His True Colors Chapter 1719-1720

 Chapter 1719

At this time, Ye Guocheng's body full of blue light had all been incorporated into his hands, aimed at Han Qianqiang, and all the blue light instantly erupted.

        Even though Han Qiangiang was far away, he was still blown by the wind speed from the impact of the blue light, causing his entire face to hurt!

        "What a strong force, it's just a strong wind, but it's already as sharp as a knife." Han Qianqian was horrified, and at the same time, she forced the golden energy in her body to try to resist Ye Guocheng's fatal blow.

        "Han Qianli, be careful!" Qin Frost shouted urgently.


        When the blue light arrived, it directly engulfed Han Qianqian's entire body, and then swept him away in an instant.

        After the blue light passed by, the strong wind even swept up a large portion of the tiles on the hall, then the ferocious blue light swept up for tens of meters and then scattered, while Han Qianqian's body, like a piece of paper in a tornado, flew several meters and finally hit the ground.

        "Heavens, Senior Brother Ye Gucheng has even comprehended the highest arcana of the Void Sect's intermediate spells, Earth Destruction, this ...... is simply too terrifying."

        "This Earth Destruction Technique is really strong, just being next to it can make you dizzy from the wind strength."

        "Haha, Senior Brother Ye Gucheng is so young and has already cultivated such a superior technique, he is simply an exemplary model for my generation, it is estimated that throughout the entire Eight Directions World, there are very few people who can achieve such divine speed."

        "This is a truly strong person."

        The disciples gawked and exclaimed, the first peak elder and others were now nodding their heads madly with pride, they were very satisfied with this move of Ye Longsheng.

        The headmaster smiled faintly, to be able to understand the ultimate move of intermediate spells at such a young age, it had been a long time since such a talent had appeared in the Void Sect.

        Qin Frost was the only one who didn't focus on Cool-Songyi, she kept looking at the ground worriedly, Han Qiangan's body was covered with dust and wretchedness, and a large puddle of blood around his body told what kind of injuries Han Qiangan had gone through.

        When Ye Kucheng's sight came into contact with Qin Lang, he found that she was just looking at Han 3,000 with worried eyes and was very dissatisfied.

        However, Han 3,000 yuan has been killed by himself, so he also took out a fierce breath of anger.

        In addition, his strike also made Qin Frost's remarks suspected by everyone, and even more in front of so many people, the limelight, Ye Lone City simply do not be too proud, coldly snorted and said: "Not survey a blow of the trash!".

        "Brother, aren't you a bit handicapped in math? Was it a hit? You've already struck twice."

        A laugh came from the crowd, who looked around, but did not find the source of the sound. Some thought it came from the direction of Han Qiangli, but Han Qiangli had been killed, so how could he speak? Even if he hadn't died, it would have been very difficult for him to vent his anger, and he would still have the strength to speak.

        "You are still short of the last strike, three strikes can't even kill a slave, I think this dog P Void Sect's three genius disciples, simply cancel your name, otherwise, say out how humiliating is it?"

        Under the delighted and unbelievable eyes of Qin Lang, Han Qiangiang stood up trembling slightly, and although his whole body was trembling, he bit his teeth and held on to it.

        The clothes that Han Qianli had been forced to put on by the Void Sect disciples on his way back were now shredded at the chest, and the collar and shoulders were stained red by the blood from Han Qianli's mouth!

        If he hadn't kept his eyes open, he would have been no different from a dead man.

        "This ......"

        The Void Sect disciples stared, almost unbelieving the fact that under a blow from Earth Destruction, Han Qianxiang could still stand up!

        All the elders present, including the First Peak Elder, also frowned, and the Sixth Peak Elder even wiped his eyes in disbelief, thinking that he had really misjudged the situation.

        But the fact was, Han 3,000 really stood up.

        On that Azure Earth, Han 3000 had been humiliated by the Earth Central Three Strikes, and now he was facing such a situation on the Void Sect, which was too familiar to Han 3000, but the familiar beginning would never have a familiar ending on Han 3000.

        "Senior brother, please give me some strength, really, two moves can't kill me as a slave, I'm really ashamed of you." Han 3,000 yuan said, disdainfully spitting a mouthful of blood on the ground.

        "Ah!!!" If the first move, he more or less retained his strength, then the second move, he really did his best!

        But why was Han Qiangiang still able to stand up under his full power? For the first time in his life, his Waterloo would have fallen to a slave!

        "You really are a bitch with a cheap life, well, you forced me to do it, Han Qianqiang!"

Chapter 1720

"This ......"

        "This is unbelievable, my God."

        A group of disciples were suddenly amazed, the Six Harmonious Mirror Method, the Void Sect's high level spell, a truly powerful attacking divine technique, but needing to learn this kind of it, in addition to an amazing talent, more importantly, the foundation of their own work is more solid.

        This is because in order to activate a high-energy, high-attack spell, it is necessary for the caster to have a solid foundation. What is required is that the caster himself has a strong foundation to guide, and at the same time, needs a strong body to support it, otherwise, if you force it, not only will it be impossible to stimulate, even if it is possible, it will often explode and die because it cannot be supported.

        Therefore, formal disciples are generally shy away from all kinds of advanced spells and cannot be touched.

        Even if they passed the main hall examination and became a disciple of the main hall under the master's disciple, it often took a long time to accumulate. But Ye Liao Cheng was able to release high-grade spells even before the entrance exam, which was astonishing.

        Not only were the disciples like this, but the group of elders also opened their eyes slightly, unable to believe it.

        According to the history of the Voidless Sect, even the disciples who entered the palace could not believe it. Even the disciples who entered the palace had to spend several years under the teachings of the palace master and with the help of the Voidless Sect's growth aids, but Ye Guocheng had already mastered it so early.

        To describe it as astonishing, it was not an exaggeration at all!

        The first peak elders and those few elders who were in the same faction as him, after being shocked, they were more excited and clapped their hands and shouted, this is a disciple of their own, with a long face.

        "I didn't expect that Ye Guocheng has already mastered these spells at such a young age, this son's future is indeed boundless." The Second Peak Elder shook his head slightly. He couldn't help but envy it.

        "You and I, a few of us, only mastered the Six Harmonious Mirror Method a full thirteen years after we first worshipped in the main hall, and at that time it was far less skilled and powerful than what he is releasing today, once this son enters the main hall, with the entire Heaven and Earth treasures of my Void Sect to cultivate, it is very likely that he will become the first person in our sect for several hundred years." The Three Peak Elders also nodded heavily.

        Lin Mengxi didn't say anything, her eyes only slightly looking at Han Qianqian.

        A small slave, not to mention carrying Ye Guocheng's two strikes, even if he could withstand two strikes from other ordinary disciples, it was already a great success.

        Therefore, from Lin Mengxi's point of view, Han 3,000 was indeed a talented person, and she began to understand Qin Qingfeng's willingness to accept him as a disciple and the Master's request for him to teach Han 3,000 in private.

        Now it seems that she was wrong about Han 3,000, and if she cultivates him in the future, he should have a bright future too. Unfortunately, for now, Han 3,000 had no future.

        Under the attack of the Six Harmonious Realm Law. How can he be finished?

        As elders, Lin Mengxi and the others knew the power of the Hexagonal Law better than anyone else, and it was impossible for Han Giang to survive such an attack.

        That's right. Was any, with Lin Mengxi's character, she would never rashly judge anything, even if the two attacks that Ye Guocheng had just made on Han 3,000, she also hadn't judged. Although, for many people, that was simply an unsuspecting crush.

        But now, Lin Mengxi had made a decision.

        Because she understood too well the devastating damage caused by the Six Harmonious Mirror Method.

        At this time, the wind had already reached the level of a hurricane, and many ornaments in the palace were shaking constantly, which might be sucked away by the hurricane at any time.

        In the next second, the hurricane suddenly stopped. Immediately before Ye Guocheng, the point of the Six Harmonies, the light was suddenly victorious, six attacks converged on one place, forming an extremely powerful attack directly on Han 3,000.

        The power was turned into six unions. In this way, the energy could be instantly multiplied several times.

        Han Qianqian's entire body was completely blown away by the wind, and he was like a fool in the eyes of others, not dodging or flinching.

        Han Qianqiang sat slowly, although he had not been in the Eightfold World for long, he knew that the Eightfold World's power was so strong that he could not imagine it, and he did not expect to succeed in escaping from such an attack, nor did he expect that he could rely on the little golden energy in his body to protect him intact.

        "Han Three Thousand Year, dodge." Lin Mengxi was so anxious that she couldn't help but cry out.

        She had always been calm and steady, but now she was sweating for Han Qianli.

        But Han 3,000 only closed her eyes, while gently gesturing in her hand in a gesture she couldn't understand, immediately after, a golden light floated on Han 3,000's entire body. It was just that Ye Lone City's energy was so powerful that people ignored its presence.


        Almost immediately, the huge attack also swept right past Han Qianqian. The headmaster hurriedly moved his hand, using his own energy square to control the energy that had been spreading, so as not to damage the main hall.

        As the energy passed, the dust and smoke rolled, and Ye Guocheng proudly withdrew his hand, his eyes full of pride.

        He was also recently comprehended the Six Harmonious Mirror Method, and originally wanted to make a splash when entering the hall, but did not expect to be forced by a slave to use his trump card.

        It's a bit of a pity, though. But it doesn't matter if Ye Kucheng thinks about it, after all, he just as completely made his astonishing move in front of the Void Sect's crowd.

        "Brother Ye. Strong, I didn't expect you to have even learned the Six Harmonious Mirror Method back, it really is the future of my Voidless Sect."

        "I also believe that in the future, Senior Brother Ye will be able to lead our Void Sect back to the top of the great sect."

        "Who says it isn't. Brother Ye can not only lead our Voidless Sect to prosperity in the future, he can even shock the entire Eight Directions World, this is a genius among geniuses."

        All the disciples hurriedly complimented in a joyful voice, and Ye Guocheng was very happy.

        The first peak elder also raised his eyebrows and stood out: "Oh. According to me, Lone City has even learned the Six Harmonious Mirror Method, he should also make an exception and become a disciple of the hall, after all. He is relying on his hard-earned strength to show, unlike some people, who may have just played a little trick and had a little luck. He may have broken a forbidden area that none of us saw."

        As soon as this was said, the Five Peaks Elder immediately asked for instructions, "That's right, palm master, Ye Liao Cheng has already completed the homework at the formal disciple stage that it takes more than ten years for an incoming disciple to reach, it's really unreasonable not to enter the main hall."

        "Brother palmist, Fifth Senior Brother and First Peak Senior Brother are right." The Sixth Peak also echoed at this point.

        The headmaster smiled and looked to the side of the ringmaster, but what he didn't expect was that Wu Yan of the ringmaster also nodded his head at this time: "Headmaster senior brother, Lone City already knows the Six Harmonious Mirror Method, it is a rare genius, it should be a special exception."

        "If this kind of talent is not cultivated, wouldn't it be my Void Sect's profligate waste of natural resources?"