His True Colors Chapter 1721-1723

 Chapter 1721

The headmaster had not yet spoken, but at this time the crowd of disciples off the stage also drank loudly.

        "I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get the best out of it.

        "Yes, Sister Qin Lang can still be admitted early even though she broke the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area, why can't Brother Ye Lusheng? In terms of difficulty, it's Ye Guocheng senior brother who is stronger, after all, Shoufeng senior uncle has just said that it's hard to say whether the Forbidden Land of the Dead is really based on strength or luck, but Ye Guocheng senior brother's Six Harmonious Mirror Technique is a real demonstration."

        "Yes, and I would like to ask the head master's approval."

        Elder Shoufeng's rhythm was indeed well brought, and in terms of difficulty alone, it was indeed more difficult for the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area to be broken, but the problem was that he attributed the credit to Qin Frost's luck.

        Plus, Ye Lone City's shocking performance just now was vivid in his mind, and the tone was instantly reversed.

        Sometimes, it is so cruel to hear the newcomers laugh, but whoever hears the old ones cry?

        The company's main office nodded, in fact, this time to break the rules to promote Qin Frost, the head of the office has also thought for a long time, after all, the Void Sect's rules can not be broken lightly, but Qin Frost can break the forbidden place of the dead spirit really surprised him, he just broke the rules.

        But what I didn't expect was that, in a roundabout way, Ye Koucheng would make an exception for him again. The cultivation of high-grade spells does prove that Ye Koucheng has excellent talent, but in the headmaster's heart, it is only at the genius level, and can be heavily cultivated, but not to the point of breaking the rules, but everyone intends to do so, and he can only helplessly look at the disciples: "Okay, since no one is against it, then I will announce that Ye Koucheng is also an exceptionally promoted disciple of my main hall, and ......".

        "Wait a minute, I object."

        Just then, a voice rang out, and the crowd looked around, but looked at each other, and no one spoke in the process.

        Just when the crowd was confused, a ruin in the corner of the main hall suddenly moved.

        When they heard the sound, they all frowned at once.


        "Han 3000?!" The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it, but it wasn't. Qin Frost suddenly looked there with light in her eyes and cried out in silent surprise.

        The ruins lightly opened, at this time, an arm stretched out, then, the arm with a force, after shaking off a few pieces of dust around, the whole waste all open, a dusty person slowly stood up.

        "When I helped my senior sister break the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area, I can only say that nine lives were lost, but the three strikes just now, tsk tsk, was nothing more than that." Han Qianli patted the dust on his body and laughed disdainfully.

        At this time, the entire audience was completely open-mouthed, not listening to what Han Qianli was saying, they had already been completely stunned by the fact that Han Qianli was able to stand up under the attack of the Six Healing Mirror Technique.

        That was the Six Harmonious Mirror Method!

        "This ......"

        "This ......"

        The first peak and the five or six peak elders looked at each other, and Wu Yan and the other peak elders were also completely wide-eyed, so surprised that they were speechless.

        This is simply impossible!

        It's impossible that Han Qianxiang isn't dead, how can he still be standing up!

        Looking at Ye Guocheng as if he was dumbstruck, Han Qianli laughed disdainfully: "Although the Six Harmonious Mirror Method is strong, it is a pity that some people have the appearance of learning it, but have no inner knowledge at all, so how can they have the nerve to break the rules? How dare you compare yourself with Sister Qinshang?"

        After saying that, Han Qianqiang slapped his face at Ye Lone City: "Do you want a face?"

        Ye Guocheng was shocked and angry: "You b*tch, you're talking nonsense!"

        "Nonsense? A Six Harmonious Mirror Method can't ki ll a little slave, and if word gets out, it's likely that all the other sects will d i e of laughter, while you guys still boast of being geniuses. Han Qianli ignored this, and then scoffed at the crowd.

        Hearing this, a group of disciples lowered their heads in shame.

        Ye Guocheng looked at Han Qianqian hysterically, but couldn't do anything about it.

        Qin Frost looked at Han 3,000 with a smile in his eyes. He was not dead, and Qin Frost was extremely happy.

        At this time, in Qin Frost's eyes, Han 3,000 was no longer a slave at all, but a real man.

        The headmaster smiled slightly, and there was imperceptible satisfaction in his eyes.

        "Since there are objections, then Ye Lone City's breakthrough admission will be put on hold for now." At this time, the palm master said softly.

        As soon as he heard this, the First Peak Elder was the first to quit: "Brother palmist, although Han Qianli is not dead, the fact that Ye Lusheng does know the Six Harmonious Mirror Technique cannot be changed, and secondly, what is a slave's qualification to object to our Void Sect's matter?"

        "He is a slave, but he is the party that actually took over the Six Harmonious Mirror Law, so he naturally has the most say." Qin Frost shot back.

        "This ......" the first peak elder was speechless.

        "Alright, Frost's words are reasonable, let's put this matter aside for now." The palm master waved his hand, leaving the First Peak Elder's entire body speechless. Then, the palm master looked at Han Qianqian.

Chapter 1722

"As for Han 3,000, he had an agreement with Ye Kucheng beforehand, and since Han 3,000 has remained intact since the last three moves, this means that what Qin Shang said is not true, Han 3,000 did help Qin Shang in the Forbidden Area of the Dead Spirit, so naturally the merits and demerits of Han 3,000 will be offset, and this seat will no longer hold him responsible for his previous rudeness, but there must not be a next time, otherwise, he will be severely punished." The headmaster declared.

        Han Qianli nodded, "Yes, Head Master."

        "As for the matter of Qin Frost, she is not at fault and has contributed to it, all in accordance with what was decided earlier. Gentlemen, do you have any comments?" The headmaster laughed softly.

        The disciples nodded their heads one by one in support of Han 3,000. Han 3,000 shocked them greatly, but it also showed that it was more likely that Cool-Son Ye's Six Healing Mirror Technique was not what it appeared to be.

        After all, it was far more difficult for them to admit that Han 3,000 was strong enough to resist the Six Healing Mirror Method than it was for them to admit that Ye Lusheng was watery.

        Not many people in this world are willing to accept a person who is worse than themselves, who suddenly rides on their heads one day, and who leaves them far behind.

        The preconceptions of people are sometimes invisible, but they are the strongest.

        There are only a few people who are so open-minded and quick to change.

        This is true for the world of Earth, this is true for the world of Xuanyuan, and naturally the world of the Eight Directions cannot be an exception, theoretically, where there are people, there will be!

        Therefore, they were more willing to believe what Han Marchant said than to believe that Han Marchant's strength was strong, and they were no longer stubborn about Ye Liao Cheng's breakthrough and hurried to hug Qin Shang's thighs.

        The company's main office said: "The company's main office is located on the third floor of the building. The rest of you, disperse. By the way, Fourth Elder, you should stay."

        Ye Guocheng furiously looked at Han Qianqian, wishing he could swallow Han Qianqian alive. If this kid hadn't ruined his good fortune today, he would have been a disciple in the hall, and even treated better than Qin Shang!

        But Han Qianqian, who had broken his own dream, even stomped on it.

        "Han Qianxiang, I want you to di e a merciless death!" With a cold curse in his heart, Ye Lone City turned around and left in a fury.

        At this time, Qin Lang walked quickly to Han 3,000, excitedly slapped Han 3,000's shoulder: "3,000, we're fine."

        This slap grimaced Han 3,000's entire body: "Sister, can you be a little lighter?"

        Only then did Qin Frost look at Han Qianqian with guilt and embarrassment: "I'm sorry, I was too happy, so I forgot about you ......".

        "It's fine, can you help me out of here first, I want to take a break, I can't hold on much longer." Han Qianli smiled bitterly.

        Qin Frost nodded, "Okay, I'll take you back."

        "Don't go back to the thatched hut, you can't let anyone know." Han Qianli whispered softly.

        Qin Frost said softly, "Don't worry, I'll take you to my house, no one will know what's wrong with you."

        After saying that, Qin Frost took Han Qianqian out of the main hall and flew straight toward the Four Peaks under the attention of a group of disciples.

        When some of the remaining disciples of the Four Courtyards saw Qin Frost return, they were very excited and wanted to congratulate Qin Frost, but they saw Qin Frost in a hurry and ignored them.

        "This ...... this ...... how this Sister Qin Frost brought Han 3,000 yuan back to the room ah."

        "That's Senior Sister Qin Frost's boudoir, and no man has ever entered it."

        At this time in the main hall, seeing that the crowd had dispersed, leaving only the four peak elders, the head of the palace sighed slightly, then, gestured a strange movement in his hand, long eyebrows furrowed, looking at Lin Mengxi: "Fourth Senior Sister, have you seen the gesture I made just now?".

        When the headmaster made his movements, Lin Mengxie had been carefully observing, and at this point, couldn't help but shake her head, "Headmaster, Mengxie has never seen it before."

        "I have never seen it either, but I seem to have seen it on the Void Chi of the successive heads of the Void Sect." The headmaster finished his speech with a long sigh, "It is the long-lost, long-lost, faceless divine power, and the Void Chi records that it is incredibly powerful, able to attack and defend, and incomparable, but it was lost over a thousand years ago."

        Lin Mengxi had heard her master mention it, but since it had been lost, the Void Chi had no information on it, so she didn't understand: "Master, have you found the Phantomless Divine Gong?"

        The palm master shook his head: "No, this move is the move Han Qianqian used just now when he was resisting Ye Kucheng."

        Lin Mengxi was shocked: "Head Master, do you mean that Han Qianxiang knows the Phase-Free Divine Skill? That's impossible, isn't it?"

        "This is exactly what I wonder about. The Phaseless Divine Gong was lost more than a thousand years ago, and the records of the Voidless Sect are also lost. But if it wasn't the Face-less Divine Kung Fu, what kind of spell did he use? There is no such gesture in the Dharma Gate currently taught by my Void Sect." The head of the sect locked his eyebrows.

        "Actually, it's strange, although Ye Guocheng's Six Harmonious Mirror Technique is indeed not up to the mark, it's still absolutely strong, and I thought that Han Qianli would never have a chance to live, but I didn't expect that this kid not only didn't d i e, but also came out." Lin Mengxi said.

        The Head Master thought of this and smiled, "What's even more rare is that he still has the energy to counterattack Ye Guocheng."

Chapter 1723

Lin Mengxi also laughed lightly, "This kid Han Qianqian is indeed strange and a bit unpredictable, the palmistress asked me to investigate his background, I can't investigate either."

        The palace master helplessly shook his head, "Just, these are not important, you privately ask Qin Frost to observe him more and teach him more, I see that he is quite good to Qin Frost."

        "Yes, Head Master." Lin Mengxi nodded.

        "All right, you go."

        After Lin Mengxi left, the palm master sat back in his seat, his hands still repeating Han Qianqian's actions from before, the more he did, the more his entire brow furrowed.

        "The Phantomless Divine Merit? Could it be that Han Qianqiang really has this long-lost skill?"

        It was a beautiful boudoir of Qin Shuang, and the whole room was filled with a fresh but unique fragrance.

        It's not that he hasn't seen the luxurious decoration, but he didn't expect that there was a pink girl's heart hidden under Qin Shuang's frosty exterior.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services.

        In fact, it is quite similar to Su Yingxia, who is strong on the outside but gentle on the inside, but the only thing that is not the same as Su Yingxia is that Qinshang is really cold, and cold to the bone.

        "Three thousand, drink this bowl of chicken soup." Just as Han Qianqian was looking around, Qin Frost walked in, holding a bowl of chicken soup in his hand.

        Han 3,000 shook her head helplessly, "Sister, I just want to take a break, I don't need to be so toned."

        Qin Frost glared at her: "Cut the crap and drink it."

        Han Qianli was helpless, he really didn't need this kind of care, he did have physical injuries, but he was clear that they were internal injuries, and this stuff could mend the external injuries of the body, he simply couldn't use this, what he needed most at the moment was just to rest, as well as settling in to repair.

        He doesn't want to go back to the vegetable garden, the fundamental reason is that he is afraid of that guy Folding Xu Zi looking for trouble and disturbing himself.

        But Qin Frost made it seem as if he was desperately ill.

        When Han Qianqian drank the chicken soup, Qin Frost nodded his head in satisfaction: "Good boy, this is what it's like to be a slave, you have to listen to your master, okay?".

        Han 3,000 yuan rolled her eyes: "Yes, master."

        Seeing that Han Qianli had finished drinking, Qin Frost smiled slightly, got up and put the bowl back, then looked at Han Qianli, leaned over, leaned in front of Han Qianli, and took out his silk scarf to gently wipe Han Qianli's mouth.

        Qin Shuang's sudden approach made Han Qianqian's face flush.

        She was too fragrant, and the two of them had several intimate contacts, and Han 3,000 also saw her ...... so, every time she came close, the seduction is naturally not ordinary people can be compared.

        What's more, she herself is a beautiful and scandalous looking woman.

        "Right, after drinking the chicken soup, what do you want to eat for lunch?" Qin Shuang finished wiping her mouth and smiled faintly at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian could see that her smile was a bit of an embarrassment, thinking that it should be because she usually smiled very little, but at this time she wanted to try to show that kind and gentle appearance in front of Han Qianqian.

        "Whatever." Han Qianqian said awkwardly.

        "Okay, then I'll order the kitchen to cook something for you."

        At noon, Han Three Thousand silly, Qin Frost so-called do some dishes, the results directly on a table full of, erroneous is a full table.

        After lunch, Qin Frost disappeared again, what Han 3,000 did not know is that all the food, in fact, is not Qin Frost commanded the kitchen to do, but his own from the ingredients to the whole cooking, hard to make.

        So, Qin Shuang naturally needed time to prepare the dinner, and Han 3,000 was happy to be free, settling down in the house to repair his injuries.

        In the vegetable garden, Folded Xuuzi is being waited on by the little black man, sunbathing beautifully, the arrival of Han 3,000 really makes Folded Xuuzi more recently eat turtle, but the turtle is a turtle, to enjoy.

        "Have you heard? Brother Folding, that b*tch Han Qianqian has made a big splash in the main hall today, damn it, even Sister Qinshang helped him." Little Blackie said disdainfully as he massaged Folding Xuizi.

        Folded Void puffed his big mouth twice, and lazily said: "I heard, damn it, Sister Qinshang took that b*tch to the Hundred Beast Forest to catch spiritual pets, but he got a f*cking mixed performance."

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the best use of their products and services.

        As soon as he heard this, Folding Void slapped his face on the recliner and sat up on his ass, his face extremely angry: "Can you not be f*cking angry? Sister Qinshang is the goddess of our Void Sect, and she was taken advantage of by that b*tch Han Qianqian, f*ck."

        "Brother Fold, when that kid comes back, let's take care of him." Little Blackie said coldly.

        Folding Void was stunned, and after a moment, lay back on the recliner: "Come on! Brother Ye in the main hall didn't defeat him in three moves, how can we deal with him? Moreover, he is still the favored slave of Senior Sister Qinshang."

        Little Blackie was reluctant, "So we just stand by and watch Han Qianli flaunt his power? Brother, in fact, I don't care, but the key is you. Think about it, Han Qianqian is so powerful outside, but when he comes back to the vegetable garden, he still listens to you. With his current momentum, it won't be long before he replaces you."

        "How is that possible?" Folding Hollow muttered a guilty conscience, but was reminded by Blackie.

        "Why is it impossible? Brother Folding, don't forget that no matter how much Senior Sister Qinshang likes him, Han Qianqian is only a slave. If Senior Sister Qinshang wants to make him right, she has to give him a chance to rise up step by step, right? He is a slave of the vegetable garden, the first to bear the brunt is naturally your vegetable garden management position.".

        The first step in the process is the first step in his rise to the top, which is a direct threat to him.

        When he thought of this, he looked around and saw that no one was around.

        The little black man smiled but did not say anything, and his eyes were coldly looking at Folding Xuuzi.

        Little Blackie laughed lightly, then said with a nasty face, "Senior brother, I heard that the new superb cook from the Fourth Peak is very attractive, are you interested?"