The disciples couldn't see the two men exchanging blows, but they could see it!

        If it weren't for the fact that Han Changqian's techniques were rusty and his roots were not strong enough, Ruo Yu would have been defeated in just a few encounters.

        How is this possible?

        How could a formal disciple not even be able to beat a small slave.

        "Uncle, this kid Han Qianqian ...... "Ye Gucheng took a step forward and said in a deep voice, depressed.

        The reason for this is that he didn't want Qin Qingfeng to turn over a new leaf.

        But that day, Han 3,000 was just a good kid, so why is it that today, all of a sudden, Ruo Yu can't even stand it?

        As an opponent, Ruoyu was really overwhelmed by her heart, and even began to regret her recklessness in rushing up.