His True Colors Chapter 1709-1710

 Chapter 1709

This was for her sake, but Han Qianxiang was also doing it for herself.

        After all, if she had been able to suppress her demon qi earlier, Han Qianxiang would have had one less burden to bear.

        "You want to give it to me?" Qin Shang was puzzled.

        She didn't know what grade the Demon Suppressing Sword was, but she understood one thing: something that could be used to suppress the Beast King Golden God was of exceptional quality.

        In this world, there are two main things that are most desirable to cultivators: one is a spiritual pet, and the other is naturally a divine weapon, and the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword is undoubtedly a good divine weapon, a temptation that is hard to refuse for anyone.

        Qin Frost also wanted it, but she quickly smiled gently, "Don't, put it away, it will help you."

        Han Qianqian shook his head: "I'm just a slave, and I don't have any cultivation, so it would be a waste to take it, but you're different, you can achieve something for each other. It can help you."

        With the help of the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword, she would be much more sure of her entrance exam, but Qin Fang thought that she had no merit, so how could she want Han Qianli's things?

        "Take it." Han Qianqian smiled and directly placed the Demon Suppressing Sword in Qin Frost's hand.

        To Han Qianqian, he already had everything with his Pangu Axe, and the other things weren't very important to him.

        Qin Frost's current physical condition was all his own fault, so Han Qianqian would never frown even if he had ten, not to mention one Demon Repeller Sword.

        "Think of it as an investment for me to bribe my own master, or to invest in the future palace master." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Seeing Han Qianqian like this, Qin Frost also knew that it was hard to turn down the exuberance, "Then I promise you that I will succeed in leaning over to enter the palace and will not fail to live up to your high expectations."

        "You take it." Qin Frost now handed his sword to Han Qianqian, "One for one, if you don't want it, then I don't want it either. Although it's not as good as the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword, I made it with my own hands and it's been following me for over twenty years."

        Han Qianli smiled and nodded, if he didn't want the sword, he probably wouldn't accept the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword even if Qin Lang didn't want it.

        Seeing Han Qianqian take his sword, Qin Fang smiled and felt a little more at ease, "Right, Qianqian, we're going to rest in the Hundred Beast Forest for seven days, is that enough?"

        "That's enough." Seven days wasn't really enough time for Han Giang to get his body in shape, but Han Giang didn't want to spend too much of his time, after all, he still had a lot of things waiting for him to do.

        "Well then, tell me what you want to eat every day, and after you eat something you can rest." After Qin Frost said that, with a stroke of her hand, a gauze draped in the middle of two trees, she flew gently and landed on it, like a fairy, and closed her eyes to rest.

        Han Qianli nodded, and also retreated to his own hay bunk to recuperate.

        Although she relied on the Void Sect's introductory method to regulate her internal breathing very slowly, she couldn't stand the strong energy of the product itself, so she recovered much faster than an ordinary person.

        Qin Frost originally expected Han Qianli to need at least half a month to walk normally, but didn't expect that after three days, Han Qianli would be able to jump and catch fish.

        Qin Shuang's fish baking skills also grew day by day.

        At first, although Qin Frost did not reject the fact that Han Qianqian wanted to teach her, she agreed to do so out of her relationship with Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang is better at catching fish and cooking than she is, but the training and other issues ......

        The law of true incense is not only common to the earth world, Xuanyuan world, even the world of the eight directions also exists, and remains unchanged, becoming the first in the universe.

        When Qin Frost really learned the Falling Rain Sword Technique, her whole heart was shocked.

        In addition to this, when Qin Frost was still practicing her sword, she always felt that there was another very weak breath moving around her body, and this breath gave her a strange impulse.

        If the original Qin Frost was so beautiful that she could seduce any man's soul, then when she was practicing her sword, Qin Frost's beauty was even more terrifying, and even though Han Qianli's state of mind was unusually firm, it was still surprisingly turbulent.

        This simply made Han 3,000 yuan of guilt, the guilt of Su Yingxia's heart.

        Reason told Han Qianqian what he should do, but every time he saw Qin Frost, he lost more and more of it, and even his impulses would push back on him.

        Qin Frost was also completely immersed in the feeling of what he had just experienced, and his reaction was a little slower, and when he tried to pull Han Qianqian, his whole body not only failed to hold him, but was directly brought down by him.

        The two of them fell heavily together, with Han Giangiang on top of Qin Frost.

Chapter 1710

Looking at Qin Frost's face, which was sweating slightly but was perfect, and the fact that they were so close to each other due to the fall, they could feel each other's heartbeat and breathing.

        Han Qiangli's breathing was rapid, and Qin Frost's was even more rapid.

        There was a strong impulse in Han Giang's body, and Qin Frost also blushed and closed her eyes slightly.


        Just at this moment, a furious shout came out.

        When they looked back, Wu Yan led a group of disciples to arrive, and when they saw Han Qiangan on top of Qin Frost, Ye Guocheng, who was standing behind Wu Yan, burst into flames.

        He was very surprised to see Qin Frost again, then guilt that faded away in the blink of an eye, and finally happiness, but when he saw Han Qianqian on top of Qin Frost, his eyes were filled with anger!

        That's the goddess of your heart, how can you be so intimate with another man!

        A group of Void Sect disciples were also gnashing their teeth, wishing to put Han 3,000 on the spot.

        They were ordered to come here to check out the Hundred Beasts Forest. After the mutation on that day, a group of disciples guarded the forest for seven days, and Wu Yan saw that no more wonders happened in the forbidden Hundred Beasts Forest.

        It so happened that they encountered Han Qianqian and Qin Shang.

        At this time, Ye Kucheng flew directly over and rushed towards Han Qianqian with the force of a thunderbolt, kicking Han Qianqian away with one kick.

        When he saw Ye Guocheng hit Han Qianqian, Qin Frost was so annoyed that he broke away from Ye Guocheng's hand and panicked to see how Han Qianqian was doing.

        Ye Guocheng's hand was so awkwardly in the air, his face full of hatred, he was ignored by Qin Frost, and Qin Frost is still just for a piece of trash, how can he tolerate this?

        A coldness flashed in his eyes, he stood up and walked toward Han Qianqian, then kicked again, "You trash slave, how dare you belittle the disciples of the Voidless Sect, I'll ki ll you today as a warning to others."

        After Ye Liao Cheng finished speaking, an attack condensed in his hand, he wanted Han Qian Qiang to die a merciless death, this move, almost his full strength.

        "If you dare to ki ll him, I'll ki ll you immediately." Qin Shuang also drew his long sword at this time, coldly blocking in front of Han Qianqian, his eyes full of kil ling intent.

        Ye Liao Cheng's entire body became even angrier, Qin Frost was actually ignoring himself for a trash waste, not only ignoring himself, but even, to make himself an enemy!

        Why on earth?

        I am the most supreme newcomer and the most outstanding youth of the Void Sect, and a peerless beauty like Qin Lang should be worthy of myself, not this trash in front of me.

        "That's enough." At this time, Wu Yan promptly spoke out.

        He didn't want to see two outstanding disciples kil ling each other, it wasn't beneficial to the Void Sect, and it was for a mere waste slave.

        As soon as Wu Yan came over, he brought a group of disciples behind him to follow him, and each one of them looked at them like a tiger, as if they were going to skin Han Qianli and pull out his bones.

        "Master Preceptor, as you can see, Han 3,000, a slave, has attempted to slight Sister Qinshang, which is a capital crime." Ye Gucheng put away his sword, stared at Han Qianqian, and reported at Wu Yan.

        Qin Shang coldly snorted: "Why do you think he belittled me, can't I do it voluntarily?"

        A group of disciples were shocked at this statement, and Ye Guocheng was even more furious and about to explode in place: "Qinshang you ......".

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future.

        But Han Qianqian, that trash slave, not only was able to get so close to her, but ...... also said that she did it voluntarily.

        How can this be! Why should a loser be allowed to get close to her!

        Even if Qin Frost really didn't volunteer, but she had to say she volunteered for him in front of so many people without caring about her face, this kind of treatment also makes everyone's heart explode!

        Wu Yan also looked at Qin Frost at this time and spoke out, "Frost, you are a potential disciple of the Void Sect, you should speak in a measured manner."

        "Yes, for a slave, is it appropriate for you to say such words?" Ye Gucheng struck up a conversation.

        "Uncle, it is true that I volunteered just now, and it has nothing to do with Han Qianqian." Qin Shuang squared up.

        "Qin Frost!!!" You lie, how could you talk to a slave ...... who forced you to do it, right? Are you being blackmailed by him? If so, I'll ki ll him immediately."

        "I told you, if you dare to ki ll Han Qianqian, I, Qin Frost, swear not to ki ll you." Qin Frost's eyes were filled with kil ling intent, and her beautiful face was as cold as ice.

        No one would doubt that Qin Frost's words at this point were just words, that she would actually do it!

        I'm so angry that I'm shaking, and in front of so many people, Qinshang doesn't give a damn!