His True Colors Chapter 1711-1713

 Chapter 1711

"Frosty, your senior brother Ye also cares about you, so why do you have to be like this?" Wu Yan quickly became a peacemaker at this time.

        He didn't want the two genius disciples of the Voidless Sect to be so tit-for-tat. In his eyes, Ye Guocheng and Qin Lang should be a pair made for each other, so they shouldn't be hurt over this small matter.

        "Uncle, I don't need anyone to worry about my own affairs." Qin Frost said coldly.

        Ye Guocheng was furious and stared straight into his eyes, and the way his whole body looked at Han Qianqian was even more as if he wanted to eat him alive.

        "I'm afraid this is not your personal matter, right, you are a formal disciple, but you are getting involved with a slave? Does that make sense? Does the face of the Void Sect still exist? Don't you think?" Wu Yan said.

        He had a very high reputation among the disciples, and when he rallied his arms, countless people naturally responded, plus now he was crusading against the "enemy" in the eyes of all the disciples.

        So soon, the crowd of disciples behind him was in an uproar.

        "That's right, how can an inferior slave get together with a formal disciple of the Void Sect, this is simply an insult to my Void Sect's reputation, according to me, kil ling that dog slave to calm this matter is the key."

        "Senior Sister Qinshang, you'd better stand aside, this Han Qianli is unforgivable and deserves to be executed."

        "Yes, Sister Qinshang, there are plenty of men in the Voidless Sect, so why do you have to fight with us over a slave? With your condition, how can he be tainted by a slave."

        "Sister Qinshang, you're still too simple, don't be fooled by a slave."

        A group of disciples verbally condemned Han Qianxiang, as if they could not wait to drown him with their saliva.

        "Does the Void Sect have a rule against being with slaves?" Qin Frost coldly questioned.

        Ye Liao Cheng's entire person was completely furious, it was true that there were no rules within the Void Sect that forbade this kind of thing, it was just the moral and class level that made people feel that this kind of thing was shameful.

        "Qin Frost, please behave yourself!" The more Qin Frost did this, the more annoyed Ye Liao Cheng became, Qin Frost did not even want a woman's basic face for a slave.

        "My own matter, no need for anyone to say three ways to d i e, I think the one who should have self-respect is you."

        The two of them confronted each other, and Ye Guocheng was so angry that he directly raised his sword: "Since you are so stubborn, for your own good, I have to ki ll Han Qianqian today to prove my Voidless Sect's reputation."

        As soon as the words were spoken, the disciples behind him also slowly drew their swords and made a move to attack.

        Faced with such a situation, Qin Shang sneered disdainfully and slowly drew his sword, his energy radiating out, his body chilling and winning.

        Seeing this situation, Wu Yan's eyebrows furrowed and he hurriedly blocked the center of the two, "All of you stop, do you still have me, the preceptor's uncle, in your eyes?".

        In the past few years, there have been a number of cases in which people have been unable to find a way to get rid of their fears.

        Wu Yan understood that this was clearly not the Void Sect's technique and energy.

        In the past few years, we have seen a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, but we have also seen a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

        As Wu Yan suddenly looked around, Ye Guocheng also followed his line of sight to look around, and soon, he also found something wrong.

        "Where is the Forbidden Land of the Dead?" Cool-Son Ye was puzzled.

        Hearing what Cool-Son Ye said, a group of disciples began to look around, after a moment, the group of people could not help but take a few steps backwards, and crowded into one another in fear.

        "I heard that what was suppressed inside was the golden body of the Beast King. Previously, in the Hundred Beast Forest, there was an innate mutation, and the Beast King reincarnated and reappeared on earth, now the Forbidden Land of the Dead has suddenly disappeared.

        "In this way, the Beast King will complete his self-rebirth, and by God, the Void Sect will be in great trouble."

        "Yes, the Beast King will definitely seek revenge on us.

        "Oh God, it's over, it's over, the Void Sect will never have peace from now on."

        A group of disciples looked at each other, in a moment of panic, panicking with their swords, which still had the strength of confronting Qin Shang just now, and now only their bodies were trembling, involuntarily trying to flee the place.

        Wu Yan couldn't see the past, and waved his hand: "All of you, shut up."

        With an angry voice, he looked to the side of Qin Frost and whispered, "The Beast King didn't take the golden body, right?"

        Qin Frost nodded.

        Wu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, as long as the worst didn't happen then it was fine: "Then why did the forbidden place of the dead disappear?"

        Sister Qinshang was about to speak, but at this time, Han Qianqian stepped forward: "We mistakenly entered the vicinity when we were catching beasts in the Hundred Beast Forest, and encountered the Beast King who came back to life to find his golden body. "

        Han Qianqian knew that the truth of the matter must not be mentioned to anyone, or else, as Divine Void said, if Qin Shang's body was found to have the Beast King's golden body, he would definitely be kicked out of the Void Sect, and might even attract all the righteous people in the world to hunt him down and ki ll him!

        Just now, the way Wu Yan looked at Qin Frost said it all.

        The Hundred Beast Forest was all started by herself, and Han Qianxiang absolutely could not destroy her, so she quickly made up a story.

        When Ye Guocheng saw Han Qianqian speak, he was dissatisfied and shouted angrily, "Do you have the part of a slave to speak here?".

        Han Qianqian smiled slightly, "I'm just telling the details of the matter."

        Wu Yan nodded his head, but he didn't stop Han Qianli's words. At least, Han Qianli relieved the doubts in his heart, and let him understand what the two mutations were about, and the evil Qi inside Qin Lang's body could also make him feel a little relieved.

        "This is impossible, the Forbidden Land of the Dead is very dangerous, not to mention Qin Frost, even the Head Master may not be able to make it." At this time, Ye Guocheng said with dissatisfaction.

        Although he liked Qin Frost, but he also absolutely could not endure the situation of being surpassed by anyone, if he had to admit that someone else was better than him, which iron could not.

        "Oh, then do you know this sword?" Han Qianqiang laughed disdainfully, "Facts speak louder than words, of course, someone of your level doesn't know this sword, but Master Cessation Institute should know, right?"

Chapter 1712

"Well, it's just a broken sword, what's so surprising about it? I think I understand why Qinshang even don't even want to face, but also have to protect you this trash, engaged in half a day, you this flattery skills first-class ah.". Ye Guocheng laughed disdainfully.

        Han Qianqian smiled: "I just said, you are the kind of goods, of course you do not know the goods."

        Ye Kucheng's face was solemn and cold: "What did you say, you piece of trash? Do you really think I won't dare to ki ll you just because Qinshang protects you?"

        Wu Yan gently lifted his hand to stop Cool-Shine, but his eyes remained fixed on the sword in Qin Lang's hand: "Enough, don't make any more trouble in this matter." "Uncle you ".

        "Uncle, you ......" Ye Guocheng was furious, and made a gesture to still want Han Qianqian to look good.

        "This was originally the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword that suppressed the Beast King's golden body, can't it be that it still doesn't mean that Qin Frost has broken the Forbidden Land of the Dead?" Wu Yan drank one sentence in frustration.

        As soon as the words came out, a group of disciples instantly stopped breathing and unbelievably looked at the long sword in Qin Frost's hand.

        "Heavens ...... Heavens, this is ...... This is one of the three great artifacts of our Void Sect, the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword? "

        "Wow, Senior Sister Qinshang is really powerful, I told you, within the three genius disciples of the Void Sect, Senior Sister Qinshang is the most powerful, everything else is just a cloud."

        "That's right, Sister Qinshang is the one who can break the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area by herself, may I ask, who in this Void Sect can do it?"

        "The Forbidden Land of the Dead is a major forbidden place of the Void Sect, and even more of a nightmare place that everyone in the Void Sect doesn't dare to set foot in, and Senior Sister Qinshang is already an example for our group if she can break through it alone, not to mention that she was able to break it."

        "Sister Qinshang's cultivation seems to be at least on par with the elders, and if this continues, it will be the pride and future of our Voidless Sect in the future."

        Listening to a group of disciples boasting and praising Qin Shang, Ye Lusheng's face turned red and blue.

        He should be the brightest future star of the Void Sect, and no one is qualified to surpass him.

        When he thought of this, he looked angrily at Han Qianqian, this guy is the reason for the current situation, where Qin Frost was praised, while his own star was dim.

        This damned slave, if I don't ki ll him and skin him to death, how can I relieve the hatred in my heart!

        "Frost, you've done a good job this time, you've solved a big problem for the Void Sect." Wu Yan looked at Qin Frost and smiled in satisfaction.

        Although the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area was very dangerous, and there were countless difficulties and miscellaneous formations involved, even he himself could not unlock the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area.

        But one thing was certain, Qin Frost had the Demon Suppressing Sword in his hand, which explained everything.

        Qin Frost was dazed and puzzled, looking at Han Qianxiang, she didn't understand why Han Qianxiang had to lie, as he was the one who had broken the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area, so why did he put all the credit on his own head.

        But when she saw Han Qianxiang's constant glances at her to admit it, she nodded her head a bit reluctantly.

        "Right, just now I heard that although you broke the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area, you were also injured by the Beast King, so it's better not to stay here, let's hurry back."

        After Wu Yan said that, he waved his hand and returned to the palace, and all the disciples scrambled to make way for Qin Frost.

        Under Han Qianqian's gaze, Qin Fang, accompanied by Wu Yan, slowly walked to the front of the room.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        The news that Qin Frost was not only alive, but also had broken the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area was like a thunderclap, causing the Void Sect, which had been calm for a long time, to explode.

        After all, the Void Sect's elders know how difficult the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area is, and they alone may not be able to break it, otherwise, how could it become a forbidden area?

        It was because there was no way to put it on hold, but Qin Frost did.

        "The next generation is fearsome, the next generation is fearsome." The Second Peak Elder said with joy.

        "It seems that today's entrance exam can end early, and with Qin Frost's performance, she has already locked the battle in advance." The Third Peak Elder also nodded his head in agreement.

        "Hmph, then it would be better to give her the position of Head Gate early as well." The First Peak Elder muttered in dissatisfaction.

        "Yeah, what position do you guys put Solitary City and Yun Feng in by saying that?" The Five Peaks Elder echoed.

        "Qin Shang may just be a moment of luck, but in terms of talent, it's clear that Ye Lusheng and Lu Yunfeng are even better and have a more promising future." The Sixth Peak Elders said.

        The first peak disciple Lu Yunfeng and the first peak closed disciple Ye Kucheng but the first peak's biggest capital, before Qin Shang did not break the forbidden land, the first peak is almost a big hit in the future, heard the other elders support Qin Shang, the first peak elders are naturally not satisfied, together with his support of the five or six peaks also joined in.

        "The Headmaster has arrived!" At this time, the hall gave a soft shout, and the head of the Void Sect slowly made his entrance.

Chapter 1713

"Well, if you can't even compare to the present, how can you talk about the future? All I know is that the headmaster has now personally come to greet Qin Shang outside the palace, a specification that the Voidless Sect has never had in the past hundred years." Seeing the palace master come out, the Second Peak Elder burst out laughing.

        The Void Sect, unless it is facing an extremely important VIP, such as the rulers of the three big families, would not enjoy it, let alone the disciples.

        This time, Qin Frost could really earn enough eyeballs.

        "Zhu Lao Er, you less fox tiger, your second peak can't produce genius disciples, what, now go lick the fourth peak?"

        When he heard this, the second peak elder became anxious, this is simply straight to the heart, because what he said is the truth. The first, fourth and seventh peaks were the most dazzling, and then the seven peaks collapsed, and the second peak was eager to take Cool-Son Yeh, but in the end was lured over by the first peak as a closed disciple.

        So, in private, the second peak has always been a friend of the enemy's enemy, and has always been good friends with the four peaks. Now that Qinshang has suddenly risen to stardom, it is natural that he should praise and belittle the first peak.

        But unexpectedly, Shoufeng disliked him directly.

        She was more happy about Qin Shang's "resurrection from the dead" than she was about the news that Qin Shang had been injured by the Beast King.

        She also did not know how Qin Frost was doing.

        Just at this moment, a auspicious cloud slowly came towards this side in the distance.

        "Master Preceptor Yuan has returned."

        Soon, a disciple shouted, and at the same time, the entire Void Sect's disciples also quickly separated on both sides, and when the auspicious cloud settled and Wu Yan led Qin Frost towards the main hall, the disciples boiled.

        "Senior Sister Qin Frost is amazing."

        "Senior Sister Qin Shang you are simply a woman of heroine, breaking the forbidden land of the dead, you are simply a model for my generation."

        "Senior Sister Qinshang, well done!"

        Faced with the congratulations of the disciples, Qin Frost was not happy at all, and her eyes kept glancing in the direction of the disciples behind her.

        Without him, it was a big unknown whether she would be able to come back or not, so she was not qualified to enjoy the praise and praise.

        But Han Qianxiang pushed her out, and pushed all the benefits onto her, and she had no choice but to accept them.

        Although, she knew her character if it was before, she would not have agreed to these no's if she had any more reasons and excuses.

        "Frosty, you're back." The headmaster was now smiling and welcoming, the Dead Spirit Forbidden Area was destroyed, he, as the headmaster, was naturally very happy.

        After all, this not only solved a troublesome major event for the Void Sect, but also signaled Qin Frost's potential to shake his ancestors.

        "Meet the head master uncle." Qin Frost bowed politely.

        The headmaster hurriedly helped Qin Frost up, "You are injured, so these common courtesies can be dispensed with, and the attendant will look at the tea in the inner hall and give a seat."

        After saying that, the headmaster was happy and slowly walked towards the inner hall with Qin Frost.

        The disciples were in an uproar, the inner hall to see tea and give seats, this is the group of disciples would never dream of treatment, because even if the temple disciples, at most, only go in and out to follow the palace master, which palace master also give tea and reward seats this level ah.

        The second peak elder proudly snorted at the first peak elder, the proud look, as if Qin Shang is his disciple.

        The first Peak Elder's face was gloomy, and he took the lead in squeezing the Second Elder to follow him toward the inner sanctum.

        It was not easy to reach the inner palace, but at this time, Qin Frost had been arranged by the headmaster to his right hand side, and was making a pot of good turtle green tea.

        This tea is the best tea of the Voidless Sect. It is not only sweet and tasty, but also has very strange healing effects and enhances the flow of energy in the meridians, making it an excellent monastic tonic.

        The headmaster is usually reluctant to drink a small cup of this stuff, but today he gave a pot of it to Qin Shuang, who was simply envious of the others.

        "All of you, sit down," the headmaster smiled softly. The headmaster smiled softly, and his face was full of happiness and joy that he couldn't hide.

        When several elders sat down, the headmaster said, "This time, Qin Frost broke through the forbidden area of the dead spirits and succeeded in severing a major threat to my Voidless Sect at the cost of injuries. "

        "Now, I announce an important matter." After the headmaster finished speaking, he looked at all the people on the stage with great anticipation and saw that everyone was incomparably curious, he smiled, "I have decided to officially accept Qin Shang as the main disciple of the temple, and at the same time, reward the Ten Thousand Year Snow Condensation Grass."


        The six elders were shocked at the same time!