His True Colors Chapter 1701-1703

 Chapter 1701

"Master Han, if you pass by this village, you won't have this store anymore, so please think carefully."

        "The most important thing is, I don't think that girl outside will last much longer."

        "And ......"

        Han Qianli couldn't listen to any more and nodded, "Okay. I promise you."

        The fundamental reason why Han Qianli was hesitant to agree was mainly because he felt that he had taken advantage of him, and Han Qianli, as a person, hated to take advantage of others precisely the most.

        "Okay, then Master is above, accept the disciple's worship!"

        Seeing the old man kneel directly in front of him, Han Giangli really felt hot eyes, the age difference between the two, I don't know how big it is.

        However, the cheap apprentice is always an apprentice. Cheap apprentice is always an apprentice, Han 3,000 nodded awkwardly, is recognized.

        "Hehe. Then Master, give me a magic name."

        Han 3000 looked at his fart-topped face and really was going crazy.

        I really don't know if he's been in this place too long and his brain is a little crazy.

        "Isn't Divine Emptiness quite good, could it be that you still want to call yourself Kidney Emptiness?"

        "Good, then I'll call the kidney weakness."

        He looked at his happy face, Han 3,000 yuan was made to roll his eyes, the whole person is even more thunder inside and outside of the tender. If it's on Earth, he must be this fool to the mental hospital.

        "Okay, hurry ...... hurry that what." Han 3,000 yuan wanted to tell him to teach himself, but as a master, go tell his disciple to teach himself, how to shout this how awkward.

        "Phantomless divine power is it? Good."

        After Shen Xu Zi finished speaking, he asked Han 3000 to follow him to meditate face to face, then, after Han 3000 entered the meditation state, a big partial text appeared in his consciousness, according to these words, Han 3000 began to practice.

        The so-called Phaseless Divine Merit is actually somewhat like the Earth's Golden Buzzer Iron Cloth and the hybrid method of hitting a bull across a mountain, using force to hit a bull, etc., which can be performed as long as there is a certain amount of energy in the body. When it is performed, as long as there is a certain amount of energy in the body, it can stimulate the energy in the body to organize a strong defensive network.

        Any attack that touches this defense will immediately be bounced back and. Often, in the process of bouncing back, it will also carry the above-mentioned techniques of the Phantasmal Divine Gong, which will increase in power.

        The top of the training system, the Phantasmal Divine Kung Fu can even analyze these attacks and copy and learn.

        It's quite a bit of an eye for an eye.

        Although the levels are not the same, the philosophy is the same in many places, plus Han's talent itself is outstanding. There were even bugs in his body, and in just a few hours, the Phantomless Divine Merit had been learned by Han Qianqian.

        Except for being a little rusty. The realm is a little low ......

        "Han 3,000 won't be in any danger."

        Outside the temple, Qin Frost tried to stand up with strength, she was too tormented outside, Han 3,000 yuan has been in for six or seven hours, the sky is getting dark, but there is no movement inside, which made Qin Frost very worried about Han 3,000 yuan's safety.

        The forbidden place of the dead spirits is full of organs, and Han 3,000 is just a slave who has learned some introductory heart techniques from himself.

        What's more, he went in to save himself!

        Lin from this time stopped in front of Qin Frost and looked into the temple, with some concern in his eyes. There was indeed something extraordinary about Han Giangli, it was true. The Pangu Axe and the powerful energy in his body could indeed protect him in many places, but the problem was that he didn't know how to use it, and secondly, he didn't know how to use it. First, he didn't know how to use it, and second, it wasn't invincible.

        Those energies were more passive to protect him, and they were often spiritual field attacks, so once he encountered a hard-hitting expert, Han 3000 was no match at all.

        To put it simply. Han 3,000 is more like a mage who wears warrior's clothes, but is actually a mage with a high amount of blue. The key point is that this mage doesn't know how to attack people with blue. He only knocks people with a magic wand, which can be cool at any time, right?

        The Temple of the Dead is full of organs, and it is a question of whether the little priest can survive. It is indeed a problem.

        Lin Long said: "Whether he is in danger or not, you can't go in. Even if something bad happens to him, if you have to go back in to die, then his efforts will be in vain. Wouldn't his efforts have been in vain then?"

        Qin Frost lowered her head sadly, "But, I can't just stand by and watch what happens to him. And I can't do anything about it myself."

        "You just treat him as a slave, whether he dies or not, it doesn't matter to you." Lin Long doesn't comfort people. It can only reason.

        Qin Frost firmly shook her head: "Maybe before, but I can't do it now."

        After saying that, Qin Frost endured her sadness and managed to squeeze out a bitter smile: "In my eyes, or what anyone has told me is that slaves are just slaves, they don't have the right to live, nor the space to live, so it doesn't matter whether they are dead or alive. But what I never expected was that this slave, time and time again, would save my life, you say, isn't it ironic? The one you despise the most is, in the end, your salvation, even the one that is best for you."

Chapter 1702

Thinking of this, Qin Frost thought of the firmness, bravery, and fearlessness on Han Qianqian's face when she ran with herself on her back, the most handsome face she had ever seen.

        Thinking of this, she couldn't help but smile sweetly.

        Even though the Linlong was only a dragon, she was completely charmed by Qinshang's fairy-like smile.

        Qin Frost was very beautiful, so beautiful that people did not dare to approach her, but when she smiled, she was even more beautiful.

        It was as if he had once kil led Han Qianqian, but in the end he had to bow to him, the world is so unpredictable, and often times you don't know the outcome until the end.

        In the temple, at this time, Han Qiangiang's body was emitting a faint golden light, the entire upper body was also wet because of sweat, soaked clothes will be his body shape perfect lines to show out, coupled with his handsome face, any girl is afraid that the presence of a girl will be moved.

        "Continue to push the phaseless divine power, the spirits of the dead have begun to transcend." After saying that, Shen Xu Zi hurriedly continued to sit steadily on the opposite side of Han Qianqian, feeling the peaceful power brought by the golden light.

        It was as if he was roaming in the sky, free and at ease, a feeling he had never had in many years.

        On the other hand, Fu Tian, who had been waiting for more than a month, finally couldn't hold back. Although it was reasonable and expected that the disciples of the Eternal Sea would never return, what Fu Tian never expected was that he would stay for such a long time and hadn't received any news.

        Although the Fushi clan has no true gods and is very declining, but after all, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, and the people of the Eternal Sea are qualified to be arrogant in front of themselves, but arrogance is not equal to rudeness.

        So, after another meeting yesterday, Futian waited until today, still no news, decided to pack up his things and go home.

        When he saw Futian, the middle-aged man gave him a disdainful glance: "Are you the patriarch of the Fushi Family, Futian?"

        Fu Tian nodded his head, "You are?"

        The middle-aged man smiled disdainfully and replied in a cold voice, "Well said, the steward of the Eternal Ao Clan, Ao Yong."

        Fu Tianton compensated with a smile, "So it's Chief Steward Ao Yong, disrespectful."

        Ao Yong nodded his head naturally, if it was before, when the head of the Fu Clan arrived, this steward of his would have been nodding and bowing, but now, Ao Yong was completely disdainful, but it was just a minor clan, it was only natural for this steward of his to be treated with courtesy by the other party.

        "All right, let's dispense with the courtesy. I came over to find you this time, also because I heard from the guards that the Fu Clan Chief often comes over wanting to pay a visit, so I specially came over to see what the Fu Clan Chief's business is."

        Fu Tian nodded and smiled, "It is indeed a bit important to discuss, has Clan Leader Ao had time?"

        "Our patriarch?" Ao Yong laughed coldly: "Fu Clan Chief, human beings, should know how to judge the situation, our clan chief is busy or not, I'm afraid I don't have time to see you, you have something to do, and I can discuss it."

        Fu Tian's face was cold, and his eyes were filled with embarrassment. He was the head of the clan, and had waited for a month to pay a visit, but all he got in return was a small housekeeper to meet with him? The Eternal Ao Tribe seems to be too dismissive of itself, doesn't it?

        Seeing Fountain's unhappy face, Ao Yong said coldly, "What? The Futian Clan Leader seems to not want to talk to Ao? That's all right, Little Yong, pay the inn's bill for the Fu Clan Chief, so that no one will say that we are arrogant and rude to our guests."

        Ao Yong said, smiled disdainfully, turned around and left.

        Fu Tian was trembling with anger. The Eternal Sea does not allow outsiders to come and go as they please, so what is the point of having guests? Ao Yong's words were clearly an attempt to humiliate himself with some broken money.

        But Fu Tian chose to endure, his goal was to be the head of the three great families, not the head of a Fu Clan, and negotiating with the Eternal Sea was the only option.

        Fu Tian barely managed to squeeze out a smile, and hurriedly caught up with him: "Headmaster Ao Yong, you misunderstood, Fu Mou did not mean it, but yesterday he did not rest well and was not in good spirits, please also move inside the house to talk."

        Ao Yong sneered again with disdain, and without even looking at Fu Tian, he said: "Fine, but I don't have any extra time to waste on boring people, so I'll give you one sentence of time to tell me a reason why I should stay."

        Fu Tian continued to hold back, the other party was really too aggressive: "This matter I want to talk about with Chief Manager Ao Yong is about the future of the Eternal Sea, once the Fu Clan falls, the power of the three legs will be broken, will the Eternal Sea still be able to fight against the top of the Blue Mountain?"

        "Okay, I'll give you half a pillar of incense." Ao Yong smiled gently and returned towards Fu Tian's room.

        Once he arrived at the room, Fu Tian was about to speak, but found that Ao Yong was just sitting there, and the four servants behind him were also just standing there, at once, he held back his dissatisfaction, bent down and lifted the teapot on the table, and poured tea for Ao Yong, Ao Yong took a sip, before looking at Fu Tian, and said, "Fu Clan Leader, what makes you think that the Eternal Sea cannot fight against the top of the Blue Mountain? "

        In fact, the reason why Ao Yong chose to meet with Fotian at the last moment was indeed a consideration of the three-legged stool, but the Eternal Sea did not just want to safely maintain the original order.

        When everyone is equally strong, the three great families check and balance each other, and naturally none of them has any ambition, but once the pattern of checks and balances becomes unbalanced, those with power naturally do not want to accept the status quo, and instead their ambition will grow.

        When they were three, they restrained each other, but when they had Jingzhou, their ambition was to unify the whole country, and the same was true for Wei.

        Otherwise, Dongwu would not have made so many northern expeditions, but it was only strength that prevented him from making up his mind.

        Therefore, the Eternal Sea also had its own ideas, and wanted to take advantage of the void caused by the fall of Fushi's True God to wrestle with the summit of the Blue Mountain, but the Eternal Sea also knew its own strength, and against the summit of the Blue Mountain, they were at a slight disadvantage.

        In order to dominate the eight worlds, the Eternal Sea can only act secretly and privately compared to the summit of the Blue Mountain.

        The summit of the Blue Mountain to maintain a new family, with their strength, they can indeed create a large new family, the eight world many big families are also so stupid to move, but the strength of a little lower the Eternal Sea, there are not many options.

        Even if they cultivate it, it is naturally not as good as the top of the Blue Mountain, so the defeat becomes more and more obvious, but the Fushi family comes to their door, and to them, it is the most important piece to win this chess game, because after all, the Fushi family is one of the three big families, even if the True God has fallen, but the family background is still thick, so the first thing they need to do is to completely suppress the dignity of the Fushi family, and willingly submit to them.

Chapter 1703

So, the clan leader of the Eternal Sea, after learning of Fountain's visit, deliberately snubbed him, and then suddenly gave him some hope when he was completely impatient, but this hope was the hope that completely destroyed Fountain's dignity.

        The transformation of passivity into initiative in the Eternal Sea is a good game.

        At this time, Futian had been completely pressured by Ao Yong, the steward, and had no temper, and his heart was more eager to reach cooperation with the Eternal Sea, and had completely walked into a passive situation.

        "The True God at the summit of the Blue Mountain is itself the strongest of the three gods, and I believe that this point is very clear to Chief Steward Ao, right?" Fu Tian Dao.

        Ao Yong nodded his head, this is an indisputable fact, after all, Xuanyuan world are created by the top of the Blue Mountain.

        "To put it simply, the top of the Eight Parties World is now a war between you and them. But the world and you and I know clearly that the top of the Blue Mountain is the most likely to win the Great Ying family, and we all know how to take sides," said Fu Tian. Fu Tian said. "If the Eternal Sea doesn't do what the world sees as hopeful, I believe that in the near future, most of the powers of the Eight Directions World will return to the top of the Blue Mountain, and at that time, the Eternal Sea will be fighting on all sides."

        "So what? Is the summit of the Blue Mountain really going to make us afraid of the Eternal Sea, don't forget that we have true gods in the Eternal Sea." Ao Yong laughed.

        "One True God is indeed invincible in the Eight Directions World, but no matter how strong a True God is, does he have any chance of winning against another True God leading the siege of the Eight Directions World?" Fu Tian said softly.

        Ao Yong naturally knew this truth, the strong will not pity the weak, as long as the top of the Blue Mountain dominates the world, it will not spare the Eternal Sea.

        This is also the fundamental reason why Ao Yong was willing to come to talk.

        Seeing that Ao Yong did not refute, Foutian said squarely, "Although the Fushi family has no True God, we still have Fuyan, the star of the future, and if the Eternal Life clan can join hands with us, the same three clans will be established in the future, and at that time, we will be partners, and we can continue to maintain the status quo, or exclude them."

        Exclusion naturally means excluding the top of the Blue Mountain!

        "But I've heard that Fuyu doesn't seem to want to become a true god, and you can't control her, Fu Clan Leader." Ao Yong smiled.

        Fu Tian was not convinced: "Fuyan is in the end a member of the Fuyan Clan, even if she is not willing to follow the command, she is still a member of the Fuyan Clan, and secondly, if she is really really difficult to control, I can recreate another Fuyan out of her."

        "So, your condition is that the Fu Clan becomes a subordinate of our Eternal Sea, right?" Ao Yong covered the coffin at this time.

        In fact, before coming here, he had already thought of everything, and knew the current situation of the three big clans, and how to go forward, and the cooperation with the Fu Clan was the best choice for them.

        It was just that he had to make the Fushi Clan obey the Eternal Life Clan.

        Fu Tian gritted his teeth, of course this is not what he wanted to see, he just wanted to equate the transaction, the Eternal Life family to give themselves help and support, and when the strength of the Fu Clan grows up, the world will be divided into three again, then they can help the Eternal Life family even more, at most they are the main, themselves as a supplement, Blue Mountain after!

        But Ao Yong's condition was to make Fushi their pawn, their subordinate, which are the two concepts of complete union and enslavement.

        "Headmaster Ao, if you are really unwilling to cooperate with us, we can join the top of the Blue Mountain." Fu Tian got up and gestured to leave.

        Both sides had their own agendas, Fu Tian could give up his face to make peace with the Eternal Sea, even without dignity, but he couldn't let the Fu Clan have no interests, otherwise, what was the point of him being the clan leader?

        "The Fu Clan Chief is the head of a clan, why does he act so impulsively? Since you don't want to be a subordinate of our Eternal Life, let's do it another way."

        "Let's talk about cooperation, and since we're cooperating, I want to know what the Eternal One gets out of it."

        "It depends on your needs, as long as it's not too excessive, I'll help someone to do it."

        Ao Yong smiled gently, "Well, I can go back and report this matter to the clan chief, so that he can personally finalize the details with you, however, the clan chief is very busy, if this is not possible to negotiate after I report it, Ao Yong can't afford it, in other words, the Fu clan chief has to show your sincerity, so that I can trust you."

        Fu Tian was stunned: "What do you mean, Head Ao Yong?"

        Thinking of this, he quickly took out several types of excellent materials from his bag and placed them on the table: "Ao Yong, is this enough sincerity?"

        Ao Yong laughed: "To say that the Fu Clan Chief is the head of a great clan, really is a smart person, a little bit, but, obviously the Fu Clan Chief is sincere enough, but what about the heart?"

        After saying that, Ao Yong slowly lifted his foot, turned it towards Fu Tian, and laughed disdainfully: "This shoe of mine is a bit dirty."

        Fu Tian's face was fierce, but hesitated for a moment, or squatted down, was about to raise his hand, Ao Yong laughed: "Fu Clan Chief misunderstood, I'm not asking you to pat it clean, but to lick it clean."