His True Colors Chapter 1691-1693

 Chapter 1691

Golden gourd, green jade abacus, crystal longsword, soft armor, jasper mule and purple shirt ......

        It's not just a small treasury of heaven and earth, it's simply a small treasure trove of heaven and earth that is overwhelming and surging, making ...... make people cry out that it's good to be rich!

        If it weren't for the consideration of face, Han Qianli would have wanted to shout I'mtm rich.

        "Master, take a look at this sword, Blood Drinking Snow Sword, made from ten thousand years of cold ice on the summit of the snowy mountain, incomparably sharp, not a blade of grass grows anywhere it passes."

        "There is also this green and purple hedgehog armor, which is made from the fur of a thousand-year-old purple hedgehog, and can be worn to keep you safe."

        "And the Purple Golden Gourd! This purple and gold gourd is made of special materials, made by the top master craftsmen of the Eight Directions World, and can effectively resist fire attacks.

        "There is also this, the Invisible Boots ......."

        The Beast King rummaged through the pile of treasures one by one, as if counting them, counting them, he was suddenly stunned, this is f*cking wrong, how come a lot of them are his old magic treasures and equipment ah.

        "Damn, these four stinky dragons, what a f*cking tricky thing to find so many good things behind my back." Beast King Sebastian was taken aback, just one turn, he felt like his possessions had been emptied of all of them.

        Four dragons put his head down, didn't dare to speak, nonsense, no treasure who will give you a job as a bodyguard ah.

        "Okay, don't read, it's all packed." Lin Long said.

        As soon as they heard the words "pack it all up", the four dragons looked as if they were ashes, but this was their life's work.

        "That clan leader, can you save some for us." The head of the four dragons said weakly.

        "Keep it? Yes, do you have life flowers?" Lin Long smiled deeply.

        The head of the four dragons shuddered: "You take it, don't be polite, don't leave anything behind."

        At this time, Lin Long leaned in to Han Qianqian's ear: "There are too many things here, and I can't pick anything out for a while, so I'll just take them all with me and see what's inside when I have nothing to do."

        Han 3,000 yuan thought about it, said right, picked up Lin Long's portable space ring, and took all the gold in the whole house into it.

        At this time, Lone City Ye, who had fled in a great hurry, rushed out of the center of the beast forest with a group of disciples, and flew towards Wu Yan and the others.

        "Solitary City, where is Frost?" Seeing Ye Guocheng running back in a panic, Lin Mengxi looked at him nervously while struggling to support the Seven Star Sword Formation.

        Ye Guocheng shook his head: "Sorry, Fourth Master, there are too many monsters in the center of the Beast Forest, I think, Sister Qinshang he has ......"

        At this point, Ye Guocheng sighed fiercely.

        Hearing this, Lin Mengxi's face paled.

        "Fourth Senior Sister, I'm sorry, but now is not the time to be sad, these strange beasts are now wild, the Seven Star Sword Formation can no longer sustain for long, let's quickly evacuate." Wu Yan snapped coldly.

        "No, Qinshang is not dead, I want to see someone alive, I want to see the corpse dead, no evacuation!" Lin Mengxi shook her head resolutely, what Qinshang meant to her, only two simple words, life!

        Even if she sacrifices her own life, she still wants to save Qin Frost back.

        "Don't be stubborn, Lone City is a genius disciple of our Void Sect, you should believe that with his skills, if he can save it, he will definitely do so, but if he can't save it either, what's the point of us rushing over?" Wu Yan hurriedly advised.

        I've been looking around, and I haven't found the body of my sister Qinshang at all.... ...I think it should have been eaten by those beastly strange beasts."

        Ye Lone City had never been to the real Beast King Center at all, and had only come back after playing around for a while, but he now had that look on his face as if he had really been there, and was very remorseful that he hadn't saved Qin Frost.

        "Solitary City, you've worked hard." Wu Yan nodded, then shouted at all the disciples, "All disciples listen to the order, release all flying swords, and then follow me to withdraw from the Hundred Beasts Forest."

        All the disciples drank in unison, and then, under Wu Yan's leadership, the Seven Star Sword Formation suddenly shone brightly, and after sending a final destructive blow towards all the trapped beasts, the group of disciples quickly retreated under Wu Yan's leadership.

        After leaving the Hundred Beasts Forest, Wu Yan counted the number of people: "Is everyone out?".

        Ye Liao Cheng was busy saying, "Master of the Preceptor Academy, hurry up and seal the forest."

        Wu Yan nodded his head, took out a handful of scrolls, threw them in the air, and the scrolls disappeared into thin air, while the Hundred Beasts Forest was instantly covered with a layer of white energy.

        This is the Void Sect's book of bans. It is engraved with ancient formations that were left behind by the Void Sect's predecessors for the purpose of worrying about how the Void Sect would deal with future accidents in the Hundred Beast Forest.

        Once the ban was lifted, the Hundred Beasts Forest would be inaccessible forever.

        Seeing the ban go into effect, Lin Mengxi, who had been tearful but strong and silent along the way, finally couldn't help crying loudly.

        Because she understood that the ban would completely seal off her last hope for Qinshang.

Chapter 1692

"Fourth Uncle, don't be sad, Qin Frost she ...... she has ....... Ye Guocheng sighed helplessly.

        "This ...... is all the fault of that Han Qianqian bad, Qin Frost would not have gone deep into the Hundred Beasts Forest if not to help him catch some spirit pet." Ye Liao Cheng pretended to blame himself at this time.

        Hearing this, Lin Mengxi looked up abruptly. Her tear-filled eyes were filled with anger.

        Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, if it weren't for this damned slave, how could Qin Frost have entered the Hundred Beasts Forest? How could ...... die in it!

        But on second thought, Lin Mengxi shook her head, "No one else is to blame, it's all fate, it's Qinshang's life!"

        "Fourth Master, don't worry. Although Han Qianqian is dead, in the end, it was Qin Qingfeng who led the wolf into the house. I will definitely look for him to seek justice for Senior Sister Qinshang." Ye Guocheng said coldly.

        "Yes, Han Three thousand slaves made a mistake, Qin Qingfeng, who took him as a disciple in the first place, is also involved, let's go, let's find Qin Qingfeng to settle the score."

        The crowd of disciples, under the rhythm of Ye Kucheng, suddenly attributed Qin Frost's death to Han Qianqian, and also vented it on Qin Qingfeng.

        Ye Guocheng knew clearly that Qin Frost was, after all, the three genius disciples of the Void Sect, and her death. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        Inside the stone cave.

        A hundred beasts had broken out of the restriction and were all surrounding the stone cave, eyeing the cave with great apprehension.

        They were very happy that the Beast King had been born, but the huge explosion inside the cave had also made them worry a lot.

        However, their worries were actually not too much, after all, there were four guards inside the cave. There was also a beast king who, even though he was reincarnated, was a leaner camel than a horse, and a human who could easily be dealt with by just two stone monkeys. Not enough to worry about.

        At this time, there was the sound of footsteps in the stone cave, and the four dragons quickly came out of the cave.

        Seeing the four dragons, the hundred beasts cheered, and all the worries in their hearts disappeared.

        "Respectfully inviting the Beast King!"

        The four dragons called out in unison, and the hundred beasts prostrated themselves with great devotion.

        The sound of footsteps sounded again in the cave. The stone monkey took a second look, but it didn't matter if he didn't. He was shocked. It didn't matter if you didn't look, but if you did, you were shocked.

        At this time, Han Qianqian was holding Qin Frost in his arms and slowly walked out!

        "It's you!" The stone monkey roared, and at the same time, his roar also alarmed the hundred beasts, and one by one, they got up from the ground, took an attack stance, and aimed at Han Qianqiang!

        "Kneel down, all of you, before the Beast King, who dares to be rude!" The four dragons all raged together, immediately after this directly in front of Han Qianqian, who dares to step forward, ki ll without mercy!

        "The four guards, what do you mean?" The stone monkey roared angrily.

        "It doesn't mean anything, just protecting the Beast King, Stone Monkey. What do you mean, I ask? If you don't kneel before the Beast King, are you trying to rebel?" The head of the four dragons now shouted angrily.

        He didn't dare to be rude in front of Han Qianqian and Lin Long, the Beast King. But in front of the Hundred Beasts, that's not enough to be awesome!

        "You call this human the King of Beasts?" Stone Monkey raged.

        "Nonsense, he's not the Beast King, so why not you?" The head of the four dragons scowled.

        "You traitor, I'll ki ll you." The stone monkey became angry and rushed directly toward the four dragons. And when the Hundred Beasts saw that the Stone Monkey had moved, one by one they also rushed over with kil ling intent.

        "Enough!" Han Qianqiang roared with fury.

        This roar was majestic. The momentum was overbearing, and the hard roar caused the hundred beasts to freeze and stop attacking.

        "Leave him alone. Give it to me." The stone monkey shouted, swept back a glance at the hundred beasts, and turned to attack.

        But suddenly. He fiercely saw that not only did all the Hundred Beasts not follow him and roar in anger, but one by one, they suddenly lost their murderous aura and then knelt down obediently on the ground. They knelt down and kowtowed in great devotion.

        "Long live the Beast King!"

        As the hundred beasts shouted in unison, the stone monkey fiercely turned back, his pupils dilating. Until the limit!

        At this time, Han Qianqian was holding up a white rabbit in the palm of his right hand, which was standing in the palm of his hand, bowing its head obediently towards Han Qianqian and doing a bowing motion.

        Stone Monkey's entire monkey body shook, and if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it to be true.

        "The four guards, you guys !!!!" The beast tribe of the Hundred Beast Forest had prepared for a thousand years to wait for the reincarnation of the Beast King, but what they didn't count on was that the current Beast King would be held hostage by a human being.

        Yes, the stone monkey claimed to have been taken hostage!

        "You traitors, you've eaten from the inside, I'll ki ll you all." The stone monkey roared angrily, raising his body to charge up and ki ll the four dragons.

        "Shih Hou, stand down." Xiao Bai shouted coldly, "This has nothing to do with the four dragons, I have already recognized Han Qianqian as my master.

Chapter 1693

"Beast King! But ......" the stone monkey was unwilling.

        "Even if the four dragons rebel, do you think that just the four of them can break my absolute domain?" Little White said coldly.

        Hearing this, the stone monkey paled, "Beast King, the explosion just now ......"

        The explosion in the cave just now turned out to be an explosion caused by the breaking of the absolute field! No wonder, at that time, there was a sudden and inexplicable panic in the hearts of all the beasts, they just thought that their worries were unnecessary, but now it seems that it was really a kind of telepathy!

        The absolute domain was broken, which also meant that the Beast King's strongest strike had lost its effect.

        The stone monkey's body shook, and even if this was true, he found it hard to accept for a moment.

        Because this human was not able to deal a single blow in front of him, how could the four guards and the Beast King be convinced? Shih Hou didn't understand, how could he know, sometimes things are so coincidental, he had to fight hard, Han Qianqian was no match at all, but the four dragons happened to be suppressed by the Lin Long, and the Beast King's spiritual attack was ineffective against Han Qianqian!

        Even if the stone monkey was puzzled and unwilling, what could he do in the face of the Beast King's order?

        Kneeling slowly, the stone monkey could not disobey the Beast King's order after all, but his eyes were full of dissatisfaction: "See the new Beast King."

        For the reincarnation of the new Beast King, Shih Hou had planned and worked hard in the Hundred Beast Forest for a thousand years, but he never expected that he would end up with a human stinker that he had always despised.

        It was like moving a brick for ten thousand years, only to find that he was building a house for someone else.

        Seeing all the beasts kneel together, Han Qianli was secretly a little excited inside, and this scene simply made one's blood boil with excitement.

        "All of you, get up." Han 3,000 took a deep breath and tried to restrain his emotions.

        The ten thousand beasts just got up, but the only thing they noticed was that the stone monkey was still kneeling on the ground, and the beasts hurriedly knelt down.

        "Ten thousand beasts listened to the order, from now on, the new Beast King of the Hundred Beast Forest is my master Han Qianqian. Xiao Bai also saw that the situation was not right, and hurriedly shouted in a cold voice.

        At this time, in front of the Hundred Beasts, it truly dispersed its beast power and reigned over the world.

        "Yes." 10,000 beasts shouted in unison, but Han Qianli and the others were shocked. The ten thousand beasts shouted together, but to the great surprise of Han Qianli and the others, the ten thousand beasts still didn't get up!

        "Stone Monkey, come here." Han Qianqian now spoke out.

        Stone Monkey was very satisfied with today's scene, disdained and brought himself forward: "What? Is the New King of Beasts trying to ki ll me?"

        The stone monkey knew that it had just injured Han Qianxiang, and had even poisoned the woman of his sex, and now Han Qianxiang had suddenly changed into a beast king, and it was only natural to seek revenge from him.

        "What? Do you think I wouldn't dare?" Han Qianli coldly said.

        "You can ki ll me." The stone monkey said disdainfully.

        Han Qianqian's eyes fiercely flashed with coldness, and he directly produced an ice sword in his hand and placed it on the stone monkey's neck.

        The Stone Monkey laughed. The Beast King was not here, and the hundred beasts were under his command.

        "The Beast King said, "Beast King, don't be angry. Although Elder Shi has made mistakes, he has always been worried about the Hundred Beasts in the Hundred Beasts Forest.

        "That's right, the Beast King has just taken office, it should have been a joyous event, is this going to be a massacre?"

        "Oh, we have long said that man and beast are never the same kind, and their hearts are bound to be different."

        The stone monkey looked at Han Qianqian with arrogance, his eyes full of provocation.

        Han Qianqian's face was cold.

        "If you ki ll him, I'm afraid it will cause unnecessary panic," he said. Little Bai also advised at this point.

        "Is that so?" Han Qianli gave a cold snort and slashed with his sword.

        For a moment, the stone monkey covered his neck, blood spurting from the wound on his neck, and he looked at Han Qianqian with an incredulous face.

        "You ...... you!!!" Shi Hou was shocked, he never thought that Han Qianqian would dare to actually attack him!

        Doesn't he know what the consequences would be if he kil led himself?

        "Who dares to move?" After Han Qianqiang finished cutting, he immediately shouted coldly at the beasts that were about to riot.

        He held a long sword in his hand, his face as frosty as ice, and his eyes were murderous, so domineering for a moment that the hundred beasts were stunned.


        At this time, the Lin Long hurriedly stood beside Han Qianqian and roared, "The dragon roared to the heavens, and the song roared through the sky!

        The four dragons flew into the air, clawing and dancing above Han Qianqian's head.

        For a moment, Han 3,000's five dragons protected his body and his murderous aura was violent!

        "The Stone Monkey is extremely disrespectful to the king by virtue of his high position and power, will any of you follow him in his rebellion?" Han Qianli shouted coldly.

        Ten thousand beasts looked at each other and whispered in whispers, not daring to come forward for a moment.

        The stone monkey was shocked, and looked down at the beasts incredulously.

        Just as he was about to speak out, Han Qianli laughed coldly and said, "Since no one wants to rebel, that's good. This time, everyone has done a good job in protecting the Lord, so I will reward all of you later, and I will also re-elect the Stone Monkey Elder from among you."

        As soon as he said this, the beast herd knelt down and shouted "Long live the Beast King", and Shi Hou looked at the herd with a panicked look on his face.

        He knew that the situation was over. Han Qianqian first kil led Shih Hou to establish his authority, and then promptly used the position of elders and rewards to give a slap to a candy effect, which completely made the beast herd submit.

        Shi Hou regretted it so much, and his body murmured weakly as he retreated, knowing that he had failed.

        He knew that he had failed. He should not have challenged Han Qianqian's authority, nor should he have looked down on a small human being, or else he would not only not have lost his position as an elder, but also his own life would have been saved!

        It's ridiculous to think that even the Beast King has obediently submitted, so what is there for him, an elder, to jump for?

        But are there any regrets in this world?


        The stone monkey's huge body collapsed, blood staining the grass under his feet, and with unwillingness and regret, he fell in front of Han 3,000 yuan.

        Han 3,000 shook his head helplessly, he originally looked for the stone monkey just to cure Qin Shang, after all, he was the one who injured him, but he didn't expect this guy to seek death, if he didn't ki ll him to make a name for himself, it would be almost impossible for Han 3,000 to leave this place, not to mention ruling the herd.

        But after kil ling him, what should Qin Frost do?

        "Three thousand, Qinshang's poison has attacked her heart, and the stone monkey is now dead, I think we'd better hurry out and find someone from the Void Sect to save her, or else ......"

        "Good." Han Qianli nodded, looked at Qin Frost, who was already turning purple, and immediately put Qin Frost on his back and rushed towards the outside of the Hundred Beasts Forest.

        The bumpy ride, coupled with the fact that the sunlight in the leaf cracks overhead was sometimes scattered and sometimes disappeared due to Han Qianli's frenetic running, caused Qin Frost to open his eyes slightly and look at Han Qianli's firm and handsome face in a daze, sweating like rain, but he still carried himself desperately towards the outside of the forest.