His True Colors Chapter 1697-1698

 Chapter 1697

Soon, the group entered the mountain.

        Standing at the foot of the mountain, they looked up and saw a dilapidated temple in the shade of the forest halfway up the mountain.

        The temple was black brick and red tile, but it had been weathered for a long time. Although the outline of the temple is vaguely visible, only the outline remains because of its age.

        Although it was the middle of the day, Han Qianli could still feel a slight chill.

        Kirin then looked at Han 3,000 and said, "This place is very evil, be more careful, don't accidentally lose your life, it will not be worth the loss."

        Han Qianli also felt it. But with a smile on his lips, he said, "In evil, no one's heart is evil, let's go."

        Carrying Qin Frost. Han 3,000 miles away from the mountain.

        More than an hour later, Han 3,000 and others finally arrived before the broken temple, which was three rooms in one, about five meters high, with a plaque in the center: the Temple of the Dead Souls.

        Standing in front of the temple, the cold exhaled, deep into the sneaky, Qin Frost shivered, and Han 3,000's entire brow was tightly furrowed. This temple. It looks very simple, but in fact, the undercurrent surges and cannot be feared.

        Looking at this familiar place, Little Bai had a lot of thoughts.

        The battle lasted three days and three nights, and the bodies of Void Sect disciples and hundreds of beasts piled up into mountains and rivers of blood, and he and his wife were gradually exhausted by the Void Sect's tactic of a sea of people and fell into a losing battle.

        Later, the Void Sect people attacked his wife, causing the Beast King to retreat, and the Beast King was distracted and fell into a trap. The Beast King was distracted and fell into the trap. His body was sealed by the Void Clanman and remained here forever.

        "This peak originally had only one back mountain, but after that battle. There's an additional mountain here." Xiao Bai gave a bitter laugh.

        Because this mountain beneath his feet wasn't a mountain at all!

        But a giant mass grave!

        At that time, all the people and beasts who died in the war were buried here.

        Because there were too many casualties to be buried separately, the only way to bury them was to lay ten thousand graves here, and this temple was built to suppress the ten thousand souls and beast kings on the graves.

        Bai smiled coldly, "If you want to get the golden body, you have to enter the temple."

        Han 3,000 nodded, and Qin Shuang patted Han 3,000 gently on the back, indicating that he should not go in. Qin Frost now patted Han on his back, indicating that he should not go in, as this place was really haunted by evil spirits and had a feeling that something was wrong.

        Han Qianqian shook his head. He left Qin Frost outside the temple, and at the same time made arrangements for Lin Long to protect Qin Frost beside him, and stepped into the temple with Xiaobai.

        As soon as the temple door opened, the wind and clouds changed color, and a gust of wind came from the temple, and there was a burst of wailing of ghosts and wolves inside, Han 3,000 forcefully pushed the energy in his body, which slightly stabilized his mind.

        When he stepped into the temple, the temple door closed with a loud bang, and outside, Qin Lang's nervous jade hands couldn't help but grip his clothes, his eyes full of worry.

        At this time, Han Qianli was also shocked by the sudden closing of the temple door, and the house was so dark that he could not see his fingers. After adapting to the light, Han 3,000 fought with energy to create a fireball, and only then was he able to see the surrounding area clearly.

        The temple was very large. There were four large pillars, each one as wide as a man's embrace, and at the end of the center of the temple, there was a statue of a god, who Han couldn't recognize. He only knew that he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a green robe and a long sword, and was making a roaring face.

        "Underneath the statue of the god. That's where the seal is." Little White said.

        Han 3,000 nodded his head and walked toward the statue without thinking about it.

        Halfway there, Han 3,000 suddenly felt his back getting heavier and heavier. With each step, it was as if a jackhammer had been strapped to his feet, making it difficult to go down, and even more difficult to lift. It was hard to get down, and even harder to lift up.

        Just two steps later, Han 3,000 was already sweating like rain, and Bai, who was next to him, was no better. When he cried out in pain, he shrank back into Han 3,000's arms.

        Han 3,000 looked around, but the wind was calm and there was no fluctuation at all.

        What's going on?

        Han Giangli stopped. He tried to use his consciousness to perceive his surroundings, but again, he found nothing.

        The statue was no more than a dozen steps away, but Han 3,000 realized that he couldn't get any closer, and if he continued, he would have to die of exhaustion.

        Although he didn't know what was going on, his intuition told him that this was not simple.

        Quickly, with a slight mention on his lips, Han Qianqian quickly split the fireball into four and hit each of the four pillars, relieving him of a heavy burden and making him feel much more relaxed.

        After a few more steps, Han 3,000 was suddenly in the middle of an ocean, surrounded by water, with nothing else in sight.

        Han 3,000 tried to swim a few strokes, but it was as if he was being pulled by a ghost, and no matter how hard he tried, he just swam in place, and the feeling of suffocation became stronger and stronger.

        Han 3,000 estimated what was in his mind, and quickly struck out in eight directions, and when the big waves dispersed, Han 3,000 suddenly returned to the ancient temple.

        "I understand." Han 3,000 smiled with great confidence.

        At this moment, the statue suddenly rumbled, and when Han Qianli raised his eyes, the statue suddenly split into two, both of them as if copied and pasted.

        "As expected."

Chapter 1698

"Four elephants, eight trigrams, then it's time for the next two."

        After Han Qianli finished laughing, he took the left side of the idol's head as dry, and the right side of the idol's feet as kun, and found it in the center line. A ray of energy was then pushed directly over.

        As soon as the attack arrived, the two statues were reduced to nothing, and a large bagua appeared in front of Han 3,000.

        The gossip was lightly opened, and Han Qianli slowly walked inside.

        Once inside, the smell of blood overwhelmed him, and in front of him was a one-meter-diameter circular passage, winding and twisting. He did not know where it went.

        Walking on the feet, there were some echoes inside the cave, both like the sound of footsteps. It was like the sound of footsteps, whispering, crying, and sighing.

        But Han was alone in the cave, and I did not know where the sounds came from, as if they were inside the cave or behind Han's back.

        Because it was too dark inside the cave, Han Qianqian had been holding the wall of the cave and walking slowly inside, but all along the way, Han Qianqian felt a strange feeling in his hands.

        What he touched. The cave wall was very uneven, and when he borrowed the fireball from his hand, he was shocked into a cold sweat.

        It wasn't a wall at all, or rather, it wasn't an earth and stone structure on top of the wall, but rather a face full of mud and yet very twisted.

        Some of them were laughing, some were shouting, some were crying, and some were burrowing in and out of each other like a group of loaches.

        Han Qianqian was a very strong-hearted person, but he still couldn't help but almost vomit when he saw this scene.

        With this nausea, Han 3,000 stepped up his pace to go deeper into the cave.

        After a few moments, Han 3,000 suddenly stopped, because he suddenly noticed that there was a trace of condensation burning under his feet. There was the slightest trace of burnt ashes under his feet.

        If his guess was correct, it was because he was scared when he shined the fire on the wall of the cave earlier. The fire shook a little and burned the wall.

        In other words, I was still on the same path after circling around for half a day.


        Han Qianqiang's eyebrows furrowed.

        Then, he smiled, stopped walking, and slowly sat on the spot.

        With a calm heart, Han Qianli put away all distracting thoughts and entered a state of meditation.

        A few moments later, there was a bright light before his eyes. Suddenly there was light in front of his eyes, and Han Qianli returned to the temple, only. Although the current temple was the same as the one just now, the brightness was at two extremes.

        The inside of the cave was deep and winding, and its walls were full of human faces, so even the boldest person would be afraid and disgusted in that environment, so he definitely wanted to leave there quickly.

        But the more he fled, the more often he couldn't escape.

        The more one escapes, the more often one cannot escape. Han 3,000 understood this truth in time, so he quickly closed his mind and concentrated, with no distractions.

        Although Han Qianqian was not a strong person, he was superior to ordinary people in terms of his mind and spiritual will, and he was extremely clever and had various adventures. To ordinary people, the Four Elephants and Eight Trigrams would become very difficult, but to Han 3,000, it was just a matter of solving the puzzle.

        "Golden body. Master, it's my golden body."

        On top of the temple, a humanoid skeleton stood there, all gold, bound with red threads, with seven acupuncture points on its body sealed by yellow talismans.

        "Isn't this a human?" Han Qianqiang wondered.

        "Master. I've cultivated to the point of immortality, is it still difficult for me to take human form?" Xiao Bai Dao.

        Han 3,000 suddenly laughed, "So, you're an orc who will never be a slave. Unless food and shelter are included?"

        Sebastian looked at Han Marchant with a confused face, not understanding and not bothering to understand. He pointed at the golden body and said, "I'll go and have a look first."

        After saying that, Bai rushed towards the golden body, and just reached the center of the four pillars. The temple was suddenly thunderstruck, and a purple thunderbolt fell from the roof, striking directly at Sebastian!


        Although White's consciousness was superhuman, he was unable to dodge the sudden violet lightning and was shocked. However, when faced with the sudden onslaught of purple lightning, he could not dodge it at all, and was momentarily dismayed. He had no doubt. If this lightning hit him, he would immediately have to reincarnate once again.

        But at this moment, Han Qianqian rushed up and blocked with a huge axe in his hand, and the lightning and the axe fought against each other, causing Han Qianqian, who was holding the axe, to break out in cold sweat.

        "Master!" When Bai looked back, he saw Han Qianqian carrying the Purple Thunder for him, and was stunned in disbelief.

        He came to this place with his own plan, which was to try to help him reach the temple through Han Qianxiang and find his golden body. Naturally, his search for the golden body was not for Qin Shang, but purely for his own strength.

        Possessing that powerful golden body, coupled with his own consciousness, even if he couldn't return to his prime, he could at least become an expert.

        At that time, he would be able to break away from Han Qianqian and return to his position as Beast King.

        But Bai, who thought that he had gone through several traps and was sure that nothing would happen next, was in too much of a hurry and overlooked the fact that there were still traps in the temple.

        And it was the terrifying Heavenly Thunder!

        "Pangaea Axe?" At this time, a high note was heard in the temple.

        The high note was so loud and clear and full of energy that it could even reverberate in the temple for a long time.

        "I'm only waiting for a person who is destined to be there, but I didn't expect to find someone who can ferry me.