His True Colors Chapter 1689-1690

 Chapter 1689

The four dragons quickly shrank in size, and quickly stuck to the stone door, roaming around each other to form a circle. After three circles, the stone door was reopened. A moment of dust flew.

        So, the four dragons are the stone door key, Han 3,000 really inner bitter smile, these four traitors, really cheap.

        Selling their teammates to such an extent!

        As soon as the stone door opened, a blood-red light instantly shone out from the stone chamber, turning both man and beast red.

        In the center of the stone door, there was a huge pool of blood, and the pool was full of blood. It was boiling, and sometimes a few blood bubbles would gurgle out.

        Like a dog's leg, the four dragons invited Han Qianqian into the stone room.

        Then, the head of the Four Dragons drank coldly. The head of the four dragons snapped in a cold voice, "Little brat, our grandfather Han is here, why don't you hurry up and get out and meet him?"

        Han Qianli was speechless, this kind of traitor, who is their master who bad luck, but, at least now, for themselves, these four people, can only be described as true fragrance.

        No matter how much the Beast King's temper could be suppressed. But he couldn't afford to have his own traitor be so reckless in front of him.

        With a furious voice, a shadow suddenly jumped out of the pool of blood.

        Han Qianqian looked at it stiffly for half a day.

        Finally, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

        When Han 3,000 laughed, the five dragons laughed as well!

        The Beast King held his face red: "What's so funny?"

        Han Qianqian's first impression of the Beast King was that he was a lion or a tiger, but what he never dreamed of was that the so-called Beast King of the Eight Directions was ......

        A rabbit!

        To be precise, it was a strange-looking rabbit.

        Aside from its appearance, there was no difference between it and an ordinary rabbit, but the biggest difference was that when it opened its mouth, it had tiger-like fangs instead of the shiny two front teeth of an ordinary rabbit.

        Han Giangli really couldn't imagine. This one, which looked quite cute, could actually be the arrogant, arrogant, cold-blooded and ruthless Beast King from earlier!

        "So now you. Are you going to ki ll yourself, or am I going to do it? Anyway, I'm hungry, and I don't know how long I'll have to stay in this cave, so I don't mind eating a roast rabbit." Han Qianli smiled slightly.

        The Beast King was furious: "A soldier cannot be kil led or insulted, so don't bother to do it.

        Anyway, after death, the worst that could happen is that he would be reincarnated again. Anyway, his consciousness was strong enough, so it would only take a little more work.

        "Grandpa Han, the spirit of the Beast King. Even if he commits suicide, if his soul is complete, he will be resurrected soon." At this point, the traitor boss, appropriately reminded Han Qianli.

        The Beast King grimaced in anger, wishing he could pull out his skin and drink his blood.

        Han 3,000 nodded, "That makes sense, Beast King, you know what to do now, right?"

        "So what do you want?" The Beast King suppressed his anger.

        "Let's make a deal, if you behave yourself as his spirit pet, you will be spared, if you don't want to, I'll take your soul right now, and the Void Sect can't cure you. But you shouldn't doubt that he can't heal you, right?" Lin Long smiled.

        After finishing his speech, Lin Long quietly leaned to Han Qianqian's ear, "This guy can be a beast king, so he must have extraordinary skills. Keeping a guy like this by our side will do us good and no harm."

        Han 3,000 nodded his head, in fact, he was also thinking the same thing. There was no certainty of victory, so one more person had more power.

        The Beast King's heart was cold. How could he give a human insect as a spiritual pet, even if he were to d i e, to the Beast King? This was simply an insult and trample on the beast's personality, but on the other hand, Han Giang could break his absolute domain. It would not be difficult to ki ll his spirit.

        The Beast King knew this in his heart.

        "Is it hard to choose? Then let's give you another benefit." The Linlong smiled.

        The Beast King didn't answer though, but looked at the Lin Long. It was obvious that he was waiting for his next sentence.

        That's right, the Beast King weighed and weighed again and again, and put aside what kind of bullsh*t beast compartment first. Staying alive was the most important thing.

        Moreover, Han Qianxiang could break his absolute domain, and for now, recognizing him as master was no loss!

        "From now on, I'm the boss and you're the third!"

        "The third? What about the penis?"

        Han Qianqiang properly released the red-eyed jade python at this time, seeing the red-eyed jade python, the beast king was even more speechless, he not only had to submit to a dragon, but also to a snake.

        "If you want to refuse again, how about another condition?" Linlong continued to laugh.

        "Enough, just do it, don't mention conditions." The Beast King was very depressed, afraid that the more Lin Long mentioned, the more excessive it was, and in the end, some cats and dogs appeared, and he couldn't even be the third.

        Han Qianli smiled, and signed the master-servant contract with the reluctant Beast King soon, and Han Qianli gave him a particularly loud name: "Little White!".

        After the beast king resisted several times, all of which were inadmissible by Han 3,000, looking at the four laughing dragons, Sebastian smiled coldly, "Right, master, I have something important to report, about these four of them."

Chapter 1690

Upon hearing this, Han Giangli came to be interested, and the four dragons looked at Xiao Bai with startled speechlessness for a moment, wondering what he was doing.

        "Master, have you heard of dragon nature?"

        When it comes to the nature of dragons, Han Qianqian suddenly understood that they are dragons by nature, so since ancient times, there have been various legends about dragons having nine sons.

        It's no wonder that when he and Qin Shuang first came in, the four dragons looked like lecherous devils, they were dragons, so they were naturally born this way.

        Seeing Han Qianqian nodding, Bai continued, "Besides this, the dragons have another great characteristic, which is their greed for money. These four traitors are willing to hide in this cave to be my bodyguards because of the treasure in the cave."

        As soon as they heard this, the four dragons' eyes widened.

        "That ...... Grandpa Han, you ...... don't listen to nonsense, he's simply purely retaliatory, what value can there be in this broken cave ah."

        "Yes, Grandpa Han, the boss he's right."

        The four dragons pounded their heads like garlic, Han Qianqian smiled: "Yes or no, the Lin Long is also a dragon, one can see."

        The four dragons looked at each other, if Lin Long wants to check, the hole can't hide anything, even if they hide the gold panties, there will be nothing left, we are all dragons, and how can they not smell the jewelry.

        "I'm not sure if I'm so serious about this, but I'm not. Yes, it's ...... true that some of the smaller ones do have some possessions, but the problem is ...... it's all a hobby of the dragon, and I believe you don't care about this much." The first dragon said, "That's not necessarily true.

        "Although you can break my absolute domain, with all due respect, even if you are strong, you are no different from me now, you are still in a growth stage. In one's growth period, the more useful things one has, the better, so getting some jewelry on one's body is obviously a good idea." Xiao Bai said.

        These four traitors betrayed him, so that he would become a spiritual pet, he naturally also has his own plans, damn it, fish to the death, I'm not easy, you guys do not want to be easy.

        In addition, the contract has been made, Han Qianxiang is his master, for him, recognizing a human as his master is already a great shame, if his master is still a weak chicken, it is even more of a great shame.

        Also, if Han Qianxiang was too weak and was kil led, as a spiritual pet, he wouldn't have a good end either, so in public and in private, he had to favor Han Qianxiang.

        "Hey, once a beast king, don't talk nonsense, our grandpa Han is wise and mighty, you're obviously slandering."

        "Yes." The four dragons nodded in unison.

        Han 3,000 was about to speak, when Lin Long opened his mouth, "What Xiaobai said is actually not without reason, no matter in which world, money is an eternal good thing."

        Han 3,000 also felt that there was some truth to it, and that money was needed to enter the world, and money was needed even more in the world of the Eight Directions, a world that was so decisive.

        Of course, Han 3,000 won't refuse money.

        "However, it doesn't seem good to take other people's things." Han mulch thousand was embarrassed.

        Linlong disdainful smile: "In private, where is this taking other people's things? These four dragons are all dragons of my clan, as the clan leader, their property should naturally belong to me, and you are my master, is this called taking?"

        "That's right, since Yu said it in private, I'll say it in public, these treasures, given by my strange beast clan, were meant to be used to get these four guards to protect me, but the fact that I'm all like this now means that the four of them are grossly negligent, so it's normal for me to take back our previous commission, and it's normal for you, my master, to take it. " Xiao Bai Dao.

        Both sides of your words, the four dragons were stunned, and finally concluded eight big words, in public and private, should be surrendered.

        Han 3,000 also knew that Lin Long and Xiaobai were thinking for themselves, and nodded: "Since you all said so, Four Dragons, why don't you take it out?".

        "If you don't want to take it out, it's fine. We've been in here for so long and we're hungry anyway, we can't eat the roast rabbit, but we can still consider the roast snake feast." Lin Long smiled.

        Hearing the roast snake, the four dragons couldn't help but feel a chill down their backs, there were three waves of masters in it, but only one they could afford to provoke.

        "Delivery!" The four dragons clenched their teeth and became very depressed.

        But if being depressed was useful, they would have become the strongest in the world, so, despite being depressed, the four dragons honestly led Han Qianqian to his own residence.

        There were so many different kinds of caves in the cave that it was complicated, and if no one led the way, Han Qiangiang would definitely get lost in it.

        After bypassing the numerous caves, Han Qianqian, led by the four dragons, stopped in front of a small cave that looked very secluded.

        The entrance to the cave was concealed by stones, so if you didn't look closely, you wouldn't have noticed that there was a secret door here.

        The four dragons looked at each other reluctantly, and then reluctantly repeated the action of opening the central door.

        The moment the stone door opened lightly, the cave, which had been dark, suddenly became bright.

        Han Giangli swore that he was a man of great wealth, but he was also stunned by the various types of glowing jewelry in front of him.

        The brightness of the color and the number of jewels were simply breathtaking, and the entire cave was almost completely filled with all kinds of exotic treasures.

        According to Han Qianli's estimation, these things could have fit into several trains if they had been loaded into a car.

        Not only Han 3,000, but also Xiaobai was stunned.

        He, as a hallowed Beast King, had never thought that these four traitors had secretly harvested so many treasures.

        "You guys ...... have amassed so much wealth, isn't it outrageous, so much?" The dragon's eyes have emerged golden light, as a dragon, he also has a kind of inexplicable impulse to see the jewelry.

        Before coming in, he had warned himself countless times, as the head of the dragon clan, should be stable, low-key, meaningful, should not be corrupted by the smell of copper, but after coming in, he had to sigh, really f*cking fragrant!

        The four dragons nodded awkwardly, their awkward smiles filled with reluctant bitterness, these are all the four brothers of all their belongings for thousands of years, usually they themselves could not give up, but did not expect that one day they ended up for someone else to give up.

        "A bit interesting." Lin Long smiled and walked straight in.

        Han Qianqian also followed suit, slowly following in.

        This was simply a world of gold, a paradise of jade, but unlike Xuanyuan World and Earth, all the jewelry here was not only more beautiful in color, but most importantly, they also had a faint white glow to them.

        Most importantly, Han Qianli also found a lot of incredible things inside these treasures.