His True Colors Chapter 1724-1726

 Chapter 1724

As soon as I heard this, Folding Void's chubby eyes were filled with desire, and he nodded his head desperately, like a pig: "F*ck, I've heard, the beauty is simply unbelievable, that little body, that little face, gee, it simply makes me dreamy."

        Little Hei Zi nodded: "Brother Folding Xu Zi is really someone who knows his business, that little kitchen lady is close to the existence of Sister Qinshang in our Fourth Peak."

        "Hehe, soft and easy to overthrow?" Origami's obscene hands grabbed the air.

        Little Blackie nodded his head.

        Origami very suddenly frowned again, "But what does the little cook have to do with Han Qianqian?"

        Little Blackie smiled mysteriously and said, "Of course there is a relationship, and, there is a great relationship."

        折虚子 was puzzled, but at that moment, Little Blackie took out a small black box from his bag, then he gently opened it, shook it in front of 折虚子, and closed it again.

        Folding Xuizi was puzzled: "What is this? It smells good."

        "Oh, can the world's best fragrance not smell good?" Little Blackie laughed badly.

        折虚子 was delighted: "Gathering flowers and scattering?"

        Little Blackie nodded, "Big Brother really knows what he's talking about, this is exactly the world's number one strange fragrance, Gathering Flower Dispersion.

        The most important thing is that it is colorless and odorless, so it doesn't leave any clues, right?

        Little Blackie smiled, "Indeed."

        "But I still don't understand, what does this thing have to do with Han 3000?" Folding Void touched his head and wondered.

        Little Blackie twitched his lips mysteriously, "Let Han 3,000 yuan have a good time."

        Seeing that Folding Xuizi still didn't understand, Little Blackie explained, "Han 3,000 is relying on Sister Qinshang's spoiling of him, and there's nothing we can do about it, but what if he loses Sister Qinshang's spoiling of him? The best way to get a woman to give up on another man is to have another woman."

        The youngest woman in the family, the cook, was unconscious and then let him have sex with Han Qianqian, and then we can catch him in bed. Blackie, you're still f*cking smart. But ......"

        Origami was suddenly depressed: "I'm damned if I'm going to let Han Qianqian take advantage of such a superb little cook, I'm going to feel very bad."

        Little Blackie laughed, "Brother, didn't I say that the best thing about the Gathering Flower Dispersion is that the person who is stunned won't remember what happened in the process? You've played with it, so can Han Qianqiang and the little cook know?"

        "Hehe, black dog eats sh*t, yellow dog suffers, little blackie, can."

        Folding Xuuzi came to the spirit, a butt out of the chair stood up, happy that the top of the butt.

        He had long been dreaming of the little cook, otherwise, that night, he wouldn't have taken Little Blackie and Zhang Jin to peek at the maids in the bath, but he had been suffering from the strict rules of the Void Sect and couldn't do it.

        Now, with Han Qianqian taking the blame, Folding Void was certainly happy to do so.

        "In the end, the Void Sect's disciplinary rules will have to be applied to this kid. The Void Sect's rules will also be applied to this kid." The Void Sect smiled and said, "Then when will we act? Little Blackie, I can't help it."

        "Wait for Han Qianxiang to return." Little Blackie looked at Folding Xuizi with evil eyes and said calmly.

        Folding Hollow was completely excited like a foolish hanged, and did not even notice the flavor of this look from Little Blackie, but only knew that he was happy and nodded his head repeatedly.

        At ten o'clock in the evening, Little Blackie hurriedly went out from the thatched hut in the vegetable garden.

        The first time I saw him, I was in a hurry to get out of the kitchen, and the next time I saw him, I was in a hurry to get out of the kitchen.

        "How is everything that was explained to you handled?"

        "Brother, the deployment is complete, all according to your command." Little Blackie replied.

        "Good, this is well done, and I will reward you when it's done."

        Little Blackie endured his excitement and echoed, "Thank you, senior brother. When the time comes for the plan to begin, I'll confuse that dead fatty and send the little cook to you here."

        "En!" The man laughed.

        "The mantis hunts the cicada and the yellow sparrow is behind the cicada, but that dead fatty can't even dream that he won't get any advantage at all, and once something happens, that fatty will be the culprit. Little Blackie complimented.

        "Okay, retreat, you and I should meet as little as possible." After saying that, the man dropped a green jade bottle and disappeared into the night.

        Little Blackie took the green jade bottle, and was incomparably excited for a moment.

        At this time, Han Qianqian in the main hall was dying of hunger.

        The table was full of food at noon, and at night it was full of food at night 2.0, but if the table was bigger, Han 3,000 felt that there could be more dishes.

        "Sister, are you raising an elephant?" Han Qianli was quite speechless as he looked at the four whole layers of dishes piled on top of each other.

Chapter 1725

He didn't even know where to start!

        "What's an elephant?" Qin Frost said softly.

        "An elephant? Oh? It's the dragon elephant over in the livestock section of our vegetable garden." Han 3,000 quickly thought of something that was basically the same as an elephant.

        "Oh, dragon elephants eat grass, it's different." Qin Frost didn't understand Han Qianqian's meaning and replied.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand's entire body lowered its head, completely defeated.

        "I mean, I'm just one person, you don't have to prepare so many dishes for me, I can't eat." Han 3,000 was helpless.

        Qin Frost looked at the dishes and nodded awkwardly, there were indeed too many, but she always wanted Han Qianli to eat well, but she didn't know what Han Qianli liked to eat, so she cooked all the dishes she could think of.

        Qin Lang was about to say something when suddenly her willow eyebrows furrowed, and she felt her energy flowing backwards, making her feel uncomfortable.

        At this time, Han Qianli had just taken a bite of food, and saw a blackish energy wrapped around Qin Frost's body, and with Qin Frost's uncomfortable appearance, he felt bad.

        Han 3,000 quickly got up, closed the door to Qin Frost's room, and then helped Qin Frost to the bedside.

        Han 3,000 almost didn't need to think about it, but knew that the demon energy in Qin Frost's body had struck again, so without thinking about anything else, Han 3,000 poured his energy into Qin Frost's back, and only after she was better did Han 3,000 pick up his sword.

        "Sister, are you ready?"

        Qin Shang nodded, took out his Demon Suppressing Divine Sword, and practiced the Falling Rain Sword Technique with Han 3,000.

        After the sword technique was completed, Han Qianqian spat out a mouthful of blood. With his internal injuries not yet healed, Han Qianqian had to continuously push his energy, which was naturally unbearable, and after the sword technique was completed, Han Qianqian leaned against the corner of the bed.

        With the help of the Falling Rain Sword Technique, the demon energy had been suppressed, so Qin Frost quickly ran to Han 3,000's side and helped him to the bed.

        In the past few years, the company has been able to provide a wide range of services to its customers, including the development of a new product line, a new product line, and a new product line.

        Han 3,000 eyebrows wrinkled, f*cking, the body is almost unable to move, he actually has that aspect of Qin Frost meaning, this ......

        Qin Frost's side wasn't much better, her face was slightly flushed, and it took her several seconds to leave Han Qianli's side.

        "You're so badly injured, why do you care about me?" Qin Frost complained a bit.

        Han Qianqiang also took this opportunity to quickly divert his mind, joking: "I can't help it, I am a slave, if anything happens to you, I will have no support as a slave, and I will be bullied to death?".

        Tomorrow she will go to the main hall to cultivate, which was her dream for many years. Now her dream has come true, but she finds that she can't be happy.

        Because this meant that she would be leaving the Four Peaks for a long time.

        She couldn't let go, she didn't know what exactly she was letting go of, maybe the Four Peaks, maybe Lin Mengxi, maybe, one less slave.

        "I'm going to the main hall tomorrow, after that, I'll only have time to come back." Qin Frost suddenly looked at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli didn't know what to say as she looked at him, and to ease the embarrassment, Han Qianli smiled, "I won't have a patron in the future."

        "Why don't I talk to Master Teacher Uncle and ask you to come with me to the main hall?" Qin Frost asked probingly.

        Han Qianli shook his head, shaking Qin Frost's heart, "You've just been accepted and you're asking for more so soon?"

        Qin Frost nodded her head, this is really not good, but stubbornly she still hid her inner loss, mockingly said: "Do you think I want to take you ah, is not afraid that I am not in the four peaks, you will be bullied to death? It doesn't matter if you're going to die, but the problem is that I still need someone to help me suppress the demonic energy in my body."

        "My life is cheap, how can I die so easily? Therefore, I will keep this life to suppress the demonic energy for you." Han Qianli laughed softly.

        Qin Frost smiled slightly, then pulled out a jade pendant from her bosom, and without waiting for Han Qianli to speak, she had already hung it gently around Han Qianli's neck, then said, "The human heart is sinister, I'll give you a jade match, in case someone bullies you, take it out and I'll be able to sense it and come back to save you."

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, but didn't refuse, with his current status and cultivation, he was prepared with Qin Shang to protect him.

        "Alright, but according to what you said, you can give me something, and I'll give you one too." Han Qianli said, reading softly.

        Suddenly, a small bird the size of a parrot, but with even more gorgeous feathers, while fluttering with faint blue fire, appeared in his hand.

        Seeing this bird, Qin Frost was stunned and looked at Han Qianqian in disbelief, and then at the bird in his hand with joy.

        "Hundred Flame Bird? Han 3,000, it's the Hundred Firebird!" Qin Frost shouted out in surprise.

        Han Qianli smiled slightly, "After searching for half a day, there are no big ones, only this kind of initial growth stage."

Chapter 1726

Qin Shuang charmingly looked at Han Qianqian, the whole person looked excited, she never dreamed that Han Qianqian would give herself a Hundred Fire Bird.

        The Hundred Fire Bird is a very cherished peculiar pet, its habits of life are very unruly, the place where it lives must have fire and ice, otherwise there will never be a Hundred Fire Bird, the entire Hundred Beast Forest has, but over the centuries, almost few people have found its traces, Ye KeRou also saw its picture book when she was young, so it was love at first sight.

        The Hundred Fire Bird is more like a legendary spiritual pet, whose name is known, but whose shadow is not seen.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for the past two years.

        Before Han Qianli could reflect, Qin Frost had already given her a big bear hug, and Han Qianli could smell the faint fragrance of her body, as well as the smoothness and warmth of her skin.

        Then, Qin Frost got up and looked at Han 3,000 with affection, looking at the Hundred Flame Bird in Han 3,000's hand: "Thank you."

        Han 3,000 was embarrassed by her sudden embrace: "You're welcome."

        Then, he handed her the Hundred Flame Bird.

        Qin Frost took the Hundred Firebird and put it down, happy as a child: "It's so beautiful, although it's not big enough, but I like it."

        To find the Hundred Fire Bird, it was indeed difficult and even unattainable for Qin Frost and the others, but to Han Qianqian, it was actually not a difficult task. As the Beast King of the Hundred Beasts Forest, it was only a matter of words as to what kind of spirit pet he wanted.

        The Hundred Flame Bird was something that Qinshang had been taking care of after Han 3,000 broke the Dead Spirit Forbidden Zone, so he had nothing else to do and let Bai try to get it.

        "As long as you like it, then you can go play with the bird, I'm busy with mine." Han 3,000 said, sitting back on the bed, crossed his legs and settled down.

        Qin Frost smiled gently, "I'll help you first, take off your jacket."

        After Qin Frost said that, she helped Han Three Thousand take off his jacket and then, using her energy, she helped Han Three Thousand transport energy from her back to help him mediate.

        At that moment, outside the window, several disciples looked helplessly at the closed window, shaking their heads and sighing.

        The next morning, Qin Frost went to the main hall to practice, and after a night of meditation, with the help of himself and Qin Frost, Han 3,000 had recovered almost completely.

        Han 3,000 yuan was just about to go out to sunbathe, when he heard the conversation of several maidservants.

        "Hey, I didn't think that Sister Qin Shuang is normally a human-like, ice-clear, saintly and noble girl, but she's actually a wandering girl."

        "Come on, don't talk nonsense, Sister Qinshang is the pride of our Four Peaks, if you let others hear this, you won't be able to get away with it."

        "Did I say that nonsense? I am telling the truth. Didn't you hear what the disciples on duty said last night? As soon as Sister Qinshang and Han Qianqiang finished their dinner, they hurriedly closed the door to their room, and then they had a stormy affair in the house, which was simply uninteresting."

        "No way?"

        "Why not? One moment Sister Qinshang was playing with a bird, another moment was undressing Han Qianqian, and you say that a lonely man and a woman can be anything but those things."


        "Humph, she still acts as if she can't get close to any man in front of people, but in reality, she's having sex with a slave, which is simply ruining our reputation and humiliating our female dignity.

        Hearing this, Han Qianqian's eyebrows furrowed, and he immediately pushed the door open.

        When they saw Han Qianli suddenly come out, several maidservants were shocked, and they didn't expect that there would be other people in the house after Sister Qinshang left.

        Even if there were people, shouldn't the adulterous husband have run away long ago after Sister Qinshang left?

        However, after a brief fright, the maidservant who spoke just now gave him a disdainful glance when she saw that it was Han Qianqian.

        "Have you ever heard of a phrase? Rumors ki ll people, you open your mouth and talk nonsense, have you ever considered the consequences?" Han Qianli stared at her with displeasure.

        The maidservant shot back disdainfully, "Of course I know the consequences, and the consequence is that you two dogs will be torn apart, so that the entire Void Sect will know what you two adulterers and adulteresses have done."

        Han Qianqiang endured his anger with a frown on his brow, "Then you can go tell the Peak Sect Elder or Head Master, and soon the entire Void Sect will know about it, the question is do you have the guts?"

        The maidservant was disgruntled and shut up, how dare she say this? The difference in level is there, in said, she is also not qualified to meet the palm or peak faction elders ah: "Oh, you're great now, climbing the tree Sister Qinshang, learn to take the top pressure on me? You and I are both slaves, and it's obvious that I can't see them at all."

        "I can take you there," Han Qianli coldly said.

        The maidservant laughed disdainfully, "Humph, you're the one who's having an affair with Qin Shuang, so how can I reason that a small slave girl can't fight you, ah, in the end, it's not me who suffers."

        The first thing I noticed was the fact that I had to go through a lot of trouble to get my hands on a new one.

        "A woman's jealousy is really a horrible thing, also, a low-level woman like you, compared to Qinshang will always be a huge difference, also have to sour words to find a sense of existence?" Han Qianli mocked with disdain.

        It is naturally the best way to deal with Sanba by using Sanba's tricks.

        The maidservant was really angry: "What do I need to sour that woman? But I don't care about the stuff that everyone else does."

        "It's also true that with your identity and looks, if you want to be married by everyone, you can lie naked on the ground and not even pigs will touch you." Han 3,000 yuan said, tsking her mouth.

        Even the maidservant next to the maidservant was amused by Han Qianli's words, and she instantly felt that a great shame had been placed on her body.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, you're too damaging, talking to a woman with such an unforgiving mouth?" The maidservant questioned angrily.

        Han Qianqiang hated this kind of people the most in her life, when she is not right, she is the vulnerable, when she is right, you are even worse than her, and he is just a child is the same disgusting words.

        "Do you also know that it hurts to say the wrong thing? I thought you didn't know, after all, what you just said about Qin Frost and me was delicious." Han Qianli laughed disdainfully.