His True Colors Chapter 1734-1736

 Chapter 1734

She didn't expect that things would develop into this.

        In the past, Sister Ruo Yu also stood up for other disciples, although she is short-tempered, but often more protective, so Yang Sister also naturally thought that she could be like others, Ruo Yu help themselves to export their anger, and then the matter was so over.

        Who knew that Han Qianqian's operation was as fierce as a tiger, which made Ruo Yu unable to get off the stage, and Ruo Yu's anger in her heart resulted in her venting it all on herself.

        If she had known that, she would not have gone to the trouble of finding that ghost Han 3,000.

        But, no use regretting it, heaven forbid!

        The only thing she can do is to beg for mercy in front of Ruoru!

        "Look at that slutty look on your face, like a dog!" Ruo Yu's anger was uncontrollable and she cursed.

        Sister Yang nodded desperately: "Yes yes yes, Sister, I am a dog, I am your dog, woof woof ......"

        Seeing Yang so humble and lowly in front of her, Ruoyu took a long breath and said coldly, "What are you waiting for? Why don't you go get some tea?"

        Yang Sister quickly got up from the ground, then fart top fart top went to pour the tea again.

        A cup of tea, Ruoyu's anger in her heart slightly calmed down, but when she thought of Han 3,000, her heart was still not feeling good.

        "I'll say this even if it kil ls me. This Han Qianqian doesn't even care about you, he's really too crazy. Sister Yang prodded at this point.

        Ruo Yu looked at her with slanted eyes: "What do you mean by that? If you have a fart, let it out."

        "Yes!" Sister Yang nodded: "Senior Sister, this Han Qianli is so arrogant just because he has Sister Qinshang backing him up, so let's get rid of this patron."

        Ruoyu's eyebrows furrowed, "You wouldn't be so bold as to even dare to touch Qinshang, would you?"

        The first time I saw her, I was so impressed that I couldn't believe my eyes, but I was so impressed that I couldn't believe my eyes. At the same time, it can also ki ll Qinshang's prestige."

        Naturally, Sister Yang, although Ruo Yu and Qin Frost are sisters and have a superficial relationship, Ruo Yu has never been too fond of Qin Frost, and pandering to him is the highest realization of being a dog, so she took the initiative to mention Qin Frost.


        Sister Yang smiled: "Someone will drug Xiaotao tonight and throw her into Han Qianqian's bed, and then when they wake up, you'll be the one to catch them in the act ......."

        Ruo Yu's eyebrows furrowed, "Who told you to do that?"

        Sister Yang smiled darkly: "Senior Sister, I can't say, I don't know who it is, but the other party is holding the Gathering Flower Dispersion, and think about it, who has a grudge against Han Qianqian recently!"

        "Gathering Flowers and Scattering?" Ruo Yu frowned, this stuff is one of the strange poison, not common, ordinary people can't get it at all.

        Whoever can have it, should have a high status in the Void Sect.

        And in connection with Qin Yang's last sentence, who has a grudge against Han Qianqian? Ruo Yu knew that she had guessed correctly.

        Ruo Yu slammed her fist on the table, looked at Qin Yang angrily, and said coldly: "Qin Yang, you really have the guts to go behind my back and engage in these sneaky things with some people in Four Peaks? Do you want to d i e? Right?"

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, including: a new product line, a new product line, and a new product line.

        It is also because Sister Yang knew that someone wanted Han 3,000 to suffer tonight, so Qin Yang did not take Han 3,000 into account, and did not take Qin Shuang into consideration in the kitchen, but directly with Han 3,000 endlessly.

        How could she have known that Han Qianxiang would end up doing this to her when this went on!

        The new hatred and old hatred, Qin Yang pondered for half a day, decided to boldly say this plan, she is willing to take the risk, because if Ruoru sister agreed to this plan, then tonight they implement, it will be foolproof, more importantly, it can take out the anger for Ruoru, maybe she is happy, he will have a good life afterwards.

        But I didn't expect that she would lose the bet, and by the looks of it, Ruo Yu was very angry.

        "Sister, I'm sorry, slave servant deserves to d i e, but slave servant also just wanted to help you vent your anger ah Sister." Sister Yang begged.

        Ruo Yu didn't say anything, and stared at Qin Yang. After a moment, she took a sip of tea, got up and walked out of the house, and at the same time, dropped a sentence: "I don't sneak around. This evening at 9:00 p.m., I will patrol the west side of the warehouse."

        Qin Yang thought he was dead. He was stunned for a moment when he heard the words, and then was overjoyed.

        Although Sister Ruo Yu didn't promise herself, it was obvious that she chose to turn a blind eye, and gave herself the time to patrol the cavern and conveniently do it.

        "Han Qianli, I'll see how you d i e this time."

Chapter 1735

When she returned to the back room, Han Qiangiang's face was as pale as a sink, and Peach quietly looked out of the window to make sure that Sister Ruoyu and the others had really left, then she patted her chest with palpitations.

        But just as she was patting her chest to take a breath, she suddenly realized that Han Qianqian had been staring at a certain part of herself, and Peach flushed red and turned her back in shock.

        Han Qianqian quickly walked in front of her, still staring at her with torch-like eyes.

        Little Peach buried her head and was a little scared for a moment: "Mr. Han, you ......"

        Xiaotao tried to free herself, but found that she couldn't do it anyway, and looked at Han Qianqian in fear for a moment.

        It was then that Peach noticed that what Han Qianqian had been staring at was not what she thought, but her arm.

        "What's this?" It probably didn't matter, but the pattern on the tattoo made Han extremely nervous.

        It was because on it was an axe, and it was, moreover, identical to his own Pangu axe!

        Xiaotao was hurt and scared by Han Gianchi: "Gongshi, can you let go of me."

        Only then did Han Qianqian notice his disposition, embarrassed to let go, and said evenly, "I'm sorry, I ...... just want to know what's wrong with your tattoo."

        Peach touched the arm that was pinched by Han Qianqian and shook her head in aggravation, "Peach doesn't know, it's been in Peach's hands ever since Peach understood."

        "What about your parents? Do they know?"

        Xiaotao spoke of this with tears in her eyes and shook her head, "Xiaotao has no parents."

        Han Qianli was embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

        Xiaotao smiled bitterly and shook her head, "It's okay."

        Han Qianli compensated with a smile, but for a moment, he still asked, "By the way, you really know nothing about this green seal on your hand?"

        The question was embarrassing to herself and embarrassing to Peach, who looked at Han Qianli with eyes wide open, but in the end, she reluctantly shook her head and gave Han Qianli the answer.

        When she came out of Peach's house, Han Qianqian frowned, the more she thought about it, the more wrong it was: "Linlong, why do you think the mark on Peach's hand is exactly the same as the Pangu Axe? Could she be a member of the Pangu clan?"

        "Speak up." Unable to get Lin Long's answer, Han Qianqian urged him.

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian slapped his head, but he forgot about what happened to Lin Long last night.

        Above the main hall, the headmaster San Yong was resting his eyes, and as the disciple announced, Lin Meng Xi slowly walked in.

        "Meet the Headmaster Senior Brother." Lin Mengyi bowed softly.

        Master San Yong nodded and smiled slightly, "You and I don't need to be polite, I called you up here because I want to discuss one thing with you."

        "There's no harm in saying it, Master Master San Yong." Lin Mengxi smiled.

        "I intend to let Frosty live in the main hall permanently, it's not that I intentionally want her to alienate the four fronts, but I really want to cultivate her as a palm master, I don't know what you think?"

        When she heard this, Lin Mengxi was stunned, and although she was very happy, she couldn't help but say in a strange voice, "Senior Brother Palm Master, candidates for the Palm Master have always had to undergo a heavy examination, and although Frosty's talent is indeed brilliant, she can't be so quick to decide on the Palm Master."

        Even though Qin Shang is her daughter, Lin Mengxi still feels that this is a bit out of order.

        The Void Sect has been in existence for nearly ten thousand years, but it has never had such a precedent.

        San Yong smiled and waved his hand, "Yes, the rules of the Void Sect were indeed established by our ancestors, and they have never changed over the past ten thousand years. The reason I am doing this is to follow my ancestor's wishes."

        Lin Mengxi wondered, "What does this mean, senior brother palm master?"

        "The night after the incident in the Forbidden Land of the Dead, I received a hint from my ancestor that a heavenly god had been born in my Void Sect and that I should cultivate it well, which would completely change the future of my Void Sect." San Yong couldn't help but look excited when he remembered that night's violet light spirit dream.

        There was still such a strange thing? Lin Mengxi was shocked. "The ancestor entrusted the dream?"

        San Yong nodded his head: "That's right, the ancestors said that there are three thousand weak waters, only one scoop, I was puzzled, the next morning, I received the news of Qinshang's breakthrough in the forbidden area of the dead, I think, the meaning is also echoed, the so-called three thousand weak waters, only one scoop, its meaning, is not to describe the girl?".

        Lin Mengxi asked, "What does the Master mean is that Frosty is the reincarnation of the God of Heaven in the words of the Ancestor?"

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product.

        Lin Mengxi suddenly realized: "That said, thanks to Han Qianqian, if it wasn't for him, the form at the time, you were afraid that you could only admit him as well, Head Master."

        San Yong nodded, "That young fellow Han Qianqian is indeed not bad. But ......"

        Suddenly, Lin Mengxi's eyebrows furrowed, "Senior brother, could the so-called three thousand weak waters be referring to Han Qianli?"

        San Yong was stunned and then shook his head vigorously, "How is that possible? Although Han Qianqian is indeed a bit different, but if we compare him to the god who saved my Voidless Sect, how can we compare? In the Purple Light Spiritual Dream, the ancestors said that the god who saved my Void Sect was gifted with a divine body, bestowed with a holy weapon, protected by a golden light, and was overbearing.

        Speaking of which, Sanaga is radiant, and the divine void that entrusted him with the dream would probably explode in his tracks if he knew he interpreted his meaning in this way!

        In the meantime, back to the vegetable garden of Han 3,000, a rare absence of folded Xu Zi and the little black son to disturb, Han 3,000 fell into a clean, settled down to cultivate.

        At this time, the Lin Long lightly an incarnation, back to the vegetable garden hut, walked to the front of Han three thousand, Han three thousand at this time opened his eyes and looked at him: "how? No one noticed, right?"

        Lin Long laughed: "Han Qianqian, you are too shrewd, last night you used the Hundred Fire Bird to deliberately try to please Sister Qinshang, and then let me sneak in to find your master, you are also too sneaky, by the way, did Sister Qinshang get excited and offer herself to you?".

        Han Qianqian gave a cold glance: "Cut the crap, what did my master say?"

        The two actual battles have brought him to the limits of his current phaseless divine power.

        But it has also reached a bottleneck!

        He needed a breakthrough. Although all the things Zhu Ying had given herself were evil, he had to try for the sake of Su Yingxia!

        With a smile, Lin Long threw out a cloth bag: "Take something for me, but I'm afraid you won't dare use it."

        Inside the bag were a dozen black bottles.

Chapter 1736

Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, "What is this?"

        "Your master asked me to give it to you, Black Jade Broken Soul Scatter." Lin Long raised his eyebrows.

        Han Qianqian was stunned, how the name sounded like poison.

        "You guessed right, it's poison. Your master lived in a cave for many years, with extremely limited materials, and with the limitations of his gong method, he could only rely on rats and snakes to practice this kind of stuff after a lifetime of exhaustion. However, even though it is poisonous, your master said that there is energy in it, so it's up to you whether you want to d i e or give it a try."

        Han Qianqian didn't even want to think about it and just reached for it.

        Seeing Han 3,000 without any consideration at all, Lin Long frowned, "Are you sure? When your master gave me these things, she told me that you should choose them carefully. Because these things, even she herself has been afraid to use them, and they are completely used as spares."

        Han 3,000 nodded resolutely and incomparably, "As long as it helps me and allows me to go to Yingxia earlier, not to mention a dozen bottles of poison, even if the whole world is full of poison, I'm still that hard and immortal old insect."

        He came to the Eightfold World to save Su Yingxia and Nian'er, but he also understood that being too impatient would only make him fall into the other party's trap, and he would never be able to turn over a new leaf, and by then, he would not only be unable to save others, but would even drag Su Yingxia's hind legs.

        Therefore, if Han Qianli wants to increase his strength rapidly, no matter if it is the Void Sect or Zhu Ying, as long as he can increase his strength, Han Qianli will not refuse.

        This kind of increase will greatly damage Han's body, and even endanger his life, but Han doesn't care.

        Otherwise, his body would not contain the Heavenly Yin Technique, which is the ultimate Yin, and at the same time, the Falling Rain Sword Technique, which is the ultimate Yang Technique, and finally, his own energy.

        Han Qianli's entire body had actually turned into a melting pot, which was actually a very dangerous sign for any cultivator.

        Lin Long also knew that it was very difficult for anyone to change Han Qianli's determination, especially when it came to Su Yingxia, and there was no one in the world who could stop him from doing so.

        "Alright, I'll also go back inside your body and cultivate." Seeing Han Qianqian's efforts, the only thing left for Lin Long to do was to advance and retreat together with him.

        As soon as Lin Long left, Han Qianli drank all of the dozens of bottles of Black Jade Soul Breaking Powder without even thinking about it, then sat back down on the bed and began to regulate his breathing.

        Soon, as the liquid entered his body, Han 3,000 yuan felt a faint energy slowly flowing in his body.

        Although the energy of Black Jade Soul Severing Scattering was not as powerful as the green jade energy bottle of the Voidless Sect, it was at least made by Zhu Ying with great effort, and with the essence of the Gong Method, it had its own effect.

        With a dozen or so bottles, the cobbler could have been a master of the universe.

        But the good times were short-lived. As Han Qianqian gathered energy in his dantian and tried to clash with the boundaries, if there were any, all of a sudden, the other energies in his body seemed to have lost their will and appeared at the boundaries uncontrollably, and soon collided with the energies under his control.

        As a result of the collision, the energy under Han 3,000's control also completely lost control and trembled together with those energies.

        When Han Qianqian tried to exert control, he only had to mention his breath, and his throat became hot, and blood gushed out through his mouth.

        Han knew that he had been poisoned, and his body was completely out of control, while several strands of energy were fighting with each other, treating Han's body as a battlefield.

        The pain of the impact caused by the energy colliding with each other, coupled with the pain of the toxin caused by the Black Jade Soul Severing Dissipation, made Han 3,000 years old feel like being bitten by ten thousand ants, burning his heart with fire, and trembling as he clenched his teeth.

        If anyone had been around at that moment, they would have been shocked by Han Qianli's terrifying face.

        In the past, he was about to close his eyes for countless times, when he would let himself think about Su Yingxia, and when Su Yingxia's face appeared in his mind, he would be able to pull through even if it was difficult.

        After nightfall, several strands of energy in Han Qianqian's body finally stopped fighting, and they began to work separately to repair the damage to Han's body, not only from the poison now, but also from the injuries Han had suffered.

        Han Qianxiang felt extremely comfortable, like being immersed in a sunny bath.

        What made Han 3,000 yuan even happier was that after the three strands of energy did their jobs, something thrilling happened.

        The black energy of Tianyin, the golden energy, and their own energy, as if they had reached some kind of consensus, began to converge towards the dantian, and continuously intertwined with each other, and finally, a new golden body was formed at Han Qianqian's dantian.

        The golden body was tri-colored, and although its light was faint, the tremendous energy emanating from it made Han Qianli's heart throb!

        Han Qiangli understood that his world was finally here!

        The Eightfold World, Yingxia, I, Han 3,000, have come.