His True Colors Chapter 1717-1718

 Chapter 1717

Hearing this, Qin Frost's entire heart was cut like a knife, and his eyes were filled with tension as he looked at Han Qianli.

        It is already a very serious crime to be committed above a slave, and if there is any slightest intention, it is simply the most important of all.

        Qin Shang was about to explain, but Han Qianqian just smiled and interrupted forcefully: "Yes, as the saying goes, if you die under the peony flower, you can be a ghost.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a full range of products and services.

        Qin Fang looked at Han Qianqian furiously, and although she was angry, her eyes were filled with heartache as she looked into Han Qianqian's eyes.

        In the Hundred Beasts Forest, he had already risked everything to save himself, and it was hard for him to save his life, but he had to give it away in vain?

        His own reputation is important, but is it more important than his own life?

        Qin Frost wanted to rush out and explain the truth, but Han Qianqiang kept quietly looking at him, conveying his meaning with his eyes.

        "To the end of your life, you still have the audacity to speak out, someone, arrest him down and execute him on the execution platform." Ye Guocheng shouted violently.

        A few disciples just went forward, but Han Qianqian spoke out, "Wait!"

        "What? Scared? If you're afraid, tell the truth quickly." Ye Guocheng drank.

        Han Qianqiang's eyebrows furrowed slightly: "Sorry, in my dictionary, there is no word fear, the reason I call wait is to ask, what qualifications do you have to punish me?"

        "There is the head of the sect at the top and the elders of each sect at the bottom, so it's not your turn, is it, Cool-Son Ye? Or, are you in the eye of the beholder? Not them at all? I'm guilty of being a subordinate, but what you just did, wasn't it?"

        The first time I saw him, he was in the middle of a fight, and the second time I saw him, I was in the middle of a fight.

        "Lone City is not because you are a disobedient slave, a moment of anger and frustration, that you forgot the rules?" The first peak elder then hurriedly stood out, then, bowed to the palm gate: "Palm gate, I am also in a hurry, no offense was intended, please forgive palm gate senior brother."

        I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it in the next few days.

        The headmaster's eyes flashed with a hint of laughter that no one else noticed, and then waved his hand: "Two junior brothers, don't be alarmed, I should know how well Gucheng Ye behaved under my disciple, and I will not blame him. As for Han Qianqian, ......"

        "Master, Han Three thousand subordinates are guilty of a great crime and should be forbidden to skin and purify their souls." Ye Guocheng said.

        Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully: "Look, here we go again, the headmaster hasn't even finished his sentence, do you know how to respect your master."

        "You!!!" Ye Guocheng was enraged.

        "palm gate, in fact, this time the forbidden place of the dead, also thanks to Han three thousand help, otherwise, only rely on Frost's strength alone, it is also completely impossible to retreat beast king, break the forbidden place, Han three thousand, although there have been, but also have great merit, also ask the palm gate to remit Han three thousand punishment, in order to offset the merit." Qin Frost couldn't help but kneel down and plead for mercy at this point.

        The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.

        As soon as this was said, a disciple followed Ye Guocheng's disdainful sneer.

        Qin Frost turned back slightly and looked at Ye Guocheng: "Put away your evil thoughts, not everyone is as full of filth as you are, what I just said is just the truth."

        "Joke, Qin Frost, do you really treat us like three-year-olds? Han Qianqian is a mere slave, and he helped you break the Dead Spirit Forbidden Zone? I'd like to ask you how he, a slave, has helped you? Is tea being served? Or did you pour the water?"

        Slaves were the lowest class of people, and even if someone was willing to teach them spells, they were often so poorly endowed that they couldn't fix them at all. Even if someone was willing to teach them magic spells, they were often so poorly endowed that they could not cultivate them at all. Therefore, slaves often had no ability to fight, at least in their eyes.

        Therefore, when Qin Frost said that Han Qianqian also helped, the disciples naturally sneered and laughed, not taking it seriously at all.

        "So, it's not the truth at all, it's just Qin Frost deliberately making up some excuses in order to help this slave." Ye Guocheng disdainfully said.

        Qin Frost forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart, looked at the head of the sect and explained, "Head of the sect, it is true that Han 3000 is only a slave, but I have taught him the Void Sect's introductory technique, and he has a good talent and learns quickly, so he has made great achievements in the Land of the Dead, and the disciple will never lie here."

        The Forbidden Land of the Dead Spirit was broken by Han Qianqian, so naturally he made a great contribution to it. This point, Qin Lang indeed did not lie, and also the confidence in her words.

        Ye Guocheng sneered: "Sister Qinshang praised Han Qianli as so capable, fine, if Han Qianli is really that capable, then take my three moves. If he can catch them, your words can convince the public, if he can't, your so-called claim of merit will be broken."

        "You!!!" Qin Shang was furious, Ye Lusheng's cultivation, not to mention to Han Qianqian, even to the entire Void Sect's introductory disciples, is a crushing existence, isn't this obvious bullying?

        "If he can take the three strokes of Ye Guocheng, which proves that what Qinshang said is not true and that his merits and demerits offset each other, he can be spared his life. The first Peak Elder spoke up to help his disciple.

        The glory of the four peaks, of course, he did not want to be accomplished in vain.

        The headmaster nodded and smiled slightly, "Then Han Qianli, are you willing?"

        Han Qianli laughed gently and shook his head, "No!"

        The words of Han 3,000 suddenly drew laughter, Ye Kucheng is more proudly raised his head, condescending, full of disdain, a time Han 3,000 really leak filling, Qinshang deliberately shield, shameless voice reviled in the ear.

        Just at this time, Han 3,000 spoke again: "The reason why I'm reluctant, mainly because I'm afraid that after taking Brother Ye three moves, Brother Ye, this old face, there is no place to put it, that is not a loss of Brother Ye's face."

Chapter 1718


        Han Qianqian's words were like a thunderclap on the ground, shocking everyone present with their mouths agape!


        So arrogant that it's ridiculous to be arrogant!

        How dare a little slave dare to be so bold and brazen, completely disregarding Cool-Son Ye, one of the three genius disciples of the Void Sect!

        The reason for his reluctance is that he is afraid of losing face with Cool-Son Yeh!

        "Boy, you're too damn good to brag, aren't you? Are you still afraid that Brother Ye will lose face? Sh*t, I guess you're still worried about losing your life."

        "Yeah, that's pretty bold, taking three strokes? I don't think you can even catch a single move!"

        "This slave really doesn't know what he's talking about, and this breath is bigger than my foot!"

        The crowd of disciples reviled and criticized, Lin Mengxi looked at Han 3,000 with some concern and disappointment, although she instructed Qin Shang to teach Han 3,000 the basic entry-level skills, but that was only an entry-level skill, compared with a formal disciple like Ye Guocheng, not a little bit behind.

        It was already very good to be able to take one move, but she dared to presume to take three moves, which was simply a bit ungrateful!

        "Han Qianqian, aren't you afraid to speak out of turn? Afraid of Ye's disgrace?" Ye Liao Cheng disdainfully scratched his ears, just like looking at ants, and looked at Han Qianqian with disdain.

        Han Qianqian just smiled and nodded, "Although it's true that I haven't learned much, and I can't compare to a genius like Sister Qinshang, I think I'm enough to deal with some trash. Moreover, we haven't fought yet, and it's still unclear who will be bragging in the end."

        Hearing this, Ye Guocheng's teeth clenched, "Stinker, you're too crazy, I, Ye Someone, can't defeat you within three moves today, I don't believe in Ye!"

        "Then it's good for you to take my surname, Han Guocheng, it's quite catchy." Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully.

        Ye Kucheng stopped talking nonsense and steeply transported his body's energy, his entire mana finger pinching.

        "Heavenly Light Break!"

        Ye Jucheng's first attack was almost merciless, directly offering the Voidless Sect's intermediate offensive spell, intending to strike Han Qianqian without giving him any chance to turn back.

        The blame should be on Han Qianqian's own stinky mouth, seeking death so quickly!

        Suddenly, a cold light burst out of the palace, the temperature dropped, and a silver light burst out from the magic finger and blasted Han Qianqian.

        At this time, Han Qianqian forcibly brought up all the energy in his body, aimed at the silver light, and used his own learned primary offensive technique to blast at it!

        The silver light and the ice sword collided instantly, and in just a moment, the silver light broke through the ice sword and hit Han Qianqian's body heavily.

        Han Qianqian's entire body flew several meters backwards and smashed heavily into the ground, not moving a muscle!

        "Brother Ye Gucheng is good, truly worthy of being a genius of my Void Sect, this Heavenly Light Break is simply powerful!"

        "Haha, just now that cheap slave even claimed to carry three moves, but he was beaten down in one move."

        The crowd of disciples saw Han Qianqian being knocked to the ground in one blow, and shouted in support of Ye Guocheng, Ye Guocheng smiled gently with pride, and the few elders headed by the first peak also smiled, Ye Guocheng's performance, they were very satisfied, the Heavenly Light Break was skillfully used, and the power was really amazing, he practiced very well!

        Qin Shang looked at Han Qianqian nervously, feeling very sad for a moment.

        Just at this time, Han Qianqian suddenly gave a cry, then slowly sat up from the ground and shook his head: "Senior brother, haven't you eaten? Is that all the strength you have?"

        As Han Qianqian stood up, Qin Frost's entire body turned from sadness to happiness, and the group of disciples were even more jaw-dropping!

        How is this possible!

        In the face of such an astonishing attack from Heavenly Light Breaker, Han Giangli, a slave, was able to get back up after being knocked down!

        There were quite a few disciples present who didn't dare to think that they could stand up under that attack and still have the strength to do so!

        But Han Qianqian stood up, and was mocking Cool-Songyi with all his life.

        After being slightly shocked, Ye Guocheng laughed coldly: "Brat, your life is quite cheap. Just now was just a small test, after all, a second move to kill you is really too cheap for you, now, you absolutely will not have the strength to get up again, I guarantee it, Ye Kucheng!"

        After saying that, Gucheng Ye's face was solemn, and his body even rose up in the air, making several postures in mid-air, Han Qianli noticed that there was a blue aperture rising from under Gucheng Ye's feet in the air.

        "Earth Destruction!"

        With a soft drink from Ye Guocheng, the blue circle of light suddenly shone brightly, and slowly surrounded Ye Guocheng's entire body, at this time, Han Qiangan, gritted his teeth, eyes converging to stare forward.

        In fact, that attack, Han Qianqian has already suffered a big loss, he came out to take the blame for Qinshang, that is because he owes her, Han Qianqian this person, always does not like to owe others, but he had to take Ye Guocheng's three moves, but in order to save his own life.

        So, the first strike, he had already taken it very seriously, but what he didn't expect was that the energy gap in the Eightfold World was much larger than in Xuanyuan World, and if it wasn't for the protection of the Golden God, Han 3,000 would have been able to say goodbye to the Eightfold World with one strike from this guy.

        So now, Han 3,000 knew that he wouldn't hold back much, and he needed to take this move with his whole body.