His True Colors Chapter 1684-1686

 Chapter 1684

Hearing the voice, Han Qianqian's entire face was as cold as frost, staring at the cave.

        The voice was coming from inside the cave, and from the sound of it, the number of the other party was a frightening four." Ki ll that brat, leaving that beautiful girl, we brothers have a good time." A loud laugh. Then, inside the dark cave, four silhouettes came out slowly.

        As the light grew stronger, the four silhouettes became clearer.

        These four people were strangely dressed. Although they were humanoid, they had green eyes and purple lips, a kil ler hairstyle, and a variety of strange patterns on their faces.

        The most disgusting thing was that Han Marchant discovered that all four of them were snake bodies. Han Marchant's entire body was in an attack stance, just past the danger of the group. I really don't know what kind of bad luck I've had." Look, this thing is still posing in front of us." The first, a black tiger with purple lips, cracked a smile. The smile, with a mouth full of green unidentified objects, was as disgusting as it could be.

        If there were a competition for ugliness, this thing would be the best in the world with one smile.

        And it's the kind of first that rides high, and there's no other." Stinker, we're not interested in men, so get out of here, and since you're quite attractive, I'll spare your life.""" Don't bother us here.""" Of course, we don't mind letting you return to the west, after all, kil ling you. It's just a matter of a knife." The other three laughed sardonicly.

        Qin Frost's eyebrows furrowed, now got up and stood up, staring coldly at the four disgusting things across the street, "Who are you guys?" " Little girl, it doesn't matter who we are, the important thing is that we will let you experience what a woman's true happiness is." The head of the group laughed incomparably.

        As he said that, the four men slowly moved toward the two.

        Qin Frost was about to draw her sword, but at that moment, Han Qianqian suddenly blocked in front of Qin Frost." Touching my senior sister? You four try?" Han Qianli laughed coldly.

        Seeing Han Qianli light his sword, the four villains were stunned for a moment, then burst into thunderous laughter." Hahahaha, did you see, this guy is scaring us."

        After the four of them finished laughing, the head of the group shouted toward Han 3,000, "Hey, brat, do you know what it's like for a little kid to hold a burning stick in front of you and say he wants to ki ll you?"

        After saying that, the four men laughed again.

        Han Qianqiang didn't have the time to pay attention to these four idiots, because these laughs wouldn't have affected him at all." Burning fire sticks don't burn fire sticks. You won't know until you try." Han Qianli laughed with a sardonic voice, and his entire body transported energy to ki ll directly toward the four men.

        Han 3,000 came so quickly that the four of them did not expect Han 3,000, a weak man, to suddenly attack, and for a moment they had no resistance at all against Han 3,000's attack. The first villain was even directly cut by Han 3,000's ice sword.

        However, even with the cuts, Han Qianqian's cultivation could not cause any substantial harm to the villains at all.

        The villain, pained, slapped Han 3,000's chest with his backhand, and Han 3,000 flew out and crashed into the wall.

        One against four, the battle situation hardly needed to be thought about, and by the time Han 3,000 went in again, it was only a few rounds before Han 3,000 felt himself exhausted and suffering from repeated injuries." Three Thousand. Be careful." Qin Frost shouted, seeing one of the men take advantage of Han Three Thousand's inattention to sneak up directly behind him, at this point. She quickly and directly rushed towards Han Three Thousand." Poof!"

        At this time, Qin Frost's meridians were sealed, no different from normal people, and she was wounded and poisoned, and was trying to rush over, but the wicked man over there had already discovered her actions, and with a shake of his hand, Qin Frost's entire body was directly fanned away, hitting the ground heavily.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, and the corner of his mouth slightly curled up into a smile." Thank you!" With a dashing sentence, Han Qianqian's entire body violently urged the Heavenly Yin Technique, and for a time, the entire cave was in a raging roll of energy, with Han Qianqian as the center, and a powerful black Qi wildly gathered towards it.

        The four of them were suddenly shocked." What is going on?"" What's this kid doing?"

        The four of them looked at each other. The third one, with his heart in his mouth and his head in his hands, rushed directly toward Han 3,000. The boss tried to call out to him, but it was too late.

        Han 3,000 was enveloped in black Qi, and when faced with Lao San's rush, the black Qi lightly dispersed, and one fist came out directly.

        A bang. Lao San's entire body flew several meters backwards, covering his chest and looking at Han 3,000 with disbelief.

        The black smoke scattered, and at this time, Han Qianqian's eyes were red, fierce and bloody, and the silky black Qi was gently lingering around him, like a hell god of death from afar. Majestic, cold and solemn!" Lao San." Looking at the beaten back Lao San, the boss hurriedly helped Lao San down, while on Lao San's chest. A black palm print was faintly visible." F*ck, you kid, you even know how to do demon magic, give it to me." The boss waved his hand. The boss waved his hand and led the remaining two brothers to attack Han Qianqian.

        Han 3,000 was in no hurry, and followed the technique recorded in the Heavenly Yin Technique, pushing the energy in his body to fight with the three villains quickly.

        If Qin Frost were awake at this time, he would have seen Han 3,000 as if he were a wolf. She could certainly see Han Qianqian like a black smoke, rapidly moving around the three villains.

        The moves of the Heavenly Yin Technique are very strange and incomparably vicious, and all of them are kil ling moves. Even the three villains were exhausted for a moment.

        As Han Qianli shouted angrily, the three villains felt a powerful energy burst out from Han's body, and they were bounced away by more than half a meter.

        The lead villain was horrified. Just now, this kid in front of him was obviously just a person whose cultivation was looked down upon and was not very good, but how could he suddenly change and become so strong? Lao San, I'm counting on you." Placing their eyes on Lao San, the four villains nodded to each other at the same time and attacked directly at Han Qianqiang!

        The four villains, although each one is only the strength of a yellow-grade beast, but once the four people united, the four attributes of wind, rain, lightning and thunder gathered together, and then with each other's cooperation, the earth shook in a short time.

        Outside the cave, seeing that the inside of the cave was already flashing, the stone monkey smiled coldly: "It seems that the four bodyguards have already acted, and the end of those two humans is to d i e without a burial place. Yes!"

        At this time, Han Qianqian in the cave, facing the energy of the four people gathered together, his brows tightly wrinkled, and he did not expect, just an instant, these four people just like himself, suddenly became very powerful!" Ho!"

        Suddenly, when the four of them were less than a few meters away from Han Qianqian, they turned into four dragons, interlaced with each other, and came straight at us!" Dragons?" Han Qianqian was suddenly shocked.

Chapter 1685

These four strange-looking, even human-headed, snake-bodied men were four different colored dragons!

        The Green Dragon was covered in purple electricity, the Purple Dragon was wrapped in white wind, the Black Dragon was cloaked in green energy, the Red Dragon was covered in blue light, and the four dragons interlaced and converged on each other, pouncing straight at Han Qianqiang.

        "What are you waiting for?" When Han Giangli drank, his arm shook, and the Linlong flashed white light, opened its mouth wide and attacked the four dragons!


        The five dragons collided with each other, and the tremendous energy wave shook even Han 3,000 to the ground and rushed all the way out of the cave, creating a deep ravine with it.

        Quiet, surprisingly quiet!

        Han 3,000 yuan managed to get up from the ground, the huge wind and waves almost made him pass out, looking up at the scene where the five dragons had clashed, Han 3,000 yuan smiled.

        "Get that woman up, let her see that I'm a dragon and not a snake." Lin Long stood there steadily, and in front of him, the four evil dragons lay on the ground on their backs.

        One by one, they looked at the Linlong with fear and trepidation, their eyes filled with incredulity.

        Han Qianli laughed helplessly and looked at the unconscious Qin Frost, if Lin Long was looking for dignity, I'm afraid he didn't find it at the right time.

        "This is impossible, you ...... are just a dragon, how can you beat us four brothers together?"

        The Four Evil Dragons have been working together for hundreds of years, and have never met any tough opponents, which is the key reason why they have survived until now after the fall of the dragon race.

        But today, they were defeated by a dragon that had been adopted as a spiritual pet!

        "Yes, theoretically I can't beat you four." Lin Long laughed, "But what if you add the heart of a dragon!"

        As soon as they heard the Heart of the Dragon Clan, the pupils of the four evil dragons dilated, the Heart of the Dragon Clan was the shocking treasure of the Dragon Clan, and it was because of its loss that the Dragon Clan had been in decline for thousands of years, even in the eyes of humans, there was no difference between a dragon and a snake.

        "See the clan leader!" After the four dragons looked at each other, they knelt down.

        In the case of the four brothers, their current cultivation was the bottleneck for almost every dragon in the dragon tribe, so it was impossible for any dragon to beat them one-on-four.

        But Lin Long can, and this shows that he has the Dragon's greatest treasure.

        Moreover, when they fought just now, the four dragons could already smell the scent of the heart of the dragon tribe somewhat, but they were not sure.

        After all, the heart of the dragon tribe has been lost for too long, and the dragon tribe has searched for it for so long, but it is nowhere to be found, so how can they be sure? Now, as soon as Lin Long said it, they were more sure of what they were thinking, and they knelt down.

        The dragon that has the heart of the dragon tribe is the leader of the dragon tribe, this is the rule of the dragon tribe.

        "Okay, don't be so affectionate with the clan leader's name." Lin Long scowled.

        After Lin Long finished speaking, he looked at Han Qianqian, "These four, what to do with them?"

        "I'm hungry, ki ll it and boil snake soup." Han Qianli said coldly. "Anyway, the outside of the cave is full of strange beasts, we won't be able to get out for a while."

        Hearing this, the four dragons panicked, and the leader even looked at the Lin Long nodded his head, shouting on his knees for a time, "Clan leader, don't, don't, we are your clan, you won't ki ll your own compatriots because of a weak human, right?".

        "Yes, our dragon clan has fallen, we should unite as one."

        "You have the heart of the Dragon Clan, what you should do is to lead our Dragon Clan to glory, instead of obeying this human."

        The dragon nodded: "You are right, we are all of the same race, I shouldn't ki ll you, and I should lead you to glory. But the problem is who do you guys mess with that you don't mess with, but him?"

        "Patriarch, he's just a small human, even we four brothers can easily ki ll him, so what's wrong with messing with him?"

        "You have the heart of the Dragon Clan, and in our Dragon Clan that's below ten thousand people.

        A group of dragons are still trying to please Lin Long, because they know very well that the only one who can decide whether they live or d i e is Lin Long, and as for Han 3000, it is nothing at all.

        The Lin Long smiled slightly: "Yes, there is the heart of the dragon family, it is true, above all people, but you have forgotten the first half of the sentence, above all people, there is one person under the former."

        Hearing this, the four dragons were suddenly puzzled!

        "Simply put, I, his spirit, and he, my master. Got it?!"

        The four dragons went pale in an instant!

        Their Dragon Patriarch, the star of the future that led them to glory, was, surprisingly, the spirit pet of this humble human being!

        This ......

        "Patriarch, you're not kidding us, are you?" The head of the four dragons asked cautiously.

        "If it is false, it will be replaced." The Lin Long smiled and nodded his head.

        The four dragons couldn't believe it as they looked at Han Qianqian, and then at the Linlong who seemed to be enjoying being someone else's spiritual pet, his head was spinning for a moment.

        What's going on, by what authority, a dragon with the heart of a dragon, that is absolutely strong in the Eight Directions World, why should it be subjugated to a human!

        And still, such a weak human!

Chapter 1686

"Patriarch, I'm not convinced." The first one shook his head, "Even if you were to ki ll me, I'd still have to say something. He, however, is just a piece of trash.

        He is just a piece of trash, he is not qualified to be your master." "Yes, I think so too."

        Four dragons head like pounding garlic, Lin Long helplessness, this is to death!

        Is it really that simple for Han Qiangiang to be his master? Obviously not, but Lin Long didn't dare to say, do we have to tell them that this guy has a Pan Gu axe? And the wife of one of the three future true gods? And ......

        Forget it, I'm tired of saying it!

        Sometimes, some people's backgrounds can be so complicated that you can't do anything about them while screaming out that they are sick.

        Han 3,000 is one of those people!

        "Hey, you four, you're really hopeless." Originally, he wanted to scold them, dissipate Han Qianqian's anger, and keep them alive, but he didn't know that these four indiscreet guys had to fight to the death.

        The four dragons looked at each other strangely, "What's wrong with us four? Did we say it was wrong?

        The Linlong looked at Han 3,000, saw that he also helplessly shook his head, heart for the four silent dragons once, transported energy, directly to send the four dragons to the west.

        But at this time, the whole cave suddenly shook violently, and the sturdy cave wall was filled with falling stones.

        Hundreds of beasts came running from everywhere, guarding in front of the cave and kneeling down one by one.

        At this time, in the main hall of the four peaks, Lin Mengxi's brows were furrowed, her Qian jade fingers were rapidly pinching, and after a moment, her brows were furrowed, and she said to Ruoyu: "Notify the palace master immediately, the mountain behind the four peaks has changed, and there is a fear of demons descending into the world!".

        Ruo Yu followed Lin Meng Xi for many years, several children and disciples, since childhood, it is rare to see Lin Meng Xi so nervous, nodded her head, and quickly flew towards the main hall.

        In the Void Sect, all the disciples felt the change in the color of the sky, and they all stood on the open platform, overlooking the four peaks.

        At this time, the four peaks were completely covered by black clouds, and within the black clouds, purple lightning jumped wildly, converging with each other and exploding from time to time!

        The head of the Void Sect also moved quickly out of the main hall with Elder Preceptor at this time.

        "Brother, at the four peaks, black clouds are overwhelming and the demon Qi is rushing to the sky, it seems that it should have been born back then."

        Wu Yan heaved a heavy sigh, "I didn't expect my Void Sect to suppress him for over a thousand years, but I finally let him reincarnate."

        "His ability is there, even when he was born, we had no foreknowledge, some things are not something we can stop." The headmaster smiled faintly.

        Wu Yan nodded, "What the palm master said is true. What should be done about the four peaks there?"

        "The Beast King is born, and the beasts protect him, but can we really stop him if we go? However, listen to God's order and do your best, so let's say, you immediately deploy the elites of each peak to the back of the four peaks, and you personally lead the team to go there to see the situation, remember, do not act rashly, so as not to cause unnecessary casualties." The headmaster instructed.

        Wu Yan nodded his head and immediately went to do it.

        When Wu Yan left, the headmaster shook his head, "I only hope that the Void Sect's restriction can still trap you, even if you reincarnate, you will never be able to leave my Void Sect, let alone grow."

        Half an hour later, on the four peaks, the Void Sect disciples gathered.

        As the commander of the operation, Wu Yan stood in the center, on both sides, there were six peaks of elders, and a hundred disciples stood in front of them, each holding a long sword, with a heroic spirit.

        With a wave of Wu Yan's hand, the procession marched to the four peaks.

        It was the first time for the company to be able to offer its products to the public, but it was also the first time for the company to be able to offer its products to the public.

        It's just a pity that such a great beauty, rare to meet once in a hundred years, but in the end, met with such a catastrophe, and from then on, the fragrance vanished, jade damage, it is really regrettable.

        The first thing that I want to mention is that I have been to the Back Mountain Beast Forest, because if I don't care about Qin Shuang, I will probably lose my reputation.

        At this time, inside the cave, after the violent shaking stopped, Han Qianli and the others were barely able to stand upright. Inside the cave at this time, in addition to the thick dust flying, there was a dark red bloody gas flowing in a dark stream.

        The odor was so pungent that even Han Qianli had a hard time smelling it.

        "What's going on?" The Linlong was puzzled as he looked into the deep, bottomless cave and wondered for a moment.

        "Patriarch, quickly ...... quickly flee, is ...... is the beast king descended." The head of the evil dragon panicked, then kneeled piously toward the cave.

        The other three brothers did the same.

        Lin Long was puzzled and even more angry: "All of you get up, I am the King of the Beast, who are you kneeling for?".

        Han 3,000 quickly pulled the Linlong, this is obviously not the time to fight this anger, his eyes, seriously staring at the cave, there is a sense of foreboding.