His True Colors Chapter 1729-1730

 Chapter 1729

At the door of the kitchen, there was a lot of chaos in the kitchen, a few broken plates on the floor with some kitchen lettuce scraps, and some ready meals on the case board, which looked delicious.

        At this time, Xiaotao fell in the corner of the kitchen, crying pitifully, next to her, stood a strapping, older, middle-aged woman, her hand holding a burning stick, her face full of dissatisfaction and anger.

        "Tell you what, I'm going to take your food, that's a good look at you, don't give a damn shame." The middle-aged woman cursed angrily.

        Xiaotao sobbed softly, "But Sister Yang, I made these dishes for Han Qianli to eat, if you really want, I'll do it for you right away later?"

        The middle-aged woman's brutal drink: "Cut the f*cking crap, I want to take it, I want to take it, but I also need your consent? Besides, what's the point of giving it to Han Qianqian? It's just a trash slave, can he afford it? With Sister Qinshang's affection, he really thinks he's something? I pooh!"

        "But Sister Yang ......" Xiaotao still wanted to say something, but when she saw the middle-aged woman's fierce appearance, she didn't dare to say it.

        Just now, Xiaotao was preparing to bring the last few dishes to Han Qianqian, but she unexpectedly met Sister Yang, who came back and without saying a word, tried to take the dishes from Xiaotao's hands in order to give them to Sister Ruoyu, whom she had been trying to please.

        Although Xiaotao had not been in the Four Peaks for long, her cooking was one of the best in the Four Peaks, and Sister Yang's skills were naturally not as good as Xiaotao's. So, in order to please Sister Ruoyu, Sister Yang simply came to a half-way house, taking Xiaotao's food and passing it off as her own.

        But what she didn't expect was that this girl not only wouldn't let herself take it, but also grabbed it from herself, which made Sister Yang very angry.

        For her, although Ruoyu is the second senior sister of the Fourth Peak, second in status to Qin Shang, Ruoyu is in charge of the big and small affairs of the Fourth Peak, so Ruoyu's weight in the Fourth Peak is actually no lighter than Qin Shang, and it is naturally better to please such a person than to deal with Han Qianqiang.

        That's nothing! The day Qinshang gets tired of playing, Han 3,000 will be nothing.

        "I'm warning you, Xiaotao, I've taken the things, if you dare to come and grab them again, be careful I'll break your legs, as for Han Qianqian, you go back and tell him that his food is just those, if he insists on eating, he can." After saying that, Sister Yang got up, picked up a wooden ladle and scooped up a full ladle in the slop bucket.

        Then she threw the wooden ladle full of slop onto the case board, feeling a little disgusted herself: "Take this to him to eat."

        Xiao Tao looked at the scoop of slop, how can it be eaten by people, most of these things are used to feed the immortal spirit pig.

        "Sister Yang, this is not allowed." Little Peach was embarrassed.

        Sister Yang's face turned cold: "What's wrong with it? Even the immortal spirit pigs of the four peaks can eat this stuff, what can't a poor slave eat? Besides, with that mouth of his, can he tell the difference between slop and soup? Just fiddle around and get over it."

        After saying that, Sister Yang, with a disdainful sneer, picked up the dishes on the table, put them on the tray, and turned around proudly to go out.

        As soon as she turned around, she saw Han Qianqian standing in the doorway, and her face was filled with mixed emotions and embarrassment.

        "What are you looking at ...... looking at?" Sister Yang pretended to be calm.

        Han Giangli smiled and did not speak.

        "Han Gongzi." Seeing Han Qianli, Xiaotao lowered her head in guilt, the food she cooked for Han Qianli, but because she failed to protect it, she let it be taken away from her, so she felt sorry for Han Qianli.

        Hearing this name, Sister Yang was stunned, then looked up and down at Han Qianli, and suddenly the corners of her mouth pulled out and sneered disdainfully, "So you're Han Qianli, you look like a human dog, no wonder Sister Qinshang fell in love with you."

        After saying this, Sister Yang wiggled her big buttocks and left in a high spirited manner.

        When she passed in front of Han Qianli, she even deliberately snorted and mocked Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli laughed bitterly, and said that he disdained Yang, who was nothing more than a clown in Han's eyes, and that it would be too low for him to bother with her.

        In the end, it was the first time in the history of the company that the company had been able to get a good deal on its products, and the company was able to get a good deal on its products.

        For a while, Yang was in a mess.

        Han Qianli shook his head, I'm afraid this is the wickedness of God, and was about to go into the kitchen to pull Xiaotao up, when Yang shouted at Han Qianli with fury behind her: "Han Qianli, you f*cking stop!".

        Han Qianqiang's eyebrows furrowed and looked back at her, "What's wrong?"

        "Are you f*cking sneaky enough to sneak up on me? Deliberately stumbling?" Yang Sister roared angrily.

        In fact, she knew in her own heart, there was no one intentionally tripped her, it was her own careless fall, but looked at the food spilled all over the floor, Sister Ruo Yu that not only can not please, but also because there is no food to provoke Sister Ruo Yu unhappy, she suddenly had a nameless fire in her heart nowhere to vent.

        Han Qianqian was right next to her, so she could take it out on him and also use him to take the blame.

        Han Qianli impatiently said, "Although I am a slave, you are also a slave, so we are equal in status, so you should speak more politely. Secondly, I, Han Qianli, walk straight and sit properly, I am not interested in tripping you."

        "Be polite, I pooh, just you you also deserve? Han Qianqian, I'm telling you, these meals are for Sister Ruoyu, you tripped me and made me spill my things, I'll see how you can afford it! Peach, what are you waiting for? Why don't you make another one? Han Qiangiang is the one you invited, he caused trouble, do you think you can run away?"

        Peach was so scared by Yang that she couldn't care about the pain in her body, so she gritted her teeth and climbed up to clean up the kitchen table, preparing to cut the vegetables.

        Just as she was about to cut, a large hand slowly grabbed her lotus-root arm, she looked up and saw that it was Han Qianli pulling her, and very close to her, she blushed slightly: "Mr. Han ......".

        Han Qianqiang shook his head at her and said softly, "No. She stole your food and beat you up, so it's fine if you don't take it up with her.

        After saying that, Han Qianqian picked up the scoop of slop.

Chapter 1730

Han Qianqian knew she was a slave, so she often didn't want to cause trouble, but just because she was patient didn't mean she had no bottom line.

        This Yang sister was so excessive that even Han Qianli couldn't stand it.

        "Isn't this her masterpiece? Then tell her to take this." Han Qianqiang carried the slop toward Sister Yang.

        The meaning was so obvious that Sister Yang was stunned in place for three seconds.

        Then, she shouted, "Good you Han Qianqian, you dare to take slop to Sister Ruoyu, you're really treacherous and anti-god."

        "It's your right to take it to whomever you want to eat, I only know that you came into the kitchen and made this." After Han Qianli finished speaking, he directly threw the wooden ladle at Yang's location.

        The wooden ladle fell to the ground, and the slop inside spilled all over the floor, and Sister Yang scrambled to avoid it, afraid that it would splash on her body.

        Sister Yang stared at Han Qianqian with fierce anger in her heart, and attacked Han Qianqian with a weak energy in her hand.

        Sister Yang has been kissing Ruo Yu's ass for a very long time, so when Ruo Yu was happy, she would still teach her two tricks, and because of these two tricks, Sister Yang almost flaunted in the kitchen side of the female slaves, bullying whoever she saw, is known as a bully in the kitchen.

        Seeing that she couldn't fight Han Qianqian, Sister Yang naturally got used to her usual way of suppression by force.

        She wanted to beat Han Qianqian and ask him to kneel down and apologize in order to calm her anger.

        However, she met Han Qianqian today, and to Han Qianqian, there was no difference between Yang's attack and energy and that of a child playing house.

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, "I don't like to lay hands on women, can we talk reasonably?".

        Hearing this, Sister Yang not only did not restrain herself, but became more and more arrogant, thinking that Han Qianqian was afraid, so she turned around and attacked Han Qianqian again.

        After Han Qianqian dodged, Yang attacked again, and after several times, Han Qianqian lost his patience, for he was dodging everywhere, but Yang became more and more proud of herself, and even struck at Han Qianqian several times.

        Han Changchun had no doubt that if he hadn't had a higher cultivation, he might have died today at the hands of Yang.

        With a backhanded block, Han Qianqian pushed Yang away with a little force, although he didn't want to hit a woman, the old woman was too much.

        The first time I saw her, she was in a hurry to get to the kitchen, and then she stepped on the ground and fell down.

        It's a good thing that you can't find a lot of people who don't know what they are talking about.

        "It seems that Sister Yang is quite fond of her own cooking, and she has to drink it as soon as it falls on the ground." Han Giangli sneered.

        Seeing such a picture, Xiaotao on the side quietly covered her mouth to sneak a laugh, but fearing that Sister Yang would see it, she quickly forced herself to hold back her laughter.

        Sister Yang's entire body lay on the ground, feeling the disgusting smell of slop enter her nose and mouth, and her whole body trembled wildly from the shame of it!

        "Han Qianqian, I'll ki ll you." Sister Yang's entire body climbed up angrily, her twisted face still hung with a few rotten vegetables.

        Han three thousand disdainful laugh, at this time Xiaotao grabbed Han three thousand's arm, worried whispered: "Mr. Han, you quickly go, Sister Yang this person ......"

        Han Qianqian shook his head, and when faced with Sister Yang, who was rushing up to her again, just a little bit of energy in his hand, he blocked her from five meters away, letting her roar and freak out, but she just couldn't move forward at all.

        Xiao Peach's worried eyes were filled with joy, she was actually worried about Han Qianli's safety, but now she was relieved, and she was also grateful to Han Qianli, Sister Yang was so outrageous that even she couldn't help but want to teach her a lesson, but she just didn't have the ability to do so.

        Seeing that it was almost time, Han Qianqian gently withdrew her energy, and Yang, who had lost her center, fell to the ground again.

        "Still want to play? I'm afraid you won't have enough of that slop to replenish your strength." Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Yang looked at Han Qianli furiously, the nameless fire was simply lit by Han Qianli to the highest point, but she was also aware that she was no match for Han Qianli at all, and if she continued to fight, she would be the one who would suffer the loss and injury.

        "Good, Han Qianxiang, you have guts! You ruined Sister Ruoyu's lunch, and now you hit me, I won't let you go, you wait, I'll go tell Sister Ruoyu to go." Crawling up from the ground, Sister Yang scolded and fled in a panic.

        Seeing Yang run away, Xiaotao breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile blossomed on her face.

        But soon, she became very worried: "Mr. Han, you'd better hurry up and leave, because if Sister Yang finds Sister Ruoyu later, it will be troublesome."

        Han Qianli smiled: "It's fine, go back and eat."

        At this time, Sister Yang, after escaping from the kitchen, ran straight towards the main hall of the Four Peaks, while Ruo Yu was gently sipping tea and waiting for lunch to arrive.