His True Colors Chapter 1687-1688

 Chapter 1687

"Dragons? King of the Beasts?" Inside the cave, a scornful sneer suddenly came out.

        The voice was majestic, deep, and full of magnetism.

        "What? Are the dragons now this low in intelligence?" He let out a sneer.

        Lin Long was furious: "What kind of hero is a sneaky one, have the guts to come out and speak."

        "Talking to a retard like you, you are also worthy of my king's personal appearance? The king of beasts, you don't think you can do it." The words had just fallen, at this time. A violet blur came fiercely, and the Linlong scrambled his energy to resist, but his whole body was not hit by the violet mane, and his brain was confused.

        "The Beast King is at peace, the Beast King is at peace."

        "Yes, he is the new head of our Dragon Clan, please forgive him for the sake of the four of us who have faithfully guarded you."

        "It's not easy for the Dragon Clan to have a clan leader, please be merciful." The four dragons now hurriedly blocked the front of the Linlong with their kneeling capital, begging for mercy on his behalf.

        "You four. What qualifications do you have to beg for mercy in front of this king?" With a cold smile, another purple mane struck, and the four dragons were instantly knocked over.

        But not only did the four dragons not resist in the slightest, they panicked and climbed up and continued to kneel down.

        The four dragons looked at this scene. The whole man was furious.

        "Are you very unconvinced? Bruce?" The cave laughed coldly.

        The Lin Long snapped coldly, "I was careless just now and let you plot against me, now, I'll show you who is the real Beast King."

        After saying that, Lin Long urged the Dragon Heart in his hand, and the whole man went straight towards the cave to ki ll.

        Only, just after taking two steps, the Lin Long stopped, covered his head with both hands in pain, and squatted down, completely losing his fighting strength.

        "It's just a mole cricket. How dare you act rudely in front of my king, simply looking for death."

        See another purple mane rushed out, and at this time the Lin Long completely touched his head, not paying attention at all, Han Qianqian a rise, directly in front of him.

        As soon as the purple mane passed, the yellow light on Han Qianqian's body flashed, and a small yellow aura lit up around him, while the purple mane also slowly dissipated.

        Yellow aperture again!

        It was exactly the same aperture as the one Han Qianqian and Lin Long had used when they were searching for the heart of the dragon race on the ancient battlefield.

        Being inside the aperture, the Linlong situation was instantly alleviated, standing up and looking coldly into the cave.

        "Humans, truly the most annoying insects in the world."

        As soon as the words fell, the temperature inside the cave dropped sharply, and frost was condensing at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if the entire cave had entered a world of ice and snow, snow-covered and cold to the bone.

        Immediately afterwards, there was an abrupt noise inside the cave. An incomparably large purple mane directly filled the entire cave.

        Han Qianli only felt a darkness before his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, his surroundings were already a dark, barren world, and he could not see any direction. Nor could he see the slightest bit of light.

        "Boundary?" Han Qianli was stunned.

        "Little worm, you know quite a bit. However, there are some things that even if you understand, you won't have the chance to comprehend them, because, you'll be trapped here forever, suffering the ravages of the Dark Hell until you're ashes to ashes."

        Han Giangli smiled, "Yes?"

        Lin Long also laughed.

        At this time, outside the cave, the Void Sect's Reverend Preceptor led more than three hundred disciples, who had already kil led into the Hundred Beasts Forest. However, as soon as they entered the forest, they encountered a massive attack by strange beasts.

        For a while, the battle between man and beast was extremely fierce.

        Wu Yan's cultivation was so high that he was able to defeat more than one person, but there were too many strange beasts. According to his estimation, almost all of the ten thousand beasts in the Four Peaks Hundred Beast Forest, regardless of their size or class, were in action this time.

        The Void Sect's more than three hundred disciples were almost no match, relying on themselves and the Six Peaks Elders to crush them in their cultivation, which barely stabilized the situation.

        "Set up the formation, set up the formation!" Wu Yan shouted.

        More than three hundred disciples hurriedly evacuated the battle, ran out of the battle circle, and then quickly formed a huge circle to surround the Ten Thousand Beasts.

        The six elders, along with the preceptor, each threw out their own magic treasures, gathered in the air, and linked up with each other in a seven-star posture. On the ground, hundreds of disciples also threw their swords in unison, chanting incantations, and suddenly, in mid-air, the seven swords were the core. Ten thousand swords stood up.

        This is the Void Sect's Seven Star Sword Formation, and the seven elders are in charge of the eye of the formation, so the formation is extremely strong and the defense is quite high. The Ten Thousand Beasts, which were raging just now, were trapped in the sword formation for a moment, unable to escape.

        "Yunfeng, protect the formation for me and the six elders, and Lone City, you quickly lead a team of men and horses into the central area of the Beast King to rescue Qin Shang."

        Hearing this order, Cool-Son Ye was stunned.

        Let yourself lead a lone army to go deeper, if there are still strange beasts inside. What should he do then?

        But in front of so many people, Ye Liao Cheng could only nod helplessly, "Yes."

        Then, he led more than a dozen of his junior apprentices who had been following him for years, and quickly headed towards the center of the Hundred Beasts Forest.

        A moment later. Ye Liao Cheng arrived, and the distant cave was completely within his sight.

        Most of the strange beasts had already rushed out to fight with the Void Sect, and the entrance of the cave. But there were only a few strange beasts guarding the entrance, of course, these were nothing to Cool-Son Ye. But the beast king inside was what he was afraid of.

        "Brother, what should we do?" A disciple now asked.

        What to do, Ye Liao Cheng he also does not know. One step forward is a dead end, one step back ......

        "Listen, no one moves without my order. All of you stay here and observe." If the situation was good, Ye Liao Cheng would treat it as picking up someone, if it was bad, he would immediately evacuate.


        Suddenly, at this moment, there was a violent explosion in the cave!

        If it wasn't for Wu Yan and the six elders of the Quarantine Academy, the sword formation would have been destroyed by the explosion.

        "There's a change in the Beast King's area, and the beasts are panicking, all disciples listen to the order, defend the sword formation to the death!"

        "Yes!" Everyone drank in unison.

        Under the sword formation, after the explosion, all the beasts suddenly seemed to have lost their souls, desperately trying to retreat, even though there was a sword formation to stop them, every time a strange beast was about to break through the boundary, there was always a flying sword that would instantly ki ll it, but it still could not stop them from madly surging towards the sword formation.

        After the explosion, Cool-Son Ye completely panicked and ran back with his sword without saying a word.

        Saving people, at this time even if it was his own mother, he wouldn't even take a second glance.

        "This ...... this ...... how is this possible!"

        Inside the cave, deep inside, an incredible voice, now weak, pale, and completely incomprehensible, rang out.

Chapter 1688

The frost disappeared, the purple mane dissipated, and the cave returned to the scene just now, with Han Qianqian smiling and looking into the cave, Lin Long smiling and looking at Han Qianqian, and the four dragons completely dumbfounded. Look left, look right.

        What's the situation?!

        "You ...... you ...... you worm, you, how could you possibly destroy my absolute domain? This ...... is impossible." Inside the cave, the Beast King was completely shocked to the point of speechlessness.

        Absolute Domain was the attack method he was most proud of, and although, his predecessor was unable to use it due to the suppression of the Void Sect's formation, his powerful spiritual soul still existed. Therefore, even if he was reincarnated, even if he was just born. When his new physical body was weak, he could rely on his powerful spirit to construct an absolute domain out of it.

        In his realm, he was the master, and all the rules were determined by him.

        But Han Qianqian, however, broke this rule, and even, outlawed him!

        He became the new master of that space, and then forcefully devoured himself. If he hadn't been strong enough to evacuate in time, the person who died in the absolute realm would have been him!

        It was him!

        "Impossible, impossible ah, even ...... even if you ......."

        The beast king never dreamed that maybe the physical attack, Han Qianqian, a weak chicken of the Eightfold World, would be really hard to fight against, but if you want to deal with him from a spiritual attack ......

        This is simply like kil ling a dinosaur with an embroidery needle, which is not at all on the same level.

        How many unjust spirits and grievances are there on the ancient battlefield, who can ordinary people endure? But Han Giangli relied hard on himself and went in.

        The skeleton on his body, the Pan Gu axe he possessed, everything, made him face these. It was simply like playing with a child's toy, as simple as it could be.

        A small absolute domain of the Beast King might be a nightmare for other people, but for the Beast King it was a nightmare. It was a nightmare, but for Han 3,000 yuan, it was just a little trick in front of a magician, playing some poker exchange.

        The four dragons, listening to the Beast King's words, simply turned into children with ten thousand question marks, their eyes filled with strangeness.

        As the Beast King's four guards, the four dragons naturally know the Beast King's tricks. How many heroes and heroines have died in the absolute realm over the years, unable to be reborn forever.

        But Han Qianqian, without much effort, disrupted the Beast King's attack.

        This was unheard of in their hundred years of guarding. It was unheard of and unseen.

        "Big brother, meet big brother."

        "Big brother, from the first time I saw you, I knew that big brother was no ordinary man."

        "Blow your mother's fart, can't you speak, is Mr. Han also worthy of being called Big Brother by you? He is the master of our clan leader, and we ...... are going to call him Grandpa."

        "Grandpa, Grandpa Han, hehe."

        The Four Dragons weren't stupid, being able to live until now and still hold important positions despite losing the heart of the Dragon Clan, their brains were spinning much faster than ordinary people.

        A look at the Beast King's side of that situation, while Han 3,000 is so breezy. He suddenly saw the wind and set the helm, and bowed down to Han 3,000's door.

        Han 3,000 was also a little speechless by the four dragons, but the dog looked at the master. Just now, in the heat of the moment, the four dragons still pleaded desperately for the sake of the Linlong, from this point of view, these four dragons are not bad in nature.

        Moreover, they were the clansmen of the Lin Dragons, what did the Lin Dragons think. How could Han Qianli not know?

        "Traitor, traitor, you four traitors." Inside the cave. The Beast King cursed angrily at this point.

        "Grandpa Han, the Beast King's reincarnation is when the Beast King's entire soul is at its weakest, and he just launched the Absolute Realm though. But I believe that it must have caused him to lose a lot of energy, and he won't be able to launch a second attack in a short period of time. Grandpa Han, take advantage of his illness." The leading Evil Dragon said.

        "Yes, Grandpa Han. Now is the best chance. It's now or never."

        Seeing the four dragons outside, they frantically encouraged Han 3,000 to kil l himself. The Beast King was about to vomit blood.

        What the Four Dragons said was exactly his current destiny, and the reincarnation had cost him too much energy, so he used the strongest technique to try to get Han 3,000 as soon as he arrived.

        Who knew that the boat would turn over in the gutter!

        He is now completely like a baby, with no ability to fight back against any attack.

        "B*tch, b*tch, you four dead sl u ts !!!!" The Beast King was gnashing his teeth in anger.

        Han Qianli shook his head helplessly, looked at the Lin Long, and the two of them slowly walked toward the cave.

        The cave was a hundred meters deep, and it was almost dark, pitch black, but under the leadership of the four eunuchs, Han quickly passed through the layers of caves and managed to walk into the innermost chamber.

        The chamber was made of two huge stone doors, and one could already smell the strong smell of blood inside.

        Han Giangli touched the stone doors, and judging from the feel of them, each one weighed at least ten thousand kilograms, was half a meter thick, and was protected by energy, so it was not easy to open them.

        At that moment, the four dragons looked at each other, smiled, and leapt toward the stone door.