His True Colors Chapter 1707-1708

 Chapter 1707

Qin Frost, with anger in her eyes, quickly squatted down and probed Han Qianqian's body with her own energy.

        But as much as there was hope, there was disappointment, as there was no energy fluctuation in Han Qianqian's body, not even the most common human life characteristics. Breathing, heartbeat, etc., were also absent.

        All of these were enough to prove that Han 3,000 was dead.

        "Perhaps, he broke the contract himself when he knew he couldn't hold on any longer." At this point, Divine Void said softly.

        As soon as this was said, Xiao Bai and Lin Long's smiles solidified, for this was indeed possible.

        This would also explain to the greatest extent possible why things had come to this. They were fine, but Han Qianxiang was dead.

        The two beasts fell into grief, not expecting Han 3,000 to consider the two of them when he was dying. They didn't expect Han Qianxiang to think of the two of them when he was dying.

        "Sister Qin Frost, 3,000 yuan he really ......" Lin Long couldn't believe it as he looked at Han 3,000 yuan's corpse.

        Qin Frost didn't reply, but the tears in her eyes fell again, which was enough to explain everything.

        Lin Long's entire body was unsteady and almost stumbled to the ground, his eyes filled with incredulity: "He ...... he really died?"

        Xiao Bai and Shen Xu Zi, at this time, both lowered their heads silently, their eyes full of sorrow.

        "Han Qianqian, you can't die. Have you forgotten what you told me? You have your own unfinished business, and I have something I need your help with, and we have to fight together, so how can you leave me alone?" Lin Long's eyes were filled with tears, if earlier, he had been in the confusion that he was fine, so Han Qianxiang would be fine as his master, then now, after knowing that Han Qianxiang was really dead, Lin Long finally couldn't suppress his grief.

        He was a beast, but he was very happy during the time he spent with Han Qianxiang.

        He had also built up a different confidence and ambition through Han Qianxiang's help, but only halfway through the journey. But only halfway through, he suddenly withdrew his hand.

        Han Qianqian was his master, but to Linlong, he was even more of a friend!

        "What do you want me to do after a dragon?" Lin Long smiled bitterly. Looking to the heavens, so unjust: "Or, should I have gone back and continued to be the bastard I was?"

        "Even if I break the contract, I will not recognize anyone else as my master for the rest of my life." Little White gritted his teeth and left his oath.

        Han Qianqian had saved it, and although it was the Beast King, it didn't mean that it had no conscience.

        But at that moment, when Qin Frost's tear fell on Han Qianqian's body, it began to slowly penetrate Han Qianqian's body. It began to slowly penetrate the black ashes on Han Qianqian's epidermis and eventually fell on top of Han Qianqian's skin.

        Han 3,000's fingers suddenly moved.

        Then, as the two beasts were grieving, a voice suddenly came out. Suddenly a voice came out.

        "Drawing the sword is very tiring, so can't you guys just be quiet and let me rest? It's really noisy."

        As soon as the voice fell, Han Qianqiang opened his eyes with difficulty, then, the whole person sat up with great effort.

        Looking at this action, Qin Frost's entire body suddenly stopped.

        Immediately afterwards, Qin Frost cried out in excitement, "He's not dead, he's not dead, Han 3,000 is not dead."

        Hearing Qin Frost's voice, looking at the Han three thousand sitting up, Lin Long broke into a bitter smile, Xiaobai was also full of surprise at him.

        God Void smiled and shook his head helplessly, really scared to death by this guy.

        Han Qiangiang shook his head helplessly, he was indeed dead. But the fake death state.

        The intense fire had almost severed his meridians, and a huge amount of demon Qi had entered his body at the same time, making his body, which was already not heavily burdened, even worse. After completely pulling out the Demon Suppressing Sword, his body was almost completely hollowed out.

        Although Han Qianli had his own energy protection, he couldn't use it and relied on his energy to protect himself, which couldn't withstand such a powerful double attack from outside.

        The two strands of power fought against each other in Han's body. In the end, the two strands of energy tended to suffer mutual defeat, and the outside energy attack completely disappeared. However, the two energies in his body were almost extinguished.

        Plus, the body was completely empty, so Han 3,000 died.

        But the tears that fell from Qin Frost's eyes. But the balance was broken.

        It was like a balance in which the two sides, which were perfectly balanced, suddenly added something to the balance. Even if it was just a feather, it would change the result.

        Qin Frost's tears were precisely this feather. The golden energy in Han Giang's body was awakened again and repaired Han Giang's body very quickly, very quickly. He woke up again.

        After seeing Han 3,000 waking up, Qin Frost shouted out in excitement and gave Han 3,000 a big bear hug, directly holding him in his arms.

        It was a long time ago that Qin Frost finally thought of the embarrassment, and quickly and gently released Han 3,000, green gauze because of this hug, but also to Han 3,000 to a semi-clean body, a lot of ashes stuck to the Qin Frost clothes, Han 3,000 full of black ashes of the body, but also most of the fruit exposed.

        Qin Frost because of the disposition just now, embarrassed to lower his head, but in the moment of lowering his head, because face to face, and Han 3,000 clothes also burned out, ashes also cleared a lot, was Qin Frost a hug, this time the body has a reflection ......

        Qin Frost's cold face, also instantly red to a hot ......

Chapter 1708

From the face all the way down to the base of the ears, and then from the base of the ears to the neck ......

        The first time, Han 3,000 was shocked by her shy appearance, after all, the red face of Qin Lang is really lovely, like water skin is white in red, as if bullet-proof, people can not help but want to touch a hand.

        The second time, is Han 3,000 suddenly stunned, he was startled to find himself completely naked.

        And because Qin Frost was with her head down, so ......

        Sometimes, embarrassment is something that when you're not embarrassed, others are.

        Han Qianli was strangely embarrassed and touched his head, "I'll go find some leaves."

        But as soon as he took a step, Han 3,000 fell directly to the ground, and the pain that tore through his body went straight to the marrow of his brain. The body that had just been injured by the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword and demon Qi was completely covered with wounds, and the energy within the body to repair it was also severely injured internally, and the external injuries hadn't even come yet.

        When he saw Han 3,000 fall, Qin Frost subconsciously reached out his hand to pull up Han 3,000, and the two hands just touched, Qin Frost blushed slightly, and Han 3,000 also felt quite embarrassed.

        After coming down from the mountain, Divine Void looked back at the mountain with some emotion, and after a few moments, he turned to look at Han Qianqian: "Fate is the beginning of gathering, and the end of fate is the end of dissipation.

        Afterwards, he looked at the Demon Suppressing Sword in Han Qianqian's hand, which was already only slightly glowing red, and smiled, "The Demon Suppressing Sword is one of the most masculine artifacts in the world, and even he has submitted to you, so it seems that my choice was not wrong."

        Hearing God Void's words about the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword, Han Qianli then remembered the sword he was holding.

        It was really a good sword.

        At this moment, seeing Han Qianqian looking down at himself, the Demon Suppressing Sword let out a long chirp, as if responding to Han Qianqian.

        "The Demon Suppressing Divine Sword looks disdainfully at all the Yin spirits in the world, and is one of the rare divine weapons, Master, if you use it to train the Falling Rain Divine Sword, it will be of great help to you. " After God Void Zi finished speaking, he smiled gently, and his body became thinner and thinner.

        In the end, the mountain where the forbidden place of the dead was located suddenly disappeared into thin air, and there was no more mountain in front of Han Qianli and the others, only an unattractive flat area of green grass.

        The sky cleared up, and the sun shone all over the land, revealing the fragrance of birds and flowers.

        Han Qianli and the others did not leave, but with his current injuries, he had to recuperate.

        Although the conditions were crude, Qin Frost was very careful to repair the place as well as possible.

        With tree trunks as support, large leaves as tiles, and covered with hay, it was crude, but very comfortable.

        Han Qiangiang lay on the grass with a hay hanging from his mouth, his legs crossed, and a large leaf covering his body, shaking his legs leisurely, dragging him like a rich man, quietly looking at Qin Frost, who was catching fish in the river in the distance.

        She has tried several times, but each time she misses the fish by a hair.

        But she knew that Han Qianqian needed to replenish her nutrients during her period of rest and recuperation, so she still stubbornly chose to catch a fish for him to eat.

        She took care of her the way he took care of himself.

        But Qin Frost found that she didn't know how to do it, she could only learn and try her best to do it awkwardly and seriously.

        "Sister, hand to heart, heart to eye, one shot will hit the mark!" At this time, Han Qianqian shook her calves and shouted loudly.

        Qin Frost nodded and wiped the sweat from her forehead: "Hand to heart, heart to eye!"

        One fork in the road!

        Qin Shang was so excited that she danced around like a child and showed off her achievement to Han Qianqian with the fish.

        The first time I saw it, I thought it was a simple thing to do, but when I did it myself, I was clumsy and panicked, and a fish was finally declared cooked under her tossing and turning.

        With a tree fork in her hand, QinShan did not give the roasted fish to Han Qianqian, but instead, she carefully tore off the top of the fish with her delicate hands, and then tried to tear it by hand to feed Han Qianqian.

        The first thing I noticed was that Qin Frost was too gentle to eat, so even though he was taking care of himself, he was still very gentle, and although his body is indeed unable to move now, it doesn't mean that he may hang up at any time.

        "Sister, baking fish and eating noodles is the same, slow swallowing and chewing is not enough, you need to sizzle a little to be cool." Han Qianli smiled.

        He didn't want Qin Frost to make too much effort, and he wasn't the one to trouble others until he had to.

        Qin Frost nodded, put his hands on his knees, and looked at Han Qianqian, "This time, thank you."

        Han Qianli laughed as he ate the fish, "What's there to thank for? If you have to thank me, give me an award for being a loyal protector."

        Hearing Han Qianqian's joke, Qin Frost couldn't help but smile slightly, "By the way, who was that old man just now? Why does he still call you master?"

        Han Qianqiang was stunned, he really didn't know how to answer this question, so he could only smile awkwardly, "He said his name was Kidney Void, and I don't know if he had been locked up for too long and his brain was a bit abnormal, but he insisted on forcing me to be his master, so I reluctantly agreed to him in order to take the golden body."

        Qin Frost nodded: "He seems to be someone who gives me a very familiar feeling, but I really don't know him."

        "What's the point of thinking about this, he's my disciple and I'm your slave, he won't be good enough to call you Master when he sees you?" Han Qianli was in a good mood.

        "Also right." Qin Frost nodded.

        "Sister, give it to you." At this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly handed the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword to Qin Frost.

        Seeing the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword, Qin Frost was stunned and looked at Han Qianqian with puzzlement.

        Shen Xu Zi had said that the Demon Suppressing Divine Sword was one of the most masculine artifacts in the world, capable of suppressing evil qi. Han Qianqian chose to give it to Qin Frost mainly because he wanted it to be by Qin Frost's side to suppress the evil qi in the Beast King's golden body so that she would be protected from evil qi.