His True Colors Chapter 1731-1733

 Chapter 1731

At this time, Yang crawled into the back room, Ruoyu's eyebrows furrowed, then, jade fingers gently covering her nose, couldn't help but say: "Did you fall into the cesspool? So smelly?"

        As soon as she saw Ruo Yu, Sister Yang cried pear-shaped, crying for her father and mother, hammering the ground while crying out in pain: "Sister Ruo Yu, you have to make decisions for my servant, my servant is bitter, more bitter than the stinky bitter melon in that vegetable garden."

        Ruo Yu impatiently glared at her: "Don't come to this set in front of me, what's going on."

        I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said. It's that wild man ...... no, that slave of Sister Qin Frost."

        "Then what?" Ruo Yu asked.

        The first time I saw her, she was in a state of tears. Bullying the head of Sister Ruoyu? So, the slave servant for your injustice, he a few words to justify the grievances, and then annoyed, put ...... the slave servant to beat."

        After she finished speaking, Yang wailed again, simply like a scene of sadness and tears.

        She was the only one who could cry over the mourning son of a village.

        If you're looking for a way to get a good deal on your own, you'll be able to get a good deal on your own.

        "Okay, okay, you also don't cry, so, you are looking for me, to give you a fair break right?" Ruo Yu frowned and asked.


        Ruo Yu impatiently stood up: "Okay, your set, just do not act in front of me, I still do not understand you?" Ruo Yu is naturally clear about Yang's character, and she is not the kind of fool who lets others instigate her.

        Otherwise, she wouldn't have let Lin Mengxi feel at ease to tell her to leave all the big and small affairs of the four peaks in her hands.

        She almost didn't have to think much about it, but she could tell the real course of events from Yang's words. It must have been Yang's dog fighting with others and doing excessive things, but she didn't have the skills to learn, so she was taught a lesson and came back to make up her own story, trying to export her anger.

        Originally, if you are not good at learning, you can't say anything.

        But as the saying goes, a dog should look at its master. Even if Sister Yang was wrong, Han Qiangiang, a small slave, was not qualified to teach her own people a lesson.

        Sister Yang was penetrated by Ruo Yu, and lowered her head, not daring to speak.

        "Where is he?" Ruo Yu said coldly.

        Sister Yang even looked up: "It's over there in the kitchen."

        Ruo Yu coldly grunted, and started walking toward the kitchen, Sister Yang hehe a happy, quickly got up, ass top of the ass behind Ruo Yu, and also rushed over.

        Han Qiangiang and Xiaotao had just returned to the back room when Ruo Yu arrived at the door with a few disciples and Sister Yang in a raging mood.

        Seeing Han Qianqian, Sister Yang, although standing at the end, still had an indescribable pride on her face!

        Han Qianli smiled gently, soothed Xiaotao, who was already pale next to him, got up, walked out of the door, saluted and said respectfully, "Han Qianli has met Senior Sister Ruo Yu."

        Ruo Yu swept a cold glance at Han Qianqian and returned with cold eyes, "Don't be polite, you should know in your heart what I came over for, right?"

        Han Qianqian smiled, nodded his head, and was about to speak, when he suddenly felt an invisible force in his knees squeezing him desperately, trying to make him kneel down.

        Han Sanqian gritted his teeth and brought up energy to resist, but his knees still couldn't help but bend down.

        Ruoyu laughed coldly: "I can't tell, Qinshang has taught you well." After saying that, she fiercely increased her strength.

        Han Giangli felt his knees go completely out of control, and his entire body leaned forward, he hurriedly resisted with all his strength while leaning along, simply leaning more, letting his body drape directly to the ground, and then bracing himself with his hands in a push-up position.

        "A little backbone." Ruo Yu laughed coldly, "I'd like to see how long you can hold on."

        Cold sweat broke out on Han Qianli's forehead, and his knees felt as if they were being pressed down by a mountain; his supporting hands began to tremble slightly.

        Suddenly, at this moment, Ruo Yu, who was quite proud of herself, felt that her knees were suddenly topped by gravity, and her whole body was about to fall forward and kneel down, although she used her energy to support herself in time, her whole body was inevitably shocked and couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at Han Qianqian.

Chapter 1732

What is this all about?

        This guy actually fought back against himself! And, in almost exactly the same way as yourself!

        The most important thing is that Han Qianqian's counterattack almost made her kneel down.

        Although Ruo Yu only intended to punish Han Qianqian, the knee pressing technique she used was also her own unique experience trick, and there was no other one in the entire Four Peaks.

        Unless she was much more advanced than herself, it would be absolutely impossible for even Qin Shang, who was of the same generation, to copy her own moves.

        Ruo Yu was shocked and confused, but if she couldn't even subdue a slave, it would be a laughing stock.

        Han Qianqian felt several mountains on his body, and it was extremely difficult for him to breathe normally, let alone resist.

        Even though she had already shipped her energy to resist and prepare herself, she did not expect that her knees would suddenly increase dramatically under the pressure.

        Ruo Yu's knee, which had been bent halfway, was withdrawn, but she stumbled a few times, and Han Giangli could not withstand the tremendous pressure on her body.

        Ruo Yu's heart was horrified, a small slave, she almost kneeled down to him with all her strength, this is simply unbelievable, the good thing is, she finally let Han Qianli lie down in front of her, although the only flaw is that he did not kneel down in front of her as she expected.

        But by this time, Ruo Yu was able to subdue Han 3,000, she did not want to have any more trouble.

        In her eyes, as soon as Ruo Yu made her move, Han 3,000 was directly subdued. At that moment, she looked at Han 3,000 lying on the ground with a smug look on her face, as if she was the one who had just beaten Han 3,000.

        Seeing Han 3,000, Xiaotao quickly kneeled down and pleaded with Ruo Yu, "Senior Sister Ruo Yu, please let Mr. Han go, today's matter is not his fault at all, but ......".

        When she heard that Xiao Peach was going to speak, Yang naturally panicked, she absolutely could not let Xiao Peach tell the truth.

        "Xiaotao, you shut up, you don't have the right to speak here, you know what status you are." Sister Yang said coldly.

        Little Peach looked at Sister Yang in fear, she knew that if she told the truth, tonight, Sister Yang would definitely not make it easy for her and would beat her up all over, but she still bit her teeth, Han Giang was punished by Sister Ruo Yu in order to help her, she couldn't do it if she didn't hear about it for her own selfish desire.

        "Sister Ruoyu, although Xiaotao is a humble person, but what she said is true ......"

        "Okay, you don't have to say it." Ruo Yu's arrogant cold voice snapped, while casting a glance at Han Qianqian on the ground, and snorted, "What rotten things happened between your slaves, I'm not interested in knowing, but Han Qianqian, beating a dog depends on its master, Qin Yang is my slave, you hit my slave without even asking, this time, this is to teach you a lesson."

        "Do you understand?"

        Seeing Han Qianqian's silence, Ruoyu said coldly.

        Han Qianqian cracked a smile and didn't answer at all.

        "Han Qianqian, I'm asking you something." Ruo Yu was upset.

        When Han 3,000 still didn't answer, Xiaotao was anxious, crawling on her knees in front of Han 3,000, gently tugging on his arm and saying urgently, "Mr. Han, you should answer."

        Obviously, Ruo Yu should also be spot on, Han 3,000 just need to be soft at this time, this matter should also be over.

        In Ruo Yu's heart, she did think that a small punishment to Han Qianqian would save her face, and she did not want to cause any more trouble.

        But Han 3,000 didn't let go, which made Xiaotao at a loss for words, and Ruo Yu couldn't get off the stage.

        "Han Three Thousand, are you dead?" Ruoyu shouted coldly.

        At this time, Sister Yang hurriedly stepped forward: "Sister Ruoyu, he's simply not convinced, I think, he still hasn't been beaten enough!"

        "Do you have a right to speak here? Who are you?" Ruo Yu was furious with Han Qianqian, and now she is a little unable to get off the stage, and also has no good words for Yang, the culprit who is causing trouble.

        Sister Yang shrank her neck, not daring to speak.

        "Han Qianqian, you give me words." Ruo Yu shouted coldly, and at the same time increased her strength, directly lifting Han 3,000 meters away.

        After rolling several times, Han 3,000 lay on his back on the ground, his internal injuries, which had not healed, were aggravated by Ruo Yu, and a faint trace of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, but Han 3,000 still kept his mouth closed, his eyes full of disdain.


        Ruo Yu was so anxious that she didn't know what to say, what does this damned Han Qianqian mean?

        Little Peach hurriedly ran over, squatting Han 3,000 wanted to help, but was afraid of bruising Han 3,000, the whole person anxiously tears are spinning: "Mr. Han, you just talk, talk, okay, as Little Peach begging you."

        Han Qianli smiled bitterly and gently stopped Peach: "It's fine, don't worry."

        "But ......" Hearing Han Qianqian speak, Xiaotao's heart finally settled a little, but Han Qianqian said that she was rejecting herself, filling her eyes with worry again.

        When she heard Han Qianqian speak, Ruoyu snorted, looked away, and waited for Han Qianqian to apologize and admit her mistake.

        Han Qiangan stood up with Xiaotao's help and walked all the way over, but what Ruo Yu didn't expect was that Han Qiangan got up and walked toward Xiaotao's house, without any intention of asking her to apologize or admit her mistake.

        Ruo Yu was so furious that she was ignored by him, and she didn't want to lose face?

        "Han Qianqian, you stop right there, do you think I don't exist? Don't forget, you're just a little slave, I, Ruo Yu, can live or die if I want you to." Ruo Yu said, her right hand suddenly transported energy.

        She was so excited that she almost clapped her hands and asked Ruo Yu to kill Han 3,000.

        Faced with Ruo Yu's right hand, Xiaotao panicked and pulled Han 3,000, knowing that if Han 3,000 didn't stand still, the attack from Sister Ruo Yu's hand would definitely be launched over, and Han 3,000 would be dead by then.

        Han Qiangiang stood up slightly, looked at Ruo Yu, stopped, then swept a glance at her right hand, smiled gently, and turned toward the back room.

Chapter 1733

        Ruo Yu thought that Han Qianqian was going to stop, and her face was just about to smile with pride, but he just turned around and left with a quick glance, and she will never forget the disdainful smile in Han Qianqian's eyes when he looked back!

        In her entire life, Ruo Yu has never seen anyone dare to look at her with such contempt, yes, no matter who it is!

        She was the only favorite in her family. After joining the Void Sect, she was also one of the proudest disciples of the Four Peaks, and if it weren't for Qin Shang, she would have had to lose her position.

        But even if there was a Qin Shang, she was the only one with a cultivation second to Qin Shang, and with her master's attention, she was entrusted to manage all the big and small affairs of the Four Peaks.

        Everywhere she went, everyone, disciple or slave, bowed down to her, and there was no one who would not yield.

        But today, Han Qianqian not only did not yield to her, but also swept past her with a look of contempt and disdain.

        Ruo Yu's strong self-esteem was almost shattered under that look.

        It was as if he looked at ...... as if he were a monkey jumping up and down.

        Ruo Yu was completely furious, and raised his right hand to attack Han Qianqian directly.

        The disciple next to Ruo Yu hurriedly dragged her hand, embarrassed, "Sister, don't, in the end, Han Qianxiang is Sister Qinshang's man, if anything happens to him, Sister Qinshang won't be able to explain."

        "Yes, Sister, Sister Qinshang is Master's daughter, and also an incoming disciple of the Void Sect, if she wants to pursue the matter then, we will be in trouble."

        "For the sake of a slave of Qin Yang, we don't need to make such a big fuss and hurt our peace with Sister Qin Frost ah."

        Looking at the discouragement of a group of disciples, Ruoyu also hesitated, although the importance in front of her, but their words do have a point, she does not need to affect her and Qin Frost's relationship for the sake of a slave.

        She doesn't care what happens to Qin Lang, but the problem is that Qin Lang is her master's daughter, and if she lets her master know, it will affect her future prospects.

        But remembering Han Qianqian's disdainful gaze, Ruo Yu couldn't swallow her anger!

        "Well, Han Qianqian, don't say that my senior sister doesn't give you a chance, since you haven't opened your mouth to admit your mistake, I believe you must have another hidden agenda, you might as well tell me, so that I can determine justice, I preside over all the big and small affairs of the four peaks, if you have a grievance, even if it's my people, I will absolutely not tolerate it!"

        If Ruo Yu thought about it, this was the best way to save his face, and at the same time, be a good person again.

        Han Qianli really stopped, and just when Ruo Yu was ready to wait for him to speak, Han Qianli made a disdainful cutting sound between his nostrils, turned around and went straight into the back room.

        Then, all that was left for Ruo Yu was a cold door!

        Ruo Yu's heart is full of ten thousand mud horses, it really doesn't give face, it doesn't give face in the slightest, she has already retreated and doesn't intend to pursue this matter, but Han Qianqian still doesn't want to climb down the ladder, this is a living and breathing to be OMG himself in the same place and can't move!

        Ruo Yu was so angry that her eyes widened a bit more than usual, and her nasal breathing was even more rapid and audible. She really wanted to rush over there now and burn down this stupid house!

        A group of disciples did not expect Han Qianqian to do this at all!

        This is the way to directly dry Ruoyu in place, not to mention a slave, even they, the real entry disciples do not dare ah.

        The atmosphere was extremely awkward, even the air defense Buddha became embarrassed as a result, after a long time, someone just said weakly, "Senior Sister ......".

        If the fist has been clenched tightly, looking across the house, gnashing of teeth, the door to take out their anger, the result has become a door to be humiliated, but he is not to take that guy what to do!

        Are you angry or not?

        "Go back to ...... and go back." Ruo Yu closed her eyes and whispered softly with great difficulty.

        A group of disciples nodded their heads, as long as Ruo Yu didn't get angry, they were really worried that things would get worse and worse, and then they wouldn't be able to end it.

        Back in the palace, Ruoyu sat on the bench with her buttocks, panting for breath.

        I've been saying for a long time that Han Qianli, that b*tch, relies on Sister Qinshang and doesn't give a damn about anyone.

        Obviously, Sister Yang was still adding fuel to the fire.

        As soon as the words fell, Ruo Yu's entire face looked at her with an ice-cold expression, and before she could reflect, her face popped loudly, and the entire person tumbled several meters with tea, falling to her knees.

        "You b*tch, you still have the nerve to say that? If it wasn't for you, would I be so frustrated?" Ruo Yu sang angrily.

        Yang quickly crawled up from the ground, touching the left side of her face, which was already red and completely swollen, and was a bit confused for a moment, but after a few moments, she came to her senses and crawled over to Ruo Yu, feeling aggrieved and afraid.