His True Colors Chapter 1699-1700

 Chapter 1699

When Han Qianli heard the sound, he probed around with his consciousness, but had no luck.

        Just as Han 3,000 was confused, the voice sounded again.

        "Perfect, perfect, simply too perfect, this body is simply a genius. It makes me even envious."

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, what kind of oddity?

        Han Qianqiang's brows furrowed and he stared around vigilantly." Who?"

        Sometimes, Han Qianqiang really felt that he was too weak, because he was completely unable to identify his enemies, even if they were right next to him, it was like being blind without eyes, it was too dangerous to walk the lakes and rivers.

        "No wonder even the unstoppable Beast King has submitted to you, with a talent like yours, it's not surprising."

        When the white light appeared, an old man suddenly stood behind Han Qianqian. He had white hair and white clothes, white beard and white eyebrows, and was very festive and charitable looking.

        At this time, his old eyes were greedily sizing up Han Qianli. His eyes were filled with indulgence.

        Seeing that Han Qianli was very wary, he didn't mind and smiled, "Master, may I see your Pangu Axe?".

        Han Qianqiang immediately grasped the Pangu Axe tighter, the whole person even more made an attack stance, the other party is friend or foe can't tell clearly for the time being, this old boy moving to look at other people's weapons, afraid not crazy.

        "The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're not going to be able to get a good deal of money for your money. It's also a ghost." He smiled hehehe.

        Seeing Han Qianli's confusion, he continued, "So-called gods, I'm also worthy, so-called ghosts, I also count."

        Han Qianli nodded his head, "Whatever, whether it's a god or a ghost has nothing to do with me.

        Since he was guarding the temple, that meant that it was enough to ask him where the golden body was. : "Then in that case, I would like to ask if the Beast King's former golden body is here?"

        He wasn't wary, and laughed, "Yes, I have been here since the temple was built, guarding the golden body and suppressing the thousands of souls beneath the temple. Master Han, have you come to get this golden body?"

        Han Qianli saw his frankness and didn't hide it: "Yes."

        "Is it for this beast?" He pointed to Xiaobai, then shook his head, "Then I am sorry, but you have accepted this beast. But you should know that it is treacherous and cunning, and that it was a vicious and vicious person in life, so if you let it have its golden body, it may cause endless trouble."

        "Senior, you have misunderstood. Actually, I didn't come to get its golden body this time for this little beast, but to save people." Han Qianli hurriedly said.

        "To save people?" God Void frowned slightly.

        "That's right." Han Qianli said, telling him roughly about Qin Frost's situation.

        After hearing it, Divine Void still shook his head resolutely, "Actually, I really should have saved her, after all, she and I are considered fellow disciples."

        Han Qianli was puzzled, "Senior, since we are in the same family, why not?"

        "Just because I am a member of the Void Sect, and she is also a member of the Void Sect, then it's all the more reason to abide by the rules of the Void Sect, and the Dead Spirit Temple has been in existence since it was built. There has been a sectarian ban within the Void Sect, forbidding any disciple of the sect from trespassing in the temple, let alone touching the contents of this temple." God Void categorically refused.

        "Senior, the rules are dead. People are alive, and it's important to save their lives now, isn't it?" Han Qianqian said urgently.

        Shen Xu Zi shook his head: "Master Han, you're not saving her at all, but harming her. Although my Void Sect isn't considered a great sect, it's at least a famous one, and if you put the King of Demon Beasts' golden body on her, even if she lives, it's worse than dying."

        "Why is that?"

        "The Beast King has absorbed the essence of all demons and forged her body from blood, and her golden body is very evil and demonic. Since ancient times, good and evil have not been mutually exclusive."

        "I see you are clearly fallacious, good and evil, good and evil, I ask you, what is good and evil?" Han Qianqiang said angrily.

        "What is that superior's solution?" The old man asked softly.

        "I think the human heart is what is righteous and evil. Even if one's famous family is righteous, can one be considered righteous if one's heart is not righteous? A person who comes from a demon tribe and is full of demonic aura, but is concerned about the world, is he considered evil? Yet he cares about the world, can he be considered evil?"

        "You're right, but is it a fearful thing for people to say that other people would think the same of you?"

        Sometimes people's prejudices are like a big mountain that you can't move or remove, but they can overwhelm you.

        If the demon Qi of the golden body is too heavy. Even if Qinshang absorbs it, he will be subject to the demon Qi entering his body, and then he will certainly be subjected to a blank stare, and may even be expelled from the Void Sect.

        "Unless ......"

        "Unless what!"

        "Unless you are willing to take care of her." The old man said softly.

        Han Qianli nodded instantly, "Of course I'll take care of her."

        "The care I'm talking about isn't for a moment. It could be ten years, it could be a hundred years, or it could be forever and ever."

        Han Three Thousand was stunned, what did that mean. Could it be that to save someone, you have to put yourself on the line to do so?

        "You have the Pan Gu Axe, and there is even an incomparably powerful golden light in your body, which is powerful. It can suppress any evil breath in the world, so you are the only one who can help her suppress the demonic energy in her body."

        "But I don't know how to use this power in my body. How can I save it?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        "There are two kinds, one is quick, which is just a few years, and the other is long-lasting. It can take a lifetime." The old man laughed lightly.

        Han Qianqian was stunned, "How about the fast one, and how about the slow one?"

        "The fast one is the one where the man and the woman work together, since they can connect with yin and yang, and suppress her energy with the help of drawing on your energy."

        Han Qianli sweated profusely, "What about the slow one?"

        The old man smiled, and with a lift of his hand, a book slowly flew in front of Han Qianli, "This is the Falling Rain Divine Sword Technique, a sword technique I have practiced all my life, divided into two parts, yin and yang, if you want to save her, after her golden body is absorbed by her, she needs to practice the yang part of the sword technique, while you, on the other hand, need to practice the yin part."

        "When the sword techniques meet, the two of you can synchronize your breaths, so that your golden energy will be absorbed by her, and even suppress the demonic energy in her body, this is what I call taking care of."

        Han Qianli thought for only a moment before simply biting his tongue and agreeing." I choose the latter."

        Qin Frost was so heavily injured for herself, even if she was paralyzed, Han Qianqian would still take care of her without any hesitation, but the former was betraying Su Yingxia, which was definitely not allowed, and as for co-cultivating the sword, that was no problem.

        The old man's eyes flashed with an imperceptible smirk, and continued to square up, "That's fine, I can give you my golden body, but I have one more condition."

Chapter 1700

Han Qianli had no idea that he had fallen into a big trap laid by the white-bearded old man, one after another.

        At this time, Qin Frost, who was outside the temple, kept staring intently into the temple.

        But after looking at it for a long time, there was nothing in the temple. The temple was not affected in the slightest, until she looked a little trance-like, and an old man's serene voice suddenly came in her head: "Little daughter, the ancestor can only help you up to this point, with your stunning looks, plus the catalytic power of the Falling Rain Divine Sword, the future is promising."

        "Who are you?" Qin Frost was shocked and shouted in panic.

        But only a few laughs remained in his head, and there was no response.

        Inside the temple. The old man suddenly had godly eyes and smiled slightly.

        "What else do you want?" Han Qianqiang did not notice anything different about him and wondered.

        "Under the Temple of the Dead. What is suppressed are thousands and thousands of souls that have passed away. These dead souls are all people, or beasts, who died on the battlefield during the war to seal the Beast King, and they are extremely resentful, so if I take away the golden body, it will definitely trigger the balance of good and evil forces in the temple, and then the yin and yang will be out of balance, and there will be chaos here."

        "So, you want the golden body. Otherwise, even if you save anyone, I won't agree with you."

        Han Qianli nodded, he had no problem with this finishing work. But what was problematic was that he couldn't do it: "Senior, I've already said that I won't use the energy in my body."

        The old man was slightly embarrassed." This power is very peculiar, and it's normal that you don't understand it and can't use it, because ...... because I can't either."

        Seeing Han Qianqian's concern, the old man smiled slightly, "But being able to use it and not being able to use it are two concepts. Using this technique, you can barely stimulate the golden energy in your body, but I have one requirement ......".

        Han Giangli suppressed his impatience. If it weren't for the fact that you're an old man, and I really have a low ability at the moment, I would really like to beat you to death: "Senior, can you simply finish in one breath?"

        "Master, youth is fine, but don't be so impulsive. After all, I am proud of my self-invented "Face-less Divine Kung Fu", and I only need to spend a little bit of my own strength. I only need to spend a little bit of my own strength, and then I can use my strength to strike out ten times as hard.

        Han 3,000 subconsciously almost shouted good, but it was restrained in time. He discovered that this old man has a magical power that always leads you astray and then into his rhythm." What do you want then, Senior?"

        "I've passed on my lifelong mastery to you, you say this ......" the old man suddenly smiled.

        Han Qianqian was stunned, "Senior means that you want me to worship you as my master?"

        "No, I'm worshiping you as my master."

        Han 3,000 almost stumbled and fell directly to the ground, this Nee code completely not according to the routine, teach me skills, but turn around to worship his own master, what kind of operation is this?

        Although it's not a difficult task to accept a disciple, Han Qianqian knew that he was capable of it and hadn't expanded to that extent, and even wondered, "Senior, what do you mean by that?"

        Naturally, Shenxu Zi had his own plans, but Han Qianqiang was the one who carried the Pan Gu Axe. What is the concept of the Pan Gu Axe? That's the big ki ll that opens up the world.

        Sometimes don't talk about strength, don't talk about talent, and don't talk about encounters. In front of absolute suppression, everything is bullsh*t.

        And the Pangu Axe is that absolute suppression.

        Of course, Divine Void would love to have such a patron, after all, in the world of the eight directions, there is a patron. It's really possible to walk across the room.

        Look at those three True God Families, which family is not walking horizontally?

        Wouldn't Shenxuzi want to? Of course he does!

        Originally, he was a genius master of the Void Sect. He cultivated very fast, but when he challenged the True God, he was beaten and left with a broken soul. So he sealed the last remnants of his soul on the Voidless Sect's forbidden book, thus making himself an instrument and increasing the power of the forbidden book. He became a great weapon of the Voidless Sect, and at least he could die, but at least he could benefit his descendants. He would be able to become a great weapon of the Void Sect, at least for the benefit of his descendants.

        But unexpectedly, when he was in charge of sealing off the Dead Souls Temple, he met Han Qianqian. This superior with the Pangu Axe!

        This made him completely change his initial thoughts.

        He desperately hoped that he would be able to strengthen his broken soul again, then find a new body to be reborn, and then ...... lean on this patron to re-emerge his Void Sect!

        And for this plan, he not only bet on himself, but also on Qinshang.

        As for how to strengthen his residual soul, it was very simple, Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 did not even know that it was clearly arranged by someone else, and was a little flattered at this time.

        "Senior, I ...... am too weak, moreover, I'm just a slave of the Void Sect, and this ...... how can I accept you as my disciple?" Han Qianqian was embarrassed.

        "You can learn from my Faceless Divine Kung Fu, so you can naturally have a skill at your disposal, how about it, do you agree?"

        Han Qianqiang is speechless, what is all this about?